EARN MONEY Making Perfumes working from Home

Making Perfumes
working from Home
Learn to Make, Blend,
Bole and Sell Perfumes
Learn The Art and Science of Perfume Making and Start
Join the Dream Business
Learn to Make Your Own PerA small vial of perfume oil
fumes, Colognes and Eau de Toican cost you as little as .75
cents (Rs. 75/-), but its value
• Start Your Own Perfume Brand.
to your customer can be as
• Create Your Own Signature Line
much as $10-$125 (Rs. 1,000
of Aroma!c Products.
to Rs. 12,500/-). The retail
• Start You Own Business of Perprice at a typical shop is $10
fume And Essen!al Fragrant
per bottle for the smallest
• Become Financially Independent size of perfume bottle and
and travel the world as your ex- $50 for the largest. Can you
perience grows.
see the potential in this?
When most people start in the perfume business they are skepcal at the money that
can be earned. Many start with blending and selling essenal perfume oils just for fun.
Some create perfumes as gis for birthdays, etc. and some sell perfume oils in specialty
shops through friends and relaves. Almost all who learn perfume blending begin by
just considering it a fun sideline business that makes them extra money. But this is just
the beginning. The real fun starts when they gain some experience and their scents get
Well, you will be very surprised to learn that most people who enter the perfume business for fun end up becoming experts and as experts they become very rich. The reason
is that knowledge of blending perfumes is not easily available and few people who do
learn this art and science are too busy managing their own businesses. The perfume
business is growing at an enormous rate worldwide and the sooner you start learning
about this business the be%er since opportunies don’t wait around for long. So act
now and start earning money from working at home!
The Art of Blending and Making
Perfumes for Fun and Profit
Blending and making perfumes for yourself and clients can be fun. Create personalized fragrances for
weddings, at home pares, by special appointment
or offer it as an addional service in your shop or
other shops that sell perfumes. In our workshops,
we will teach you those elusive tricks of how to
blend a great perfume. This could be the one single
break you need in your life to get started with a
wonderful and excing money-earning career in the
‘Dream Business’.
cxÜyâÅx `t~|Çz jÉÜ~á{ÉÑá
your first step in the perfumery business
With the guidance of our professional and
enthusiasc expert you will experience
the real tradion of extracng essenal
oils from jasmine, roses, orange blossom,
calendulas and other flowers and learn
the art of creang authenc perfumes.
You will be transformed into a creator of
fine perfume. This workshop will teach
you how to create your own unique perfumes and scents through a true understanding of the architecture and extracon of fine scents.
Learn science & theory at our lighthearted workshop in the midst of a
spectacular atmosphere is a fun way to
deepen your understanding of essenal
oil chemistry, physiology and blending
to make your own perfumes. We will
explain the latest theories about how
blending works so that this understanding will let you make your own decisions
about which oils to use when and which
ones to avoid for the perfect commercial quality perfume.
• Hundreds of fragrance oil manufacturers and distributors of superior quality
perfume and fragrance oils in Pakistan and abroad. You can buy the raw materials by the ounce, pound or gallon from them to make your own perfumes.
• Wholesale aromatherapy sources of pure aromatherapeuc grade essenal oils.
• Wholesale perfume bo0le suppliers in China and SE Asia
• Suppliers of Packaging, gi- bags and other essenal items in Pakistan and China.
Work From Your Home And Earn Money!
To build your own fragrance, it's essenal to first
understand the way they're structured. Using either
essenal oils or fragrance oils (which may be synthecally or naturally derived), disnct scents are
created by blending top, middle and base notes.
The principles of perfumery are the same whether
you are using natural or synthecs or a combinaon
of both. There are some effects that are impossible
without synthecs and there is a depth and richness
that only naturals can provide. In this workshop of
perfumery, we cover both the use of naturals
(natural essenal oils and floral absolute mixtures of
naturally produced chemicals) and synthecs
(arficially produced mixtures).
A-er you learn the art of blending, including secrets
used by the world's perfumers, you'll be guided in
creang several of your own blends, choosing from
a large selecon of essenal oils. Then, see compare
blends your classmates made to understand how
subtle changes in the number of drops of oil or the
substuon of another oil changes a blend. It's important for products we make to not only be effecve, but to smell exoc and encing.
During the second half of the 19th Century the emphasis in
perfume started to shi- from the contents of the bole onto
the bole itself. Beer glass making techniques, mass produc!on and disposable income all helped to fuel the ‘belle
époque’. The art nouveau and deco periods gave rise to many
boles, which were ar3orms in their own right. Rene Lalique
and Baccarat were employed by the big fragrance houses to
design boles into which went increasing numbers of the new
aroma chemicals as part of the blend.
Selling of a Dream
Did you know that 3% of the money
you hand over for a mass-produced
fragrance (like Channel, Poison, etc. )
buys the actual smell content? The remaining 97% of the bill you pay is for
‘buying the dream’. Most perfumers
work on a budget in the region of
about $20 per litre for extracted essential oils used in perfumes. Since only a few drops of these oils go into a
perfume blend, the fragrance cost of a
$ 50.00 perfume bottle is only $1.50 per
bottle. You are thus paying $48.50 per
bottle for the celebrity name, advertisement and bottling.
Perfumes, which had largely been the reserve of the aristocracy and wealthy industrialists, came in for mass marke!ng treatment as commercial produc!on increased. Slowly and impercep!bly to many, the emphasis shi-ed away from the ‘bole’
and onto the ‘dream’ painted by the adver!sements. By the
late 1950’s the ’dream selling’ business had become part of
the fabric of the Western world. Even as produc!on costs
dropped, marke!ng costs soared—mainly because of celebri!es, television adver!sements, bill-boards, center folds and
even distributors margins.
Most people will be surprised to find out that today only 3% of
a commercial perfume bole is the actual scent and 97% is
‘dream price’. The reason that it works is because we are dumb
enough to fall for it. We believe that if we wear such and such
perfume we will become the sort of person or associated with
the lifestyle in the adver!sement. Most of these adverts don’t
even men!on the scent. Instead we are persuaded that if we
wear ‘this’ perfume or if we wear ‘that’ perfume, we will stay
young, arac!ve and beau!ful. The point is that if you remove
the celebri!es, television adver!sements, center folds and high
distributors margins., it makes it possible for you to sell top
quality natural fragrances in cer!fied organic food-grade grain
alcohol at much lesser prices than those at the higher end of
the mainstream aldehydic market - And this is a fact that we
can prove to you in our workshops.
Workshops are held Exclusively at;
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