IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test Affordable in-clinic blood-based testing Test With Confidence™

IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test
Test With Confidence™
Affordable in-clinic
blood-based testing
The IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test puts
time- and cost-saving reproductive
management in veterinarians’ hands
with in-clinic testing. Now you can test
between herd visits—without investing in
ELISA instrumentation.
Enhance your reproductive services
with increased pregnancy checks.
• Save an estimated $5 per cow per day for
dairy producers by reducing days open1
• Increase price premiums for cow/calf herds
by producing more uniform calving
• Deliver pregnancy results on your customer’s
schedule, even when you can’t be there
1. F
rench PD, Nebel RL. The simulated economic cost of extended calving intervals in dairy herds and comparison of reproductive
management programs [Abstract]. J of Dairy Sci. 2003:86(suppl 1):54. Cited by: de Vries A, van Leeuwen J, Thatcher WW. Economics
of improved reproductive performance in dairy cattle [Publication AN156]. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida, Institute of Food and
Agricultural Sciences; 2005.
IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test
Take the instrument cost out
of ELISA testing
Timely answers about open cows with in-clinic testing
• New, in-clinic, blood-based test detects pregnancy-associated
glycoproteins (PAGs) in heifer/cow serum or EDTA plasma
• Accuracy on par with ultrasound* as early as 28 days postbreeding
• Results in less than 2 hours without ELISA instruments
Read and interpret results visually and with ease
Pregnant (positive)
Not Pregnant (negative)
Wells appear blue.
Wells do not appear blue.
*Based on the validation study in which 99.5% of reference animals that tested positive by
ultrasound also tested positive using the IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test (sensitivity). In this study,
the IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test also accurately detected 213 of 230 confirmed open animals
as open, resulting in a specificity of 92.6%. A total of 451 samples were tested.
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how you can offer blood-based pregnancy testing
right in your practice.
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