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Gettin'er Done for Caleb Libby
Brenda Libby has always said she is 7 years old at heart, when she feels good. And, she feels good writing songs. Her
fondest times in life have been creating songs alone, and, with other talented songwriters. It's all about writing songs and
putting her time to good use!
Calvin Miller penned "She's a Cowboy's Dream" at Libby's home in Camdenton with another songwriter in 1982,
which was presented to Mel Tillis and they were subsequently signed to a writing contract with Tillis Publishing in 1983. She's
a Cowboy's Dream was recorded by Mel Tillis in 1983. Marty Stuart and Even Stevens wrote a song for Libby in 1980, after
she complained to them during a songwriting session in Nashville about never hearing a "Brenda" song. They penned "Come
Back Brenda", which was recorded by J.D. Hart. Hart is movie legend, James Garner's son in law.
Wayne Carson, a Hall of Fame Songwriter, who began his career playing guitar for Red Foley on the Ozark Jubilee
and has hits like The Letter, Soul Deep, Neon Rainbow, Barstool Mountain, The Clown and Always on Your Mind, produced
Libby's first singles recorded for Comstock Records. Give It Back was a Top 50 hit in USA in 1983 and listed as "pick hit of
the week" in Cashbox magazine, DJ week in 1983. Give it Back was a Top Twenty hit in Canada during this same time period.
The flipside, We Don't Make Sense Anymore, was also listed on the playlist, at many of the Canadian Stations. Carson and
Libby have co-written some songs, including, Layin' Low and Drive In. Carson and Sonny Throckmorton, another Hall of
Fame Songwriter, were instrumental in giving Libby the confidence to pursue her songwriting early on. Brenda has been
friends with Carson since the late 60's and became acquainted with Throckmorton in 1979, just about the time he had made
a huge splash with several hits on the charts like "Smooth Sailin', Last Cheaters Waltz, It's a Cheatin' Situation, Friday Nite
Blues, The Way I Am and Middle Age Crazy."
In 1989, Libby released a two step, "Texas Rain" for Comstock Records. Texas Rain became a Top Twenty hit in
Europe for several weeks. In 1996, Brenda Libby was cited by Billboard magazine as being one of the only and the "first"
USA artist to break into Canada's charts before having a hit in America.
In 1998, Brenda lost her singing and talking voice, due to thyroid surgery gone wrong. She was unable to even carry
a tune for two years. Brenda promised God (if or when) he gave her singing voice back, she would put it to good use! After
keeping a radio station Number 1 in Arbitron for several years and joining other media to interview Pres. Geo. W. Bush in
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Brenda and her husband, Marty Saxton moved her back home to Missouri.
Brenda Libby will be performing some of her new originals at Gettin'er Done for Caleb Libby, April 9th, 2006 at 2pm
at Osage Hills Baptist Church auditorium. Chris Libby, Brenda's multi-talented nephew, is engineering her new CD at
Wirestream Records in Branson.
Brenda Libby will be joined by many talented individuals and groups she calls friends on Sunday, April 9th. Color
of Mercy, Wirestream Records Musicians, Chris & Jennifer Libby, Donna Libby, Steve West w/Jerry Cox, Denver Golden,
Ronnie Blecher, Scotty Henderson, Lonnie Patterson, Bob Allen, Stanley Stidham, Buddy Fizer, Roxanne Fizer McIllwain,
and Decaturville Church Groups will perform!
Osage Hills Baptist Church is located on hwy. 54 in Osage Beach, Missouri. Donations will be taken at the door.
Tickets for the drawings are on sale now and day of event. An autographed football from Tommy Maddox of the Pittsburgh
Steelers will be auctioned by Jerry Welshmeyer of South Central Regional Stockyards of Vienna, Missouri to the highest
Caleb Libby, 10-5-1-2-1-9-4-2-5-9-3, a 12th generation Libby, was paralyzed by an auto accident earlier this year.
Caleb is a 20 year old Camdenton, Missouri graduate, rated #2 in wrestling in his category in Sho Me Wrestling. All donations
will go toward Caleb's medical and rehabilitative needs. Caleb will be evaluated by Barnes in St. Louis, on Wednesday, March
22, 2006 for in-patient rehab. Caleb has been attending rehab at St. John's three times a week in Lebanon since he was released
from St. John's in Springfield. Check out ads in the Weekly Trader and listen to your local lake radio stations for more. Posters
are up in businesses around the Lake area. Donations can be made at anytime to the Caleb Libby Fund at the First National
Bank of Camdenton.
Brenda Libby Saxton 10-5-1-2-1-9-4-2-5-5, is a Life Member of the John Libby Family Association.