R ap Custards Ideal custard

Ideal custard
powders for all
kinds of filling
and baking
Rap Custards
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Ideal custard
powders for all
kinds of filling
and baking
The Zeelandia range of Rap custard
powders enables you to make the
tastiest confectioner's custard cream
in no time at all. Zeelandia can supply
you with the following products.
A high quality cold custard cream based
on full milk powder.
The perfect economic cold custard
cream which can be used immediately
for piping.
Rap Special
A whippable, aerated cold custard with
a very creamy texture.
• A filling custard for cold preparation;
just add water
• No risk of lumps or burning
• Creamy taste
• Bake-stable and freeze-stable
• Suitable for different applications,
such as light butter creams and with whipped cream - for 'crème
• Hygiënic preparation
How to use filling custard
400 g Rap / Rapido
1 l water (cold)
Whip Rap and water with a whisk in
the mixing machine for 4 minutes until
smooth. After a few minutes the yellow
creamy custard is ready for use.
How to use bake-stable custard
350 - 375 g Rapido
1 l water (cold)
Mix for one minute slow and for three
minutes at highest speed.
Rap Special
• Whippable custard; resulting in an
aerated custard
• Good body and fine structure
• Very creamy and rich taste
• Keeps its smooth and soft character
after preparation
• Very good for piping
• Freeze-stable but NOT bake-stable
Rap Custards
Old fashioned quality at
today's speed
Zeelandia International b.v.
P.O. Box 9, 4300 AA Zierikzee
How to use
500 g Rap Special
1 l water (cold)
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 111 419000
Fax +31 111 419388
Mix for 1-2 minutes slow and whip for
approx. 5 minutes on high speed.
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