NHS Fife WardView Implementation

NHS Fife WardView
NHS Fife WardView Implementation
NHS Fife serves a large rural area which includes several centres of population. It provides healthcare
services to over 360000 people.
Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline and Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy are the two main hospitals in Fife.
A new wing at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy was opened in December 2011 to patients and staff.
It houses all our acute services including A&E,
The Challenge
NHS Fife faces many of the challenges seen throughout Scotland and the UK. These include pressures from
an ageing population, more and more people attending A&E, delayed discharges and having the resources
available to ensure that patients are being treated to the highest possible standards.
Implementing a new touch screen technology in NHS Fife was also a big challenge. Prior to implementing
WardView clinical staff had only been used to using a pen and a whiteboard. There were many manual
processes including bed management and phone calls to check on medications.
Achieving a consensus as to the content of each digital touch-screen board was an important challenge
to overcome during the implementation. It was important that nurses, including bank nurses,
had access to the same consistent WardView screens whatever ward they were in.
NHS Fife’s WardView
implementation gives
staff in NHS Fife key
information for helping
manage care from
multiple systems and has
given clinical staff the
ability to see at a glance a
real-time view of patients
in their wards, supporting
decisions on their care
wherever they are
The Client
Lesley Halliday
eHealth Delivery
Specialist at NHS Fife
NHS Fife WardView
WardView helped provide a
consistent view for collecting
Ward information across NHS
The number of pharmacy
calls have been reduced
by around 40%, reducing the
administrative burden on
pharmacists and nurses.
Clinical staff can now view
in real time patient status at
a glance whether off the ward
mounted touch-screens or on
their iPads.
The Benefits
There is now a consistency
on all ward touch-screen
boards using WardView,
with the same look and feel
across NHS Fife.
The Solution
By December 2014 WardView was fully implemented across 20 medical wards and
2 admissions wards at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. During the implementation of WardView
Nugensis took feeds directly from the central Oasis PAS enabling the information to be displayed on
WardView in real-time.
In implementing the project getting key clinical staff to agree on both the general medical view and
admissions view in WardView was a key part of the sign off process. A consistent approach was taken by
NHS Fife, so that each digital whiteboard displaying WardView had the same columns and icons shown.
In order to train staff, drop in sessions were held, help sheets were produced and implementation
support officers went round wards training staff and trouble shooting. Once staff became familiar
with using WardView they became more comfortable using the technology and it has now become
part of their daily routines.
Staff now have the ability to see who is due for discharge and when the integration of PharmacyView goes
live they will be able to see when drugs are ready for collection helping to speed up patient discharges.
Implementing WardView
has improved pharmacy
communications through
tracking discharge medications
status, leading to improved
productivity and substantially
less phone calls.
The application has given a
greater visibility to free beds in
other wards and reduced the
number of phone calls and
visits needed to check on
bed status.
ipads which show WardView
are being used in bed rounds,
helping to further improve
There is greater auditability of
changes and nurses now have
access to clinical systems,
rather than relying on paper.
Using WardView has helped
drive up the timely and accurate
use of the Oasis PAS system.
To learn more see www.nugensis.co.uk