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Nugensis Healthcare
Executives, managers and clinicians
across the health board can all view,
at any time:
• Real-time data and current
pressure points across all wards
and hospitals, from A&E through
admissions, on to wards and
• Real-time bed state, availability
and occupancy.
• Infection issues and trends.
• Performance against KPIs and
patient satisfaction criteria.
• Predictions to support planning
and resourcing.
• Individual patient information
throughout their care pathway.
“Developed by healthcare professionals
for healthcare professionals; directly
improving patient care”
Real-time visual reporting of operational performance across a hospital health board
InfoView takes monitoring of performance across a complete health board to a new level. It provides organisational, hospital and individual
ward views of key performance metrics at-a-glance, supporting the drive to introduce efficiencies and improve care.
Presented on electronic touchscreens and hand-held tablet devices, InfoView displays in an
easily-assimilated view of the entire patient journey from arrival or admission to discharge.
InfoView presents colour-coded graphical indicators for key performance data. By delivering a
real-time view of status across the entire organisation, including average length of stay,
hospital-acquired infections and estimated discharge date, managers and clinicians can monitor
and improve patient flow, safety and care.
InfoView provides - at a glance and refreshed every 15 seconds critical data across every aspect of hospital operations.
Its easy-to-use interface encourages rapid adoption, ensuring swift and accurate update.
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Nugensis Healthcare
InfoView presents real-time information
at a glance including:
Why InfoView?
• Hospital KPIs: shown at board, individual hospital and ward level.
staff to identify, understand and react to issues more quickly across
InfoView supports health boards’ drive to improve healthcare by enabling
The system enables staff to drill down from over-arching data into
the entire organisation. It promotes integrated health and community
specific detailed views of admissions, discharges and bed occupancy,
planning to support close liaison with other local health organisations,
with patient satisfaction data, all presented in easy-to-view,
while providing a single focus of accountability for the local NHS system.
instantly-understood formats.
InfoView enables executives, managers and clinicians to:
• Admissions: shows expected, actual and variance admissions,
colour-coded for easy assimilation, with warnings on critical levels
Manage facilities and patients more effectively
of bed availability.
• Access patient information anytime, anywhere, 24-hours-a day.
• Patient flow and bed management: showing current status throughout
the patient pathway across admissions, care & treatment, and discharge
zones, with detailed data on that day’s bed flows, right down to
snapshots of specific wards and rooms.
• Discharge and transfers: hospital-wide, ward and specific patient
views of discharge status with warnings of issues and reasons for delays.
• Patient experience: immediate view of patient feedback, giving
overviews of trends and enabling informed reaction to issues.
• Predictions and maps: real-time mapping of patients and their
conditions by postcode, highlighting trends and clusters, to support
communications with relevant health and social organisations.
• See operational information at a glance, in an easily-digested format,
with clear colour coding to highlight specific issues.
• Identify risk areas to improve patient flow.
• View pressure points across the care pathway, from admission to
• Monitor in near real-time unscheduled care demands and onward
care requirements.
• Manage and improve the delayed discharge process at patient level.
• Use resources more cost-effectively, within the required quality
• Reduce repetitive activity.
InfoView takes monitoring
of performance across a
complete health board
to a new level.
• Identify available beds at any time.
• Streamline shift handovers.
• View information confidentially on patients with communicable diseases.
Communicate and report more successfully
• View key performance data across the board and at individual hospital
and ward level, to understand strategic and operational issues.
• Identify reasons for bed occupancy variances and admission rates at
different times of the day and week.
• Patient safety: identifying hospital-acquired infections at a glance across
the board, hospital and wards, to support emergency closures and
• Disease: detailed information on primary diagnosis and anticipated
length of stay, enabling powerful predictions of admissions and
occupancy rates.
• Theatres: immediate views of theatre usage, blocks and efficiencies.
• Improve data gathering and reporting against key local and national KPIs,
with enhanced performance reporting at organisational and national
• Improve communication between clinical stakeholders.
InfoView has been developed by healthcare specialist Nugensis as part of
its suite of healthcare information systems. Nugensis’s expert team has an
unrivalled track record from working in senior e-health roles in the NHS,
InfoView is robust, flexible, secure and easy to use. It integrates with all
while its products have been developed in consultation with healthcare
key clinical systems including Patient Administration Systems, as well
professionals and clinicians. They have used this knowledge to design and
as with other products in Nugensis’s healthcare management suite.
implement systems for practitioners monitoring the care of patients in real
By drawing data from specific hospital systems operating at ward and
time. Privately owned and privately funded, Nugensis offers a flexible and
hospital level, this eliminates wasteful duplicate data entry, provides
responsive service to tailor its products to fit existing working methods
real-time and accurate data from every part of the organisation,
and infrastructures.
and gives staff more time to care.
To learn more see www.nugensis.co.uk