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Lampasas Dispatch Record
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Young star’s advice is off the mark
Fire Prevention Week
Chip Control Auto Glass owner Andrew Strouth, right rear, and shop manager Jesse Metheny,
seated in car, remove glass from a vehicle the Lampasas Fire Department will use for rescue demonstrations Oct. 7-8 as part of Fire Prevention Week. During presentations at Kline Whitis Elementary School and Hanna Springs Elementary School, firefighters will show students how they
use specialized tools to cut off the doors and remove the roof from vehicles involved in collisions.
Also pictured are, from left, LFD captain Joe Adams, firefighter Derek Smith and new firefighter
Tyler Gillis. The salvaged vehicle was donated by the Jim Hoffpauir Inc. towing service.
36 Club opens year with DVD Blood drive
The GFWC/TFWC 36 Club presented the planned projects
held its first meeting of the club for the year.
set Monday
year Sept. 12 at the Lampasas
County Courthouse annex.
President Jennifer Scribner
welcomed 13 members.
Suzanne Tooley introduced the
speaker, June Davis, a club member, who used a DVD to show
how to conduct a meeting according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
Yearbook chairman Susan Detrick distributed the new yearbooks, and Gay Gorman lead the
Club Collect.
Crystal Hammett led pledges
to the American and Texas flags.
Mrs. Scribner conducted the
club’s business, and Juli Chaney
Fall Festival
First United Methodist Church of
Lampasas will hold its annual Fall
Festival Saturday. A youth rummage
sale is 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and
baked goods and crafts will be on sale
fropm 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
The Methodist Men will offer a
pulled pork lunch from 11 a.m. to
1:30 p.m.
Gun show set
A gun, knife and antiques show will
be Oct. 5-6 at the Oakalla Volunteer
Fire Department. The event will be
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.
The entry fee is $5, and the
vendor fee is $30 per table.
Refreshments will be available,
with proceeds to benefit the
Smith Cemetery Association.
For information or a table
reservation, call Randall at 512848-6524 or John at 512-525-4056.
Pilots to meet
Association will meet Saturday
at 8 a.m. at the Lampasas
Municipal Airport hangar next to
the fuel pumps.
Pancakes will be served. All
pilots are welcome.
For more information, contact
George Elsea at 512-556-8800.
Mrs. Hammett, TFWC Capitol
District president, announced
the Capitol District Fall Board
Meeting is Oct. 9 at the Killeen
Civic Center. Members can sign
up on the district’s Web site.
Reservations must be made no
later than today.
Next meeting is Oct. 10 at the
home of Merritt Romans on FM 580
West. Hostesses will be Sandi Brister, Mrs. Davis and Gay Gorman.
Romans will give the program
on his rock collection. Members
should advise one of the hostesses if they plan to attend or not.
An American Red Cross
community blood drive is
Monday from 12:30 to 6:30
p.m. at First Street Church of
Christ Fellowship Hall.
Donors must be 17 years
of age (16 with parental consent), weigh a minimum of
110 pounds and be in general
good health.
No appointments are necessary.
For more information,
phone 512-768-3864.
Former House Speaker: Control
men by the Bible or the bayonet
Robert Winthrop was a lawyer
and Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1847-1849. He is
credited with saying: “Men may as
well build their houses upon the sand
and expect to see them stand, when
the rains fall, and the winds blow,
and the floods come, as to found free
institutions upon any other basis than
that of morality and virtue, of which
the Word of God is the only authoritative rule, and the only adequate
sanction. All societies of men must
be governed in some way or other.
The less they have of stringent state
government, the more they must
have of individual self-government.
of God &
The less they rely on public law or
physical force, the more they must
rely on private moral restraint.
Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power
within them, or a power without
them; either by the Word of God or
by the strong arm of man; either by
the Bible or the bayonet.
It may do for other countries and
other governments to talk about the
state supporting religion. Here, under
our own free institutions, it is religion
which must support the state.”
Look who’s back
just in time for
Lampasas Flower Shop
The McDonald family is back in business!
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All it takes is one
millionaire’s kid to make a
ridiculous statement, and that
could impact impressionable
teens everywhere.
This week’s “open mouth,
insert foot” proclamation
comes from Jaden Smith, the
15-year-old son of Hollywood
power couple Will and Jada
Pinkett Smith.
Jaden released a statement
on Twitter to the effect that “if
everyone in the world dropped
out of school we would have
a much more intelligent
Excuse me. And why does
he believe that?
Maybe because his parents
are millionaires, which gave
him an automatic opening
into the acting field where
he starred in several movies
with his father. No auditions,
no layoffs. Work whenever
Daddy does.
Good work if you can get it.
And he obviously can.
Not everyone’s parents are
millionaires. We don’t all
get what we ask for without
worrying about how it is paid
Most of us have to make an
honest living without riding
on our parents’ coattails. But
those of you who don’t might
think about keeping your
opinions to yourself.
I was always told that getting
an education will take you
places. A person who seeks
out education will marvel
at learning things they never
thought possible. I was told
an education is your pathway
to be whatever you want to be.
Of course, my parents
weren’t rich, but they did want
us to get an education.
And that’s what I wanted
for my kids. To make that
possible, we all took out
loans – student loans for my
sons, and parent loans for the
parents. And years after their
respective graduations, we are
still paying the bank.
Was it a good investment?
Absolutely. Would I do it
again? You bet.
I continue to urge my kids
to get the most education they
can. They are never too old to
Too bad Jaden Smith has
youngsters who look up to him
as some sort of role model. It’s
not that he influences them in
a good way; it’s that he is on
the big screen, and kids have
always looked up to movie
stars – regardless of how they
got there.
Jaden and his sister Willow
– a singer (at least that’s what
she claims to be) – are both
home-schooled. Their mother
says it is for “flexibility” and
because she believes her kids
“can get a better education”
that way.
“We’re in a technological
age,” she said. “We don’t want
our kids to memorize. We
want them to learn.”
Too bad their mother can’t
keep the technology out of
her kids’ hands. Because
when they get on Twitter
to announce that getting an
education is a waste of time,
I wonder what (or if) their
mother is actually teaching
Where is the can-do attitude
necessary for kids to get the
best education they can that
will help them get a good job
and take care of themselves
and their families?
I guess I wouldn’t be as
worried if I could go home
to a 10-bedroom, four-bath,
multi-million-dollar mansion
that I didn’t have to work a
day to pay for.
isn’t expected to contribute
anything at all.
It’s not that I expect him to
pay the rent or buy a gallon of
milk. But he still owes a debt
to society. We all do.
Jaden should be telling
anyone who will listen that an
education is invaluable, and
that it is the key to help you
get ahead in this world.
I guess with Jaden, though,
he can get any acting job he
wants just by asking his mom
or dad.
Some people really have it
Those who want to get an
education should. Those who
don’t can always act.
Lisa Carnley is managing
editor of the Lampasas
Dispatch Record.
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23. Bluish greens
25. Billowing clouds
26. Duchy princes
28. Sarcasms
29. Equal business associate
31. State certified accountant
34. Swiss river
35. Winged goddess of the dawn
36. Not a jet airplane
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9. The Show Me State
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13. One who causes death
14. The Keystone state
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19. Cologne
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21. Montana’s 5th largest city
22. Compound containing NH2
24. Small unit of time (abbr.)
25. Auto
27. Saponaceous
28. Gulf of, in the N.E. Aegean
30. Golf score
31. A disease remedy
32. Dark gemstone
33. More competent
36. Matador
37. Not new
38. Political action committee
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42. Enacted legislation
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52. Roman god of the underworld
53. Silver
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