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MARCH 2012
Auslan Community School
Auslan Language Centre
Jan 14 2012 - Jan 21 2012
XVI Australian Deaf Games in Geelong 2012
The Australian Deaf Games hold from Jan 14th 2012 to Jan 21st 2012 in Geelong, Victoria.
Murray Holloway won two “GOLD” medals for Western Australia Deaf Men Darts Club.
The Western Australian Deaf Eight Ball Club women’s team won “GOLD” medals.
The Western Australian Deaf Eight Ball Club men’s team won “BRONZE” medals.
The Western Australian Deaf Golf Club team won “GOLD” medals.
The Western Australian Deaf men’s Lawn Bowls Triples team won “BRONZE” medals.
The Senior Open Golf “GOLD” medal was won by Tony Klimek.
The Hadicap Golf “SILVER” medal was won by Robert Bull.
Damian’s Message
Welcome to Deaf Mag for 2012.
Strategic Plan
As many of you are aware, we have been reviewing the strategic plan for the Society. On page 3 you
will find a copy of the draft Purpose, Values and Results Areas. Please let us know what you think. Do
they accurately describe the work of WADS?
Constitution Review
The Board has requested a revision of the Constitution. A sub-committee and the full Board have
discussed possible changes. Staff are now preparing a revised document that will be considered by
the Board at the next meeting in May. After that community discussions will be held. If changes are
recommended they will be put to a general meeting of members for the consideration and adoption if
75% vote in favour.
Statewide Consultancy Tender
We have also been recently working on a tender for the provision of statewide consultancy services.
The Disability Services Commission invited WADS, together with eight other organisations to bid for
$440,000 of new recurrent funding. The focus of the services would be for Deaf and hard of hearing
people, but with a requirement also to better service people with indigenous or refugee backgrounds
and also people from regional and rural areas. The tender was submitted on 29 February.
We will know by April if we have been successful. If we are offered a new contract this will help us
answer lots of the problems raised in the Sustainability Review we held last year. I want to thank
everyone in the staff and management teams who have worked really hard on this project.
Interpreting Service Tender
We are also preparing a tender for Government Interpreting Services in WA and this is due in the
middle of March.
Federation of Deaf Societies Meeting
A meeting of the CEOs of all Deaf Societies will be held in Melbourne in March. The CEOs have invited
Kevin Campbell to attend so he gets to know more about what is happening in other States as part of
his induction to WADS.
February Community Forum
Thank you for those who attended the community forum on 21 February. The meeting discussed the
strategic plan, Constitution review and also matters to do with the Cottesloe property. We are seeking
further meetings with the Premier, the Minister for Education and other organisations to continue our
lobbying. The next community forum meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th June 2012.
Damian Lacey
Chief Executive Officer
Operations Manager
From my Desk
Well it’s been three months since I started here at WA Deaf Society and there has certainly been a lot
Our website is now running very efficiently with all information updated and with a lot more content
Our thanks goes to Mike Levett for assisting in this upgrade.
WADS is now linked into the West Australian’s website www.westannouncements.com.au under
“Donate to a Charity” which hopefully will increase our Online Donations.
We have commenced implementing new policies and procedures for staff security and safety.
Our building has been assessed by Fire and Safety Australia and we are commencing evacuation
training and drill for all staff.
Both Peter Meredith and I have both been trained in the Fire Wardens course.
As our business is growing it has been necessary to purchase a new motor vehicle which will be parked
at night in secure parking close to our offices.
Lastly you will notice a new drinks and chocolate vending machine in our reception.
This is designed to provide the extra energy to staff at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon .
I look forward to the next three months when I can give you more updates from my desk.
Kevin Campbell
Operations Manager.
WA Deaf Society
XVI Australian Deaf Games in Geelong 2012 ..........1
46/5 Aberdeen Street
East Perth WA 6004
PO Box 8558
TTY: (08) 9441 2655
Voice: (08) 9441 2677
Fax: (08) 9441 2616
Email: [email protected]
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Kevin’s Message....................................................... 3
Sign Language Communication................................ 6
DEAFintie Employment Service................................ 7
Community Services................................................ 8
National Relay Service............................................ 9
Community News............................................... 10-20
The Western Australian Deaf Society exists
so that Deaf and hard of hearing people
experience full citizenship
and enjoyment of life
Our organisation’s values
Through partnership we will
embrace diverse opinions
We will listen, reflect and
respond to our stakeholders
We value our history and the
culture of the Deaf Community
We stand up for the rights of
individuals and our community
Key Result Areas
Direct Service Provision
Community Capacity Building
Members of the Deaf and Hard of
Hearing community will receive support
through direct service provision including
access to State-wide:
Interpreting services
Information, referral and advocacy
Employment support for eligible
Community Housing support for
eligible clients
We will support the Western Australian
community in order to enable them to
better serve people who are Deaf or Hard of
Hearing. Priority areas will be
Government service providers
Community health and welfare
Advocacy services
Local community organisations
Organisational Sustainability
Deaf Community Support
We will manage business affairs in a way
that ensures a balance between present
day needs and it’s long term viability
within the community, including
Attracting and retaining skilled
staff and volunteers
Ensuring financial growth and
We will provide support to Deaf
community groups and organisations
in the spirit of partnership and ensuring
participation and quality of life for
individuals. This will include the provision
Community meeting facilities
Financial and practical support
within available resources
Support and promotion of Deaf
culture and heritage.
February 25, 2012
“Australia day” February 2, 2012
SLC WA After Hours Emergency Interpreter
Over the Easter holidays we wish you all a safe and happy time. However, if you need an Auslan
interpreter for an emergency situation please contact the SLC After Hours Emergency
mobile on 0410 017 540 (voice or sms)
SLC WA Contact Details
Fax: (08) 9441 2600
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (08) 9441 2623 (via
SMS: 0433 155 288
TTY: (08) 9441 2655
MSN messenger:
[email protected]
Emergency Interpreter Mobile:
0410 017 540
Mary Poppins
Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s smash hit musical Mary Poppins arrives at Burswood Theatre
Perth this March for a strictly limited season. Brilliantly adapted from the beloved books by Australia’s
own P.L Travers and the classic Walt Disney film, Mary Poppins has captured the hearts of millions
since premiering on the West End and Broadway.
This spectacular production includes all of the best loved songs from the film including CHIM CHIM
SLC WA is delighted to confirm that we will be providing Auslan interpreters for a performance of Mary
Date of show: Wednesday 16th May 2012
Time of show: 8.00pm (doors open at 7.30pm)
Where: Burswood Theatre
Price: $95.00 per person + $4.95 per payment (transaction fee)
Tickets can only be purchased by calling the following telephone numbers - Group Bookings 1300 364
001 or Anita Robson 08 9229 6835
Please purchase tickets before 18th April. After this date all seats on hold will go on general sale.
To see this information in Auslan please go to the WADS website or WADS Facebook
SLC WA Contact Details
Fax: (08) 9441 2600
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (08) 9441 2623 (via
SMS: 0433 155 288
TTY: (08) 9441 2655
MSN messenger:
[email protected]
Emergency Interpreter Mobile:
0410 017 540
The Blue Room Theatre
I Honestly love You
Hello My Name Is
SLC WA is proud to be partnering with The Blue Room Theatre to bring you 4 of the Season 1 2012
performances with Auslan interpreters.
The performances are as follows:
Luminaire – Saturday 24th March 8.30pm
Skin – Saturday 12th May 4.00pm
I Honestly Love You – Saturday 26th May 8.30pm
Hello My Name Is – Saturday 23rd June at 8.30pm
Ticket prices are Full $25, Concession $20, Group bookings (8 or more people) $15
For more information about the shows and the performers, please go to www.blueroom.org.au
More information will be available soon in Auslan on WADS website and WADS Facebook
SLC WA Contact Details
Fax: (08) 9441 2600
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (08) 9441 2623 (via
SMS: 0433 155 288
TTY: (08) 9441 2655
MSN messenger:
[email protected]
Emergency Interpreter Mobile:
0410 017 540
Stewart Carter has finished working with DEAFinite Employment after for 12 years
of service. Stewart has become a qualified Teacher and is now working as a visiting
teacher for Deaf children. DEAFinite staff would like to say a big thank you to Stewart
for his all his wonderful work over the years. We wish Stewart the best of luck for his
future and for his new job.
DEAFinite is funded by the Federal
Government to provide a specialist
employment service to Western
Australian jobseekers who are
Deaf or hard of hearing.
For more information about
DEAFinite Employment Service
TEL: 9441 2677
TTY: 9441 2655
Email: [email protected]
Community Services
WADS 50+Club
Wednesday 21st December 2011
This was the last get together for the end of year and we had morning tea and were shown photo slides
of past 50+ Club activities and events which was enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks to our fantastic
volunteer Nobuo Hara and Patricia Levitzke-Gray for making up the photo slides power point.
Wednesday 15th February
Guided Tour at Herdsman Print Centre
This was a very interesting tour of “The Western Australian” newspaper being printed. We saw the
newspaper printing presses, the big rolls of paper and the robots moving around the printing centre.
If you would like more information please contact Jenny Pupich
SMS: 0414 853 521
TTY: 9441 2655
FAX 9441 2616
Email: [email protected]
Bunbury Regional Office
Hi all
You might remember in the last edition of Deaf Magazine, I told you that
the Bunbury office was going to move to a new building. Well, there
has been a change of plans and the good news is that the Bunbury
Regional Office of the Deaf Society WILL REMAIN at the same address
– that is, 2 Eliot Street, Bunbury. The contact number is via my mobile
on 0433 189977. This is great news as it means everything can remain
the same.
Pop in on a Monday and say hi if you are in the area
Carol Attard
LEAP (Language Early Access Program)
Our end of year in WA Deaf Society was fun. Father Christmas gave us books. Some books are funny
– like “Where is my belly-button?”. We are sad to see our friends leaving our little cute group.
Not good-bye but see-you-round to Nicholas, Elijah, Jenava and Molly. We hope they have fun in the
big wide world. Our parents do miss Michelle’s home-made biscuits, slices etc...
This year was a blast for us kids because Elise made yummy biscuits for us to eat in our fruit breaks...
we know she is sneaky and puts fruits into our slices or biscuits but still... yummy. Whereas our parents
end up eating shop-bought biscuits.
We have more babies in our room now... there are two more to come.
Bye-bye from us LEAP kids.
National Relay Service News
How can you find out what’s happening with the NRS?
• You can find us on Facebook or Twitter and hear our latest news.
• You can talk to Annabel who is based at the WA Deaf Society, or get in touch with the national
Annabel Vasquez, NRS Education Officer (WA):
Email: [email protected]
SMS: 0430 159 961
Phone: 08 9441 2686
National Relay Service Helpdesk (Sydney):
Email: [email protected]
SMS: 0416001350
Phone: 1800 555 660
Community News
Good Friday Picnic
Date: Friday, April 6th 2012
Time: 10:00 am till sunset
Where: Cottesloe Civic Center, Cnr Broome & Napier St (opposite the Tennis Club)
BYO: Foods, Drinks (Don’t forget it’s a Fish Day!) Chairs, sporting gear etc!
For more information contact WAAD
FAX: (08) 9441 2616
E-mail: [email protected]
WAAD Fingerspelling Mug
Two Different Mugs
Yellow Mug with cobalt Blue print/ Cobalt Blue Mug with cobalt Blue Print
Excellent Gifts for Easter!
Avaliable for sale via:
WAAD Board Members or at the WA Deaf Society (46/5 aberdeen Street, East Perth WA)
E-mail: [email protected]
Community News
Its time for the WA Deaf Community to find out more about the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
WAAD (Western Australian Association of the Deaf) was contacted by Deaf
Australia and requested one of our board members to attend the Deaf Sector
Forum 2012 regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Patricia Levitzke-Gray volunteered to attend the meeting on behalf of WAAD
last month, February 2012.
Deaf Australia and WAAD would like to organise a community forum in near
future, so please stay tuned.
Additional information can be found on www.everyaustraliancounts.com.au
For more information contact WAAD
FAX: (08) 9441 2616 / E-mail: [email protected]
W.A. Deaf Seniors
WA Deaf Seniors are gathering every First Wednesday of the month and see you there at the Deaf
Community Centre at East Perth from 10:00am till 3:00pm and bring your own lunch or buy at Deli.
Bar opens at lunch time (soft drinks, beer and wine).
Admission is only $5 for having cuppa, biscuits, cakes and includes the raffles.
Also we have good fun games.
All retirees (55 years old over) and unemployed are most welcome to the Deaf Seniors.
You don’t have to stay home, please come out and enjoy meeting Deaf people and have great fun
games also money to be won.
Official Bearers for 2012
President: Deirdre Davies (till 2013)
Secretary: Nola Morland (till 2014)
Treasurer: Murray Holloway (till 2015)
Committee: Elizabeth Charteris, John Ravlich, Bevin Chittleborough and Tony Tartaglia.
Ben Breuseker stays with us for while.
Retired and Big thanks to Ben Breuseker (Secretary and Treasurer from 2001 till 2012) with W.A Deaf
Well done and Best Wishes for your future to you.
Programme for 2012
7th March / 4th April / 2nd May / 6th June / 4th July / 1st August / 5th September / 3rd October / 7th November
Conatact Person
Nola Morland
Community News
Shenton College Deaf Education Centre recently benefited from a wonderful modern classroom facility
under the Government’s “Building the Education Revolution” (BER) program. The construction of the
new purpose-built room for deaf and hard of hearing students is a valuable addition to the learning
environment on campus at Shenton College.
When the BER room was built, it was suggested by staff that the room should be formally named,
giving it a significance that future students could identify with. A call for submissions was distributed to
the wider community, and the overwhelming response was to acknowledge a past student of Shenton
College Deaf Education Centre, Jaden Smith, in the naming of the room.
Jaden attended Shenton College Deaf Education Centre for nearly 4 years. He was a popular and
well-liked student. Sadly, in 2008 as he neared the end of Year 11, Jaden was tragically killed in a
workplace accident just 5 weeks after starting a cabinet making apprenticeship. Teachers and students
who knew Jaden remember him as a confident, well-mannered young man who had a zest for life and
who always had a cheeky grin. Jaden was a quiet leader, admired by many, a good friend to all the
students at Shenton College Deaf Education Centre during his time at school, and he was growing into
a role as a mentor for future students at the school and in the Deaf community. He was a warm and kind
young man whom students could look up to, and he continues to be greatly missed by many.
In celebration of Jaden’s life, it was a privilege and an honour for Shenton College Deaf Education
Centre to hold a formal naming ceremony for the new BER room on 12 December 2011. Jaden’s family
and many of his friends and old teachers were present at the naming ceremony, and a plaque hangs
on the wall of the new learning centre for deaf and hard of hearing students, the “Jaden Smith Deaf
Education Room”.
The naming ceremony included a touching speech by Jaden’s mother, Denise Craig, and a media
presentation played during the afternoon tea where photos were screened of Jaden’s time at Shenton
College Deaf Education Centre. Jaden’s family released balloons into the sky for Jaden at the end of
the ceremony. It was a beautiful memorial to Jaden and we are very grateful to be able to share Jaden’s
legacy with future generations of deaf and hard of hearing students.
Bethel Hutchinson
Shenton College Deaf Education Centre
Contact : 227 Stubbs Terrace, Shenton Park, 6008
Phone: (08) 9488 2106 / Fax: (08) 6380 2166 / Email: [email protected]
Community News
Have you ever considered getting a Lions Hearing Dog to assist you in your home?
Our dogs are supplied free of any charge to approved applicants. The dogs are trained to react to
many sounds such as
Doorbell or knock;
Telephone or TTY ringing;
Oven timer;
Smoke alarm;
Alarm clock;
Mobile phone;
Whistling kettle;
Baby crying.
Go Get (not a sound but dogs are trained to get help on command.)
They alert their owner by locating the sound and then making physical contact with either one or two
paws (depending on the size of the dog) and leading them to the source of the sound. The exception
is the smoke alarm where the dog is trained to make contact and then drop to the floor. Obviously you
do not want them to lead their owner towards a fire.
From one of our clients
On May the 13th I had a fire in the kitchen heater and Oliver did a great job—he got me out of bed
and straight to the smoke detectors—both alarms were going off, one outside the bedroom the other
outside the kitchen area.
Oliver was fantastic, and very pleased with himself, as I am with him.
The damage was confined to the kitchen walls and ceiling. I hate to think what would have happened
if I didn’t have Oliver.
Some eligibility criteria that is crucial.
You must have a secure fenced yard, minimum fence height is 1.5 metres where the dog can
be released to toilet and “just be a dog” for a while. Please note a balcony does not meet this
You must be physically capable of exercising the dog regularly, by taking it for a daily walk;
You must be able to meet the costs of vet fees etc. after the dog is delivered;
If employed you must have the employers agreement to your taking the dog to your workplace,
once there the dog would be housed in a collapsible cage;
You cannot have a pet dog in your home, other pets are fine but not a dog;
Want an application? send your address by email at [email protected], or fax 08
8388 1299 or TTY 08 8388 1297
Community News
A Word for Today’s World
A weekly broadcast of good news talks: Perth Archbishop Barry J
Hickey’s reflects on topical matters in the light of spiritual wisdom and
faith. Watch every Friday to A Word for Today’s World, brought to you
by The Faith Centre for evangelization and Catholic culture.
These talks are found at www.thefaith.org.au. Auslan, subtitles and
transcript included.
On hostility to Christianity & plans for this series of good news talks
Comments on the public hostility to Christianity some high-profile people showed last year. He
encourages those that came to Mass at Christmas to stay close to their faith throughout the year. He
reveals plans for this series of good news talks where he will speak on matters spiritual and topical, the
latter being potentially controversial.
On the Report, For Kids’ Sake, tabled by the Hon. Kevin Andrews MP and on the decline of children’s
Challenges the Federal Government for its lack of response to the For Kids’ Sake Report, which was
tabled in September 2011. The Report revealed the decline of Australian children’s welfare over the past
10 years and linked this to the rise of de facto couples, violent and unstable relationships and divorce.
Archbishop Hickey said he was surprised that nothing has been heard of from Federal Parliament in
response to this Report.
On the witness of Emma Kelly, and on prayer
Reveals how inspired he was by a young Perth Christian girl’s witness to faith after her rescue in a
remote part of Argentina over the New Year period. He offers some spiritual guidance on prayer and
encourages a personal relationship with God.
Auslan Café
Do you have an interest in learning Australian Deaf Sign Language? Do you have any queries about
Come along to Emmanuel Centre, 25 Windsor Street, Perth WA 6000.
All people welcome. Morning tea provided. Please RSVP or turn up on the day!
It helps with catering if you can let us know if you are coming, but if not, you are welcome anyway!.
2012 Summer Café Dates:
Thursday 19 April, Thursday 17 May,
Thursday 21 June See you between 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
For further information
Contact: Barbara at Emmanuel Centre
ph/tty: 9328 9571
email: [email protected]
sms: 0401 016 399
These would be held on weekends (Saturday or Sunday). Families could come with adults and children
and learn Auslan together with games and conversation.
Please contact Fr Paul (0401 016 399) if you are interested.
Community News
VISIT OF FR CYRIL AXELROD CSsR. (August 22-26th 2012)
Father Cyril Axelrod is a Deaf-Blind priest of the Redemptorist Order who will be visiting Australia later
in the year. We hope to have Fr Cyril spend some time with us in WA. On Father’s last visit many of
you were only babies. Those of us who have met him remember him well and he remembers many
people that he met here, too.
Watch the You Tube video (link below) for some more information about this truly remarkable man.
When we have some firm dates for his visit we will let you know.
A Self Help Centre for People with Disabilities
25 Windsor Street, PERTH WA 6000
Tel: 9328 8113(V) 9328 9571 (TTY) Fax: 9227 9720
Email [email protected]
SMS: 0401 016 399
Barbara Harris and Fr Paul Pitzen
Greetings again!
How fast the time flies, It feels like it was Christmas yesterday and
Easter is around the corner! ASLIA WA has been busy with planning our
professional development for 2012. We believe the commitment to provide
our interpreters with workshops and event to help them maintain good
standards of skills is important.
We have also been working with the State Government as they are setting
up a Common Use Agreement that will impact on how they use interpreters
in the future. We are keen to ensure they maintain good standards when
choosing interpreters.
An event that you can help us with is with the nominating of interpreters that you feel have done
excellent work in 2011. ASLIA hold an awards night annually and we ask for people to nominate (either
by filling out a form or by sending us a short signed and filmed nomination. Details of this will be
available soon so keep your eyes open. If you want to know more now please contact us by email at
[email protected] Happy Labour Day Weekend too!
Cheers Bev Sloan (President)
Community News
Deaf Australia Inc.
UN Convention in International Sign Language
The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons
with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol in
International Sign is now available on the WFD’s
The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
(CRPD) is an international human rights instrument of the
United Nations, which protects the rights and promotes
equality of persons with disabilities.
The CRPD also sets a framework for deaf people’s rights
filling an important gap in international human rights
legislation. The Convention mentions sign language
eight times in five different articles.
These articles are: Article 2 – Definition, Article 9
– Accessibility, Article 21 – Freedom of expression
and opinion, and access to information, Article 24 –
Education, Article 30 – Participation in cultural life,
recreation, leisure and sport.
To view the video, please visit:
Frontrunners Leadership Training Program
Help support Australian Deaf
Youth Drisana LevitzkeGray (pictured) to attend
Frontrunners Leadership
Training Program.
Frontrunners is an International Deaf
Leadership Training Program: the aim
is to ensure that each individual has
the ability to pave the way to better
conditions for Deaf people in their
country and also worldwide.
It is important that all Frontrunners
know who they are, what their
values are and their choices. It is
also called self-leadership.
The vision of Frontrunners is give
Deaf youth, during and after the
Frontrunners program, tools to be
ABLE to make a difference. This
means to improve the conditions
of living for themselves as an
individual, for other Deaf people
in their nation and finally for Deaf
people worldwide.
The Frontrunners course follows
the philosophy and aims of the
World Federation of the Deaf, based
on the principles of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights and
the UN CRPD.
Drisana is one of the few people
selected per year to be involved in
Frontrunners. She is an inspiring
young Deaf woman who is going
places and Deaf Australia is keen
to encourage and support her to
develop her leadership skills and
involvement in community issues.
If you would like to make a
contribution to her attendance at
Frontrunners in Denmark, please
complete the form below and
send it to Deaf Australia at PO Box
1083, Stafford Qld 4053, or fax
07 3357 8377.
Payment can be made by credit card
(see form) or direct debit to:
Deaf Australia Inc Fundraising
BSB: 112-879
Account number: 419 726 556
Donations of $2 or more are tax
Frontrunners Leadership Training Program Donation Form
Cheque/Money Order to “Deaf Australia Inc Fundraising”
Card No:
Name on Card: ........................................................................................................................... Expiry Date: ........../ ...........
Amount: $ ...................... Signed: .............................................................................................. Date: .......... / ........../ ..........
Community News
Sorenson BuzzCards (APP for iPhone) Free
BuzzCards is an app designed to help deaf people communicate more easily with people who don’t
know sign language. The app works like a deck of flash cards except you get to decide what’s written
on the cards.
You can create some cards ahead of time that you might need to use more often (for example, “Where
is the restroom?” or “Where is the nearest bus stop?”). You can also make or edit cards as they are
needed. Your cards are kept organized by category (for example, “Dining” or “Travel”) to make them
easy to find. You can make as many cards as you want, so that you’ll always have at hand the card you
need to communicate quickly with people who cannot sign.
Swan Taxis (APP for iPhone) Free
Official Swan Taxis App allowing you to quickly and easily book your next taxi. Why wait on
hold when you can instantly book from this app!
Do you have another app for deaf and Hard of Hearing? Please contact : WADS E-mail [email protected]
MARCH 2012
Friday 16th March 2012
Time: Start Poker 7.00pm SHARP!
Where: Deaf Community Centre (46/5 Aberdeen Street, East Perth WA 6004)
Price: $20 per player (WADRA Member ONLY)
Contact: WADRA / E-mail [email protected]
#1 PLEASE be there between 6.00pm & 6.30pm / #2 PLEASE Pay to Committees of WA Deaf Pokers and pay by 9th
March, 2012 / #3 EARLY BIRD : Player will get FREE 2,000 chips if you come in from 6.00pm to and before 6.30pm
Saturday 24th March 2012
The Blue Room Theatre “Luminaire” with Auslan Interpreters
Time: 8.30pm
Where: The Blue Room Theatre (53 James Street Northbridge WA 6003)
Price: Full $25, Concession $20, Group bookings(8 or more people)$15
More information => Page 7
APRIL 2012
Thursday 5th April 2012
Happy Easter
Time: Night
Where: Deaf Community Centre (46/5 Aberdeen Street, East Perth WA 6004)
Contact: WADRA / E-mail [email protected]
#1 FREE Easter Eggs for the Children / #2 Two Drinks for One Price! (between 7.30pm & 8.30pm)
#3 Bingo, Games Fun Night!
Friday 6th April 2012
Good Friday Picnic
Time: 10.00am till sunset
Where: Cottesloe Civic Centre, Cnr Broome & Napier St (opposite the tennis Club)
Contact: WAAD Fax (08) 9441 2616 / E-mail [email protected]
#1 BYO: Food, Drinks (Don’t forget it’s a Fish Day!) Chairs, sporting gear etc!
Saturday 14th April 2012
“Swish Eveready” with Auslan Interpreters
Time: 7.30pm to 1.00am
Where: WA ITALIAN CLUB, North Perth
Price: $25 seated, $15 unreserved
Contact: Den Mum 9440 5226 / E-mail [email protected] / www.clubwest.com.au
MAY 2012
Saturday 12th May 2012
The Blue Room Theatre “Skin” with Auslan Interpreters
Time: 4.00pm
Where: The Blue Room Theatre (53 James Street Northbridge WA 6003)
Price: Full $25, Concession $20, Group bookings(8 or more people)$15
More information => Page 7
MAY 2012
Wednesday 16th May 2012
“Mary Poppins” with Auslan Interpreters
Time: 8.00pm (doors open at 7.30pm)
Where: Burswood Theatre
Price: $95 per person + $4.95 per payment (transaction fee)
More information => Page 6
Friday 25th May 2012
Annual General Meeting
Time: Start at 8.30pm
Where: Deaf Community Centre (46/5 Aberdeen Street, East Perth WA 6004)
Contact: WADRA / E-mail [email protected]
#1 After AGM, WADRA will provides Suppers/Tea & Coffee and One FREE Any Drink to all Members.
#2 No Canteen on the Annual General Meeting
#3 Bingo Cards Sale on the Annual General Meeting.
Saturday 26th May 2012
The Blue Room Theatre“I Honestly Love You” with Auslan Interpreters
Time: 8.30pm
Where: The Blue Room Theatre (53 James Street Northbridge WA 6003)
Price: Full $25, Concession $20, Group bookings(8 or more people)$15
More information => Page 7
JUNE 2012
Saturday 23rd June 2012
The Blue Room Theatre“Hello My Name is” with Auslan Interpreters
Time: 8.30pm
Where: The Blue Room Theatre (53 James Street Northbridge WA 6003)
Price: Full $25, Concession $20, Group bookings(8 or more people)$15
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Friday 29th June 2012
Time: Floor Show at 9.30pm
Where: Deaf Community Centre (46/5 Aberdeen Street, East Perth WA 6004)
Price: Entry $2 each
Contact: WADRA / E-mail [email protected]
#1 BEST Red Dress / Nose Winner $40 / Runner-up $10
#2 Everyone are welcome!
Deaf Awareness Training
Did you know 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents and 80% of lip-reading is guesswork?
Deaf Awareness Training is a specialised program developed
by the Society to provide an insight into the Deaf community.
Training can be tailored to suit the needs of an organisation,
group or school and caters for all ages.
Deaf Awareness Training is provided on a ‘fee for service’ basis
The cost of the training is :
Astandard DAT is $450.00 (up to 2 hours)
1 x DAT + 4 x Auslan classes is $1500.00
1 x DAT + 4 x Auslan classes + 1 x NRS training is $1500.00
If your your employer has Employment Assistance Funding (EAF) the DAT service will be free to your
To arrange a Deaf Awareness Training session contact us
WA Deaf Society
46/5 Aberdeen Street, East Perth WA 6004
PO Box 8558, PERTH BC WA 6849
TTY: (08) 9441 2655 / Voice: (08) 9441 2677 / Fax: (08) 9441 2616
Email: [email protected]
New email list with WA Deaf Society
WA Deaf Society would like to invite you to join our email list for us to share information with you.
Do you want to join our email list?
Yes = you need to do this: Email your name to [email protected]
Then we will add you on the email list. We will keep on communicating with you. Please share this
information with your family, friends and networks
Youtube : Auslan version - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXd3MAf8AyE
Captioned Movies
Advertising Rates:
Full Page:
$325 = 1 edition $1,100 = 4 editions
Half Page:
$195 = 1 edition $750 = 4 editions
Business Crad:
$110 = 1 edition $410 = 4 editions
Hoyts has open captioned movies on Thu, Fri,
Sun, Mon, Tue and Wed. Please go to http://www.
yourlocalcinema.com.au/ for more information.
Hoyts Carousel : Westfield Carousel 1382 Albany
Hwy Cannington
Flyer insert:
$195 per edition 300 copies to be supplied
$90 per advertisement
Advertisements are to be supplied in certain
format - please contact for information.
Deaf Magazine contains opinions from many contributors. This does not
mean these opinions are supported by the WA Deaf Society