North Texas Colorguard Association Contest Host Application

North Texas Colorguard Association Contest Host Application
Thank you for your interest in hosting a 2016 NTCA Guard/Percussion Contest. A potential contest host must complete
the following application, review the potential contest host expectations, compile the required items, and submit the
completed application with required items by September 1, 2015. All applicants are encouraged to submit all items on a
USB Drive via USPS to NTCA P.O. Box 181404 Arlington, TX 76096 and/or deliver to the Circuit Administrator or a
board member in person. Please do not email your completed application. Incomplete applications may not be
considered. All unit directors are encouraged to consider hosting. While this can be a daunting task, the NTCA Board
and Staff is here to help you! Please don’t hesitate to contact the Circuit Administrator or any board member through
their email address (posted on the NTCA website) or through the circuit cell phone at 817-944-9864.
Name of Unit: _____________________________________________________________________________________
NTCA Member during the 2015 Season: _____ YES _____ NO
Unit Director: __________________________________________________________________________________
Unit Director Email: ______________________________________________________________________________
Unit Director Phone: _____________________________________________________________________________
Facility/Campus Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Facility/Campus Street Address: __________________________________________________________________
Facility/Campus City: _______________________________ Facility/Campus Zip Code: ________________
School Dismissal Time (if campus): ___________________________________________________________________
Band Director (if applicable): ___________________________________________________________________
Band Director Email (if applicable): _______________________________________________________________
Band Director Phone (if applicable): _________________________________________________________________
Please review the following new regulation regarding floor carts as of our 2014 Spring Meeting:
Floor carts are approved at all events for colorguard and percussion inside of gymnasiums pendent upon the wheels,
casters and frame support meeting NTCA specifications. Contest hosts may request not to allow floor carts in their gym
when submitting contest host application.
Please use the space below to provide any information regarding your facility/campus guidelines regarding floor
carts in your gyms. If you have no restrictions, please understand that the floor carts will be inspected just as
props are prior to entering your gym. Floor carts MUST past inspection to be allowed in the performance gym.
Any damage is the responsibility of the performing unit.
_____ I have NO facility/campus restrictions regarding floor carts.
_____ I have facility/campus restrictions regarding floor carts. Details are listed below:
Potential Contest Host Expectations
_____ Read the Contest Host Manual available on the NTCA Website.
_____ Submit application with required items in the appropriate format by the deadline September 1, 2015.
_____ Mail (to the NTCA P.O. Box) the application deposit check in the amount of $250.00 payable to NTCA.
_____ Site Visit with Circuit Administrator or Board Member (required if you were not a 2015 host)
Facility/Campus Performance Gym Seating Capacity:
Spectator (Front Sideline): __________
Performer/Floor Crew (Back Sideline): __________
Contest Host Application Required Items – electronic format required
_____ Clean/blank copy of facility/campus outdoor map
_____ Clean/blank copy of facility/campus indoor map
_____ Accurate and WEBSITE READY facility/campus outdoor map with the following items labeled clearly:
Unit Drop Off
Loading/Unloading Area (props/floors)
Parking areas specified for spectators, buses, and trucks
Spectator Entrance
_____ Accurate and WEBSITE READY facility/campus indoor map with the following items labeled clearly:
Unit Check In
Equipment Inspection
Prop/Floor Storage
Prop/Floor Inspection
Unit Staging Areas
Body Warm Up
Equipment Warm Up
Performance Gym
Floor Folding
Judges’ Room
Directors’ Hospitality Room
First Aid
Directional arrows showing contest flow
_____ Accurate and WEBSITE READY PHOTO of performance gym from judges’ perspective with timing line shown
(Horizontal or Vertical) See Contest Host Manual for example photo.
_____ Photos of the following areas: (not required of 2015 hosts)
Body Warm Up
Equipment Warm Up
Performance Gym – gym floor from the judges’ perspective
Performance Gym – back sideline seating from the center of the gym
Performance Gym – front sideline seating from the center of the gym
Parking Lot (for warm up – for hosts applying for percussion shows only)
Some requirements may be adjusted for those wishing to host S/E Championships and/or All Star Weekend.
Contact the Circuit Administrator for details.
2016 Proposed NTCA Contest Dates
(Place a check next to any/all contest date(s) for which you are applying. If you wish, you may list your dates in
your preference priority order. NTCA will adhere to these requests when/if possible. NTCA reserves the right
to remove any contest date due to lack of host/unit interest.)
All NTCA expectations and requirements must be adhered to if selected as a contest host. If a host does
not follow through with the expected duties/requirements, not only will they not be considered as a host
for future shows, but they will also not receive their initial application deposit back.
Unit Director Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________
Band Director Signature: (if applicable) ________________________________________________________________