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Issue 82, March 2015
NSTAR Sees the World
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Technician II or Senior Technician
Austin, TX—3377
PAC Technician (Pump, Abatement, Chiller)
Boise, ID—3409
Etch Equipment Engineer
Austin, TX—3421
Resource Engineer (Vector)
Malta, NY—3396
Gas/Chemical Technician
Malta, NY—3414
Fall Protection
What you need to
Planning the work
is a vital part of the
job and when it
comes to fall
NC State to Offer Graduate Courses in WBG Semiconductors
NC State will be offering new graduate courses next fall in connection
with Power America, a program funded by a $146 million contract
awarded to NC State last January by the Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute to be spent over the next
five years.
UW Scientists Build a Nanolaser Using a Single Atomic Sheet
University of Washington scientists have
built a new nanometer-sized laser using the
thinnest semiconductor available today that
is energy efficient, easy to build and compatible with existing electronics. The UW nanolaser uses a tungsten-based semiconductor
only three atoms thick as the “gain material”
that emits light.
Seoul Semiconductor Introduces New Modules
Seoul Semiconductor announced the availability of new Acrich3 modules for a wide range of residential and commercial lighting applications. The new advanced Acrich3 solution from Seoul Semiconductor
enables the next generation of Smart-Lighting systems with the ability to interface through a wide variety of wireless networks and sensors.
Resource Engineer (Lam Etch Kiyo)
Austin, TX/Korea/China—3310
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New Technology Could Improve Night Vision, Thermal Imaging
Engineers at the University of Texas at Dallas have created semiconductor technology that could make night vision and thermal imaging
affordable for everyday use.
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protection it may
save a life. Having a
fall protection work
plan will help you
outline the
following list of
things to consider
when planning to
use fall protection.
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Cardiff Gets £17.3m to Help Develop Compound Semiconductors
A £17.3m award that will put Cardiff University at the cutting edge of
semiconductor technology has been announced by the UK Government. The funding will strengthen bonds between Cardiffheadquartered IQE, the compound semiconductor wafer supplier,
and the university.
Small Powerful Systems Give Rise to Medical Semiconductor Sales
Smaller and more powerful medical systems are driving up sales of
ICs, sensors, and other devices for the medical semiconductor market. IC Insights believes medical semiconductor sales growth will
strengthen this year and next before sliding back in the next expected
economic slowdown in 2017.
Most Powerful Semiconductor Laser Array Ever
The US Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has commissioned the highest peak power laser diode arrays in the world –
at 3.2MW peak – which is destined for Europe.
Patented Process Builds Better Semiconductors
Through a surprise research discovery, a Kansas
State University chemical engineer has found the
icing on the cake for electronic devices. Jim Edgar,
university distinguished professor of chemical engineering, has received a patent for his invention "Offaxis silicon carbide substrates," which is a process
for building better semiconductors.
New Type of Semiconductor Could Change Consumer Electronics
Materials first developed at Oregon State University more than a decade ago with an eye toward making "transparent" transistors may be
about to shake up the field of consumer electronics.
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Microsemi to Acquire Vitesse Semiconductor
Microsemi has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire
Vitesse Semiconductor for a total transaction value of $389 million. The acquisition is further evidence of Microsemi’s continuing commitment to grow as a communications semiconductor
Silicon Space Technology Appoints Lienhard as New CEO
Silicon Space Technology today announced that its Board of Directors appointed Bernd Lienhard as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. With more than 26 years of international experience,
Bernd is a senior executive who has developed and executed effective business strategies in multiple markets including automotive and networking. He has a proven track record of global
P&L management, operations, marketing, and sales-related success.
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11 Tips for Job Seekers on Twitter
Are you frustrated when your invitations to connect with
people on LinkedIn get ignored? It may be because only 13
percent of LinkedIn users access the site daily, according to Pew
Research, while 36 percent of Twitter users are on that site
every day. If you're looking for another way to connect with
people, Twitter could be your ticket to expanding your network.
Twitter is an open network and therefore can serve as a better
platform for connecting and engaging.
5 Tips for Negotiating Your Salary
Dale Carnegie once said, "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action
breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear,
don't sit home and think about it. Go out, and get busy." This
advice can be difficult, especially when it comes to talking about
salary and asking for a raise. Most employees need to get more
comfortable talking turkey in any situation.
How to Stand Out at a Career Fair
Job fairs can be intimidating — just
as the room is filled with potential
opportunities, it is also filled with
potential competition. Meeting
recruiters and other applicants in
the job force face to face can help
you make a personal connection impossible to create over email
or LinkedIn. It’s important to take advantage of this chance to
showcase yourself as a future employee. Check out these tips to
be sure you stand out from the pack and leave a lasting
impression on the people you meet.
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Uber’s New Goal: Uber Pool
The concept behind UberPool is rather straightforward (see graph
below). Basically a single driver picks up not one, but two passengers who are headed in the same direction. She then drops off one
passenger, and perhaps picks up a third before the first is dropped
off. In this scenario, customers are literally “ride-sharing.”
Video Game Technology to be Used to Showcase Real Estate
While being physically present to inspect a property for one’s self
is widely considered the preferred method of going about purchasing real estate, not everyone has the time to be able to do so.
Why not be there virtually? A virtual reality technology, very
much like that used in many modern video games, is being used to
showcase real estate for sale in Southern California.
Solar Glass: Power Generation You Can See Through
Researchers at Michigan State University
(MSU) are developing the next breakthrough
in solar power technology and its incorporation into both consumer products and architecture. Other iterations of “solar glass” are
out there, but are limited in that light absorption through the material gives it a coloured
tint and produces a shadow.
Ford’s Senor Technology to Help European Drivers Avoid Tickets
Ford Motor Co. is using sensor technology to help drivers avoid
getting speeding tickets in Europe. New S-Max minivans this year
will come equipped with a camera that spots speed limit signs and
automatically slows cars down to the speed limit if the system is
New Technology for Clean Water
New technology designed by a Scottish company with funding
from the Scottish Government will bring clean water to 100,000
people in Pakistan.
Technology used in Hollywood Comes to Indianapolis
A technology used in Hollywood movies and video games is being
used in Indianapolis. It’s called motion analysis. IU Health is using
the technology as preventative care. Basically it allows medical
experts to take an in depth look at movement in the body. It could
be crucial for athletes in enhancing their performance as well as
preventing and treating injuries.
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