punctuality of your ward. 07. Insist your child to write in neat and

Dear Parents,
Summer Vacation has come again and it is the time when you get ample time to interact with your
children. So, quality time must be spent with your wards where moral values and good habits can be
imparted to them which will help them to be good human beings. Holidays are for fun and frolic and thus we
want your co-operation in imparting moral values to the children to make them good human beings. We
eamestly request all our parents to inculcate the following habits in the children.
01. Begin the day by wishing the elders.
02.Maintain personal hygiene. Inculcate the habit of washing hands. Check the hair cut, uniform, nails and
punctuality of your ward.
03. Eat healthy and balanced diet ( Roti with green vegetables ) avoid eating junk food like magi, chowmein,
Chips etc.
04.Letthe child join some creative classes like Art, Music, Dance etc.
05. Talk to your child about "Summer Season". Make them know the simple things like what type of clothes
we wear, fruits we eat etc.
06. Try to introduce2 or 3 new words daily to increase his/her vocabulary
07. Insist your child to write in neat and legible handwriting.
08. Help your child to do neat work that has an aesthetic appeal. It will go a long way in his/her life.
09. Let your child do the following things on his/her own
Button/ unbutton their shirl.
Polish his/her own shoes.
Tie his/her shoe lace.
Remember his/her home address and phone number.
Learn a story and retell it in his/her own words.
10. Encourage the child to say morning and bed time prayers with you.
1 1. Recite mealtime prayers before meals, daily.
12. Teachthe child to share his toys and belongings and keep them back at their place after playing or using
Give your child six to eight pieces of puzzles which will enable him/her to think and construct.
14. Mix a handful of Rajma, Chana, Lobhia, Nuggets and ask your child to separate them. In this activity
he/she will learn to sit at one place for a long time and develop concentration skills.
15. Take your child for morning/evening walk.
16. Give them clay or dough to play and encourage them to make different objects like mango, ball, snake,
orange, caterpillar, different utensils, birds etc.
17. Encourage your child to develop the habit of colouring, scribbling and playing on sand which helps in
developing the muscles.
18. Inculcate the habit of sleeping early at night and getting up early in the morning.
19. Keep some grains and water in separate containers for the birds during this strnmer.
20. Sit with your parents and grandparents and ask them to share their childhood stories and experiences.