Club Med Body Soul 2015 e

4 Colors in 4 Days
Club Med Phuket: 2 June – 29 June 2015
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Feel like you're living life in
black and white?
Need a great escape from the daily grind? Leave the hectic city behind and
dive into a tropical paradise of health, healing and wellbeing as Club Med
Phuket hosts the third annual ‘Body & Soul’ event in 2015.
Club Med Body & Soul is a health and wellness retreat designed to boost
wellbeing and overall health through a series of four colour-themed activities
per day. Colors have a strong impact on everything around us, our moods and
emotions, and even our sense of well-being. They also play a significant role
in the foods we eat. Based on this, Club Med offers a program themed around
‘4 colours in 4 days’ during these special weeks.
Programs to enjoy 4 colours in 4 days
Rejuvenate your body
with Yellow food
Boost your energy
with Red food
Care for your inner &
outer beauty with
Yellow day programs
Energize your Red day
with dynamic classes
Balance your nutrition
with Green food
Perfect harmony of
healthy body and soul
Revitalize your
body rhythm
with Purple food
Refresh your mind
and start feeling
younger again
Why is 2015 Club Med
body & soul so special?
In 2015, more instructors will join a programme that spans fitness, yoga, dance and martial arts. With rigorous calorie-burning workouts and calming meditations, our experts have curated a dynamic and
holistic 4 Colours in 4 Days programme with specially-devised food and beverage choices. Mornings will see classes with a higher activity level such as Tribal Rhythm, in which fun and drumming unite to
energise the body and soul. Other activities include stress-busters such as Thai Boxing fitness and Pilates on the ball and Dance fitness. Afternoons will be time for calming the mind and nurturing the spirit
with the likes of Chi Kung, Jessica’s Yoga and Paul & Renae’s card reading.
Lisa & Lynley
Trevor Aung Than
Joseph Boulos
Renae Chan & Paul Kek
Fitness instructors
from Australia
Yoga instructor
from Korea
Aerial yoga instructor and
martial artist from Australia
Dance fitness instructor
from Austrailia
Spiritual consultants
from Singapore
Look as good as you feel with Club
Med Asia Body & Soul instructors
Lisa Westlake and Lynley Gladdis,
who return for their third
consecutive event with energising
sessions and fun fitness activities
that help you rebalance and
detoxify to boost energy and
nourish the soul.
Discover the secret of fighting
stress, finding serenity and staying
young at heart with Jessica, a yoga
instructor to Korean celebrities.
Her anaerobic and aerobic
exercises are designed to improve
posture and mood, while her
anti-ageing Yoga routines help
smooth wrinkles and firm up
Explore the power of meditation
through motion with Tai Chi and
Chi Kung as Trevor Aung Than,
a highly regarded Australian
physiotherapist, aerial yoga teacher
and multi-disciplined martial artist
takes guests through these soothing
low-impact activities. Beat stress
gracefully and revive the spirit
through the rhythms of your body.
With minimal stress on muscles
and joints, Tai Chi is safe for all
Twirl, salsa and two-step your way
into fitness with renowned
Australian instructor Joseph Boulos,
whose calorie-burning dance
programme combines cardio
workouts with serious body
sculpting. There’s a different theme
every day to suit all tastes -- from
1990s pop and sexy Latin moves to
Broadway jazz and Disney songs.
Special consultants Renae Chan &
Paul Kek from Singapore give
in-depth Crystal and Tarot readings
to assist guests in making changes
and adjustments for a smoother,
safer, happier and more prosperous
Baby elephant riding
for kids
Club Med Body & Soul programme is for
everyone. Take the kids on a mini safari with
a ride on an adorable baby elephant amid
one of the world’s most beautiful places (for
children under 12) to give them a taste of
Thailand – one of the many services offered
by Club Med Phuket’s daily Children’s Clubs
service for all ages (from four months to age
17, inclusive), allowing parents to relax and
soak up the sprawling resort with the Body &
Soul programme and enjoy a wide array of
healthy and delicious food and drink options
at their leisure.
Thai traditional activity’s
Want to get to know Thai culture? Or just get
fit really fast? Then get in the ring for Master
Benny Yu’s Thai boxing classes that boosts
agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance
and strength – while providing a cultural
masterclass that will help you get to know
Thailand more intimately than you could have
imagined. Pow! Beat away those everyday
stresses in an idyllic setting with Thai boxing
sessions that are specially designed to fit
into an urban lifestyle, providing physical
fitness and stress release leading to
a positive attitude.
Enjoy healthy color-coded
eating with delicious food
choices in the main restaurant
Experience wellness and
inner calm in harmony with
an exquisitely serene natural
environment through a wide
selection of activities
After activities, indulge in
premium spa treatment* with
different daily spa promotions
*at extra cost
Club Med Phuket
Ideal location for rejuvenating body & soul
Premium All-Inclusive holidays
and colourful memories for everyone
*At extra cost
(1) Flights and transfers only if you have chosen a Club Med Package
that includes transport
at Club Med Phuket
Children’s Clubs
for all ages
A wide selection of sports & leisure
Children’s Clubs for all ages
Golf, Flying trapeze, Archery, Snorkeling, Tennis,
Scuba diving* and much more
First-rate facilities and equipment, lessons for all levels
by professional G.Os
Supervision by our specialist G.Os, high-quality facilities
and activities designed for different age groups.
(Baby Club*, Petit Club*, Mini Club, Juniors’ Club)
Accommodation with refined comfort
+ Wellness & Relaxation after activities
A wide selection of world class spa* treatments
Relax at Zen pool
Night entertainment & parties
A wide selection of
sports & leisure
with refined comfort
Different types of accommodation:
Superior, Deluxe rooms or Suites
All gourmet meals, all-day bar and
Evening G.O shows and parties with a different theme
each night
Enjoy festive moments every night with unique Club Med
Discover unique culture
Return flights
and transfers
All gourmet meals,
all-day bar and snacking
Various excursions* to discover local cultures
Local dancing, cooking workshops, and much more
Night entertainment
& parties
International gourmet cuisine, from breakfast to dinner,
at main or specialty restaurants
Sweet and savory snacks throughout the day and
in the evenings
Wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and
Return flights and transfers(1)
Return flights with all taxes included
Transfers between the airport and the resort