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1st April, 2015
Grade 3
Dear Parents,
The academic year 2014 – 2015 was a year full of dynamism, challenges, events and occasions.
The month of March has been very exciting and eventful for the children. The main highlight of the month
was the Kindergarten Day – ‘Estrella’, where the little ones were dressed up well and performed
gracefully on the stage followed by the art exhibition, Art Expo – ‘Art Infinity’ which displayed the Warli
paintings, madhubani painting and contemporary art by our young artists which added colour to the
month. The school corridors were vibrant with all the students’ work being displayed
The month focussed on thorough revision leading to the monthly review.
Math classes saw the students enjoy doing the topic, ‘Pictograph’.
In Science, students learnt about ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Moon’ with the help of an activity using a globe, a
ball and a torch.
During Reading Programme sessions, students enjoyed reading Tig in the Dumps, The Sneezles, The
Woman Who Fooled the Fairies, Spider’s Big Match, Spider McDrew and the Egyptians.
The children also enjoyed reading books written by Enid Blyton, Geronemo Stilton, Mary Pope Osborne,
Barbara Park and Tony Abbott during Library periods.
Children participated enthusiastically in all the activities and events conducted this academic year. They
have been magnificent and have risen up to all the challenges that came their way. Students from
different backgrounds and different schools adjusted to their new environment with ease, and together
they have learnt to march towards betterment in all fields.
Students wrote their Assessment with deep concentration and sincerity. Children have got into the rhythm
of learning and writing and following the norms.
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The annual break will definitely help the children recharge, by eating, sleeping and relaxing. This is the time when
they can meet their friends and cousins and play with them. But, it is also important not to play too much under the hot
sun and fall sick due to the heat.
It is also the time for the children to read new books and enrich their imagination. This time could be
used to visit new places and learn about them. This time is meant for family bonding.
This annual break can also be used by the students to work on their handwriting by writing five sentences every day in
a notebook, practicing the multiplication tables or framing a sentence with new words they have learnt.
A surprise awaits the children on the 6th of April, 2015 as they troop in for the last time into the school
building for this academic year as we hand over to them a capsule of what has gone by in a visual form.
And now the time has come for students to relax, refresh and recharge for their next academic year.
!!!!!!Happy holidays!!!!!! 
Warm regards,
Grade 3 Faculty.
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