The National PKU Alliance has compiled the following list of

Camp PHEnomenal
Camp Knot a PHE
Metabolic Camp at Emory University
IPAD Mini Camp for Kids
Camp PHEver
The National PKU Alliance has
compiled the following list of Summer
Camps across the United States that
cater to PKU families and adults.
Cavett Kids Kamp Courage
We hope you enjoy your summer!
The National PKU Alliance
Camp Huber
PKU Camp at South Shore YMCA
Camp Connect
Oregon PKU Family Camp
Camp PHEnomenal - May 1-3, 2015, Dallas, TX
Serving families who have a child who has phenylketonuria.
Camp PHEnomenal serves campers with Phenylketonuria
(PKU) and other alike disorders. Camp is the weekend of
May 1-3, 2015 at Camp John Marc in Dallas, Texas. Camp
PHEnomenal is free for children with PKU. There is a small
fee for parents and siblings.
Camp PHEnomenal is an annual event that is full of fun
activities for all ages! Art projects, cooking classes, archery, swimming, fishing, games,
star-watching, hiking, rock climbing, horse back riding, and more!
For a registration form call Camp Coordinator, Nichole Daughtery at (817) 371-1243 or
by email [email protected]
Camp Knot A PHE - June 4-7, 2015, Prescott, AZ
CAMP KNOT A PHE? Camp Knot a Phe is a family
camp for individuals with metabolic disorders (that
are Arizona residents) requiring a low protein diet
and their family members. Located on 80 acres just
outside of Prescott, AZ in the beautiful, cool, tall
pines. What a great mountain getaway! Save the
date for June 4-7, 2015.
WHAT ACTIVITIES? Fun camp activities for all ages!
All campers will have an opportunity to enjoy activities like kayaking, team challenge course, arts and
crafts, archery and hiking. There will also be several
optional discovery groups and workshops.
MEALS? All low protein meals and snacks will be
provided by a qualified chef (who is the father of two PKU kids) and camp dietitians.
Regular meals will also be provided. Formula must be supplied by the family.
Click here for more information about Camp Knot A PHE or contact
[email protected] or Melanie- [email protected]
Metabolic Camp, Emory University - June 22-27, 2015, Atlanta, GA
Metabolic Camp is a research-based
Metabolic Camp that offers a unique
opportunity for young women ages 12 and up
with PKU or MSUD to live and learn together
in a supportive camp environment.
The Metabolic Camp will be held on the
campus of Emory University. The goals of the
camp are to teach the importance of nutrition,
review the treatment recommendations,
create a place to share experiences, focus on
building support through a variety of activities
all while building lasting relationships.
For a registration form call Camp Coordinator, Rosalynn Blair at (404) 778-8521 or by
email at [email protected]
IPAD’s PKU Mini Camp for Kids - June 26-27, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT
The Intermountain PKU and Allied Disorders Association is
pleased to announce that PKU Mini Camp for Kids is back for
2015. The camp will be held at Camp Kostopulos in Salt Lake
City, Utah on June 26 and 27, 2015. The camp is for children
with PKU and their siblings between the ages of 6 and 18.
The camp will be a weekend of adventure where you will get to
know other children with PKU, learn more about managing your
PKU and, most importantly, have fun! The camp will offer swimming, a ropes course,
horseback riding, fishing, and sports!
You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to attend PKU camp in your very own
backyard. For more information contact Amy Oliver at [email protected]
Camp PHEver - July 12-17, 2015, Burton, TX
Camp PHEver's Mission: Our mission is to provide children
and adolescents with PKU a typical summer camp
experience where they can meet new friends, reunite with
old camp buddies and just have FUN. Although our primary
focus is: fun, fun, fun, our campers do indirectly receive
education about PKU. Parents, you can relax, knowing that
while your children are away having fun, they are still under
strict diet supervision. Camp is a time to enjoy summer and
feel comfortable about PKU.
Click here for more information and to register for camp!
Cavett Kids Foundation Kamp Courage - August 12-16, 2015, Dry
Gulch, OK
Camp Wildfire is designed for kids with Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy
and PKU. The fact that many of our campers are in wheel chairs
makes Dry Gulch USA the perfect location for this camp as all walkways and roads are paved throughout the campground, making it
easier on our campers facing mobility challenges.
There is a full-time nursing staff on hand to administer medication and assist with all
other medical needs. Spina Bifida affects many areas of function for a person. Therefore, this camp requires the most staff support out of all the camps, as
many campers also need assistance performing basic daily activities. These needs are
met by a caring group of volunteers who attend each year.
Click here for more information.
PKU Camp at the South Shore YMCA Camp - August 23 - 28, 2015,
Sandwich, MA
During the last week of the summer, we offer a five day co-ed
program that takes place at Camp Hayward. This week is jam
packed with some of the best events of the summer: Dance, all
camps, co-ed day, cookout. Campers with PKU are welcome
and encouraged to attend Co-Ed Week. Please see below for
more information on our PKU camp.
This opportunity allows children with PKU the unusual opportunity to meet other
children facing the same issues, while following the specific PKU diet in a normal camp
environment. Campers stay in cabins and participate in a specialty activity of their
choice, such as sailing, tennis, performing arts, or horseback riding.
Meals for children with PKU are prepared by the group of volunteer staffers
and professionals organized by Children’s Hospital, Boston. Often coordinated to
coincide with our traditional menu, food choices are based on medically-prescribed
diets and served from a buffet style table designated for campers with PKU. Metabolic
staff and nutritionists are available at our Camp to provide low-protein meals and help
prepare formula, maintain diets, and offer support.
Click here for camp information and registration. For more information, please contact
us. To contact Children’s Hospital in Boston, please call Fran Rohr at 617-355-6516.
Camp Connect - August 28 - 30, 2015 - Winder, GA
Camp Connect is an annual family camp
connecting families who have children with
PKU following a low protein diet. This year’s
camp is the weekend of August 28-30, 2015
and will be held in Winder, Georgia!
It will be a weekend filled with fun activities for
all ages! There will be team building, art
projects, archery, boating, swimming, fishing,
games, star-watching, hiking, ropes courses,
zip lining (ages 13 and older) and more!
For registration information, please contact
Camp Director Adele Hunt by email at [email protected]
Visit for Camp Connect updates.
Oregon PKU Family Camp - August 28 - 31, 2015, Antelope, OR
Come join us at the 12th Annual Oregon PKU Family
Our camp is located in central Oregon with airports in
Redmond and Portland. The whole family is invited to
enjoy a beautiful water park and a variety of fun
activities. A PKU chef will be onsite, preparing
delicious meals, while regular (non-pku) meals will be
provided for all family members. Costs include food,
lodging and all camp activities. Scholarships are
Please visit our website at or email us at [email protected]
Camp Huber - August 21-23, 2015, Weekend Camp
August 22, 2015, Day Camp
Chestertown, Maryland
Camp Huber is organized by the Maryland Alliance of PKU Families (MAPKUF) for
everyone with PKU and their Families. People of all ages are welcome to come for
the networking, educational opportunities, cooking demonstrations by Chef Jeff,
swimming, ropes course, and so much more. The Camp program is designed to
provide times for education, entertainment, and networking.
This year’s sessions include presentations by neuropsychologist Dr. Kendra
Bjoraker sponsored by Biomarin, and an update on a home phe-monitoring system
by Dr. Cusmano-Ozog from Children’s National Hospital.
All meals, PKU and non-PKU are provided.
For more information and to register visit: