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1 May 2015
Summary of Key Changes - BMPA Pig Welfare and Slaughter module
The module name has been changed to Module 1 - BMPA Pig Welfare and Slaughter.
We have made significant changes to the format and layout of the BMPA Pig Welfare and
Slaughter module bringing together a number of separate documents that are now easier to
understand and contain less repetition with the requirements of British Retail Consortium
Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC GFS), legislation and where they occur within individual
scheme modules then these have been removed and if relevant, incorporated into the BMPA
pork scheme rules.
Previously each pork module consisted of three key documents, the module document,
interpretation guidelines and an audit checklist but these have now been streamlined into two
documents- the pork module including guidance and audit checklists. A significant number of
requirements have been separated into sub clauses within the same requirement to provide
focus. Guidance has been comprehensively reviewed to reflect amends to scope of
requirements and evidence clarifies the documents for review by the auditor.
We have introduced the consistent use of the word “shall” to indicate when a specific clause is
a mandatory requirement, and the word “may” when the clause is indicative of best practice
that is not a mandatory requirement of the BMPA pork scheme. To make it easier, the words
“shall” and “may” have been highlighted in bold font within the module as and when they
To assist in understanding the key changes, we have headlined the more significant changes of
the BMPA Pig Welfare and Slaughter module below.
Scheme Rules
1.1 New requirement. The scheme participant shall be compliant with the
requirements of the BMPA pork scheme rules at all times and inserted new guidance a current copy of the BMPA pork scheme rules can be found on the BMPA website. The
scheme participant shall be aware that where specific scheme rules have been
highlighted in blue, that these are auditable points within the scope of this pork
module against which compliance shall be assessed by the service provider.
Pig Sourcing
2.1 Amended existing requirements (previously Appendix 3 which is now withdrawn).
To be eligible, pigs shall be born and reared for their lifetime on an assured farm that is
certified by Red Tractor, Quality Meat Scotland Pigs or an equivalent farm assurance
scheme recognised by the BMPA. Pigs traded through livestock markets are not
eligible.The site shall be able to demonstrate that the assurance chain is intact for each
consignment of pigs on delivery and the. Verification shall include assured farms,
livestock vehicles and collection centres. Guidance highlights the links to the relevant
assurance web sites. Evidence required reflects amends made.
2.2 Amended requirement (previously in Appendix 3). Details information required on
the animal movement document to include country of birth and slaughter. Guidance
states ‘where pigs are born and reared in one country, a single statement of origin is
sufficient for the traceability declaration.
2.3 New requirement. The clause details requirements for slap marks.
Biosecurity (lorry washing)
Robust biosecurity is of critical importance to the industry and is a feature of the Red
Tractor Farm Assurance Standard, it is therefore important that this requirement is
carried through into the BMPA Pig Welfare and Slaughter module. This now builds on
the current vehicle cleansing and disinfection requirements at the abattoir by making
it mandatory that all haulier vehicles shall be cleansed and disinfected before they
leave site.
3.1 New requirement. Mandatory washing of vehicles before leaving the site.
Additional guidance provides a reference to BPEX report ‘Effective Cleansing of
Livestock Vehicles at UK Abattoirs’.
3.2 New requirement. Requirement for a documented biosecurity risk assessment.
Guidance has been amended (where applicable) to reflect changes to the requirement.
Where standard operating procedures (SOPs) are to be developed, the requirement
details the information required.
Animal Welfare
 4.1 Amended existing requirements (previously clause 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4). Requirement
for animal welfare policies, SOP’S for the movement of pigs from unloading to sticking.
Refers to training requirements, record keeping and for policies and procedures to be
reviewed annually. Guidance refers to WATOK Guide to Good Practice. This
requirement is currently in force for new or modified premises and it is only the
layout, construction and equipment of slaughter houses that are not new or modified
that is delayed until 8 Dec 2019. WASK will be repealed and fully replaced by
Regulation 1099 and WATOK. WATOK does not contain the provisions of the
Regulation; it only contains the enforcement, certificate of competence process and
national rules that go beyond the regulation. Both pieces of legislation need to be
 4.3 New Requirement. The scheme participant shall have a functional and secure
closed circuit television (CCTV) system with clear visibility of all aspects of the process
that would affect animal welfare from unloading to sticking at all times.
 4.10 New Requirement. The site shall have documented procedures for the cleansing
and disinfection of the lairage.
 4.11 Amendment to an existing requirement (previously clause 3.13). The
requirement for an isolation pen to be available for casualty pigs with specific
requirements to be in place.
 4.12 Amendment to an existing requirement. (previously clause 3.14). Stocking
densities. All pigs shall be able to lie down in the lairage pen simultaneously.
 4.13 Amendment to an existing requirement (previously clause 3.15). Daily checks to
be undertaken to verify that there is an adequate supply of fresh clean water for pigs
in the lairage at all times. The site shall have a documented plan for contingency
should there be an interruption in water supply.
 4.14 New Requirement. added in reference to showering (misting) of pigs for welfare
 4.15 Amendment to an existing requirement (previously clause 3.16) added in
reference to traceable feed
 4.16 Amendment to an existing requirement (previously clause 3.9). Clarifies
requirements on the use of electric goads that they shall only be used on sows with a
maximum period of 1 second and used on the hind quarter only.
5.1 Existing requirements combined (previously clause 4.1 to 4.3). Records required to
be kept when pigs are re-stunned. Clarification of the procedures to be followed when
pigs are not effectively stunned to include line stoppage and root cause analysis.
Carcase Dressing
6.1 New requirement. The site shall develop and implement clear procedures and
work instructions to ensure that the desired quality attributes are being met at all
times and where they are not being met procedures are in place for their exclusion of
such material.
6.3 New requirement. Where carcases become heavily contaminated due to burst gut
incidents e.g. excessive intestinal content spillage, they shall be excluded from the
6.7 New requirement. (previously clause 3.10). Added to a requirement previously in
the BQAP module on handling of carcases above 100kg deadweight. The site shall be
required to have procedures in place for the identification and forward traceability of
pigs that are excluded from the BQAP scheme. The site shall demonstrate that pigs
which have been excluded from the scheme, have not been despatched or further
processed on site as BQAP (i.e. boars in excess of 100kg). Reworded to include the
recording P2 measurements.
Appendix 1- ‘Transport Checklist’ Amendment to existing appendix previously
Appendix 3 -Transport Scheme and Abattoir Role. Previous appendix 1 removedRecommendations on Vehicle Cleansing and Disinfection Area, Facilities and
Equipment. This is covered under Section 3 Biosecurity including reference to BPEX
‘Effective Cleansing of Livestock Report’.
Appendix 2 - ‘Useful Publications’ Amendment to existing appendix previously
appendix 4, contact details removed