Company Name: Metro Tyres Ltd. Established: 1968

Company Name: Metro Tyres Ltd.
Established: 1968
Location: Ludhiana & New Delhi, India
Branches: 40+
Industry: Manufacturing and Export
Products: Bicycle and Automobile Tyres, Tubes, Chains
Revenue: $ 125+ million
Employees: 4000+
Legacy System: FoxPro and Accounting system
Challenge and Opportunity
Consolidated and accurate MIS reports for informed decision making
Create visibility and control over operations across the service delivery network (all india
Improve inventory management and forecasting across country
Complex national and international supply chain management
Respond efficiently to new product development and business growth
Production planning as per domestic, exports and OE customers demand
Improve accounting and improve margins but managing costs
Vendor management and customer management
Streamline management control system with transactions across the company locations
Enhance visibility, integration, and efficiency by eliminating paper-based, manual business
Establish a single platform to support integrated processes
Improve alerts and notifications and approval process
Enable faster resolution of customer and supplier inquiries
Produce a solution tailored to industry-specific needs and regulatory requirements
Scalable, flexible solution with audit trail functionality
Provide improved reporting and analytics
Metro Tyres Limited specializes in the manufacturing of
bicycle and auto tyres, tubes and chains. MTL caters
the 36 % share of the replacement and O.E.M market
in India. The company is associated with a German giant, Continental. Metro has four manufacturing facilities
in Ludhiana, India and one facility in Haryana, India.
The branch offices spread over 60 cities in the Indian
sub continent.
The non integrated stand alone system at all the units
and the minimum connectivity of the operating branches produced the challenge of visibility of supply chain,
customer management and reverse logistics. The
unclear processes and lack of integration added costs
and faded clarity in the business.
“The silos of information were one of our major challenges” says Mr. Rajesh Head MIS MTL Ludhiana.
Why Novosales
• Comprehensive solution covering all business functions
• Support for multi location/
units/ branches / divisions/
stores products and currency
• User-friendly and easy to use
• Easy customizability to fit with
precise business needs
• Flexible, adaptable solution to
meet current and future business needs
• Affordable, easy-to-deploy
• Highly integrated foundation
Win the Challenge
The hell-bent intension supported with proper execution creates a wonderful recipe of
success especially for the global players. And to execute well, visibility and clarity into
operations is a pre-requisite. MTL (Metro Tyres Ltd.) figured out the requirement of a
robust system to create this visibility and selected Business On Demand to tailor its needs.
As a pioneer in the tyres manufacturing Metro Tyres Ltd was facing increasingly complex challenge on cost and product mix front. To keep pace with industr y demands,
Metro set its sights on strengthening its enterprise backbone with Novosales On-Demand Solution. “ The idea was to manage all kinds of information from ever y nooks
and corner with Business On Demand. The built in check and control
features for the management to control the business, units, branches and warehouses
and all on public internet network was just what we were looking for ” says Mr.Dinesh,
E . D M TL.
Business of 21st Century
Sustainability in this era of competition and to draw
profit margin is a big question for a business. The
dynamic tendency of the business brings new opportunities and challenges. To maintain the tempo of the
business is very important for minimizing the threats
and gain opportunities.
A tightly integrated embodied business can align its
strategic goals with its actions. The visibility of the process and clarity in the operations is today and tomorrow for the business.
“With Business On Demand we have
jumped in twenty-first century. It has streamlined our
processes, improved our financial reporting and minimized the paper work and delays. The learning cur ve
of our employees has been quick , as
is an intuitive and easy-to-use system” says Mr. Dinesh
Executive Director MTL.
Operational Benefits
• Improved Inventory management and projections
• Better accounting and control
• Efficient tracking and better
• Faster response to customer
inquiries on open orders
• Reduced time to execute factory shipping planning
• Ability to run relational inventory queries more quickly
• Lower back-office costs due to
e-mail reports
• Ability to automate and e-mail
The business of today has the ability to be the future
and the future depends on:
Managing the scope of available Information
100% accuracy in defined scenarios and streamlined them for ease of use in real time
Build new efficiencies into service delivery
Innovative with technology to streamline other
business processes
To improve the ability to manage and achieve the
Ability to manage resources with precision
Strategic Benefits
• Reduction in costs
• Improved planning and execution
• Minimized expenses
• Enhanced horizontal and vertical communication across the
• Enabled comprehensive, realtime transaction processing
• Improved customer service
and satisfaction
• Increased efficiency and
Reduced errors with electronic
flow of data
• Growth without additional
Quality reporting and Financial Control, a key to success
“ Business On Demand has a high quality and highly functional financial management system. Our close and consolidation process across our four entities
now takes only days versus weeks” Mr. Sharma , Finance, MTL Ludhiana. Business On Demand provides MTL with a complete on-demand
financial management system. The company manages all financial processes within; and now can easily gain access to information it needs to continually
optimize its fast-paced and always-changing business. In addition to standard reports,
such as income statements, balance sheets and cash flow, MTL uses system insight’s
custom financial reporting capabilities to quickly create specialized reports.
Even with all the increased functionality, MTL found it to be an easy-to use and easyto-maintain application and staff is able to enjoy using it without needing IT or application support. Since the company started using, MTL has benefited
from enhanced financial visibility and gained significant improvements to operational
efficiency. The company no longer struggles with poor reporting, and everyone in finance — no matter where they are located — has access to the information they need.
As an added benefit, cumbersome process of managing accounts payable and receivables paper work has been eliminated across the locations.
“ Today we use Single Integrated System to manage multi units and locations. The readiness and
availability of real time information in all the domains
gives a better view to business. We are really taking
some concrete decisions and planning the growth in
better way” says Director, MTL Ludhiana.
Match Knowledge with Skills
It is not only the knowledge but the application of the knowledge which creates success. You can use your knowledge of your business to enhance the skills with Business On Demand system. The knowledge from the stores integrated
with skills of production creates the value product is just an example of matching
knowledge and skills. Match your processes knowledge and skills and create an ambiance of successful business.
MTL improved the complex processes of supply chain both for local market and global market, managed suppliers and customers better than before. The company today
develops better plans to market its products. The global management practices is
making MTL grow bigger and bigger by reduceing costs and expenses. The integrated knowledge of process and operations with the skills of resources and novosales.
com Business on Demand system as its partner for success at the critical junctures of
the business.
Improvement should be Progressive
The MTL has a product line of more than ONE THOUSAND models of tyres and tubes and a single production run includes more than fifty thousand pieces of
production from each unit on daily basis. All the four
units work for 24x6 timeline. The management and
planning of the business is complex in nature. Managing inventories of raw material, production of finished
goods and their supply chain across units and warehouses is a challenging job.
On-Demand Benefits
“We now have standardized business processes
and a single integrated transaction backbone across
our widespread units, and branches which imply that
management has total visibility into operations.”
Says Ghoshal Vice President Production and
Quality,MTL Ludhiana.” We have improved and are
improving our process due to business clarity and
know how. The total inventory in all the units and stores
are manageable and plan the production early”.
Key Challenges create ability to quote, sell and manufacture configurable products in an environment of
high sales and shor t lead times. Business Solution supports lean manufacturing of more
complex nature. The managed inventor y, better planning, production run, supply and distribution and accounting are some strong features.
“We know the demand and our supplies are well
planned and on time now with Business On Demand. The market presence is increasing”
adds Mr. Sharma, Vice President All India Distribution,
“Last, we now have complete and accurate knowledge of our stock across the units and our inventory
management at all our units greatly improved. Our
network has a synergy and improved efficiencies have
reduced the costs” concludes Mr. Sharma
Complete visibility and transparency of operations across
all the locations from single
Timely and accurate, consolidated MIS reports generation
Improved process efficiency
across the business
Better support for management decision making
More responsive customer
ser vice
Faster and more accurate
financial decisions
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