Thank You Recycled Content Bags

Thank You Recycled Bags
Convenient, Space Saving, Recycled Content Plastic Bags
Thanks for Shopping
Thanks for Recycling
Now you can say both when you use our
35% recycled content Thank You bags.
Our lightweight, performance-enhanced
QuikMate EZ T-shirt bags are a convenient
and cost efficient way to transport purchases
- plus you’ll feel good knowing you’re helping
protect our natural resources by using a
recycled content product.
Go Gray for a Greener World
NOVOLEX makes it easy to “Go Green.” Plastic bags that are darker
in color, such as tan, blue, — and especially gray, allow us to use
more recycled material in manufacturing. A new white bag can’t
typically contain as much recycled material as a gray bag. That’s
why we’re offering this special gray “Thank You” bag - to make it
easy for you and for your customers to “Go Green” —
or actually “Go Gray for a Greener World.”
Thank You Recycled Content Bags
Specifications & Features
Bag Size
11.5 x 6.5 x 21
Bags per
Item #
• T-shirt style bag with integrated tabs designed for convenience
• Patented easy-open design
• Made with at least 35% recycled content
• Printed How2Recycle information simplifies recycling for consumers
• Hardware dispensing systems for various checkstand configurations
Closing the Loop
All too often people don’t know what to do with
used plastic bags so they throw them away.
Sometimes bags are inadvertently littered. As a
result, there is growing pressure to do away with
this convenient and low cost option for
transporting purchases. However, the best solution for used
bags is recycling. NOVOLEX operates the largest closed loop
plastic bag recycling facility in the world, where plastic bags
are turned back into brand new bags.
There are things all of us can do to make our world safer, cleaner
and better. The beautiful thing about going gray is that it
preserves the simple convenience of plastic shopping bags
while making them the ultimate green solution.
Contact your NOVOLEX representative to order your Thank You
Recycled Content bags and help us “Close the Loop.”
310 Hartmann Drive • Lebanon, TN 37087
(800) 251-1282