1. IJGD 25334
DATES: 25/07-15/08/15 AGE: 16+
WORK: Together with the Wesel Biological Station, your team will undertake various nature preservation measures.
Your group will help the LIFE European Nature Preservation Organization by supporting their effort to maintain
historic oak forests, wetlands, meadows, and grassy areas. Additonally, foreign invasive species need to be removed
in order to maintain the natural species diversity of the region. The Biological Station will also organize nature
excursions, such as a boat tour or a bat observation if the group is interested.
ACCOMODATION: You will be staying in a simple hut, which is located somewhat rurally in the forest.
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Where: North Rhine-Westphalia; Wesel 18 km, Dusseldorf 65 km, Munster 70 km
FREE TIME: You will be staying in the middle of the forest, where your group can grill and sit around the fire in the
evenings. It is a 1.5 km walk, or about 25 minutes, to the nearest city, Schermbeck. From here, you can go on hikes,
bike, and canoe on the Lippe River. In the area you can visit the Colonia Ulpia Traiana, the third largest Roman city
north of the Alps, and Germany’s largest open air museum. Trips to nearby cities such as Essen and Dortmund are
also possible. Cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Munster are also great for day trips. The Hanseatic City of
Wesel offers plenty of leisure activities as well. On the first weekend in August there will be a large city festival with
a carnival and plenty of live bands.
REMARKS: The tasks may be physically challenging at times.
2. IJGD 25345
DATES: 11/07-25/07/15; AGE: 16 +
WORK: Naturspur (literally translated, “trace of nature”) is a nonprofit organization that along with its nature and
environmental work, builds nature-like play landscapes with children, parents, and local residents. All are participants
in the construction. A piece of land in Otterstadt offers the ideal setting for natural and adventure education
experiences. Your help is needed! Together with local residents, your team will renovate a playground and get it ready
for the upcoming summer camp! Along with building huts for the construction tools, your team will begin the
year’s hut building season. This means lots of woodwork: trimming boards, cutting, and screwing. Additionally,
maintenance tasks such as mowing, watering, and harvesting are also planned for your team.
ACCOMODATION: In tents on the Naturspur e.V. (a nature organization) grounds. The kitchen and common area
are located in the organization’s building.
CATERING: Meals are prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Where: Rhineland-Palatinate; Speyer 10 km, Mannheim 20 km, Heidelberg 37 km
FREE TIME: In your free time, there are countless swimming areas to visit, aas well as the Altrhein River where you
can canoe. The cities of Speyer and Mannheim offer diverse cultural and leisure programs. The city of Heidelberg,
with its picturesque castle is well worth a trip.
3. IJGD 25337
DATES: 23/06-14/07/15; AGE: 18+
WORK: The Ostbevern community is located in the middle of the Munsterland Region. The Jugendwerk Youth
Organization looks forward to your team’s help with a summer camp for about 150 children ages 8-12. Together with
local volunteers, your team will work with the children in various areas during the two-week camp. Please bring
game, sports, and craft ideas from home! We look forward to meeting you if you have ideas to share with the
children. During the children’s’ camp, your team will work 8 hours per day, with a lunch break taken together.
ACCOMODATION: In a Youth Center
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Where: North Rhine-Westphalia; Munster 25 km, Osnabruck 35 km
Free Time: In Ostbevern, there are lots of leisure activities, such as a skate park, a BMX park, a pool, and the youth
center has billiards, foosball, and plenty of games. You can also visit the beautiful cities of Munster and Osnabruck.
A day trip to the Netherlands is also possible.
TERMINAL: Ostbevern
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: It is absolutely necessary that you enjoy working with children and have a talent for
it. Artistic, creative, and athletic abilities are an advantage.
4. IJGD 25325
DATES: 27/06-18/07/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: Your team will help renovate the grounds of a city-run day care center to make it very nature-like. You will
restructure parts of the outside area and make various areas more attractive for the children. Your team will also
install mud tables for the children in order to help them have further sensory experiences. Your group will be
accompanied by the day care center’s leader, and you will receive additional support from city employees. Along
with the physical tasks, your team will also have creative tasks, which are being planned.
ACCOMODATION: In a day care center
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Where: North Rhine-Westphalia; 20 km northwest of Dusseldorf, 60 km north of Cologne
FREE TIME: Krefeld offers interesting cultural and leisure activities, including museums, a zoo, pools, cafes, bars,
and a bowling alley. Feel free to take trips to nearby cities such as Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf, or through the Ruhr
Area. In the Huels district, where you will be staying, there are plenty of shopping opportunities. The area also
includes an environmental center, and a mountain (“Huelser berg”) with a lookout tower. You can go on bike rides,
take an old historic train, or go for a swim in the local pool.
TERMINAL: Krefeld Central Station
REMARKS: The tasks may be physically challenging at times.
5. IJGD 25340
DATES: 04/07-18/07/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: The city of Wuppertal needs your help protecting reptile species. In the Marscheider Forest, you will help
maintain a trail in order to help maintain diverse plants and animals. This will include cutting ferns, removing wood
and using collecting it to provide light and space for the smallest of animals. Your team team will also build a
structure out of wood for animals. In the Forest Educational Center, your team will also build bird and bat houses.
ACCOMODATION: Accommodation: In the Nature Friends House
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Where: North Rhine-Westphalia; Dusseldorf 30 km, Cologne 40 km
FREE TIME: Wuppertal is a large city but yet very green. There are countless cafes, bars, shopping places, a zoo, a
pool, and the only elevated railway in the world! You can also travel to Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn, the Ruhr region,
and the Netherlands.
TERMINAL: Wuppertal
REMARKS: The tasks may be physically challenging at times
6. IJGD 15233
DATES: 18/07-05/08/15, AGE: 16+
WORK: In the Winderatter See-Kielstau Nature Preservation Area, a European Fauna-Flora Habitat Area near the
Flensburg Fjords, there are lakes, wild graze land with Scottish Highland Cattle, moors, and light forests. Your team
will be doing its part to maintain the diverse species that live in this habitat. Tasks include trearing down and building
bridges in the wetlands as well as building a refuge hut. The work will be led by at team from the Integrative Station
at Gelting Birk as well as an organization dedicated to the lake and its nature and environment. For more information
about these organizations please see http://geltinger-birk.de and www.winderattersee-kielstau.de. For more
information about the region please see www.flensburg-tourismus.de and www.husby.de.
ACCOMODATION: Accommodation: A youth and sports center in Husby (Jugend- un Sportlerheim Husby)
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Where: 20 km southeast of Flensburg, 80 km north of Kiel
FREE TIME: You will be in an area where many Germans spend their vacations. Free from stress, street noise, and
the bustle of daily life, you can sit outside with your new friends, visit the nearby sports area, or bike to the Baltic Sea
beaches. On the weekends you can enjoy visits to the nearby cities of Flensburg and Schleswig. Trips to Denmark
and the North Sea are also possible.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to ride a bike.
REMARKS: The tasks may be physically challenging at times.
7. IJGD 25332
DATES: 18/07-08/08/15; AGE: 18+
WORK: The Youth Department of the city of Bad Oeynhausen is once again putting on a two-week summer camp for
130 children ages 6-13. Local helpers as well as your IJGD group supervise the children. This year, the children will
be taken on a phantasy trip to DINO-Land! Here, they will learn lots about dinosaurs and the world these giant
prehistoric creatures lived in. Fun games, crafts, and discovery activities await the children, and slowly the playground
will turn into an excavation site for dinosaur finds. Your team will also build huts, where the children will
learn to build with wood, hammers, and saws. Your supervision will be very important here! Your team will also go
on trips and an overnight stay with the children is on the program. Your creativity and ideas are welcome here!
ACCOMODATION: Near the city center in a city run youth center.
CATERING: Meals will be provided as a group.
LOCATION: Where: North Rhine-Westphalia; Bielefeld 30 km, Hanover 80 km
FREE TIME In Bad Oeynhausen there are several ways for you to spend your free time! Enjoy the cultural scene,
the architecture, cafes, thermal baths, and a pool. Trips to nearby cities such as Bielefeld, Hanover, and Hamburg are
possible. In the youth center, you can play billiards, table tennis, and foosball, as well as use the internet.
TERMINAL: Bad Oeynhausen
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: A good knowledge of German and pedagogical talent are required.
8. IJGD 75113
DATES: 01/08-23/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: Rangsdorf is located 15 km south of Berlin, and is a small town with 11,000 residents and plenty of nature,
located at the edge of Rangsdorf Lake. In order to make this landscape accessible to visitors, an interconnected hiking
trail network has been under construction since 2005, and is constantly being expanded. Your tasks will mainly
include maintenance, repair, and construction on various pieces of the trail, removing trash, and maintaining bordering
wooded and field areas. Small tasks including building benches and observation points, signs, or bird houses may also
need to be done. Most of the work will be done by hand. Partners such as the forester, nature preservation
organization, and local workers will assist with difficult tasks. At the end, you will present your results to the
ACCOMODATION: In an elementary school. A grill and a volleyball court are located in the yard. You will bike
the five kilometers to and from your work site.
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Location: Brandnburg; 15 km south of Berlin
FREE TIME At the edge of Rangsdorf, you will encounter a typical Brandenburg landscape, with fields, small bodies
of water, and forests. Bikes will be provided to you for the entire duration of camp, so you can bike to the swimming
area, 3 km, and the train station, 4 km away.
TERMINAL: Rangsdorf
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to ride a bike.
9. IJGD 25333
DATES: 18/07-08/08/15; DATES: 16+
WORK: Bielefeld needs your help to clean and renovate a local playground to make it useable for the local children
again! Your team will fix the equipment, sandbox, and other areas in need of repair, redo the ground of the
playground, construct pathways, and new security measures for the children. Your creative side is also needed, since
you will paint the new equipment however your group wishes! At the end, there will be a dedication ceremony with
the children and their parents in the area, which your group will organize.
ACCOMODATION: In a school or youth center
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Location: North Rhine-Westphalia; 50 km east of Munster, Hanover 80 km
FREE TIME: Bielefeld, a city with 300,000 residents, is located at the edge of the Teutoburg Forest. The city offers
lots of recreational and cultural activities, such as music, theater, movie theaters, pubs, etc. The forest is a great place
for hiking. There are travel opportunities to local cities such as Hanover, Osnabruck, and Munster.
TERMINAL: Bielefeld
REMARKS: Tasks may be physically challenging at times.
10. IJGD 25307
DATES: 25/07-08/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: Your task with the forester, who specializes in nature preservation in this area, is to maintain and restore a
moist biotope (ponds and creeks), maintain a grassy area near Mochental. You will cut the plants free, repair a dam if
needed, and remove creeping plants so that the many native animal and plant species can continue to grow. Juniper
areas arose in the past through grazing sheep and goats, and are the most diverse biotope in central Europe. Due to
this, they are often preserved areas. They are in danger of growing wild again. You will remove (thorny) bushes and
trees to give the rare animals, insects, and birds space and light to live. You will be led by an expert forester, forestry
students, and other experts in the field.
ACCOMODATION: You will be staying in a group room at the Mochental Castle with cots. There is a separate
common area with a kitchen.
CATERING Meals will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Location: Baden-Wurttemberg; Ulm 40 km, Stuttgart 100 km
TERMINAL: Ehingen (Donau)
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to ride a bike.
REMARKS: Tasks will be physically challenging at times. You will live 5 km from the nearest city.
11. IJGD 15202
DATES: 25/07-15/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: The organization "Hauskreis Nordloh e.V." is a nonprofit organization that runs a seminar house
dedicated to child and youth work. The building is available for field trips, confirmation groups, free time, and other
activities. It is beginning to show its age and is in desperate need of refreshment! On the outside, new equipment and
areas for free time need to be created (low ropes course, boulder wall, terrace, etc). This means lots of hammering,
sawing, and painting! Your talent for such tasks as well as your creativity are much welcomed here. For one week,
your team will additionally support the Apen community with various beautification tasks on public spaces.
ACCOMODATION: Accommodation: In a seminar house. You will sleep in three rooms with 10-12 beds apiece.
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group in your accommodation’s kitchen.
LOCATION: Location: Lower Saxony; Oldenburg 40 km, Bremen 90 km
FREE TIME: The seminar house has a swimming pool, soccer field, billiards, and foosball. It is rurally located in a
beautiful area. For trips in the area you will be provided with bikes. There is a pool in Hengstforde. The nearest
cities are Oldenburg, Leer, Emden, Aurich, and Papenburg.
TERMINAL: Augustfehn
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to ride a bike
REMARKS: The nearest train station is 6 km away.
12. IJGD 15204
DATES: 25/07-15/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: In the city of Verden, there are two sites that need your team’s help! Near a city center, as well as near a
youth center, your team will help build new grills, which will serve as a meeting point for the district’s residents as
well as those who use the youth center. Your group will help with preparing the space, building seating areas, and
planting. Additionally, you will fix benches, paint them, and the grill at the youth center will also receive a screen.
ACCOMODATION: Accommodation: In a scout center.
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Location: Lower Saxony; Bremen 40 km, Hamburg 120 km
TERMINAL: Verden (Aller)
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to ride a bike.
13. IJGD 15243
DATES: 25/07-15/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: For over 90 years, children ages 6-11 have been attending the Youth Village on the Falckenstein Beach,
through the organization AWO Kiel. The “beach travels” take place from Monday through Friday during the day.
Weekly, up to 350 children take part in various activities, play, run around, and discover the forest and beach. There
are weekly rotating project themes and various constant activities offered each week. Together with other workers,
your team will run a program for the children. Your own ideas are welcome! If you enjoy working with children,
working outside, swimming, and teamwork, you are going to have a wonderful time here and gain lots of valuable
experience. During the first camp week, you will have time to get to know your teammates, the project, and Kiel.
After that, you will work Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day. The “Ostsee Jugenddorf Falckenstein”, the Youth
Village, is located on the edge of Kiel, near the beaches of the Kiel Fjords. Further information can be found under
www.jugenddorf-falckenstein.de. Here, you can also find pictures of previous camps. During the project, you will be
responsible for various children’s groups while working with local volunteers. Due to this, you must be able to
communicate with them in German. The children, as well as some of the adults, do not speak English. The city if
Kiel is a half hour away with public transportation. With 200,000 residents and countless tourists, the city offers
countless tourism and shopping opportunities.
ACCOMODATION: Accommodation: In a simple gazebo, with a large sleeping area.
CATERING: Some meals will be provided, the rest will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Location: Schleswig-Holstein; Hamburg 100 km
FREE TIME: Since the children will go home in the late afternoon, you will have plenty of time to spend the
evenings together. You can swim in the Baltic Sea, relax on the beach, play table tennis or volleyball, or enjoy
relaxing grill evenings!
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to communicate in German.
REMARKS: You should be able to make yourself understood in German and enjoy working with children.
14. IJGD 55430
DATES: 25/07-15/08/15;AGE: 16+
WORK: In this beautiful location in Thuringen, between Zwickau and Leipzig, your team will find countless
traditional buildings in need of renovation. These include the Lumpzig Windmill, the Paul-Gustavus-Haus in
Altenburg, the Stuenzhain Church, and the Herzogin-Agnes-Gedaechtniskirche, a memorial church. There, your team
will help with restoration efforts in traditional manners. You will build with natural materials. You will support these
efforts with securing the structure, consolidating wall work, plastering the walls, jointing, and repainting, yardwork
near the construction sites, and dismantling and constructing a small staircase near the side entrance. Your main tasks
will be construction, plastering, jointing, and painting.
ACCOMODATION: Accommodation: In a school, the Christian Spalatin Gymnasium.
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Location: Thuringia; Leipzig 46 km, Zwickau 35 km, Erfurt 117 km, Dresden 126 km.
FREE TIME: After a day’s work, you can take advantage of the leisure activities in this beautiful nature area. You
can visit the Lutherwege, the Altenburg Brewery with its brewery museum, the Mauritianum Nature Museum, and a
castle. You can also visit the Lindenau Museum, play mini golf, and simply lay near the swimming areas and pools.
Music fans will enjoy the Altenburg Music Festival.
TERMINAL: Altenburg
REMARKS: You should enjoy practical, manual, and physical labor.
15. IJGD 15213
DATES: 25/07-16/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: On a large play area directly next to the youth center in Lemwerder, your team will help build a dirt track for
bikes. You will help create a course for the dirt bikes, which will be used by the local youth (and your team!) after a
dedication ceremony. To accomplish this, your team will move a lot of dirt, as well as create ramps and hills.
From August 14-16, northern Germany’s largest kite festival will take place in Lemwerder. Kite flyers from
many countries as well as 30,000 visitors are expected. Together with the youth from Lemwerder, your team will
create a chill-out lounge, where you will serve drinks and have music by and for the local youth. The kite festival will
take place on your camp’s final weekend, and your team will be at your stand during the day as well as until
the after show party. You cannot travel on this weekend. However, with permission, you will be granted other days
free during the week. For one week, during your camp, there will be a circus project for youth and children. The
rehearsals for this will take place in the gym where you will be staying. For more information please see
www.lemwerder.de, www.drachen-ueber-lemwerder.de.
ACCOMODATION: You will be staying in a gym. A common area is located in the youth center.
CATERING: Lunch will be provided, all other meals will be provided as a group.
LOCATION: Location: Lower Saxony; Bremen 15 km, Oldenburg 30 km, Hamburg 100 km.
TERMINAL: Bremn-Vegesack
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to ride a bike.
REMARKS: From the train station, you will take a ferry.
16. IJGD 25309
DATES: 01/08-16/08/15;AGE: 16+
WORK: The Holznagelhausen Adventure Playground is a summer camp offered by the Veitshoechheim community.
Together with other volunteers, your team will be supervising 200 children ages 7-13, divided into 14 groups, on a
large piece of land. You will build wooden huts, offer various sports and workshops (from soccer to baseball, pizza
baking in a clay oven, as well as crafts and adventure games). Lots of fun will be had together! A high point is an
overnight stay in the huts with a night hike. You can bring your ideas and other things you can offer ready to go, learn
how such a youth camp is organized, work in a large team, learn new languages, and make new friends. This summer
camp has been running for 31 years and is therefore a long, successful tradition in Veitshoechheim. It is run by a
youth organization in Veitshoechheim, which has been active in the community for 26 years. (www.veitshцchheim.de;
Your team will work on the playground Monday-Friday from 8:30-14:00. During the overnight stay in the huts with
the night hike and other associated activities, you will work until approximately 2:00 am. The children will then stay
where they are, and your team will return to your accommodation for the rest of the evening. On your last evening,
there will be a good-bye party with the other volunteers. Veitshoechheim is a community with about 10,000 residents
and is located on the Main River near Wurzburg (the capitol of the region).
ACCOMODATION: In the “Am Kalten Brunnen” Nature Friends’ House
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Where: Wurzburg 6 km, Nuremburg and Frankfurt 115 km
FREE TIME: In Veitshoechheim there is a nice pool, boat tours on the Main, and plenty of nice people and
organizations for you to get to know. There are excellent bus and train connections to Wurzburg (10 minutes) with its
sights (fortress, chapels, as well as shopping, movie theaters, cafes, and nightlife). There are also excellent
connections to further cities such as Aschaffenburg, Nuremberg, and Frankfurt (about 1-1.5 hours). In the area there is
a climbing area, an amusement part, go karts, youth areas, recreational areas, and bike and skate parks. In Nuremberg
and Frankfurt you will find all that a large city has to offer, and much more! Come and take a peek for yourself!
TERMINAL: Veitshoechheim
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: A good knowledge of German as well as a pedagogical talent are absolutely
necessary. You should truly enjoy working with children.
REMARKS: The tasks may be physically challenging at times, since you will work with wood.
17. IJGD 15220
DATES: 01/08-22/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: Landscape work and sightseeing in a metropolis! You can do both in this camp, located on the outskirts of
Hamburg. You will work in the Fischbek Wetlands, a 770 hector large nature preservation area on the southwest side
of Hamburg. In order to maintain them, foreign plants, mainly pines, need to be removed. This serves to maintain the
special animal habitat of the wetlands...for example the over 200 insect species who are threatened with extinction.
As a break from the monotonous pine removal tasks, your team will take a boat to the Nessand Island, and remove
garbage from the nature preservation area on the island. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the Elbe River from a
completely new point of view. Additionally, your team can help repair pools in the wetlands, using different manual
tasks. They create and maintain a habitat for the endangered natterjack toad.
ACCOMODATION: You will stay in a cozy, simply furnished seminar house on the Nature Preservation Center
grounds in Fischbek.
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Location: Hamburg
FREE TIME: The Fischbek Nature Preservation Center is located 45 minutes (bus and train) from the Hamburg city
center. In your free time, you can take trips to the second largest city in Germany, where you will have a full array of
leisure activities to choose from. On the weekends, you can travel to the North and Baltic Seas.
REMARKS: You should be fit enough for physically challenging tasks.
18. IJGD 25300
DATES: 05/08-23/08/15; AGE: 18+
WORK: Deggendorf will host a summer camp for children ages 7-14 from August 10-21. On a field, children will
build their own wooden huts and look forward to the games, sports, and creative activities you will have ready for
them. Please bring lots of ideas from home! The camp will take place outside no matter the weather, so please bring
appropriate clothing. On August 7, there will be a preparatory meeting with the camp leaders. Your work times will
be 8:30-17:30. After discussion, the team may divide into small groups. The days before the children arrive will
serve as preparation time together.
ACCOMODATION: On cots in the 4You Youth Center
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group.
LOCATION: Free Time: The 4You Youth Center has an internet cafй, billiards, foosball, and air hockey that your
group may use. There are also museums, bars, many shops, and a pool nearby. Trips to the Bavarian forests, or to
Regensburg Passau, Munich, and the Czech Republic are possible.
TERMINAL: Deggendorf
REMARKS: This workcamp begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Sunday. The camp will take place no matter the
weather, so please bring appropriate clothes. www.4you-deggendorf.de.
19. IJGD 25317
DATES: 08/08-30/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: In Urensollen, your help is needed to turn an old transformer station into an animal protection tower.
Together, you will work on renovating the transformer station so that it can be the crown jewel of the city. At the
same time, it will serve as a new home for various animals such as barn owls, house martins, swifts, bats, bees, and
insects, since the nest areas will be protected. Your team will also plant trees and bushes to beautify the area. As a
special challenge, an old basement is in need of your ideas and help.
ACCOMODATION: Accommodation: On cots in a school in Urensollen
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Where: 60 km from Nuremberg
FREE TIME: In the Urensollen school, you can play basketball and use the soccer field. You can take part in local
festivals and get to know the local youth. Together, we will take a trip to Regensburg and organize a grill festival.
REMARKS: A talent for craftsman tasks is handy, but not a requirement
20. IJGD 15229
DATES: 15/08-29/08/15; AGE: 16+
WORK: If you are interested in making this summer unforgettable for the local children with adventure, while also
challenging yourself, you’re in the right spot! Your team will create, plan, and run various activities for children to do
during their summer camp. Additionally, various craftsman tasks need to be done and your creativity is needed! Your
group will also work in the summer camp with children ages 6 and over.
ACCOMODATION: On cots in a school in Edewecht
CATERING: Meals will be prepared as a group
LOCATION: Where: Lower Saxony; 20 km west of Oldenburg, Bremen 70 km
Free Time: Edewecht is a community located in the Ammerland region, an area with a beautiful landscape. You can
discover the area by bike using its extensive bike trails. The university town of Oldenburg is 20 km away and easily
reached with public transportation. On the weekends you can take trips to Bremen, Hamburg, or the North Sea. For
more information please see www.edewecht.de, www.ammerland.de, www.oldenburg.de.
TERMINAL: Oldenburg
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to ride a bike.
REMARKS: You should be interested in craftsman tasks, and enjoy working with children.
21. IJGD 75110
DATES: 08/08/15 - 22/08/15; Age: 16-26
Pulsnitz, known as the pepper cake city, needs your help to build a BMX faciiltiy in a city green space. This will
be done together with other local youth. The track will be planned by working together with the local youth
as well as a nearby planning agency. Your group’s focus will be to make the hill in a form with curves and
jumps. You will be led by an expert planner.
Accommodation: In a gym Catering: Lunch will be provided Monday through Friday, all other meals will be
prepared as a group.
LOCATION: About 30 km northeast of Dresden Free Time: You can visit the pepper cake workshop, the pools
in Pulsnitz and Grossnaundorf, visit the historic observatory in Pulsnitz, as well as the puppet theater, pottery
shops, and the textile stamping workshop. In Dresden, you can visit the baroque historic city center, with
countless museums and exhibits, or visit the new city center with its pubs. More leisure activities can be
found at www.dresden.de.
REMARKS: The tasks may be physically challenging at times.