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Objective: Data Scientist/Software Engineer
PhD in Statistics, Moscow State University (2010)
Drop-out, University of Toledo (Ohio, USA) (2008)
Integrated MSc in Mathematics, Kazan State University (2000–2005)
Employment History
Kazan Federal University
Higher School for Information Technologies and Information Systems
Kazan, Russia
Teaching classes of R Programming and Analytic Geometry
Applied Logistics R&D
Research Analyst
Moscow, Russia
Applied research work, Reliability Theory and Operations Research
Software engineering (MSVC and Delphi)
Research Programmer
Moscow, Russia
Software engineering and technical writing in the fields of Robotics and Computer Vision
Izvestiya Vuzov – Mathematics Journal
Kazan, Russia
(Remote work)
Translation of scientific articles from Russian into English
Kazan State University
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
Kazan, Russia
Theoretical research in Statistics, teaching class of Information Retrieval
University of Toledo
Teaching Assistant
Toledo, OH, USA
Tutoring, grading, teaching class of Statistics I
Private tutor (Self-employed)
Teaching high school-level Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
Kazan, Russia /
Moscow, Russia
Key Professional Skills
Statistics, Data Mining, Operations Research, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Optimization,
Programming, Technical Writing, Translation, Teaching
Mathematics and Data Science Tools
R, Scikit-learn, Mathematica
Programming Languages
R, Python, Delphi, C, C++ (MS Visual Studio, Qt)
Language Skills
Russian (native), English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), Chinese (elementary)
Applied Logistics
ILS Suite / Weibull Analysis
Applied Logistics
Best Stock for Branching Supply Chain
A subroutine for performing parameter estimation of Weibull distribution and Kolmogorov–
Smirnov goodness-of-fit test, part of a larger project.
Finds best stock for a geographically distributed supply chain in the sense of providing
minimal cost while keeping the overall availability ratio above a pre-defined value.
Visual C++ 9.0
Borland Delphi
Scheduling of Aircraft Maintenance Jobs
Applied Logistics
A computer adaption of Petrov & Tomich’s paper1: a maintenance scheduling problem is
considered as a constrained optimization problem with respect to service intervals. I
implemented the numerical solution of this optimization problem.
Research and development of determining of rational service intervals of functional
systems of an aircraft. Trudy LII No. 524, 1987. (Russian).
Borland Delphi
Autonomous Navigation System
Linux Ubuntu
I was in the team of software developers of an autonomous navigation system for robotic
platforms. We combined data from gyroscope, odometer, accelerometer and infrared
camera to get a better approximation for the position of the robot. I also made a significant
contribution to the company’s Technical Report for the first stage of the investment.
Selected Teaching Experience
Spring 2015
R Programming
We covered the R programming language from scratch. In order to learn R’s capabilities, we
worked with real-life’s data sets PAKDD2014 and Otto Group Product
Spring 2010
Bioinformatics Algorithms
We followed Jones & Pevzner’s book An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms.
Fall 2009,
Fall 2010
Information Retrieval
We covered common methods of Information Retrieval. As the course was designed for
hardcore math students, we emphasized the connection between state-of-the-art IR methods
and fundamental mathematics providing theoretical ground to these methods, such as Eckart–
Young theorem for Latent Semantic Analysis, theory of Markov chains for PageRank and KKT
for Support Vector Machines.
Kazan Federal
High School ITIS
Kazan State University,
Faculty of CS
Kazan State University,
Faculty of Mechanics
and Mathematics
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