Business Research Methods, - McGraw

Here’s a sampling of other features offered
in the Eighth Edition:
Eighth Edition
Donald Cooper,
Florida Atlantic University
Pam Schindler,
Wittenberg University
ISBN 0072498706
The Eighth Edition of Cooper and Schindler’s Business Research
Methods offers students and instructors thorough coverage of business
research topics backed by solid theory. With the authors’ successful experiences
as marketing research consults, it is evident that this new edition offers rich
and realistic case studies—unlike anything else on today’s market.
The underlying theme of this revision, managerial decision making, is evident
in the presented topics and applications, as well as the text’s organization.
Through this organization, students are encouraged to understand the presented
business research topics and their functions. The Eighth Edition of Business
Research Methods also encourages and supports the completion of an in-depth
business research project during the semester—included in the appendix.
Cases are the lifeblood of research teaching and
this edition’s list of cases is quite comprehensive.
Many different management arenas, as well as long
and short cases are included and reflect current
research and management issues. This edition has
several key cases—including one that reflects the
use of data mining by one of the largest U.S.
insurers, State Farm, and another that reflects the
court-ordered research done for SmithBarney
in the settlement negotiated in its landmark
sexual harassment suit.
Close-Ups are a continuing feature that have been
developed to explore topical coverage of arenas
of interest to today’s instructors. These are perfect
for discussing processes and techniques that often
get short-changed in a comprehensive text that
covers the full gamut of research methods. As an
example, one of the new Close-Ups in the text
explores Qualitative Research and the processes
and techniques utilized in a case of research—
using children as subjects and respondents.
Another Close-Up covers Simalto+Plus.
This edition features several aids that will
be delivered electronically through the Internet.
Some of the aids include sample proposals,
sample instruments, sample research reports,
and much more.
These popular mini-research profiles are back,
many new to this edition. This feature perfectly
reinforce text points and can be used as a
springboard to lively in-class discussions.
This edition continues to enhance its graphical/visual
learning tools with additions to the well-received
Research Process series. Several new exhibits have
been added to this edition including “Sampling in the
Research Process” and “Measurement within the
Research Process.” Color is also being used to
enhance the clarity and learning value of exhibits
retained from previous editions. Instructors will also be
provided a full set of the ‘art-rendered’ exhibits on
PowerPoint for during class discussions and lecture.
Part I: Introduction to Business Research
1. Research in Business
2. Addressing Management Problems
with Scientific Thinking
3. The Research Process
4. The Research Proposal
5. Ethics in Business Research
•The topic of Managerial Decision Making continues
to be integrated throughout the text. Students get a
more “real world” approach to business research
topics and how they are used in business, which
better prepares them for the workplace.
•Interpretation of Data is stressed, and the authors
explain what the data means by focusing on the
analysis of the data through the use of new
examples and clearer explanations.
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Part II. The Design of Research
6. Design Strategies
7. Sampling Design
8. Measurement
9. Measurement Scales
Part III: Sources and Collection of Data
10. Exploring Secondary Data
11. Survey Methods: Communicating
with Respondents
12. Instruments for Respondent Communication
13. Observational Studies
•An enhanced text Website provides more downloadable ancillaries for students and instructors,
additional Web research tools will also be available
for students.
•Pam Schindler and Don Cooper bring their valuable
consulting experience into the classroom through
the use of rich case studies that are integrated into
the text. Students are afforded a richer, in-depth,
real-world experience in class.
•A Student Software Version of the SPSS Software
is packaged free with this text, allowing students
an opportunity to gain experience with this tool
and apply that knowledge to the applications in
the text.
14. Experimentation
Part IV: Analysis and Presentation of Data
15. Data Preparation and Description
16. Exploring, Displaying, and Examining Data
17. Hypothesis Testing
18. Measures of Association
19. Multivariate Analysis: An Overview
20. Presenting Results: Written and Oral Reports
(ISBN 0072498757)
The Instructor’s CD-ROM contains the complete
Instructor’s Resource Guide, which in turn
contains learning objectives and suggestions for
class discussion and assignments per chapter.
This CD-ROM also contains PowerPoint
Presentations for each chapter.
Video Case Studies ( I S B N
Online Learning Center (OLC)
A. Core Business Reference Sources: Printed and
Electronic Resource Title List
This section of the text Website follows the text
chapter-by-chapter. The OLC content is ancillary and
supplementary germane to the textbook, as students
read the book, they can go online to take selfgrading quizzes, review material, or work through
interactive exercises.
C. Request for Proposal (RFP): Assessment and
D. Sample Student Term Project
E. Nonparametric Significance Tests
F. Selected Statistical Tables
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B. Decision Theory Problem
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Instructor’s CD-ROM
The text Website contains a plethora of information
for both students and instructors such as:
downloadable supplements, Internet Activities,
links to professional resources, business reference
sources, and updates.
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A student version of the commercial software also
includes a user’s manual. This is available free with
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