Annual Report 2013-2014 - Nova Vita Women`s Services

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who generously donated over 3,900 hours to assist us with
Closet Couture, special events, sorting donations, managing reception, childcare, and so much more.
We couldn’t do it without you!
If you are interested in volunteering at Nova Vita please visit our website at or contact
our volunteer coordinator at 519-752-1005 ext. 216
Nova Vita Domestic Violence Prevention Services
59 North Park Street, Brantford, Ontario N3R 4J8
24 Hour Crisis Line 519.752.HELP (4357)
All other calls 519.752.1005
Fax: 519.752.0811
E-mail: [email protected]
Revenue Canada Charitable Tax: 10777 1727 RR0001
Year in Review
2013 - 2014
Year in Review
Our Clients
2013 - 2014
Shelter Services
Total number of clients
Average length of stay
60 days
Total average occupancy
2013 - 2014
Counselling Services
We celebrated our first anniversary
on July 31st and we are hopeful for
the future.
Transitional Housing
Over the past year, our successes
have been many, however, the challenge of financial security remains
elusive. Increasing operating costs,
the fact that there has been no increase in provincial funding for the
past five years, compounding pay
equity costs, uncertain per diem
rates for our homelessness beds
and an ever competitive fundraising
atmosphere makes the 2014/15
year our most challenging yet.
Caring Families Program
As we face our most challenging
year, we are optimistic that with the
continued support of our generous
donors, sponsors, volunteers and
staff, we will continue to meet the
needs of our clients. Together we
can provide help, hope and healing
to abused and homeless women
and their children in Brantford and
the County of Brant.
Message from the Executive Director and the President of the Board
Last year, in the Message from
the President, we reflected on the
thirty year history of Nova Vita and
all that we have accomplished. This
year, as always, we are looking forward to what the future may hold
for the organization - our successes
and our challenges.
Shield Community Foundation, we
were able to produce a training
manual for community professionals by capitalizing on our expertise
in working with men, women and
children in the domestic violence
arena. Our hope is that this project will train social service professionals how to better work with
The 2013/14 fiscal year was filled
high conflict/domestic violence
with new opportunities – new
families and act as a social enterfunding and new programs. Status
prise to begin to generate revenue
of Women Canada awarded BRAVE
through the sale of the manual
(our community coordinating
and training sessions.
committee with Nova Vita as the
lead agency), funding for a comAnd finally, last year we opened
munity engagement project focus- “Closet Couture”, our high end,
ing on engaging young men and
previously loved clothing store
boys to help fight violence against at 222 B King George Road. With
women and girls – the “No More” the generous help of the Ontario
campaign was created – No More Trillium Foundation and commviolence, hate, harm, rape.
unity donors, this social enterprise
provides customers with quality
2013/14 also saw the creation
clothing at affordable prices while
of the Caring Families Training
generating a much needed revKit With
enue stream for the organization.
generous funding from the Green
Sincerely, Joy Freeman and Victoria Malcolm
Fundraising & Grants
Closet Couture
Brant United Way
Other Sources of Revenue
Residential Services
• Shelter
• Children
• Transitional
Community Counselling
• Women
• Men
• Children
Community Outreach
Closet Couture
A complete set of audited statements is available upon request by calling 752-1005 ext. 214 during business hours.