The Message of Light Issue 335

Weekly Newsletter– Issue 335
May 9th– 15th 2015
Coordinated and Supervised by:
Marie– Therese Kreidy
Script and Layout: Rita Karam
Translation: Eliane Aoun
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May 15th: Our Lady of
the Harvest
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Peace from Korea to Lebanon
HWPL: Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light is an association which works on spreading
the culture of peace in the countries where conflicts arise
around the world. Members of the Korean Association came
to Tele Lumiere’s building in Lebanon, had an interview
introducing the history and work of this association to the
viewers. In details, HWPL was launched since four years
through the organization of peaceful processions that are renewed annually on the 25th of May, with the participation of
religious and political leaders and a large group of the youth.
Today HWPL is present in Lebanon, achieving a mission in
order to solve the conflict and take part in peace projects
made by the Lebanese Youth that supports peace. May this
mission begin from Lebanon and spread in the entire Middle
Two Blessed Marys to Be Canonized
Two Marys from Palestine will be canonized
on the 17th of May: the first one is Mariam Baouardy
(Mary of Jesus Crucified) of Galilee the founder of
the Carmel in Bethlehem, and the second Sultana
Ghattas (Marie- Alfonsine) of Jerusalem, the founder
of the Congregation of Sisters of the Holy Rosary. They
are a gift of holiness from the East, the land that has
suffered a lot, and no matter what it was watered by the
flowing blood and its streets have been prevailed by the
ghost of war, this land knows how to draw out hope from suffering and persecution
and joy from sorrows. This land is offering nowadays to the world two saints in
whose blood runs the holy life led by the Eastern Christians.
Marie- Alfonsine
She was declared Venerable by Pope John- Paul
II in January 15th, 1994, Blessed by Pope Benedict in
November 22nd, 2009. Pope Francis approved her
canonization after a new healing miracle was attributed to
her. It is “A Miracle from Heaven”, saved the life of the
Engineer Emile Mounir Elias after being in coma because of an electric shock he went through during his work,
two days before the beatification. On the third day, after
intensive prayers asking the intercession of the new Blessed
nun, the physicians in the hospital decided to start warming
up progressively his body, but with the strength of the Almighty God, he was delivered from death and tried himself
to remove the equipment used to treat him. That day,
Emile awoke completely healthy, and this miracle became the direct reason behind
her canonization.
Mary of Jesus Crucified
She was declared Blessed in November 13th
1983, and will accompany the foundress of the Rosary Congregation on the way to holiness thanks to the miracle of healing of Emmanuele Lo Zitto, a newborn from
the town of Augusta- Sicily. During the eight-month pregnancy, the mother noticed that the fetus is not growing
enough in her womb. The child suffered from severe congenital heart failure and was born by caesarian section, causing
serious circulatory problems, limiting the flow of nutritional elements and oxygen throughout the body. The infant was
transferred from one hospital emergency facility to another. The doctors determined that his situation could only get
worse. He was taken to the intensive care section, then to another hospital specializing in infant cardiac surgery, where
he had emergency surgery. But the Divine Mercy sent a friend to the father giving him a relic of the saint, so his mother
wiped the child’s body before the surgery began, prayers were held with the
intercession of Mary of Jesus Crucified, and healing occurred in a quick
way! So the doctors were unable to
define what happened and how sickness
disappeared. Therefore, Pope Francis acknowledged the canonization miracle.
The Canonization Ceremonies
On this occasion, the Assembly of Catholic Bishops in
the Holy Land declared in a press conference in Jerusalem, a
group of celebrations following up this ecclesiastical great event from
May 6th till September 19th, including evenings of prayers and Holy
Masses with the intercession of the two Marys. As usual, Tele Lumiere will provide full coverage of these celebrations and broadcast
them, with a group of programs and special documentaries about the
new saints.
Highlighted Programs
Saturday May 9th
The Holy Mass
At Our Lady of Lebanon
Church- Lombard, USA, we celebrate a new vocation in the Holy Mass of ordination of the Deacon
Thomas Barraza, presided over by Bishop Elias
7.00 - 4.00 GMT - 00.00 EDT
Religious Concert
With the intercession of the Rosary of Jerusalem
Mother Marie- Alfonsine, we offer wonderful religious songs to God with Joumana Mdawar, at the
Church of the Rosary Sisters High School- al
17.00 - 14.00 GMT - 10.00 EDT
He was fond on poetry, long-practiced as his teacher
Saïd Akl, took part with him in the revolution of
language and the Lebanese character. He is the poet
Joseph al- Ghussein, a face from Zahle, the guest
of this episode with Chafika Kassis.
Brothers Again
We offer salutations to Bishop
Tony Palmer, the friend of
Pope Francis who was killed in
an accident in July 2014, and
discover together through this
documentary the role he played
in unity and diversity in the Church.
14.00 - 11.00 GMT - 7.00 EDT
Opening of the Canonization
Celebrations in the Holy Land
At the Sanctuary of Mother
Marie Alfonsine- Mamilla,
let’s take part in the opening of
the canonization celebrations
and pray in the Divine Liturgy
presided over by Fr. Firas Hijazin after saying the novena and
praying the Rosary.
18.00 - 15.00 GMT - 11.00 EDT LIVE
20.30 - 17.30 GMT - 13.30 EDT
He knew his vocation since his young age, came in
the monastery, surrendered his life to the Creator
and was absorbed in God. The demon fought him
but his faith strengthened him over the temptations.
Watch the life of St Charbel in the spectacle directed by Raymond Gebara, and played by the
actors: Mounir Maasri, Refaat Tarabay, Jahida
Wehbeh and Jihad André.
Sister Emmanuel
In the deepest life of asceticism and
poverty, she got happy, spread happiness among the poor and they
became her richness. Don’t miss
this documentary about the life of
Sister Emmanuel that is rich by
the poor with Rita Karam.
23.00 - 20.00 GMT - 16.00 EDT
21.10 - 18.10 GMT - 14.10 EDT
Assisi, Francis’ Fortress
Visit, with Johnny Antoun, Assisi in
Italy, this city where the holiness fragrance of St Francis and Clara emanates
and in which the first seeds of the Franciscan Order were sown, grew and
flourished around the world.
The Holy Mass
in Cyprus
Within the framework of his peace visit
to Cyprus, Patriarch Youhanna X
celebrates the Holy Mass, at St Sophia’s
Cathedral in Strovolos.
Sunday May 10th
7.15 - 4.15 GMT - 00.15 EDT LIVE
The New Evangelization
What are the ways and basics of the new
evangelization today? Highlights in this documentary.
15.00 - 12.00 GMT - 8.00 EDT
14.30 - 11.30
The World of Prairies
Between the plains and the valleys of Spain,
a paradise in the mountains that we go
through its borders and discover its features
in a new documentary.
16.00 - 13.00 GMT - 9.00 EDT
St Charbel’s Life
Learn more about the life of St Charbel, the patron of Lebanon and its first saint who spent his
life praying, fasting, working as a hermit at Annaya, and making miracles before and after his
The Healing Love- Part II
He is a pioneer in the world of medicine
and an example of human qualities, believed in the mystery of love and embodied
it through acts of mercy. Know more
about the story of the physician of the
poor Giuseppe Moscati.
22.10 - 19.10 GMT - 15.10 EDT
20.30 - 17.30 GMT - 13.30 EDT
Monday May 11th
With or Against?
How is the Syrian intensive displacement influence the Lebanese reality? What is the difference
between the displaced
and the refugee? Are there repercussions of the
Syrian existence in the near and far future of Lebanon? “The Future of Lebanon with the Syrian
Displacement” is the new theme discussed with
Tony Chedid.
13.00 - 10.00 GMT - 6.00 EDT
GMT - 7.30 EDT
Eat Well, Be
When our lifestyles change,
nourishment alters and
some essential
decrease in our
body. What are they? How do we compensate for this current state? Learn more
with the Nutritionist Eliane Moawad.
19.00 - 16.00 GMT
12.00 EDT
What’s new about the
development and touristic
religious projects in Batroun? What are the
initiatives of the Batroun
What stage did the canonization of Duwaihy
and Hwayek reach? Interesting episode under
the theme “The Faith of the Shepherd and
the Hope of the Diocese to Face the Challenges” with Bishop Mounir Khairallah, the
guest of Charbel Zwein.
20.30 - 17.30 GMT - 13.30 EDT LIVE
The Essence of Holiness
On the eve of her beatification, highlights on
Mother Marie Alfonsine, the example of
complete surrender to the will of God with
Mother Silvester Alam and Sister Anastasie Msallem of the Holy Rosary Sisters,
the guests of Elie Issa.
Encounter with President of the Federation of the Congregations in
Lebanon Elias Sfeir recalling his
22.30 - 19.30 GMT
15.30 EDT
22.00 - 19.00 GMT - 15.00 EDT
Tuesday May 12th
Ask Me about Jesus
What does Maestro
Elie Alia say about the mystery of existence,
the philosophy of death and hell and how is his
relation with the Creator? The Essence of
God, is the theme of this episode with Ayman
The Word
The sin: what are its types? Are they
all forgiven? How does the Church
view the sinner? More questions about
this theme are answered by Msgr.
Boulos Feghali and Marie-Therese
19.00 - 16.00 GMT - 12.00 EDT
21.30 - 19.30 GMT - 15.30 EDT LIVE
The Vanishing Borders
Does life exist outside of earth? What goes
beyond the borders? What does science
reveal with time? Find the answers through
Voyageur Mission.
23.00 - 20.00 GMT
16.00 EDT
Wednesday May 13th
I Dream of a Country
Between optimism and pessimism, what is
the position of Tony Khoury regarding the
future of Lebanon? What country he
dreams of? Learn more with Tony Chedid.
17.30 - 14.30 GMT - 10.30 EDT
A Living Gospel
Fr. Elias Rahhal, the priest of Our Lady of the Annunciation Greek Melkite Parish in the Port of Tripoli,
how does he embody the Word in his mission and be a
living Gospel among the members of his parish? Learn
more with Gisele Hashem Zared.
18.00 - 15.00 GMT - 11.00 EDT
Praying Poems
A poetic encounter with the Brigadier General and
poet Abdallah Wakim, the guest of the poet Antoine
Maroun Saad.
19.00 - 16.00 GMT - 12.00 EDT
Thursday May 14th
The Hermit
of Qadisha Valley
He left a great
impact in their
soul and touched
their hearts with
abundant graces.
Testimonies and
encounters with
people who knew
Tarabay and Suhail Sabella.
20.30 - 17.30 GMT - 13.30 EDT
Masterpieces of
God Is Love!
Jesus obeyed God, achieved His will from
the Incarnation, the Cross and Resurrection, and was for us the example of obedience and humility. Where are we from
the Will of the Father? My Food Is to
Do Your Will, a new theme tackled by
Fr. Marwan Khoury and Therese elHajj.
Get absorbed in the world of terza rima or
Andalusian poetry, deduce its roots, poetic
and historic features in addition to its distinctive characteristics comparing to other poems, with the writer Samir Estfan and
Marie-Therese Hnein.
19.00 - 16.00 GMT - 12.00 EDT
The Light of Evangelization
He is a humble and responsible servant, three
attributes summarize the personality of
Joshua the Son of Nun from the Old Testament, and are revealed by Sister Micheline
Mansour, at Tele Lumiere Ecumenical
Institute for Discipleship.
22.30 - 19.30 GMT - 15.30 EDT
20.30 - 17.30 GMT - 13.30 EDT LIVE
A Word and
Between Jonathan and David, a
friendship united by the fear of
God and will never end, we meditate upon its real situation and conditions with Fr. Ayyoub Chehwan and
Mirella Khattar.
Friday May 15th
4.30 - 1.30 GMT - 21.30 EDT
Every Day from Monday to Friday
Every day, the light of God shines
through the daily morning program
highlighting a wide variety of themes.
10.00 - 7.00 GMT - 3.00 EDT LIVE
A Dew Drop
Her writings show a confidential talk with God,
her poems reveal invocation and her performance helps you to pray. Reflections and poetic
readings with May Mansour, offering them to
the King of earth and Heaven.
12.15 - 9.15 GMT - 5.15 EDT