How to Meet Women on Facebook by DThomas

How to Meet Women on Facebook
by DThomas
With the digital revolution and the rise of the internet, the world is more connected than
it has ever been. Consequently, there has been a huge flux of social networking
websites such as Facebook that allow people to communicate with one another with the
simple touch of a mouse. And with communication there is always the ability to create
In this E-book I discuss a step by step strategy for meeting women on Facebook. After
extensive trial and error, this strategy has come to together as the most effective way to
meet women from this particular demographic. Of course with any type of interactive
process, this strategy is not infallible. Every women is different and every interaction
generates at least some unique quality. But that’s the beauty of this game…
First things first…
If you don’t have a Facebook account, go to and set one up. It’s free and
takes no longer than 5 minutes to set up.
This system makes usage of cold approaches where you have no prior relationship with
the girl you are gaming. This doesn’t imply that you can’t ‘game’ girls on Facebook that
you have met before. You can and you should but this book won’t cover that.
Step 1:Create an attractive profile
Because a women cannot actually see you in the flesh, a great deal of a women’s initial
judgment of you is going to come from your profile page. For an attractive women to
even consider communicating with you online, you must display some sort of value. You
need to show that you are a cool guy. You can do this by creating a profile that screams
you are high value male who get what he wants and has all the women he wants.
To get a women believing you are high value guy she has to “see” you in action, so to
speak. More specifically your profile needs pictures. Particularly ones that show you are
fun, cool guy. Basic evolutionary theory assumes men and women are driven by very
old and very primitive drives that have a central goal of surviving and keeping the genes
alive. As a result, women are drawn towards men (even if they aren’t aware of it) who
actively display they are the leader of men, socially aligned, wealthy (or at least can
provide a good life), humorous, and live an active lifestyle. Fortunately, you can display
all of these qualities in your photos. This includes pictures of you with women (the more
attractive, the better). It can include pictures of you with friends. It can include pictures
of you traveling (worldliness can be substituted for experience). It can include pictures
taken in exclusive places with exclusive people. The more pictures you have, the better.
If you go to a person’s profile and see they appear in 1000 photos, you don’t need to
see all of them to know that this person is a actor in life and not a spectator. In reality,
you don’t necessarily have to be a superstar. You just want to appear that way.
(Side note: If you are lacking in this department, go out and buy yourself a small digital
camera. I think you can get them for as cheap as $125. Take it everywhere you go. In
time, you will build up a good amount of photos you can post on your page. You can
also hop into pictures from other peoples cameras. A good majority of the pictures on
my profile are in fact photos someone else took but tagged me in. In terms of the photos
where I’m not looking so hot, I might untag them. Put your best foot forward and always
have more attractive photos than unattractive photos, period! If you don’t know how to
judge your looks, create a account and submit photos. People will let you
know within a week or two which pictures are your best.)
If you have some extra coin and you’re an over achiever, there’s another way to appear
like you’re a somebody. You can hire a professional photographer and do a photo shoot.
If you want to take it step further, you can also hire models to be in the photos with you.
It is by no means a necessity and if not done right can be a bit excessive and silly. But if
done tactful it can make you appear pre selected by beautiful women.
Filling in your personal information
For areas that require you to fill in personal information you want to display you are a
high value, fun, chill guy. The easiest way to do this is to include fun, interesting details
about yourself in your profile. In your personal section it’s fine to list your actual interests
and activities but avoid interests showing dependency, lack of social life and Star trek.
These are unattractive qualities and will not score you points in the eyes of an attractive
If you want to come off like an attractive person, you need to appear intriguing and
interesting. A good way to do this is to string together an eclectic list of interests. For
example I might write something like:
Interests: Europe, hiking, running the Biz, chocolate, silk sheets, deep conversations,
glasses of Pinot in the hot tub, guitar, pull ups, Stunna Shades, random unplanned
roadtrips, Red Lights, Trees, popcorn, green tea, Audis, interpretive dancing, Jack
Kerouac, long boarding in the wee hours, pita chips and hummus.
Here’s an example of a BAD interest section:
(poor) INTERESTS: books, Halo 3, Second Life, programming, Star Trek, McDonalds,
fishing, bowling.
I have never found it helpful to put sexual themes in my personal section. A lot of guys
do. It tends to give off the “I’m trying to be a player!” attitude and knowing how skeptical
women are already regarding strangers online, this is a first impression that I don’t want
her to have of me.
Also cater to the type of women you wish to attract. If you are simply looking for a short
term relationship, you should communicate you live an independent, free spirited, non
committal lifestyle. Likewise if you are interested in a long term girlfriend you will want to
display qualities that a committed boyfriend would have. Talking about things like
smoking weed, chillin with homies, mackin bitches, and drinking till the sun comes up
won’t have your future wife falling head over heals when she takes a gander at your bio.
Some DON’Ts in the realm of filling in your personal Facebook Bios are…
DON’T have misspelled words or incorrect grammar. You don’t need to sound like
Shakespeare just make sure you aren’t coming off as uneducated. You want to control
every single variable that you can. If double check what you write you should be fine.
DON’T brag. It reflects insecurity more than anything else. It’s fine to demonstrate you
are person of value but there is a huge difference between showing you are a cool guy
and overtly telling everyone how great you are. For example if you were to say “I have
so much money!” you would come off as bragging. However, if you were to say “I enjoy
taking the yacht out to the coast” you wouldn’t be bragging but rather letting people
know about an activity you enjoy and consequently that activity costs a lot of money.
Also, when creating a profile it is fine to stretch the truth a tiny bit. If you say you are a
sailing enjoy sailing even if you’ve only been once it won’t make much difference in the
relationship and how she feels about you. If you do stretch the truth and she bring it up,
you can tell her that that was an inside joke between you and a friend. No harm, no foul!
On the other side, you don’t want a profile that is comprised solely of falsehoods. If she
detects you are trying to be someone you are not, this will instantly raise her suspicion
of you, which will make it much harder to create a connection with her.
In setting my relationship status rarely do I check the box single. It is less threatening to
the women if she sees you are “In a relationship” or “It’s complicated”. Likewise it is
better to say you are “single” than to say you are “engaged” or “in an open relationship.”
Engagement is often perceived as literal online. If you do check you are engaged be
willing to explain yourself because she will ask about it. The reason I don’t like checking
“In an Open relationship” is that it signals you are a player or at least trying to be a
player. You want to keep her skepticism to a minimum. You can do this by not going this
Setting your relationship status is not a make or break thing, but that doesn’t mean you
can’t work it towards your advantage.
Be Social
You’ve got to appear as social as possible. Add as many friends as you can.
Acquaintances in real life should always be friends on Facebook no matter how long
you’ve known each other. Ideally, you want your social network to be as large as
possible. So add as many friends as you can.
The exception to this rule is girls that you actually want to game. Don’t add them. Adding
them as friends implies you are interested in them. The same goes for poking. Attractive
girls won’t buy it so avoid doing it at all costs.
The Wall
An interesting fact about Facebook is that when you send someone a message they will
send you a message back. If you write on their comment wall, they will write on your
comment wall. Expect people to use identical mediums to communicate. The great thing
about wall comments is that they are viewable to anyone. If someone sees you have a
1000 people who have written on your wall, it shows you are social aligned and
connected to a lot of people. As a result, your value goes up in their eyes. I love writing
on peoples walls because I know they will write on mine. I make a point to write on all of
my friends and distant friends’ walls partly because of this reason. Note: I also enjoy
talking to my friends and being social. I’m not just in it for self serving purposes.
Nonetheless, write on peoples walls as often as possible and watch as the number of
your wall comments increase.
Joining Networks
Unlike the many spammers or ‘phishers’ on Myspace, Facebook prides itself on being
Spam free. This is good in regards to the security of your account but bad in regards to
meeting new people. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this idea, let me clue you
in. As of right now, you can only view profiles that are within your social network/s. You
can only be in two networks at any given time: your college/school network that is
dictated by your primary email address(you need this to access your account) and your
city network which you may join. You cannot view profiles of people who are outside
your network/s. You are however, able to change city networks despite there being
some restrictions for changing back. Just be aware of this. The good news is, unless a
person has privatized their profile (a small amount of girls do) you can check out
hundreds of thousands of girls profiles within your network and see what their all about.
TRICK: If you want to view profiles within a network you are not a part of (universities,
etc) find a good friend who is a part of that network. Get his account information so you
can get into his account. Of course let him know why you are doing this and reassure
him you won’t do anything other than what is described next. In another window, access
your account so that you have two Facebook accounts open. And what you will do is
browse profiles using your friend’s account and message the girls from your account.
Rarely do girls ever realize that you were outside of their network yet were able to see
their profile. It’s that easy!
Selecting a Target
To get started, if you look to the top left of your Facebook page you should see an ICON
that says “SEARCH.” Click on that. It will bring you to a page with a series of options.
CLICK on the ICON Browse. This will bring you to a page where you can modify your
search. You should modify your search by checking the FEMALE sex preference. In
terms of checking relationship status-you will get the best results when you only check
the boxes-Single, In an Open relationship, or It’s Complicated. Trying to spark
something with Engaged, Married, or ‘in a relationship’ is much harder and requires a
tremendous amount of extra work. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. But if you are
going invest time into this, why not make it as easy as possible.
For the most part, you will need to see a girls profile before you send her a message.
Often times, her default picture is not a strong enough indicator of what she looks like
and what she is all about. Her bio will give you a glimpse of this. If you click the ’view
photos of her name’ you will get a more balanced perspective on what she looks like
and what kinds things she enjoys doing. The more information she has available, the
easier it will be to ‘game’ her. Be careful here though. Profiles can be deceiving and the
last thing you want is a psycho who won’t leave you alone. Let your intuition guide you
and you should be okay.
In terms of the actual interaction at hand, Facebook game follows a similar structure of
real life game
-Create Attraction
-Comfort /Rapport
Step 2: Opening
The goal of opening is to get a response from her. If she doesn’t message you back,
you have been unsuccessful in opening her. If she does, you have successfully opened
her. It’s that black and white!
When learning how to open, it would be wise to first go over the Do NOTs. Never show
any interest right off the bat. As I mentioned already, this can include “poking” her or
adding her to your friends list. You will also want to avoid opening by writing on her
comment wall space where everyone can see. The exception to the rule is if you are
already acquainted with her and have had some past interaction with her. If that is the
case by all means comment on her photos and wall. You’ve got nothing to lose in that
Your opening message should always be short. A long message may seem like it would
be good because you can say a whole lot. But more than likely, the only thing she will
see is how much time and effort you put into talking to her-a girl who you don’t know. In
her eyes, this puts up a red flag screaming “CREEPER!” More is not better. Keep it
short and you reduce the chances of this happening. A sentence or two is optimal.
To open, you should send her a message that is nondirect, and has no hints that you
are even remotely interested in her. Like I said before, the purpose here is merely to get
a response (neutral or positive). You aren’t trying to get her hot and bothered. You aren’t
trying to make her your girlfriend…. yet. The basic ingredients for a good Facebook
opener consist of the following- observation, non-interest, and intrigue. Before you send
her a message find something on her profile to comment on. More specifically, find
something unique and even marginally “uncool.” For simplicity purposes we’ll simply call
this ‘uncoolness” an Indicator Of Disinterest or IOD(credit: Mystery).
There are two functions of an IOD 1)It separates you from the average guy who
compliments a girl at the first chance he gets and 2) It will let her know you are not
trying to hit on her. Note: this does not mean you should be mean, rude, or
disrespectful. Doing this will immediately raise the alarm bells and cause her to put your
message in the trash. I like to think of an IOD as a tease or a means to poke fun of her
in a playful way. Some excellent words to call girls that convey this are “nerdy, goofy,
goofball, goon squad, dorky, etc. Words such as these have relatively neutral
connotations and won’t overly offend her yet will still demonstrate you aren’t just another
horny guy. You can also start messages off by saying things like “Ohh No!, Not again! ,
Not another! Etc)
An IOD I often start off with may go something like this:
“ Ohhh NO, A Harry potter lover! That’s so nerdy!”
Pairing IOIs with IODs
If you want a consistent response from the girl, an IOD won’t stand alone. It would not
make sense for you to message someone to tell them how much you are not interested
them. They would see through it instantly and assume that you were in fact trying to hit
on them but doing it in a sneaky way. To get women to consistently respond to your
opener you must pair a compliment or Indicator of Interest (IOI) with your Indicator of
Disinterest. In other words, you must balance out your message and give a reason for
why you actually messaged her. It doesn’t have to be profound. In fact, it shouldn’t be.
You could say something as simple as “ I love it!” “that’s awesome” “that’s rad! “you
rock!” etc…
If you take the previous example and add an IOI you will get this opener
“Ohhh NO, A Harry Potter lover. That’s so nerdy! I love it”
When you put the two statements together, it comes off as almost a linguistic
contradiction. How can you hate something and love it at the same time? However, in
online game, it really doesn’t matter. Attractive women are rarely ever told how goofy,
nerdy, or dorky they are. Instead they are told how beautiful, stunning, hot, funny, and
sexy they are. When you message an attractive girl and the first thing you say is
something that adheres to a side of her that isn’t attractive, you will instantly have her
attention. And when you compliment her “unattractiveness” it will only intrigue her more.
CAUTION: Never tease a girl on something she shouldn’t be teased for. For example, if
you were to say “ Ohh wow, you like Rihanna. That’s so dorky. I love it!” she would
mostly likely be suspicious purely because liking Rihanna is not the least bit nerdy or
Occasionally there will be little information available on her profile for you to make an
IOD. If you face this dilemma, the next best bet is to comment on her hometown, or
residence. It works much better if she is originally from a smaller town but occasionally it
will still work if she is from larger areas .
Ex. You could say “ohh NO, not another (Podunkville) girl. Haha I love it!”
I encourage you to come up with your own openers based on this system. In time you
will be able to generate original openers that work just as well as the ones I provide.
First Moves
Seeing as you are a high value guy (or at least acting as one), you really are too busy to
fret around wondering if the person you messaged has messaged you back yet. This
means even if you choose to check your inbox 6 times a day, there is no purpose in
messaging her back the second that you see inbox(1). In fact, a general guideline for
messaging should consist of no more than one exchange a day on your part. This
means that no matter how many times she sends you messages during the day, you
only send her one. If you are sending her multiple messages a day, it reflects how much
time you have on your hands and how little you are actually doing. As you become more
acquainted with this type of game, you’ll find that extremely attractive, high quality girls
won’t message more than once a day.
Generally a girls first message will be brief. This is especially the case with the more
desirable girl who gets messages constantly from guys. Knowing this, don’t expect to
get a monologue that ends in her confessing her love to you. More often than not, she
will still be a little suspicious of your intent. Here are some common responses you will
get from girls
“hell ya (your initial IOI) rocks. Blah blah”
“yea I love (your initial IOI. Blah blah”
“who are you?” --my least favorite response
The more she reveals to you, the more information you will have to work with and
incorporate into dialogue with her. Don’t expect her to carry the conversation at any
point in the interaction. In Facebook game, you are always leading and controlling the
direction and outcome.
Step 3: Responding Message
Although the content of every single message you send is crucial, your first response
message is the “maker” or “breaker.” And consequently, this is where most guys get it
wrong. They key to your first response message is based purely on her first message.
When creating your first response message you must ask yourself these questions:
Could she still think I’m trying to hit on her? What could I use to further capture her
attention in a non- threatening way? How can I start shifting this conversation to a topic
she is passionate about?
More often than not, your first message will have disqualified you enough to get a
response but not enough to keep it going. For this reason, unless she has displayed
overt interest in the first message, you should throw a second IOD-IOI pair in your
response message. Again, It should be authentic/playful and not too insulting.
The first response message as well as every following message should end with you
asking a question. Keep reading and you will find out how you can do this effectively.
Step 4: Creating Attraction
One of the biggest keys to getting Attraction on Facebook is getting her to reveal things
about herself to you. Every little tidbit of information is useful and will help you generate
an appropriate, attractive response. To get her to open up, you need to ask the right
questions at the right times. Your initial questions should always be fun, playful, and not
too deep. Keep it informal and avoid coming off as an employer interviewing a potential
employee. That’s what every other guy does and guess what? It’s boring. It’s
uninteresting. And it’s unattractive. Not to mention, asking too heavy or irrelevant
questions too early on could set off her “creeper” alarm.
Here are some questions that are fun, playful and intriguing…
If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
If you had the power of invisibility, what would you do and where would go?
If you were given a million dollars but only had 2 days to spend it, what would you do?
What’s your super secret power? (credit: Mehow)
Where is the craziest place you’ve ever been?
If you could be any celebrity who would you be?
What’s the craziest concert you’ve ever been to?
And I’m sure you can come up with a ton more…
The goal here is to get her more invested into you and the interaction. A lot of times, you
can take her response and use it to create a little mini future projection, which is where
you talk about something fun/funny the two of you will do together in the future.
For example: if you ask her ‘what’s your super secret power?’ and she responds “I’d
have the power of flight“(most girls say this) you can say
“Yes and we’ll fly across the ocean and ride elephants and kangaroos!”
Don’t use this alone though! Keep reading!
Demonstrating Value in Your Messages
As I mentioned before, the last thing you want to do is brag about how awesome you
are. You can and should however slip in little tidbits of information that allude to your
awesomeness. And by awesomeness I am referring to the underlying qualities that
women are drawn to- status, wealth, humor, worldliness, sophistication, non-neediness,
social alignment, leader of men, etc.
How do you convey these things? You make it appear accidental. To let a her know you
are wealthy say something like “Yea, remind me never to stay at the Four Seasons
Hotel again. At least the ones where you find a hair in the room service food. Yuck!”
Let her know you’re cultured:
“Yea I wish I could go back to Switzerland. The people are so friendly there. And the
food is amazing. Yumm”
Let her know you’re socially aligned:
“Yea last week was crazy. My buddies band was performing at Coachella and decided
to fly us all in to come watch. Good friends are priceless! ”
As you can see, you want to hint at being a high value guy rather than just saying it.
I will also occasionally tell a girl she is blowing her chances with me. I stole that line from
David DeAngelo who uses it in face to face game. It’s just as effective in Facebook
game. It lets her know you are choosey when it comes to women-an attractive quality.
Another thing you can do is leave holes in your stories and details about yourself. You
want her wanting to know more and that will prompt her to ask you questions.
How to tell if she is becoming attracted to you?
Your number one indicator that she is becoming attracted to you comes in the form of
her asking questions. If she starts asking you questions, she is becoming attracted to
you. Another indicator that is a bit more passive but still an indicator. is when you see
her messages becoming longer and more detailed. This means she is taking the time
and care to talk to you.
Step 5: Qualification
While you are creating attraction, it is important make a girl qualify herself to you. It
answers the question “why does he like me? If she qualifies herself, she will know
exactly why you are drawn towards her. To get a girl to qualify herself, you must prompt
her to do so with questions. I’ve already touched on asking questions a little bit and if
you are wondering what the difference is between asking a qualifying question and
asking one that will create attraction the answer is: they are basically the same. The only
difference is that qualifying questions can be a bit more catered to who she is as a
person and not just “what her super secret power would be” However, as long as she is
answering questions you ask, she will be for the most part, qualifying herself.
To get responses to questions consistently there is a little trick you can use
Precede the question with a compliment related to the question you are asking. Ex.
“You seem like a spontaneous person. What’s the craziest place you’ve ever visited”
By giving her a compliment, it makes her feel good about herself. If you make her feel
good, she will want to keep feeling good and as a result will continue to jump through
your hoops and prove herself. This is the same way when dealing with any person in
real life. God Bless human psychology. Especially when it applies to meeting women.
Step 6: Creating Comfort
More often than not, the line between you building attraction and developing rapport
won’t be clearly marked out. Much of the time they will happen simultaneously. But for
simplicities sake, you should make an effort to build attraction before you build comfort.
The key to creating comfort/rapport with a girl on Facebook lies within the two of you
relating to one another. In essence, you want to find as much in common as possible.
You also want to eliminate any lingering thoughts she may have about you being
another internet “creeper”.
This is the part when you can have a normal, genuine conversation and talk about the
things you are passionate about. For me it’s friends, family, music, love, soccer, guitar,
hiking etc -basically all of the intimate details that make me who I am. Family is huge
and nearly all women resonate with that particular concept. I almost always talk about
family to create some rapport and show her I’m a good guy.
Ex. “Yea, It‘s my parents anniversary next week so I‘m thinking of flying them
somewhere warm. Any ideas?”
Note that you should intermittently reward girls for qualifying themselves. This reward
will come in the form of a compliment. Don’t do this all the time or you will look like a tryhard. But when she reveals a deeper, more interesting part of herself, let her know.
“That’s so awesome you like X”
“ That’s so cool. It’s rare to find a girl who likes X”
Or something along those lines…
If you are feeling sneaky you can take notice of emotional words or phrases she uses
frequently and feed them back to her in your messages. This will strengthen the
emotional connection between the two of you.
Another trick you can utilize to build comfort is to plant her name in a message. If done
not too often it can be effective in making her subconsciously believe the both of you
have known each other for longer than you have. I generally won’t do this more than
once or twice in a thread. A couple examples are…
“ I don’t know about you Sara!”
“ Erica, you’re nuts!”
Step 7: Seeding
There will come a time, maybe 7-12 messages deep where the conversation will peak
and there won’t be much more for the both of you to talk about. It could come down to
where if you send her another message, it will seem as if you are trying to keep the
interaction alive. This conveys neediness. Likewise, if you don’t message her, the
interaction dies then and there. This is why it so important to seed and close before it
gets to this.
A good clue that the interaction is about to peak is when she stops asking you
questions. When this happens, you know it is time to seed and close.
Seeding the interaction is slipping in a future event into normal conversation. A good
amount of the time, you should start seeding at about 5 -6 messages in (depending on
the interaction of course).
I always seed the interaction with something that I plan on doing. It may be that I’m
throwing a party. It may be I’m going to some fun event. Initially, I won’t invite her. I’ll just
talk about it -maybe when I’m talking about my friends or something. But as I start to
see the interaction peak, I’ll bring it back up and tell her she should come by. Note: the
more you hype the event, the more interested she will be. Another note: You can do this
even if you don’t have an event or party to go to. If it becomes an issue later, you can
say it was cancelled.
Step 8: Closing
Closing on Facebook is nearly always going to take the form of getting her phone
number. Rarely is there ever enough comfort for a 1 on 1 meet up unless she is a
psycho or extremely desperate. A number close allows you to transition to a mode of
communication that enables you to build more comfort and eventually meet face to face.
And if you’re thinking, “wait don’t some girls already have their phone numbers on their
profile?” The answer is yes, but never the girls you would want to call. And even if you
did call them, you would need some initial comfort for them to answer/talk to you. You
are much better off getting a girls number off her personally.
A recap here!!
So Let’s say you’ve done everything right up to this point. You’ve opened. You’ve built
some attraction. She’s qualified herself to you. You two have a ton in common. She
feels comfortable you are a good guy. You seed a future event and invite her by saying
something like… “Yea you should totally come by!”
From this point in the interaction you will often get one of two responses
1. She will say YES and inquire about further details or
2. She will ask for more details regarding the event.
Either case allows for a perfect opportunity to number close. You can say something
like… “Yea I think it’s at X spot at X time but it might be subject to change. I’ll tell you
what …I’ll send you a text in the next day or two when I have all the details worked out.
What’s your number?”
I love this close because it almost seems as if you are doing her a favor by taking her
number. And even if you plan on calling her (which you should, always say “text”
because it’s less obliging compared to a phone call. In fact, it actually requires the same
amount of commitment as messaging on Facebook.
Also, you are never asking if I can have her number. You are commanding “What is
your number?” If you’ve done everything right up to this point, you will almost always get
her number. If you get to this point and she denies giving you her phone number, you
more than likely did something wrong earlier on and did not create enough comfort with
her. Nonetheless, if she does this you can poke fun of her, offer her your number and
ask for hers again. If that doesn’t work send her another message giving a date and
time where you will be somewhere and tell her to bring some friends and come by.
Post Close
After you get her number, you should still send her another message. You don’t want
her thinking you were just trying to get her number and that’s it. It’s the same in face to
face game. A single fluff message will suffice.
BELOW is a full thread from beginning to end of an interaction I had a few weeks back.
It’s not perfect, but it is a great example of this system being applied. For privacy
purposes I changed the girls name and the location. Everything else is exactly verbatim
from the thread. Enjoy!
Ohhhh No, A Pooley girl. Haha… I love it!
Whats wrong with a poolley girl? Nothing at all.. I just know how
to get down! :)
yah you guys get down with the cow tippin! but I must say you do
have a good taste in Music (Dave rocks live!). what's the craziest
concert you've ever been to?
Not so much cow tippin but alot of huntin and fishin :) But
speaking of Dave I’m going to watch him and Tim Reynolds play
in April, Im so stoked!! But I would have to say that the craziest
concert I have been to was Tool in Seattle, and then U2 and
Pearl Jam in Honolulu.. They were both amazing!! So are you
from x-ville??
What? Seriously? That’s awesome. So you’ve completely
redeemed yourself!!! One of the coolest concerts I went to was
Pepper in Seattle. Not a huge venue but soo good. Have you
ever heard of them? And yes I was born and raised herre. I just
graduated tho, so I’ll soon be off to grad school wherever that
may be. What about you? What's you life story?
Pepper! Are you kiddin me, OF CORSE! They are one of my
favorites! I have seen them 2 times, The Gorge, and in Hawaii. I
used to live there right out of high school then moved back to WA
now im here in x-ville. I use to party up here all the time back in
the day.. But that’s all really.. Just slavin away and goin to
school.. But let the good times roll!!!!!
Wait you lived in Hawaii and then decided to move back to the xville? Wow Jessica, your slippin! J/p! It would be nice to live in the
sun for a change tho. Why did you move? I think if I could live
anywhere though I’d go back to Spain and live in Seville. It’s
beautiful there. And they seriously party until 7 am on the
weekends. I’ve never seen anything like it! Have you ever been to
Yea it wasn't that I wanted to come back.. It was this whole
roommate situation, it was dumb. I wasn't ready to move yet.. But
oh well, everything happens for a reason right.. But anyways
Europe uh? You lived there? Thats so awesome! I haven't been
yet, but Ive been saving up money to travel for a couple years
and Europe is first on my list. I hope to start with in a year, and I
want to see everything! The way I see it is that your only young
one time and I plan on doin my best to live it to the fullest! So do
u have any big plans before your start grad school? And what are
you going for by the way?
That’s awesome! I totally feel the same way about living life to the
fullest. It’s the only way to live! My plans… right now I work with
adults with disabilities. They are so fun( and kinda funny :p). I
love it. I’m going for clinical psych by the way…And yea I’d love
to do more spontaneous traveling before I go back to hitting the
books. Like maybe Thailand or Panama!! There is really nothing
more fulfilling than just throwing yourself in a completely foreign
environment and just living in the moment. Are you a
spontaneous girl?
Other than that, I’ve been chillin with amazing friends and family,
playing soccer, whoopin booty in beer pong and just livin the
good life! But yea.. You’re a free spirited girl. What are your big
plans and ambitions?
Aw thats great that your help people like that.. Its the best feeling
i bet! Speaking of Panama, I never really put much thought into
going there until recently when I started watching this show
Prison Break. You ever watched it? Anyways part of it take place
there and is now on my list of places to see. And yes i am a
spontaneous girl, sometimes too much.. It can get me into trouble
:) but I never have any regrets in the long run, only good
memories. But in the mean time I have been pretty much been
doin the same as you.. Friends, Beer, Soccer, Music, Dirtbikes,
Snowboarding, hiking, campfires on the beach and waitin for
summer! I cannot wait!!! Sunny days on the lake wakeboarding!
Hotdog roasts! Im so stoked! Anyways besides that I just getting
ready to finish up my Business Degree and go from there.. Let
the wind take me where ever ☺
yes I love Prison Break…except they’ve already broken out and
gone back right? They should just change the name to Prison
Breaks! Lost is the same way. Good show 2 tho. YOU play
soccer? Are you serious? That’s rad. Outdoor Co-ed starts in two
weeks. I’m so stoked. In fact, we are havin a little pre season
party this Weekend. You should def come by. It’s going to be
Co-ed outdoor uh?? Thats awesome! Ive only played indoor Coed, I perfer outdoor anyways.. Where and when are you havin
the party?
Yea we are having it our house off State St. It's going to be on
Saturday. I'm not sure what time yet. I'll send you a text later on
thurs or Fri when I know all the details. What's ur number?
my number is X6X X10-0X4X. I don’t normally answer numbers I
don’t know so just send me a text..
yea. I’m the same way with unknown numbers. I’ll send u text
prolly tomorrow after I get off work and we get all the details
worked out. Laterz
yea just hit me up, I have to work on Saturday i just don’t know
what time yet.. So I’ll be talkin to ya :)
So there it is, Dthomas’ Facebook game. I hope it brings you success in meeting
women off of Facebook. As I mentioned before, this system is not infallible but I
am hoping it will be a building block that can be used and improved upon.
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