our handbook

We know where
We are
Nota Bene is a private members club. We manage extraordinary
travels for highly discerning members – people who seek the best
and need to be able to rely upon experts whose opinion they can
As a Nota Bene member, you have access to the founder Anthony
Lassman and his top level team to inspire, plan, book and manage
every detail of your annual travel arrangements. We understand
that it’s the details and people which set the best apart; yet it’s the
details that are most often overlooked.
A private island
hotel beach villa in
the Caribbean
We seek
Nota Bene is one of the world’s true ‘tastemakers’.
We travel the world in pursuit of the exceptional and the
We search endlessly for the special destinations, unique
experiences, finest hotels and restaurants, yachts and private
islands and super-prime real estate. Places and property with an
indefinable magic that compels you to return. We also connect
with people at the highest level, providing our members with
access to the absolute best.
A voyage through the
seas of Indonesia
We think
Our opinions are independent, impartial and informed. We
experience everything first hand rather than relying upon others.
We provide our members with the most objective, up-to-date
viewpoint. It comes with passion for what we do, an appreciation of
the finer things in life and top-drawer connections.
We offer
A fully custom-designed service for a maximum of 50 bespokelevel private members in any one year by annual subscription.
Price upon application.
A suite in Europe’s
most luxurious new
mountain hotel
We invite
Nota Bene counts among its members many of the world’s most
influential people from finance, fashion, media, the arts and
We would like to extend an invitation to you.
A perfect dining deck for
alfresco lunch on Capri
They say
“I have always loved Nota Bene – they’re like your best friend
dishing insider tips on where to go and what to ask for in the
world’s most fabulous destinations.”
Michael Kors, Designer
“It’s the level of details that Nota Bene seeks to find for its
customers, which particular room, who is the head of housekeeping,
the head of Food and Beverage, names of great people within a
great hotel.”
Julius Bär, Swiss Private Bank, 2008
“Anthony Lassman organised my beautiful trip to England –
I travelled the English countryside and had some great experiences
through Nota Bene Travel and had an absolutely amazing trip,
and a lot of good memories.”
David Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren
“Being able to tell people that the Paris Prada has more special
items than other branches, or knowing designers well enough to
ask them to make a special variant of a catwalk piece they didn’t
plan to produce.”
How to Spend It, 2011
“The difference in the quality of your time is staggering. It makes
you realise that any money spent not travelling with Anthony by
your side might well have been money wasted.”
Spice Magazine, 2013
A private island villa
paradise off the Bahian
coast, Brazil
“It is the greatest travel
guide in the world, used
by knowing rock stars
and the odd royal.”
The Independent on Sunday, UK
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