Nossal News Issue 5 2015

Nossal News
April 24, Issue 5 2015
European TV story
Nossal students and staff were filmed at Nossal on April 23 as part of a feature
story on our students and their participation on Teacher Selection panels. This will
be broadcast to 70 different stations around Europe.
Tuesday April 28, 2015
Whole School Cross Country Competition
All students to participate P 3 & 4
Normal Classes for remainder of day
Wednesday April 29, 2015
Morrisby Test
Year 10s finish at 3:15pm
Thursday April 30, 2015
Old Nossalonian’s Cocktail Party
Alumni Event
Principal News - Mr Roger Page
Dear Parents,
Wednesday May 6, 2015
Welcome to term 2
Melb University Maths Competition
Years 9 - 12 P 3 & 4
Reporting and Parent
Teacher Interviews
Normal Classes for remainder of day
Wednesday May 6, 2015
Parents & Friends Association
Annual General Meeting
7pm to 8pm - All Welcome
Tuesday May 12, 2015
For more information regarding
Nossal events, see page 2 or visit the
‘Coming Events’
tab on our webpage.
By now all parents should have had
the opportunity to meet with the
teachers to discuss the term one
reports and I hope that the new
format (the reports themselves
and the splitting of parent teacher
interviews) better met the needs of
the staff, students and parents. We
will be seeking your feedback on
this – but if you have any specific
responses, suggestions and positive
or challenging feedback I would
appreciate hearing it. As always we
are striving to learn, and to improve
the way we do things, so greatly
value your feedback as a means to
facilitate this.
Sir Gustav Nossal Boulevard, Monash University, 100 Clyde Road, Berwick, VIC 3806
PO Box 1036, Narre Warren VIC 3805
Phone: 03 8762 4600
Email: [email protected]
Nossal News
Principal News Continued...
Apr 28
House Cross Country event P3&4
School Council Meeting
Apr 29
Morrisby Report Year 10
Immunology Excursion to GTAC
Friends of Ermera Friendship Schools Student Forum
Apr 30
Old Nossalonians Cocktail Party (Alumni Event)
May 4
Year 10 Team Sport excursion
May 5
Fareshare Excursion
Senior Sport - Netball/Soccer/AFL
May 6
Melb. Uni Maths Comp Yr 9-12
PFA Annual General Meeting
May 7
Legal MOOT Court
NEST Incursion: CERES
May 8
School Photos - Catch up session
May 11
Inter/Senior Boys’ Netball
Leadership Conference
Yr 9 Sports Around the World excursion
May 12
NAPLAN begins
May 14
Senior Girls AFL
May 15
Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court Excursion
May 18
Bio Eyes Incursion (Year 10 Foundation Biology)
Year 12 Formal - Dance Floor
Year 12 Formal
Congratulations to the Year 12 students and in particular
Ms Soltys and the student organising committee for their
excellent work in planning and delivering the Year 12 formal
on the first Monday of the recent holidays. The students
(and most staff ) scrubbed up very well and there were some
impressive performances on the dance floor – particularly
from Ms Chapple who knows all the moves and Mr Pegram
who doesn’t, but still manages to dazzle us all anyway. A
good time was had by all and the students were exemplary
ambassadors as always. A big thank you to all the staff who
attended as supervisors on the first day of their holidays.
Term 2
APR 14 - Term 2 commences
JUN 26 - Term 2 concludes
Term 3
JUL 14 - Term 3 commences
SEP 19 - Term 3 concludes
Term 4
OCT 5 - Term 4 commences
Various - Term 4 concludes
Nossal News Advertising Rates
Full Page - $25.00
Half Page - $15
Quarter Page - $10
Business Card - $5.00
Rates are per fortnightly edition
Melbourne High School - SEN Day
Select Entry Network Day
Ms Harrap will report in more detail on this event as she
was the main driving force behind it, which meant that it
was very well organised and a highly successful day for all
involved. Close to 500 teachers and support staff from the
four selective schools gathered at Melbourne High School
for our annual joint curriculum day, attending workshops
and team meetings to share experiences and to strengthen
the links across the schools. We also had the opportunity to
work with Dan Haesler who presented the keynote address
Nossal News
IMPORTANT – Absence Hotline
Dear Parents,
I am pleased to announce that the attendance hotline issue has now been rectified. For all attendance
notifications please phone 8762 4625, email [email protected] or have your child provide a
note prior to the day they will be absent if appropriate.
Thank you all for your patience.
Mrs Audrey Alvarez
Attendance Officer
Principal News Continued...
on the day and then spent a full day at Nossal later in the
week to work with our staff, students and parents. We will
put some links to his work on our website – he is one of the
most entertaining, thought provoking and challenging
speakers I have had the pleasure of experiencing, and he
presents a very powerful and pertinent message about
fixed and growth mindsets. I strongly encourage you all
to access the link and see what he has to say. His work will
help drive our strategic planning.
Special thanks to Ms Soltys - with Diba, Georgia and Sadaf
Norton motorbikes on display in the foyer
Anzac Motorbike and Memorabilia Display
Please take a moment to drop into the school foyer
where we have an impressive display of 3 vintage Norton
motorbikes (2 in their army livery) and a variety of war
artefacts to commemorate Anzac Day. A big thank you
to Mr Ian Richtsteig, an avid Norton collector and expert,
historian and long term friend and supporter of the
school for again mounting a display for us.
PFA Trivia Night
Those of you who were lucky enough to attend our
inaugural PFA trivia night last year will remember the
astounding number of excellent prizes that were on offer;
the extreme competitiveness of the staff teams; and
that the Jean Russell Centre can actually accommodate
many more people than we thought it could, (albeit
in rather cosy and uncomfortable circumstances). This
year – there will be a number of improvements – limited
numbers of tickets pre–sold (to avoid overcrowding) and
an amplification system that is audible. Not to mention
great prizes, lots of fun, the chance to mingle with other
parents and staff, and a warm glow as you raise much
needed funds to help with school improvements. The
PFA are in the midst of planning a professional program
and have set a date of July 24 so please mark that in your
diary – this will be the Nossal social event of the year and
tickets will be in great demand.
To Garry Pollard, an experienced leading teacher who will
be joining us for the term and will undertake a number
of leadership responsibilities and teach within the PE and
Maths domains.
And, welcome back to Ms Ansalde who has returned from
family leave following the birth of her son last year.
Nossal News
Principal News Continued...
Coming Events
The Second Old Nossalonians (Alumni) Cocktail Party
– is planned for Thursday April 30.
School Council – the first meeting of the new council
will take place on April 28 at 7.00 pm. The first part of the
meeting will be the Annual General Meeting where the
Annual Report will be presented. Meetings are open and
you are welcome to attend, but please contact the school
to book in advance. The Annual Report will be published
on the school website following this meeting.
Could I ask all students and parents to remember that
we have high expectations of behaviour at all times, but
particularly in relation to the railway station and when
travelling on the trains. I do not want a repeat of the issues
we experienced last term, nor do I want to keep nagging
our students about the potential dangers and damage to
our reputation that may ensue.
Year 9 cohort at The Shrine
Vacancies for 2016
We are now accepting applications to sit the exam for
entry into Year 10 and 11 in 2016 (should any vacancies
arise). The testing will take place at Nossal on Friday June
Applications for the year 9 exam are open and close on
Friday May 15.
Details on the school website.
Nice email
I was pleased to hear today from one of our ex-students
who left Nossal at the end of Year 10 when his family
was transferred to Sydney. He is currently undertaking
a Science/Law degree at the University of Sydney after
achieving an ATAR of 99.50. He wished to maintain
contact with us and I am very happy to hear of his success.
Roger Page
Communication Alert
Due to an ongoing problem with the school
phone system, voice messages are unable
to be accessed. When attempting to contact
the school via telephone, please persevere
until your call is answered by reception.
We apologise for the inconvenience and are
working to have this problem rectified as
soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and
Don’t compare your life to others. You are the best at
being yourself! And you are ACE.
Nossal News
Assistant Principal News - Ms Sue Harrap
Dan Haesler for Students
After resuming school on Tuesday, we continued the
theme of learning about Growth and Fixed Mindsets here
at Nossal, with each of the four year levels hearing from
Dan Haesler on Wednesday. Dan presented ideas to the
students that focused on how they can apply a growth
mindset to their lives. A few of the themes he focused on
• Don’t shy away from challenges – it is when you’re
challenged that you do the most learning
Welcome back to Term 2. We have had a busy, yet • Surround yourselves with people who have
productive start to the term with three major events
taking place last week. It has been a little strange with
the absence of Mr Haworth; his office has looked dark and
abandoned for most of the week. He and I, (and Mr Page)
have been communicating periodically throughout the
last week and he is settling into his new school well; again
we wish him all the best as Principal at Mt Alexander
Select Entry Network Professional
Learning Day
On the first Monday of term, we began the week with
the Select Entry Network Professional Learning day,
held at Melbourne High School. The day began with a
two hour keynote session from Dan Haesler, where the
400+ staff learnt more about Growth and Fixed Mindsets
(Dweck) and what implications this has for our highly able
students. The remainder of the day involved workshop
sessions offered by external providers and staff from each
of the schools. Five of our staff presented workshops
and I would personally like to thank them on behalf of
the network: Mr Stuart Fankhauser and Mr Stephen
Alderton for their workshop on digital delivery, and Ms
Katherine Warriner, Ms Tracey Mackin and Ms Joanna
Soltys for their workshop on formative and descriptive
assessment - the feedback on their sessions was
outstanding. We were fortunate to hear from others on
the day including finding out what is new with Compass,
our learning management system, developments on the
Year 9 and 10 Curriculum from VCAA and a range of other
items. I enjoyed the opportunity to share practice and
learn from the other Assistant Principals. It was a great
day of learning and networking, admirably hosted by
Melbourne High School. I would personally like to extend
my gratitude to the staff and students of Melbourne High
for hosting such a productive day.
greater knowledge/skills than you (and learn from
• Don’t let fear of failure hold you back – you learn
most from mistakes.
• Instead of saying I CAN’T DO IT, change your thinking
• Your progress is the thing that counts, not your final
The feedback from students was very positive and on
Thursday and Friday I witnessed and heard of many
students discussing the themes Dan raised, identifying
how they could implement changes to their current
Dan Haesler for
On Wednesday afternoon
the staff continued their
learning with Dan, along
staff from neighbouring
schools who joined us.
Dan discussed that grades
on school assessments
did not support the
development of growth
mindsets. Some of the additional learning we did in the
afternoon fed in nicely to our work on school reports and
assessment practices.
Dan Haesler for Parents
Finally, in the evening we were joined by approximately
one hundred and twenty parents who again heard about
what parenting strategies support the development
of growth mindsets. Dan focused on how sometimes
praise can be counter-productive in the learning process,
particularly if it is praise for being smart or getting full
Nossal News
Assistant Principal News Continued...
marks. He suggested that praise needs to be specific
and targeted towards behaviours and outcomes and the
quality of effort, eg. “I am so proud of the hard work you
have put into producing work of such a high quality”, rather
than, “You have done so well; you’re so smart.”
We had approximately two hundred and thirty parent
bookings for the event, so I was a little disappointed that
only about half turned up. In an ideal world, I would love
it if all seven hundred and eighty families had heard what
Dan had to say.
Dan’s Resources
Dan has been extremely generous with his resources,
providing access to the keynote, the student, parent and
staff presentations and a range of other resources at:
could finish up their parent-student-teacher conferences
with the dedicated Year 9 evening. A pleasing number
of parents and students availed themselves of the
opportunity to discuss their progress with teachers. I thank
the staff for the hard work that they put into preparing for
the conferences, and the late nights (which are exhausting
when you have to talk so much). It is now imperative that
students take heed of the advice and put into practice
the suggestions for their next steps in learning. Common
themes are as follows (and it is surprising how simple
some of them are):
• If students are struggling with concepts – ask
their teachers for help
• If a student is struggling with the learning
environment – ask their teachers for help
• If a student is doing really well and is not being
pushed – have them seek out more challenging
• If students are struggling with organisation
(not submitting work, not bringing the right
equipment) – use the student planner to assist.
Term 1 Reports
We were very pleased with the Term 1 reports and the way
the students and parents received them. Similar reports
will be produced at the end of Term 2, with the major
difference being that both Term 1 and Term 2 ratings in
the five areas, (Knowledge, Skills, Refection, Study Habits
and Participation) will be shown side by side for both
teachers and students. The next parent-student-teacher
conferences will be held at the end of Term 3.
Year 9 Legacy ANZAC Commemoration –
Shrine of Remembrance
I highly recommend these to staff, students and parents.
As a school community, we thank Dan for his hard work,
well targeted messages and engaging presentation style.
He is an excellent, accessible presenter who manages to
synthesise a range of resources in psychology, curriculum,
pedagogy and wellbeing to inspire us to further work in
this area.
We know when students, staff and parents are all working
towards a common purpose and vision for schooling, we
get the best results and we hope that Wednesday is just
the beginning of in depth, focused work on developing
practices, culture and support in this area.
Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences
On Thursday, students were dismissed early so that staff
On Thursday 23rd April all Year 9s travelled into the city
to attend the Year 9 Legacy Event at the Shrine. We are
honoured to be involved in the event, commemorating
the brave deeds of men and women who have served
our country and Commonwealth. Two of our students
presented a wreath during the ceremony.
Nossal News
Assistant Principal News Continued...
ANZAC Day Assembly – Friday April 24
Nossal will pay respects to service men and women both
past and present, and ANZAC day as a school community
on Friday at an assembly. We have guest speakers from
the RSL and those currently serving in the armed forces,
one of our students, Kimiko Rathbone of Year 9 will play
The Last Post and Reveille.
House Cross Country Event - Tuesday April
28, Periods 3 & 4
We look forward to seeing House Spirit on display at our
third major carnival this year. Last year it was a delight
to see everyone participating, regardless of their speed
and agility and in true Nossal style, I even observed a
student reading a philosophy book whilst participating,
and another doing a rubic cube. I thank Ms Chantelle
Pumphrey and the PE teachers for their organisation, and
all staff for taking up a post out on the course. I hope to
see 100% participation on the day.
approaching. All Year 10s need to have arranged their
placement and completed the paper work and online
WorkSafe Modules by this date. If you have a child in
Year 10, please assist them to meet the deadline. Work
Experience takes place in the last week of Term 2. If
students are not yet 15 years old at this time, or if they
are attending the Central Australian Tour, they should still
organise their placements but make it during one of the
remaining holiday breaks in the year.
WotOpera Camp 2015: Registrations now
Morrisby Career Aptitude Test for Year 10s open!
Wednesday 29 April at 12.00 noon – 3.15 pm
WotOpera UTAS Camp is the next level of fun for students.
All Year 10s will sit the Morrisby Report on Wednesday
29 April. Students will finish later on this Wednesday to
accommodate the test. They will be given an early lunch
break, along with a short break during the test. The
report from this test is a valuable resource for students
to determine what their areas of strength and interest
are, and what careers fields they may find fulfilling. It is a
compulsory event for Year 10.
• Are you ready to further develop your creative skills -
Work Experience Year 10
Work Experience is a compulsory part of the students’
pathways program. The deadline of May 22 is fast
then don’t miss the 2015 camp!
• Registrations are now open for this years’ camp
running from 18-25 September at Stanwell Tops. • Each year, 60 lucky students who are ready to further
develop their creative skills are selected to participate
in a week-long intense fun-filled camp.
• Click here for
Sue Harrap
Wellbeing Report
Parenting for emotional intelligence
2015 is the Year of Wellbeing at Nossal. We have initiated
a number of programs; one is happening this term—
explicit teaching of social and emotional skills (known
as SEL). This will be done during Nossal time, an hour a
week dedicated to students’ tute groups.
If parents would like to be on the front foot with their
children about social and emotional learning, they might
like to consider the course on the ParentingIdeas flyer
attached to this newsletter.
Nossal is a subscriber to ParentingIdeas and we recommend their programs to you.
Leigh Candy
Student wellbeing counsellor
Nossal News
Berwick RSL ANZAC Day March & Commemoration Service
Dear staff, students and the Nossal community,
Please join us in this year’s Berwick Anzac Day March and
Commemoration Service.
We will be remembering the sacrifices of the brave men and women
who have served our country.
Saturday 25th April at 10.45am - 12.00 noon.
Meet with Nossal staff at 10.20am at the
Berwick RSL, 17 Langmore Lane, Berwick for a 10.45am start.
All students are required to wear full academic uniform.
Please encourage friends and family to join our Nossal community throughout the March.
We hope to see you there,
Leanne Ansalde
Director of House
Interschool Sport Report
Mulitha wins bronze at the 2015 SSV State
Swimming Championships!
Congratulations to Mulitha Dewasurendra from Year 9
(Pegasus) who was the only student from Nossal HS that
qualified for the State Swimming Championships this
year. He won a bronze medal last Wednesday April 15
at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre in the 50m
Breastroke event. Mulitha swam a personal best time of
34.71 seconds to finish 3rd in the State. There was only
0.5 seconds between 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Mulitha swims with
the Dandenong Oasis Otter Swimming Club and his
next big competition is the Victorian Age Short Course
Championships in a few months. Well done again on a
fantastic effort!
Chantelle Pumphrey
Sport Coordinator
Mulitha at the SMR Swim Meet in March
Nossal News
Exciting opportunities for Year 12 Mainstream English
Our senior English students have the following events scheduled which will significantly enhance their
1. 29th April (2 p.m. -4 p.m.)– Theatrical presentation of “No Sugar” by the Eagle’s Nest Theatre Company
2. 20th May (2p.m-4 p.m.) – Lecture provided by Chief Assessor for English, Mr Bob Hillman
It is expected that all students will attend these sessions
Year 12 English Team
11.00am - 12.30pm
followed by a light lunch
Cost: $5 per session
“Outlook Inspires Fully Inclusive Communities”
• A fun and engaging experience for people of
all abilities and ages
• No previous singing experience necessary
• Under the leadership of Dr Jonathon Welch
• Exceptional performance opportunities
The Centre has two computers with internet
access available for your use at no charge.
Access your emails, do internet banking,
create your resume or research on the
internet. Available during office hours. It is
recommended to call ahead on 5940 4728 to
secure a computer. Volunteer tutor available
to assist you (bookings required).
The Community Centre has a wonderful
collection of books available for your use. We
encourage you to drop in and browse. Feel
free to borrow books or donate books for
others to share and enjoy.
Cardinia U3A Inc.
Cnr Henry & Johns Streets, Pakenham
Computer Classes
Arts, Crafts, Literature
Music and Performing Arts
Health and Wellbeing Classes
For a programme, bookings or enquiries:
Phone 5941 4164
Email [email protected]
or pick up a programme at
Outlook Community Centre
Outlook & U3A Proud Partners
Do you have a query in relation to legal, court
or personal problems? Receive expert advice.
Free 15 minute appointments available.
Bookings are essential.
Choose one of the following Wednesdays:
22 April or 20 May or 17 June
6.00pm - 7.30pm
Counselling is the process of talking through
concerns with someone trained in listening and
understanding. Its goal is to help people solve
their own problems and difficulties in ways
appropriate to their own needs. Take the first
step...explore the possibilities.
Free 45 minute sessions. By appointment only
Every Thursday
2.00pm - 5.30pm
Meet to share craft ideas.
Phone Margaret on 5629 5403
2nd Saturday of each month.
10.00am - 3.00pm
Term 2, 2015
Office Hours:
Mon to Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm
EFTPOS available
Ph: 5940 4728
Fax: 5940 1063
Email: [email protected]
24 Toomuc Valley Road
P.O. Box 90
Pakenham 3810
Centre will be closed on Monday 8 June
Outlook Community Centre is an inclusive and accessible
organisation with disability access, including hoists.
Meet other ladies. Enjoy craft, patchwork, fun
and friendship.
Phone Faye 5941 3636
An academically selective school for high achieving students
in Years 9 - 12
Applications for enrolments in 2016 are now open
Nossal High School is a co-educational Government Selective Entry
School located on the grounds of Monash University in Berwick and
provides an educationally enriched adult learning environment in a
state of the art new facility.
Enrolment is through a common entrance exam on Saturday June 13,
2015. Applications to sit the entrance examination are made online
by going to our website:
Year 9 applications close on Friday May 15, 2015.
Year 10 & 11 applications close on Monday June 1, 2015.
Principal led tours are available on Mondays at 9.30am, bookings
are essential, please contact the office on 8762 4600.
Please visit our website for further information:
Secondary school
options for academically
talented students
Victoria’s selective entry high schools provide an educationally enriched environment for
academically talented students. There are four selective entry high schools for students in
Years 9–12:
• The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Melbourne (girls only)
• Melbourne High School, South Yarra (boys only)
• Nossal High School, Berwick (coeducational)
• Suzanne Cory High School, Werribee (coeducational).
A centralised selection process is used to admit students to the four schools. Students in their second
year of secondary school are eligible to sit a common entrance examination in order to be considered for
Year 9 entry the following school year.
More information on the application process is available at:
School Information Sessions
The Mac.Robertson Girls’
High School
Melbourne High School
Information Night
Wednesday 22 April
commencing at 7pm at the
Information Night
Wednesday 18 March and
Thursday 7 May commencing
at 6pm at the school
Please email to express your
interest in attending the
information evening.
The school is open from
4.30pm on the information
night evening. Prospective
parents and students can
see school facilities and
meet the principal. Bookings
are not required.
School Tours in 2015
 Thursday 19 March 11am –
 Monday 23 March 11am –
 Tuesday 28 April 11am –
 Monday 4 May 11am –
 Thursday 14 May 2pm –
Please make a booking for a
school tour via email:
[email protected]
The Mac.Robertson Girls’
High School
350–370 Kings Way
Phone: 9864 7700
Tours of the school are
available from 4.30pm
through to 6pm.
School Tours in 2015
 Tuesday 24 March at
 Thursday 23 April at
 Tuesday 28 April at 9.30am
 Monday 11 May at
Please make a booking for a
school tour by contacting the
Registrar’s Office on 9823
7152 or email:
[email protected]
Information Night
Thursday 23 April
commencing at 7pm at the
school (enter through
Monash University, Berwick
Tours of the school are
available from 5.30pm on the
School Tours in 2015
School tours take place every
Monday morning at 9.30am
and at other times by
Please make a booking by
contacting the office on 8762
4600 or email:
[email protected]
Nossal High School
Sir Gustav Nossal Boulevard
c/o Monash University
Clyde Road
Phone: 8762 4600
Information Night
Thursday 19 March and
Wednesday 6 May commencing
at 7pm at the school
Please email to express your
interest in attending the
information evening.
School Tours in 2015
School tours will be held every
Tuesday at 10am.
Bookings are essential.
Please make a booking by
contacting the office on 8734
2800 or email:
[email protected]
Suzanne Cory High School
255–265 Hoppers Lane
Phone: 8734 2800
Melbourne High School
Forrest Hill, South Yarra
Phone: 9823 7152
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Nossal High School
Peter Van Diepen
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Parent Well with the Mood Meter Program –
Building Emotional Intelligence
Join Michael Grose for our 4-week online parenting course
Parent Well with the Mood Meter Program
Help your kids learn to manage their emotions, improve their mental health and be happier.
Parent Well with the Mood Meter Program is the first in a series of online courses to teach
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Drama Skills for
Drama Classes for
Youth (12-18yrs)
8 O’Neil Rd
COST: $180 (1.5 HRS X 8 WEEKS)
Rewards Drama Academy brings, for the first time to this area, an
exciting and unique program! This course is specifically designed
for 12-18 year olds. Its aims and outcomes are geared towards this
age group and teach youth not only acting skills, but real world
Participation in Drama is proven to play a vital role in cognitive,
physical, emotional and social development. Confidence, memory
training, voice projection, body language, presentation skills, the
strengthening of individual giftings, and working as a team are all
key outcomes of this course.
This is a worthwhile and rewarding course for all youth as it helps
to equip them for their future.
Acting and
stagecraft, vital
life skills, make
written for Youth
Contact: Amanda Meyer
0468 416 488
[email protected]
Mary Redmayne, PhD, Dept. Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine
Level 6, 99 The Alfred Centre, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC 3004, AUSTRALIA.
[email protected] Ph. +61 3 990 30285
Where’s your mobile phone?
I am a Monash University researcher undertaking a study on how
young women store, carry and use their mobile phones, as well as
finding out about perception of risk.
Would you like to take
15 minute online survey
Who is it for? Young women aged between 12 and 40
What does it involve? Doing a 15 minute online survey
What about privacy? It is completely anonymous.
Chief Investigator: Dr Mary Redmayne, Dept. of Epidemiology and Preventive
Medicine, Monash University. There’s an explanatory statement with more
information and contact details available at the PRESEE webpage (check on this
board too):
Scroll down to “Current Research” then click “Where’s Your Mobile Phone?”
To take part, go to this web address:
Or scan this QR (download a free QR scanning app if you don’t have
one installed already)
Tell your
Children aged 0-8 years
Reluctant reader?
Learning difficulties?
Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation presents:
for parents, carers and professionals
.. .
MEM FOX - International
best-selling children’s author and
advocate for children’s literacy
and literature.
Paint the Town REaD Director,
Paediatric Occupational Therapist.
Children’s author, poet
and educator.
PLUS ...
A range of presentations
by speakers in the field of
children’s literacy
10.00am - 6.00pm Thursday 14 May
@ Balla Balla Community Centre
and Cranbourne Library
Casey Indoor Leisure Complex
65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road
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Nossal Parents and Friends
Association (PFA)
Nossal Parents and Friends Association (PFA) understands the importance of the community
involvement in education. Its mission is to help build and sustain an effective partnership with
the school to achieve the best possible educational experience for the students. Nossal PFA
recognises that the entire Nossal community’s economic, cultural and ethnic diversity is
enriched by the variety of resources and talents that each member of the community brings
to the school.
 Promote friendship and support within the Nossal community through social
 Provide a forum for communication amongst members of the school community.
 Help raise funds to support school programs.
 Liaise with the school council and identify areas in need of funding not provided for
within the budgetary limits of the school.
 Set strategies and priorities to achieve fundraising objectives.
 Support the teaching staff in the pursuit of improved educational resources, facilities
and school environment.
Our Annual General Meeting will be held in May 2015. We would like to invite
as many parents as possible to join us celebrate this major event, and to help us
make 2015/16 an even better year by joining our committee or simply being a
Nossal PFA Annual General Meeting
6th May 2015 Wednesday
7pm to 8pm
Jean Russell Centre, Nossal High School (above School Reception)
For more details, please contact:
Dr Cheong Koo (President Nossal PFA)
Tel: 0408 614 991
Email: [email protected]
Or contact us through the Nossal High School reception.
We look forward to meeting you!