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News of Norwood
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APRIL 2015
April 23-25
Norwood’s annual Arbor Day Festival is set to begin on
Thursday, April 23, 2015. The festival will be centered around
the Norwood Town Hall and the annual VFW Car Show will
take place at Memorial Park on Turner Street.
Applications are being accepted for vendors to sell food,
crafts, and other authorized items. Local churches, civic
groups, and private businesses are encouraged to sell and/or
advertise their products or services. An estimated 5,000
Beverly L. Johnson
Mayor Pro-Tem
Larry McMahon
Robert Allen
Darrell Almond
Steve Bradley
Linda Campbell
people visit our annual festival.
Entertainment will begin at 7:00 PM on Thursday, April 23 with
a performance by the LeFevre Quartet and is sponsored by
the Norwood Ministerial Association.
The North Tower Band will be returning to perform on Friday,
April 24 at 7:00 PM. You may remember them from last year’s
Arbor Day Festival.
All of your Norwood
officials can be contacted
Town of Norwood
116 South Main Street
PO Box 697
Norwood, NC 28128
Saturday, April 25 will be jam-packed with entertainment
Phone: (704) 474-3416
featuring Keith Byrd, Dixie Sundown, Quicksilver Cloggers,
and a dance contest. The evening will conclude with a
[email protected]
performance by the Swash Tones at 7:00 PM.
Berry Hill Drive/Lake Shore Drive Sewer Improvements
The final completion date for the sewer improvement project that
includes Berry Hill Drive, Lake Shore Drive, Lake Head Road, and
Vineyard Road, is estimated to be June 17, 2015.
The project has been delayed due to unexpected hardships of
construction – mainly the rocky terrain and the unavailability of
three-phase power needed for the pump stations.
Dixie Youth Softball
The start of the Dixie Youth Softball league may be
delayed due to construction on the ball fields at
Memorial Park on Turner Street. The construction is
necessary for the safety of all who use the fields.
Efforts are being made to complete the project as
quickly as possible.
The public is invited to
attend all Council meetings
and Planning/Board of
Adjustment meetings:
Norwood Town Council
meetings occur the first
Monday of each month
(unless otherwise posted)
at 7:00 PM at the Norwood
Town Hall.
Norwood Planning Board
and Zoning Board of
Adjustment meetings occur
the second Monday of
each month (unless
otherwise posted) at 7:00
PM at the Norwood Town
Norwood, North Carolina
Town Property Sold
April 2015
Yard Sale Requirements
The building located at 112
Did you know that Norwood has a Yard Sale Ordinance?
North Main Street, formerly known
Each resident can have only four yard sales per year, and a
as the Main Street Grill, has been
permit must be purchased.
sold to some private investors.
Hopefully, a new business will be
Permits can be obtained at the Norwood Police
Department. For more information, call (704) 474-3716.
established in the building as
soon as possible.
Zoning Advice
The property was given to the
Before adding an accessory building to your property, be
Town by a bank several years
sure to get zoning confirmation from the Norwood Zoning
Officer. You should also check with Stanly County
Inspections before buying or building a structure on your
property. The Norwood Zoning office can be contacted at
(704) 474-3416.
Scattered Site Housing Grant
Norwood has completed the Scattered Site housing grant, number 10-C-2154, which was started in
2010. All available funds have been spent. No more applications for the grants can be accepted.
Shop Local
Support the merchants that support our community!
Outdoor Burning
Outdoor burning of timber, leaves, construction debris, or any
other material is prohibited in Norwood. Outdoor burning of any kind
is a serious violation. For more information, contact Fire Chief John
Lambeth at (704) 474-3121.
Local Heritage
Visit the Norwood Museum located at 205 Pee Dee Avenue, on the corner of Campbell Street
and Pee Dee Avenue. It is full of local history. A special display currently on site is the school bell
from the old Norwood School. This bell used to call Norwood School to order and then would
sound in the afternoon to let parents know that their children were out of school.
New Fire Truck
Norwood’s Fire Department has received a new fire truck and is now in service. Fire Chief John
Lambeth and his volunteer firefighters are excited about this new piece of firefighting equipment.
According to Chief Lambeth, the new truck is a basic fire truck needed to do the job, but without
all of the bells & whistles (except for the ones necessary!) that some fire trucks come with. The cost
of the new unit was $363,000, and is replacing a twenty-five year old fire truck.
Norwood Planning and Zoning Board
During business hours, report water and
sewer leaks to:
Maintenance Dept.
Town Hall
(704) 474-4307
(704) 474-3416
After business hours, report water and
sewer leaks to the Director of Field
Operations at (704) 322-9100
The Town of Norwood is accepting
applications for a Planning Board/Zoning
Board of Adjustment member to represent
the ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction). Please
contact Zoning Officer Virgil Hinson at (704)
474-3416 for more information.
Golf Carts
Did you know that golf carts must be
registered in the Town of Norwood? Be sure
to check with the Norwood Police
Department if you plan to drive your golf cart
in Town