NVC Overview - North Valley Chorale

North Valley Chorale
Eleanor Johnson, Director
The choir that cares.
North Valley Chorale is a voluntary, non profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the cultural,
musical and social enrichment of metropolitan Phoenix and its surrounding communities.
Founded in 2008, the Chorale has over 50 volunteer singers, ages 18-86, and has recorded two
CDs, An American Tapestry and We Wish You Christmas.
The Chorale's mission is "to serve the community by providing affordable, accessible and
inspiring performances of choral music from many traditions, eras and cultures."
North Valley Chorale has a broad repertoire, ranging from classical and pop, to Broadway,
patriotic and sacred music. The Chorale performs three main concerts each year as well as
multiple smaller outreach events.
NVC is proud to be a community arts partner of the Banner Alzheimer Institute, UMOM, the VA
Medical Center and senior living communities across the Valley. NVC members regularly share
their gifts of music, companionship and goods with those who are ill, homeless, lonely and less
For inquiries and appearances as well as tickets to the next North Valley Chorale, please visit
our website, www.northvalleychorale.org.
North Valley Chorale Board of Directors
Director, Eleanor Johnson
President, Anita Murcko
Corresponding Secretary, Charley Hudson
Recording Secretary, Margaret Neno
Treasurer, Mark Wallace
Development and Marketing Director, Graham Johnson
Membership Director and Music Librarian, Carol Rosales
Volunteer Director, Gary Thomson
Outreach Director, Kelly Johnson
Wardrobe Director, Barbara Hoehne
North Valley Chorale is a voluntary, non-profit (501(c)(3) organization