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APRIL 2015
Purpose: To encourage the sport of
boating and sailing, to promote the science
of seamanship and navigation, and to
provide and maintain a suitable clubhouse
for the recreation and use of its members.
Commodore’s Corner
elcome one and all to another
season of fun, sun,
sailing/boating, and plenty of
social interaction in Bayside.
It’s been a very long winter and I suspect
we are all ready and really looking
forward to another great summer in our
special Maine place many of us call home
(at least for part of the year!)
Last summer was indeed a very special
one for our little club and I still smile
when I think about the incredible 75th
anniversary celebration that we pulled off
last August. The celebration was certainly
an evening to remember! I wish to extend
another heartfelt thank you to the core
group of ladies and their support staff for
all their work in making the event the
tremendous success it was! The rest of
the year was pretty darn good too and
thanks to all who participated/helped out
in our many events/activities—hopefully
you are all looking forward to this year’s
slate of activities as well—I know I am!
This year marks the 100thth anniversary
of the founding of the Northport Village
Corporation. The village has a full slate of
celebratory events/activities planned,
and I hope you will join me and our BOD
in supporting our Village Overseers as
they/we embark on this special season
celebrating our quaint village’s
centennial. Let’s all pull together and
help make it a second year in succession
to remember and cherish! Already, the
BHPS, NYC, and NVC Overseers have
pooled together to once again jointly
sponsor the Fourth of July Band which
will mark the return of the Leaky Boot Jug
Band-----which was a lot of fun last year.
While not your typical 4th of July Band, the
music was lively and fun----I think I speak
for all—it was a good time had by all!
This is just one example of how we as a
village often pull together for the good of
all. I encourage you to support each of
these groups!
The NYC Board has put together another
exciting calendar full of events designed
April 2015
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
to provide all with loads of opportunity,
entertainment, fun and frivolity! We have
included many of the usual popular
events/activities and in addition have
tried to come up with some new, different
and exciting ideas/activities for this
summer as well.
As Sailing Program liaison, I am happy to
report that Philip Smit assisted by Erik
Ekberg and senior assistants the infamous
Kelly boys will be returning and heading
up the program this year, with Lisa
Webster once again returning to assist
with registration activities. We have a
great fleet of boats and a wonderful cast
of returning veteran instructors plus
some new blood, to help us provide
quality safe sailing/boating instruction
and a fun summer social activity as well.
Our young people make the program
what it is today and we should all be very
proud of the group we have representing
us again this year! As you know, the club
and especially the sailing program
depend very much on fundraising and
donations from club members, so please
consider donating some time and/or
money (or both) to the program. Won’t
be long until we start work on the boats
again in late May/June—so get psyched!
In closing, I would just like to say again
how pleased I am to once again represent
you as Commodore of the NYC. I have
been actively involved in the senior yacht
club now for a long time and I think I still
have some energy left to give it another
shot!. That said, I invite you to join me
and the BOD to make this another great
season! Please, come on down, get
involved in activities of interest, donate
some time, money etc. to help us do what
we do for the community and you! We’re
glad to do our part, but we need your help
and support!
Best wishes for a terrific summer of 2015!
Northport Yacht Club Officers and Board of Directors 2014-2015:
~ Gordon
Commodore –Gordon Fuller; Rear Commodore – Jim Kelly; Vice Commodore –Jim Facey;
Treasurer – Rob Smit; Secretary – Jackie Facey; Fleet Captain – Dave Leaming
Directors –Jim Ross, Lindsay Huntoon, Bill Haverty, Eric Ekberg, and Craig Brigham
April 2015
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye
by Dave Leaming
ow is the time for all good men, ladies
and kids to come to the aid of their
yacht club.
After a seemingly endless winter folks
are finally thinking about spring and summer
fun. Maybe it’s been on their minds since
With a new season fast approaching with
thoughts of sailing, socializing and opening the
cottage comes one small price to pay. There are
some chores and projects that need attention.
That applies to the club with organizing events,
getting moorings and club boats uncovered,
painted and in the water and opening the
clubhouse. Signs and bulletin boards need to be
up, items fixed or replaced, boat inventory
updated, replaced or sold off, race markers
placed, deck furniture laid out and tons of other
things that always get done and are welcomed
when they are available.
The old crew needs new blood. Your
volunteerism and help, however small or large, is
mightily welcomed. There are times there just
aren't enough hands, backs and expertise. We
also desperately need new jokes. The old ones
have been retold too often and quite honestly
some just aren't funny.
New people with fresh perspectives, energy,
jokes and insight are strongly urged to just pop
in when you see work projects going on. You
don't have to formally commit yourselves. If you
have a 1/2 hour or even two hours just stop,
introduce yourselves and get to work. It’s fun
and entertaining and the more the merrier. You
may have a great idea about the project and your
ideas are wanted. They may get shot down but
who cares. You will meet folks with boating
experience and can bounce ideas about your
sailing with them.
Some come on folks. Stop in and stay awhile. You
are more than welcome.
David Leaming
2014 Member of the Year
Fleet captain and really swell guy.
(If he does say so himself, but it’s true! -JSF)
The Class of 2015: Calling all NYC Graduates!
by Jean Coughlin
he John Coughlin Scholarship was created
in memory of Jim and Joanne Coughlin’s
son, John, who passed away in 1999. John
was the grandson of John Short, one of the
founding fathers of the Northport Yacht Club. He
spent his childhood summering in Bayside and
worked as a merchant marine for many years.
Club this summer, or it can be downloaded from
the Yacht Club website, . A fully completed
application must be submitted to either Jean
Coughlin or any Board Member by August 1,
2015. It is traditionally awarded at the annual
meeting in August.
This $200 scholarship is open to any Northport
Yacht Club member who is graduating from High
School and attending college in the fall. Eligible
applicants can pick up an application at the Yacht
If you are a student graduating from high school
this year, plan to attend college in the fall, and
are a NYC member, you may want to consider
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
April 2015
by Jim Facey
f all the great cruising destinations along
the Maine coast, Monhegan Island ranks
right up at the top of the list for me. It is
one of the prettiest and most interesting
places I have been. Geoff and I took the Blue
Parrot there in the summer of 2000 for a short 3
day/2 night cruise. It was worth the effort just
for the trip down, which provides the chance to
sail through some of the many islands of the
southern reaches of Penobscot Bay. For our first
leg out of Bayside, we planned to try for Burnt
Island, at the edge of Muscongus Bay, about 6
miles out from Port Clyde. We sailed off our
mooring as the sun rose on a breezy August
morning. The breeze soon turned blustery and
by 9:30 we had put Rockport behind us. We
threaded our way down through the islands of
the western edge of the bay through Muscle
ridge channel towards our chosen anchorage at
the northeastern tip of Burnt Island. With
excellent wind, the trip took about eight hours
under way. At Burnt there is a sheltered cove
formed by Burnt and its barren neighbor, Little
Burnt. The holding is excellent with good
protection from all but the northeast. The
scenery is beautiful, and but for an abandoned
Coast guard station just up the rise from the
beach, quite isolated. The two islands are
connected by a sand bar until about mid tide.
From this vantage the sun sets over the rocky
islands of Muscongus Bay, making for a
memorable evening in the cockpit. The sound of
breakers crashing on nearby ledges lulled us to
sleep when we turned in. In the morning we had
about seven or eight miles to make across the
open Atlantic to reach Monhegan.
Monhegan came into view early, owing to its
high elevations of up to 170 feet. There are
ledges lurking along the way, so we kept our
charts handy and had to pay close attention as
we drew near Monhegan. The good little harbor
is a visual delight as we squeezed past Smutty
nose Island and entered the fairly protected
waters between Monhegan and its smaller
neighbor Manana Island. The village is spread
out around the harbor with maybe a hundred
homes, most dating from around 1900 or earlier.
Rising behind the harbor is a meadow with a
ridge dotted with more charming old houses. At
the top of the ridge sits the lighthouse with its
connected museum. There is no pavement on
the island, only narrow dirt roads and footpaths.
There are also no cars on the island, though
there are a few pickup trucks used by
lobstermen to ferry their gear to and from the
The Maine Cruising guide advises not to try
anchoring in the harbor as the bottom is fouled
with three hundred years of debris. There is also
no commercial mooring operation; however we
had no trouble finding a free mooring for the
day. On our first pass through the harbor we
happened upon the harbor masters son, who was
rowing out to his lobster boat with a huge chest
of drawers perched precariously on the
gunwales of his dinghy. He was happy to point
out an available mooring. We quickly tied up,
tidied up, packed a lunch, and were ready to
explore. We paddled our kayaks into Swim
beach, a tiny sandy cove in the middle of the
village. As we landed, there were swimmers on
the beach, and an artist recreating the scene on
canvas. We would see artwork in progress
wherever we went on the island. We pulled the
kayaks up, careful to leave them outside of the
artists chosen scene and set off to reconnoiter.
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
On this summer weekday the village footpaths
were fairly peopled, but it takes a hardy tourist
to reach Monhegan so it’s not the usual tourist
crowd. One story we heard at the lighthouse
museum is that Zero Mostel, a frequent summer
resident, used to greet the daily mainland ferries
at the wharf, yelling at the tourists as they got off
the boats to "Stay away, go home! There are
plagues and pestilence, go home, save
yourselves!" Although there are three ferries
daily from the mainland bringing tourists; the 12
miles of Atlantic Ocean separating Monhegan
from the rest of Maine keep the island from
getting overrun.
We set off to explore the village first. There are
some relatively grand buildings that recall a Bar
Harbor style, these dating to the turn of the last
century, and quite a few truly antique cottages.
We found the village charming with a little
Bohemian flair. It has been a tourist destination
and artist colony for over 100 years, but has also
been a vibrant fishing colony for over 300 years,
and still retains an authenticity which is lost in
many Maine coastal towns. Much of the island
has always been in a natural state, and bears
dense old-growth pine forest. Only the area
around the harbor is populated. The village has
a couple of little general stores, and a range of
restaurants and cafes, along with several inns of
varying size. The main road parallels the
southwestern shore and then peters out into
footpaths after bending up the ridge behind the
village where the lighthouse sits with its
connected museum. Most of the rest of the
island is generally covered with cathedral pines.
There are several paths through the forest and
along the spectacular shores. The eastern side of
the island presents an almost 2 mile rocky
promontory to the open ocean swells, its cliffs
reaching as high as 150 feet. The vistas rival
those at Acadia. As we wandered through the
forest, we had to be on the lookout for tiny fairy
April 2015
dwellings and altars made of twigs, bark, acorns
and pine cones. These are randomly and artfully
placed around the paths of the forest. Some of
them were true works of art, making the walk
through the woods interesting and fun. Once we
reached the path along the eastern shore we
were rewarded with a memorable view of the
open ocean and crashing breakers from atop the
rocky cliffs. Along the cliffs, as in the village, we
found several artists putting their impression of
the view on canvas. Some of these were quite
good to my untrained eye.
After lunch on the harbor beach and a coffee
from the store, we visited the excellent museum.
The museum had great historical fishing exhibits,
350 years of Island family history with lots of
artifacts, some Native Indian history, and a good
quantity of donated paintings, some of them
painted by artists that even I had heard of. This
is all housed in an antique home attached to the
still active lighthouse. All day long as we
explored on Monhegan our eyes had been drawn
to little Manana Island sitting across the tiny
harbor providing shelter from the prevailing
southwesterlies. We decided to paddle over and
see it. This island, little more than a big rock,
less than a half mile long and forty acres, has
some interesting history of its own. The Coast
Guard used to man a lighthouse and rescue
facility on Manana and still maintains a fog horn
there, be sure to stay clear of this horn on foggy
days to protect your ears. There is a railway
which goes from the harbor up and over the top
of this rocky island to the Coast Guard facility.
This was used to ferry groceries and other
necessities to the station. From around 1930
until sometime in the seventies a hermit,
formerly a New York City food inspector lived on
Manana with only a few sheep for company. The
driftwood hut which he built and lived in is still
standing. Local lore has it that there are Viking
markings on some of the granite outcroppings. It
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
is worth ascending to the top of Manana just for
the sweeping view it provides of Monhegan
harbor and the village beyond.
I think I could spend several days on Monhegan
without getting restless, but it is small enough to
see in a day if you don't tarry too long in the
Museum and art galleries. We arrived at about
9:00 in the morning and by around 3:30 in the
afternoon we set out for the thirteen mile trip to
Port Clyde where we stayed that night. I would
April 2015
have liked more time to hike because we had
skipped the northern half of the island during
our morning hike. It might be nice to arrange an
overnight mooring which would allow a more
leisurely afternoon. Dinner could be either on
the boat or perhaps at one of the inns and
restaurants. We definitely plan to go back again.
For those not inclined make this trip in their own
boat, there are day trips to Monhegan by ferry
available out of Port Clyde, New Harbor and
The Northport Yacht Club Announces On-Line Membership Payment
he NYC has dragged itself into the 21st century
and can now accept your on-line registration
and membership dues payment on our website
You will find the link to online registration on our
home page right under the Membership Application
banner at the top of the page. Just click where it says
“Register online here”; and follow the instructions on
the registration page.
The online payments for can be submitted with or
without using a PayPal account, and you can use any
generally accepted credit or debit charge account
(Visa/MasterCard/Discover). Dues for 2015 are
Boating members: $50, social members: $35. The
club would greatly appreciate your early use of the
new online registration tool as it will help us with our
cash flow this spring when our expenses are at their
highest and incoming monies are at their lowest.
If you have any problems with the online payment or
do not want to use the online tool, simply download
the 2015-2016 application (included in this
newsletter if you opted for snail mail), compete in
full, and send with payment to:
Northport Yacht Club
P.O. Box 957
Belfast, Maine 04915
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
April 2015
Even Greener: The Tell-Tale
hanks to all of you who became greener this year by opting to receive the Tell-Tale electronically. Every
effort has been made to comply with your request. If you did not receive the e-version and would prefer
that choice, please send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to oblige. It’s
a win-win if you elect this format – you’re supporting a greener environment and making its availability extremely
Membership Benefits and Activities Sustained by the Northport Yacht Club
Free subscription to the NYC Tell Tale – published twice a year.
Our waterfront clubhouse has one of the best views from the deck on the Maine Coast – come try it out
with your morning coffee!
Sailing school: perhaps the most important activity of the club. Over the past several summers, we
have averaged over 100 students, all learning to sail and race in our Daysailer, 420s and Sonar keelboat
fleets at a very reasonable cost – all while growing our NYC future!
Racing: John Short Big Boat Series, Walter Downs Regattas for kids, Around Islesboro Race, and fun
races, as the calendar allows.
Events: May Kickoff Dinner; July Cocktail Party & General Meeting; Annual Potluck Supper & Meeting,
Pancake breakfast; July 4th Kid’s Games, Waterslide and Bonfire; Band Concerts; Boat Parades; Mother
of all Yard Sales; and Picnics and Cruising trips.
Club members may use the NYC dinghies at the dock.
Weekend Post-Race Socials and Thursday Evening Pot-Luck and Cookouts
Charitable funding for: Sailing School & college scholarships; the Northport Food Pantry; Northport
Volunteer Fire Department; and other occasional charities
Junior Yacht Club activities (Age 18 and under) & the Warren Island overnight camping trip
The club is an active advocate and financial supporter of maintenance and improvements to the Bayside
NYC Club members receive a ten percent discount on most items purchased at all Hamilton Marine
Reciprocity may be available at some other yacht clubs for NYC Members.
Of course, NYC always needs VOLUNTEERS to assist in the activities noted above. Interested in
volunteering? Please remember to complete your NYC application in full, and indicate how/when you are
available to help out.
April 2015
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
Announcing the 2015
Northport Yacht Club
~ A nn ua l K ic k - O f f C e le b r a t io n ~
S u n d a y M a y 2 4 t h ~ 6: 00P M
The Nautilus – Belfast, Maine
Heavy Hors d’ Oeuvres, buffet and carving station
Cash Bar
$ 30.00 per person ~ (includes tax and gratuity)
To secure your place, reservations must be made and payment must be received no
later than Saturday May 16th. Please complete the order form below and return with
payment payable to:
The Northport Yacht Club
P.O. Box 957
Belfast, ME 04915
IMPORTANT- Reservation and payment confirmation will be sent to you via email, which will
serve as your confirmation. Please be sure to include your email.
NYC 2015 Kick-Off Event Order Form
email address:
# Tickets
@$30.00 ea.
Total enclosed: $
My payment is for the following attendees (list names)
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
April 2015
Northport Yacht Club Sailing School Weekly program offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings throughout the summer. All
children 10 and older may participate for a week or for the whole summer. Swimming test is required for new students. Report to the NYC
Clubhouse by 9 AM Monday, with a personal flotation device if you have one. For more information, contact Head Sailing Instructor Philip
Smit (609-802-6445, [email protected]) or visit
Northport Yacht Club Fun Races for Kids and Open Potluck Supper (NYC Clubhouse; 4:00 PM, potluck about 5:30 PM) All kids 10
and over are welcome! Cookout/potluck immediately follows, at about 5:30 PM. Held Thursday afternoons throughout the season. contact
Head Sailing Instructor Philip Smit
(609-802-6445, [email protected]) or visit
Junior Yacht Club meetings, evenings after Racing and Potluck (July 3 through August 6) contact Eric Ekberg
([email protected])
Northport Yacht Club Board Meeting (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM)
5/24/15 (Sun)
Northport Yacht Club Kick-Off Celebration (Nautilus Restaurant, Belfast; 6 PM) Contact Jim & Jackie
Facey([email protected]) for information.
Please note: No Walkups, tickets must be purchased in advance $35.
5/25/15 (Mon)
Memorial Day
6/6/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Work Party (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM) Come out and help ready the fleet and the
clubhouse! Contact Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
6/13/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Work Party (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM) Come out and help ready the fleet and the
clubhouse! Contact Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
6/20/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Work Party (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM) Come out and help ready the fleet and the
clubhouse! Contact Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
6/20/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Summer Solstice raft-up and cocktail hour(s) 6 PM on the bay.
6/21/15 (Sun)
Northport Yacht Club Board Meeting (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM)
6/22-26/15 (Mon-Fri)
Northport Yacht Club Sailing School Instructor Training (NYC Clubhouse) contact Head Sailing Instructor
Philip Smit (609-802-6445, [email protected]).
6/27/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Work Party (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM) Come out and help ready the fleet and the
clubhouse! Contact Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
6/28/15 (Sun)
Northport Yacht Club Race Committee Meeting (NYC Clubhouse; 10:00 AM) Race committee to be
formalized and other discussion to follow. All racers invited. Contact Bruce Smith (207-338-5029;
[email protected]).
6/28/15 (Sun)
NYC John Short Series Fun Race (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11:30 AM; Race at 1 PM) Contact
Bruce Smith (207-338-5029; [email protected]).
6/29/15 (Mon)
Northport Yacht Club Sailing School Starts (NYC Clubhouse; Registration at 9 AM) contact Head Sailing
Instructor Philip Smit (609-802-6445, [email protected]) or visit
7/2/15 (Thu)
Northport Yacht Club Fun Races for Kids and Open Potluck Supper (NYC Clubhouse; 4:00 PM, potluck
about 5:30 PM) See “Recurring Events.”
7/2/15 (Thu)
Junior Yacht Club Organizational Meeting (NYC Clubhouse; Following the races) All kids welcomed to join!
Election of officers will be held. Contact Eric Ekberg ([email protected]).
7/4/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Kids’ Games & Waterslide (Ruggles Park; Starting at 10 AM) 10 AM toddler games,
craft table, and basketball court games; 11 AM field games; 11:45 AM greased watermelon; waterslide follows.
Contact GAMES ([email protected] ) for games and Gordon Fuller ([email protected]) for waterslide info
7/4/15 (Sat)
NYC Concert series (Leaky Boot Jug Band) 4 PM Ruggles Park. Contact Gordon Fuller
([email protected]).
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
7/4/15 (Sat)
April 2015
NYC Bonfire – dusk, Ruggles Park beach. Contact Mike Lannan([email protected]) or Bill
Haverty([email protected])
7/5/15 (Sun)
John Short Series Race #1 (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11:30 AM; Race at 1 PM) Contact Bruce
Smith (207-338-5029; [email protected]).
7/11/15 (Sat)
Junior Yacht Club Car Wash Fundraiser (Near the Yacht Club; 10 AM-Noon) contact Eric Ekberg
([email protected])
7/11/15 (Sat)
NYC John Short Race #2 & #3 (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11:00 AM; Race at 12:30 PM) Contact
Bruce Smith (207-338-5029; [email protected]).
7/12/15 (Sun)
Northport Yacht Club Board Meeting (NYC Clubhouse; 8:30 AM)
Walter Downs Regatta #1 (NYC Clubhouse; Starts with Pre-Race Cookout at 12:30 PM) Open to all kids 10
and over, subject to boat space limitations contact Head Sailing Instructor Philip Smit
(609-802-6445, [email protected]) or Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
7/18/15 (Sat)
NYC John Short Race #4 (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11:30 AM; Race at 1:30 PM) Contact Bruce
Smith (207-338-5029; [email protected]).
7/18/15 (Sat)
NYC Annual July Cocktail Party (NYC clubhouse 6 PM, refreshments & Hors D’oeuvres, bring something to
share). Contact Jackie Facey ([email protected] 338 3118)
7/21/15 (Tues)
Junior Yacht Club Warren Island Outing & Picnic (Departs from Bayside Wharf; 11 AM) Not to be missed!!
Please note this is not an overnight trip. A signup sheet will be posted in the Yacht Club, and information sheets
will be available at the Northport Junior Yacht Club meetings. Chaperones will be needed. As usual, the trip
depends on having enough parents willing to help out. Money for the trip, along with signed permission slips, will
be collected during the JYC Car Wash on Saturday, July 11th. In addition, a short meeting will be held before
noon for the campers and chaperones to go over the rules and logistics for the trip. contact Eric Ekberg
([email protected]).
7/24/15 (Fri)
Northport Yacht Club Annual Yard Sale Item Collection (NYC Clubhouse; 1-4:30 PM) Donations of
merchandise requested. Volunteer help is needed. Contact Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
7/25/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Annual Mother of All Yard Sales (NYC Clubhouse; 8 AM-Noon) Donations of
merchandise requested, including a car (this would be a first for the MOAYS!!). Drop-offs from 1-5 PM Friday.
This event is a fundraiser for the NYC sailing program. Contact Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
7/26/15 (Sun)
Northport Yacht Club Pancake Breakfast (Community Hall; 8 AM-10 AM) Not to be missed! Contact Art
Hall ([email protected]).
7/26/15 (Sun)
NYC John Short Races #5 (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11 30 AM; Race at 1 PM) Contact Bruce
Smith (207-338-5029; [email protected]).
NYC Midsummer Raft-up On the Bay Contact Jim Facey ([email protected] 338 3118)
8/1/15 (Sat)
NYC John Short Races #6 (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11 30 AM; Race at 1 PM) Contact Bruce
Smith (207-338-5029; [email protected]).
8/2/15 (Sun)
Walter Downs Regatta #2 (NYC Clubhouse; Starts with Pre-Race Cookout at 12:30 PM) Open to all kids 10
and over, subject to boat space limitations. contact Head Sailing Instructor Philip Smit
(609-802-6445, [email protected]) or Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
8/3/15 (Mon)
NYC Summer Cruise Begins (Through 8/7)Jump in your boat and joins us for all or just part of the fun. This
year’s itinerary tbd. Interested cruisers should contact Jim Facey ([email protected] or Jon Linn
([email protected]).
8/8/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Board Meeting (NYC Clubhouse; 8:30 AM)
8/8/15 (Sat)
NYC John Short Races #7 (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11 30 AM; Race at 1 PM) Contact Bruce
Smith (207-338-5029; [email protected]).
NYC Boat Parade (Waterfront; 2 PM) Contact Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
8/14/15 (Fri)
Northport Yacht Club Sailing Program Ends
8/15/15 (Sat)
NYC John Short Make-Up Race (NYC Clubhouse; Skippers’ Meeting at 11:30 AM; Race at 1 PM) The results
of this race will not be included in the overall standings for the John Short series. Contact Bruce Smith (207-3385029; [email protected]).
8/15/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Annual Meeting & Potluck (Community Hall; 6 PM) Please bring a dish to share
(serving 8 or more), & your own set-ups (plates and silverware). Contact Jackie Facey ([email protected]).
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
April 2015
8/16/15 (Sun)
Around Islesboro Race Planning Session (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM) Help needed for land support activities,
pre- & post-race social activities, etc. Interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend. Contact Jim
Facey ([email protected]) or Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
8/21/15 (Fri)
NYC Season’s Ends Raft-up On the Bay Contact Jim Facey ([email protected] 338 3118)
8/30/15 (Sun)
Around Islesboro Race Planning Session (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM) Help needed for land support activities,
pre- & post-race social activities, etc. Interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend. Contact Jim
Facey ([email protected]) or Gordon Fuller ([email protected]).
9/7/15 (Mon)
Labor Day
9/11/15 (Fri)
Around Islesboro Race Eve Dinner & Pre-Registration (NYC Clubhouse; 6 PM) Contact Art Hall
([email protected]) for race information or Jackie Facey ([email protected]) for social/volunteer
9/12/15 (Sat)
27th Annual Around Islesboro Race (AIR 2013) Contact Art Hall ([email protected]) for race information
or Jackie Facey ([email protected]) for social/volunteer information. Please consider bringing down a dish to
the club on Saturday afternoon at 3 PM. Serving starts at 4 PM. Casseroles, salads, chili, soups, desserts are
all welcome.
NYC Clubhouse Cleanup / Remove Awning (NYC Clubhouse; 10:30 AM)
10/10/15 (Sat)
Northport Yacht Club Board Meeting (NYC Clubhouse; 9 AM)
April 2015
The Northport Yacht Club Tell-Tale
Bayside Marine
Marine & Mooring Services
Serving the Bayside Community since the turn of the Century
Scott F. Munroe
207-323-4565 email:[email protected]