Bodywork Programme - North London Buddhist Centre

10 - 11.30am
Iyengar Yoga (all levels)
Helen Corcoran
12.30 – 2pm
Hatha Yoga (all levels)
Tony Marcus
2.45 – 4pm
Yoga for Stress Relief
Alexandra Gray
10 - 11.30am
Iyengar Yoga
Aubrey Maasdorp
12.45pm – 2pm
Qi Gong
Tom Watson and Richard Thomas
3 – 4.30pm
Yin Yoga
Amanda Wright
10– 11.15am
Gentle Yoga
Amanda Owen
10. – 11.30am
Iyengar Yoga (all levels)
Helen Corcoran
10 - 11.30am
Joanna Puchala
12 - 1.15pm
Feldenkrais Method
Colin Poole
11.45am - 1pm
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Joanna Puchala
12 - 1pm
Tai Chi 1 - Chi Kung
Richard Thomas
£8 (£15 for Tai Chi 1 & 2)
1.15 - 2.15pm
Tai Chi 2 Richard Thomas
£8 (£15 for Tai Chi 1 & 2)
1.30 - 3.30pm
Afternoon Workshops in
Yoga or Qi Gong
See Events Schedule.
3 – 4.30pm
Ashtanga Yoga
Norman Blair
2.30 – 3.45pm
Hatha Yoga (all levels)
Tony Marcus
5.45 – 7pm
Qi Gong
Loz Speyer
6 – 7.15pm
Hatha Flow (all levels)
Alison Barker/Sian O’Neill
6.30 – 8pm
Circular Flow Yoga
Sherene Banner
7.15 – 8.45pm
Dynamic Yoga
Emma Greenough
7.30 – 8.45pm
Hatha Flow (all levels)
Alison Barker/Nick Sharman
8.15 – 9.30pm
Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Shirley Brooks
6.00 – 7.15pm
Iyengar Yoga
Aubrey Maasdorp
7.30 – 8.45pm
Yoga - Destress, relax, unwind
Alexandra Gray
6.30 – 8pm
Yoga: A Mindful Approach
Rosalie Dores
e ve nts
Monthly Iyengar Yoga workshop with Aubrey Maasdorp Every 2nd Saturday of the month Sat 9 May, Sat 13 June, Sat 11 July
1.30 – 3.30pm £20/15 Please book.
Yogalates workshops with Joanna Puchala 1.30 – 3.30pm £20/15
Saturdays 2 May, 23 May, 30 May, 27 June, 25 July, and 15 August
Yogalates will work your body helping you become more flexible,
streamlined and toned; it will strengthen your core muscles whilst
enhancing spinal alignment and posture. Please book.
Monthly Qigong workshops with Loz Speyer A series of Qigong Saturday workshops 1.30 – 4.30pm £25/20
Sat 16 May, Sat 20 Jun, Sat 18 July. Please book.
Summer Solstice Recharge – a Qigong workshop
with Richard Thomas & Tom Watson Sun 21 Jun 10am – 2pm £35/20
Welcome and embrace the longest day of the year. This major
celestial event marks a peak of natural energy (Yang) and is a time of
transformation. We will strengthen the Fire Element in order to revitalise
and celebrate the Earth to cultivate the ‘seeds of yin’ and prepare for the
waning of the sun. Open to beginners and experienced practitioners.
Fire - an Elemental Qigong workshop
with Richard Thomas and Tom Watson Sun 19 Jul 10am – 2pm £35/20
Fire is the expansive phase of the Five Elements cycle. It is associated
with heat, the season of summer and the emotion joy. In the body it
manifests primarily through the Heart. Fire movements are graceful and
expansive. We will explore a variety of static and moving forms that
connect to the Fire meridians and organs, including several bird forms.
Open to beginners and experienced practitioners. Please book.
Breathing in yoga - prānāyāma with Amanda Owen
Sat 4 July 1.30 - 3.30pm £20/15 Please book.
By integrating breath with movement, we move into a mindful practice.
We can influence our energy with the breath - gently energising and
nicely relaxing. Yogic breathing techniques can refresh us, de-stress
us and lead us more deeply into meditation. We will do a physical
yoga practice with conscious breathing and experience some breathing
techniques whilst sitting (on a chair or on the floor as you wish).
Circular Flow Yoga with Sherene Banner Wed evenings 6.30 – 8pm
The circular aspect of the practice is influenced by Tai-Chi. Through the practice
we explore postures investigating the ‘elements’and ‘Energy’ as well as their
many directions and possible uses.
Qi Gong with Loz Speyer Mon eve 5.45 - 7pm
In qi gong we practise movements and meditations designed to link in with the
pure universal qi: in this way our energy is cleared, balanced and strengthened
and problems are dissolved.
Dynamic Yoga with Emma Greenough Mon 7.15 - 8.45pm
A dynamic and energetic style of yoga that flows from one posture to the next.
Attention is placed on synchronizing movement and breath to develop harmony
and balance of mind and body.
Qi Gong with Richard Thomas and Tom Watson Wed 12.45 - 2pm
The practice enhances the flow of qi, our vital energy, calms the mind and
energises the body to build strength, stamina, balance and coordination.
Feldenkrais Method with Colin Poole 12noon - 1.15pm
The Feldenkrais Method enhances awareness through gentle movements. and
improves posture, breathing, coordination and flexibility. For anyone wishing to
improve performance related skills, support recovery from injury, or cultivate
more harmony in daily activities.
Gentle Yoga with Amanda Owen Thurs morning 10 – 11.15am
Gentle bodywork with an emphasis on mobilising stiff joints, protecting them
from degenerative change, revitalising tissues and relaxing the muscles to
promote good health. Appropriate for people aged 17 to 97.
Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Shirley Brooks Wed 8.15 - 9.30pm
Softly flowing yoga that mindfully integrates postures with the breath.
Lengthen, strengthen and stretch to relax the body and balance the mind and
end with a deeply restful shavasana. For all levels of experience.
Hatha Flow with Alison Barker/Sian O’Neill
Tues eve 6 – 7.15pm
with Alison Barker/Nick Sharmann Tues eve 7.30 – 8.45pm
Soothing and relaxing sequence of Hatha yoga poses linking movements
with the breath and brings balance and joy to the body. Suitable for all levels.
Hatha Yoga with Tony Marcus Tue 12.30 - 2.00pm & Thur 2.30 - 3.45pm
A deep and careful practice to extend the spine and enjoy the body. Movement
is slow and focuses on spinal health, core strength and undoing the damage
caused by sitting for hours at a time. Influenced by the teachings of Vanda
Scaravelli and Anna Ashby
Iyengar Yoga with Helen Corcoran
Tues morning 10 - 11.30am
(all levels)
with Aubrey Maasdorp Wed morning 10 - 11.30am
with Aubrey Maasdorp Thurs evening 6 - 7.15pm
with Helen Corcoran
Fri morning 10 - 11.30am
The Iyengar method, a highly regarded form of yoga, places special focus
on developing strength, endurance and correct body alignment in addition
to flexibility and relaxation. Classes are sequenced, emphasise precision and
include a variety of poses from standing and sitting, forward and back bends,
supine balances, inversions and relaxation.
T’ai chi 1: T’ai chi Ch’i kung with Richard Thomas Thur 12 – 1pm
We will explore T’ai chi c’hi kung movements. These help develop balance,
breathing, flexibility, coordination, and a calm mind. Complete in itself this
practice is also an excellent preparation for T’ai chi form practice session right
after this class.
Pilates with Joanna Puchala Sat morning 10 - 11.30am
Pilates works deep postural muscles, and brings the body into correct alignment
strengthening the centre of the body to decrease lower back pain. Breath and
relaxation bring awareness to body and mind.
T’ai chi 2: T’ai chi Form with Richard Thomas Thur 1.15 – 2.15pm
We will learn the popular and beautiful Yang-style 24 Form, also called the
Beijing Short Form. Perfect for the beginner but with great depth it is also a
great way to take T’ai chi ch’i kung further.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Joanna Puchala Sat 11.45am - 1pm
A dynamic yoga practice taught to music, which flows through a sequence of
postures creating a moving meditation.
Yin Yoga with Amanda Wright Wed afternoon 3– 4.30pm
Inspired by gentleness, precision and letting go, sitting postures are held for
sustained periods of time. This allows us space to explore potential and refine
awareness. Silent class on 2nd Friday of each month.
Yoga: a Mindful Approach with Rosalie Dores Fri eve 6.30 – 8pm
A mindful and sensitive approach to yoga, which cultivates awareness of the
breath, spine and gravity. Opening, softening and lengthening we listen, deeply
awakening the body’s innate wisdom.
Yoga: destress, relax, unwind with Alexandra Gray Thur 7.30- 8.45pm.
Yoga is an effective and natural way to reduce stress. Many people find it hard
to relax after work or suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia. Relaxing
movements with a focus on the breath will help you generate a feeling of calm
and wellbeing - a wonderful way to end your day.
North London Buddhist Centre
72 Holloway Rd, London, N7 8JG
(nearest tube: Holloway Rd or Highbury & Islington)
020 7700 1177
Booking arrangements for day events and courses
Full payment is needed for all bookings. Payment can be
transferred 72 hours before the start date subject to a £10
administration fee. After this point no transfers will be made.
Payments are not refundable.
tai chi
qi gong
Please inform the teacher before starting a class if you have any
injury or health condition, especially heart problems, diabetes,
Meniere’s disease, detached retina, Aids, MS, epilepsy, or if you
have recently had an operation. If you are pregnant please ask the
teacher if his/her class is suitable for you.
Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.
We recommend that you do not eat for 2 hours before a yoga/pilates
Photo courtesy of Sherene Banner
About our classes
Ashtanga Yoga with Norman Blair Fri afternoon 3 - 4.30pm
A powerful and profound form of dynamic movement where postures are linked
by breath. It is purifying for body and focusing for mind. To attend the class,
you must have had six months experience of practicing yoga.
Booking is not required for
weekly classes.
Just drop in and pay the
receptionist on arrival.
All classes are suitable for
complete beginners unless
otherwise stated.
Discount Card special offer
Discount cards available for
£10 classes (10 classes for £90),
for £12 classes (10 classes for £108) and
T’ai Chi 1&2 £15 (10 classes for £135)
Valid for three months.
Yoga for Stress Relief with Alexandra Gray Tues 2.45 – 4.00pm
This gentle, friendly class offers effective, natural ways to relieve stress,
anxiety, depression and insomnia. We will explore postures that release physical
and mental tension, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation
May-August 2015
Charity No 801632
north london buddhist centre