Featuring Chef ’s Line™
Plain Risotto
Authentic risotto that would normally take hours to prepare can
now be created in mere minutes with no fuss and no mush
Plain Risotto
Mushroom Risotto
Designed and created for
chefs with high standards
Easy to cook from frozen with simple, natural
ingredients, our risotto delivers a neutral flavor profile
and consistent results every time.
Product Inspiration
Ideal Use
Who says there are no shortcuts to the
perfect risotto? Chef’s Line™ all-natural
risotto will have you disagreeing on first bite.
Creamy, luxurious and easy to prepare, with
each grain enrobed in sauce to help keep its
superior texture. Our plain and mushroom
risottos will take you by surprise – all while
introducing an authentic Italian specialty to
your menu. Its neutral flavor lets you add
grilled vegetables or your favorite protein to
create a signature item in no time.
Neutral flavor profile lends itself to a variety
of applications:
• Risotto of the Day
• Café menus
• Signature dishes
• Hearty side dish
• Banquet service
• Colleges and universities
• Bar and grill
• Casual dining
• Made with Distinction: unique enrobing
technology coats each grain with just the
right amount of sauce, keeping the grains
free flowing to maintain their shape
• Performance: consistent product each and
every time with a neutral flavor profile for
signature dishes; ideal for quick-serve
applications; 18-month shelf life
• Cost Savings: single or multiple portion
sizes control waste; create ethnic fusion
dishes with great upsell potential
• Labor Savings: prepare from frozen;
no need to thaw; create an authentic,
free-flow risotto in just six minutes
Product Description
Pack Size
Plain Risotto
4/3 lb.
– Rice from a region close to Arborio, Italy
Mushroom Risotto
4/3 lb.
– Enrobing sauce
Ingredients Include
– Three types of mushrooms: Paris,
nameko and chanterelle
Food Fact
Historic American cookbooks confirm risotto was
cooked in America beginning in the late 19th
century, though it did not become widely accepted
until after World War II.
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