Northeast Recruiting Report

Northeast Recruiting Report
Published by New England Basketball Services
Issue 8, Volume 7 – NEPSAC AAA
Class of 2014
Mike Auger, 6-6, PF, New Hampton (NH), Mass Rivals – Committed to Penn (tough & physical inside, good athlete, some skill)
Cane Broome, 6-1, G, St. Thomas More (CT), Expressions – Committed to Sacred Heart (smooth lefty scores 3 ranges, learning PG)
Isaac Copeland, 6-8, F, Brewster Academy (NH), Garner Rd – Committed to Georgetown (long/athletic; developing skill; big upside)
Calvin Crawford, 6-8, F, St. Thomas More (CT), BC Eagles – Committed to Manhattan (long & mobile with some touch; young)
Sem Kroon, 6-10, C, Northfield Mt Hermon (MA), RI Hawks – Committed to Yale (developing post game, finishes, + summer)
Mike Leblanc, 6-7, F, New Hampton (NH), RI Hawks – Committed to Princeton (very good shooter becoming more versatile)
Chris McCullough, 6-9, F, Brewster Academy (NH), Team Scan – Committed to Syracuse (highest level athlete; long, runs, jumps)
Eric Paschall, 6-6, F, St. Thomas More (CT), The City – Committed to Fordham (strong, athletic, skilled to arc, shoots 3, A10 steal)
Jared Terrell, 6-3, SG, Brewster Academy (NH), Expressions – Committed to Oklahoma St (scorer, powerful, improved skills & def)
Max Twyman, 6-4, SF, Brewster Academy (NH), NE Playaz – Committed to Albany (shoots 3, high I.Q, tough, knows how to play)
Josh Williams, 6-6, SF, St. Thomas More (CT), NJ Got Game – Committed to Rider (long, smooth & athletic; transition & defense)
Michael Wells, 5-8, PG, St. Thomas More (CT) – Committed to Albany (Bulldog with 1st step & 3pt stroke alike + intangibles)
Kevin Zabo, 6-2, G, Brewster Academy (NH), CIA Bounce – Committed to San Diego St (skilled & powerful guard; shoots it well)
Devonte Graham, 6-1, PG, Brewster Academy (NH), Garner Road, HM
919-665-9751 (C); 8311 Bellview Court, Apt 304, Raleigh, NC 27613
Jason Smith (HS) 603-630-2040
Previously signed with Appalachian St in fall ’12 & thus far unsuccessful battle for release been well
chronicled by media. Priority HM target if/when other schools can contact him given very thin PG market.
Athletic with quick first step, good speed in open floor, and ability to elevate. Average shooter who doesn’t
need much space but settles for too many tough ones. Gets in lane with physical tools & good use of body.
Historically been a transition based scorer but gradually learning to be true point & make plays at various
tempos. Tools to be good defender but not yet his emphasis. Frame is cut-up but not too bulky.
Tory Miller, 6-8, C/F, New Hampton (NH), Kansas City Pump n’Run, HM913-244-1730 (C); 500 NW Donovan Rd, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Pete Hutchins (HS) 603-677-2312; LJ Goolsby (AAU) 913-485-4959
Slightly undersized for a true big but thick & strong; one of best left on the board. Motor has improved but
overall effort/impact can still be inconsistent – tends to play to level of competition. Runs well when he
wants, developing low post tools, pretty good hands, & undeniable interior presence when he imposes his
will. Doesn’t always rebound like he should. Better post defender than he is shot-blocker. Not a great
second jump but could still be tied to torn ACL from earlier in career (shows no other hints of previous
Aubrey Dawkins, 6-5, G/F, New Hampton (NH), Arizona Magic, MM+
919-323-9030 (C); 601-A Olmstead Rd, Stanford, CA 94305
Pete Hutchins (HS) 603-677-2312; 2.9 GPA, 1300 SAT
Son of Stanford head coach Johnny Dawkins should be MM priority now & possible HM by spring. Very
long & equally athletic with good size on the perimeter. Handles & passes it well, ideally secondary ballhandler but versatile enough to play all 3 perimeter positions. Covers the court with ease & has potential to
evolve into top-notch defender. Didn’t make many shots when we watched (flicked his release little bit) but
supposedly better shooter that he showed. Needs to get stronger & more comfortable going through contact.
High understanding of the game, consistent effort on both ends, & exemplary teammate.
Francis Kiapway, 6-2, SG, St. Thomas More (CT), U-Play, MM+
289-389-8502 (C); 1928 Main St W, Hamilton, Ontario L85 1J4; 2.2 GPA
Jere Quinn (HS) 860-823-1845
Versatile 2G capable of scoring in all three ranges but content to play within flow & very rarely asserted
himself when he watched. Can knife into lane & stride out to rim, rise up in mid-range area, or knock down
3’s with regularity (can occasionally spray when he leans back & kicks leg out). Strong upper body &
already cut up; well conditioned athlete has plenty of speed, quickness & endurance. Tools to be good
defender. Doesn’t stand out in open gym setting right now but would expect his stock to rise during season.
Yuta Watanabe, 6-7, F, St. Thomas More (CT), MM
No Cell Phone; 45 Cottage Rd, Oakdale, CT 05370
Jere Quinn (HS) 860-823-1845; Academic Status Depends on Translation of Japanese Transcript
Highly skilled southpaw perimeter forward – makes 3’s & pull-ups alike, & can even knock down some
tough off balance shots. Good athlete with pretty long arms & good wheels to run the court. Good feel for
game as well – passes well within flow, cuts hard, & makes good decisions with ball. Very talented
offensive player but needs to get stronger & establish a position for himself defensively. Rebounding is also
a concern, especially at the 4 spot. Speaks very little English; academic background seems to be biggest
uncertainty right now.
Anthony Pate, 6-3, G/F, New Hampton (NH), New England Playaz, MM516-526-5729 (C); 1204 Hudson Place, Oakville, Ontario L6H 2W2;
Pete Hutchins (HS) 603-677-2312; T.J. Gassnola (AAU) 413-246-7038; Good Grades, Low (Math) SAT
Southpaw suffered recent ankle injury which could cost him majority of season. First arrive as volume
shooter with plenty of quickness & energy, but often found himself out of control; made great strides in last
year in terms of learning how to play – picking his spots, varying his speeds. Release was never pure but
can still make shots in bunches with quick release; very proficient attacking off catch from wing with good
footwork & now a deceptively good passer. Plays very hard & also a good defender. Was under-recruited
before the injury & so somebody might find themselves a steal at this point.
Romello Walker, 6-6, F, South Kent (CT), Team Boston Elite (AAU), MM954-817-0702 (C); 1200 SW 31st Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001; 3.6 GPA, 1010 SAT (480 verbal, 530 math)
Still like this guy a lot & believe in his potential but he’s got to dedicate himself to being good every day.
Long & rangy athlete who covers the court with ease & plays above the rim. Pretty good with the ball & not
a bad passer; jumper has been biggest question mark but mechanics are sound & so would expect him to
keep improving in that area. Should be a weapon defensively & rebounds only in spurts. Effort & attitude
both seem fine but he’s certainly capable of disappearing at times.
Traylin Farris, 6-8, PF, Brewster Academy (NH), T.J. Ford Elite, LM+
713-417-3401 (C); 14203 Stone Bluff Lane, Rosharon, TX 77583
Jason Smith (HS) 603-630-2040; 2.3 GPA, 1150 SAT
Long wiry lefty with good athleticism. Run & jump style hybrid 4-man. Not overly skilled – pushes elbow
jumper with low release & right hand needs work, but changes ends, rebounds adequately & finishes both
on move & in traffic. Didn’t see him block shots but would expect him to be serviceable in that area as
well. Agile feet will be valuable defensively. Not going to be more than a role guy offensively but should
have value in P&R because he can move, catch & finish. LM caliber player could see MM recruitment in
down market for bigger guys.
Dusan Perovic, 6-8, PF, South Kent (CT), LM+
No Cell Phone; 40 Bull’s Bridge Rd, South Kent, CT 06785; 3.0 GPA, Not yet taken SAT
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001
Native of Montenegro in second year at school. Still slow & un-athletic despite clear time invested on his
body – frame looks more trim. Has broad shoulders & strong legs but doesn’t run particularly well & can’t
elevate. Compensates with good hands, footwork, skill, & I.Q. Excels at sealing defender prior to catch for
easy scores & also knocks down top of key 3 with regularity – ideal for high-low systems. Lack of lift
impedes him finishing & rebounds but dexterity and soft hands help in both areas. Defends post adequately
but limited when pulled away from basket. Could be recruited slightly higher.
Jordan Strawberry, 6-2, PG, South Kent (CT), Cal Supreme, LM+
636-233-9034 (C); 626 Rasberry Way, Tallahasee, CA 32312
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001; 2.5 GPA, 27 ACT
Daryl’s son arrives with big rep after running point for top national program in California, Mater Dei, but
game failed to live up to name in first eval. Plenty tough but needs to get physically stronger. Snapped his
passes & played strong with ball. Historically been distributing point, but seemed to relish opportunity to
look for individual offense – made shots off catch & dribble but had harder time going by people & came
off as under-the-rim athlete. Good defender – type of guy who has extra value on that end because he’ll
prevent penetration through middle of the floor.
Elijah Bryant, 6-5, G/F, New Hampton (NH), LM
706-201-7968 (C); 5242 Legends Dr, Braselton, GA 30517
Pete Hutchins (HS) 603-677-2312; 3.4 GPA, 1550 SAT (3 parts)
Perimeter player with thicker natural build operated exclusively on wing when we watched but has since
shown potential at the point. Understanding of game immediately evident – comfortable & composed with
ball, passes both hands, very good instincts in pick & roll, & heady overall decision making. Unorthodox
stroke but went in as much as advertised when we watched. Lacks ideal explosiveness so biggest question
is who can he defend. Not going to be a breakdown driver by any stretch either.
Jase Harrison, 6-6, F, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), BTI Pump n’Run, LM
760-373-0997 (C); 2825 Huston Place, Lancaster, CA 93536; [email protected]
John Carroll (HS) 413-214-3428; Robert Icart (AAU) 818-808-2884; 192 Academic Index
Southpaw perimeter forward with pretty strong body – has the look of kid that used to be overweight.
Played a catch-and-shoot style in open gym – set shot with low release is consistent with feet set, but won’t
look to come off screens or make shots on the move; most misses tend to be short (no legs). Has a good
understanding of how to play but doesn’t maximize mismatch potential – didn’t do much around the basket,
wasn’t a factor on the glass, & didn’t appear to be threat to create his own shot. Probably more naturally
suited to defend 4 than 3.
Schadrac Casimir, 5-9, PG, South Kent (CT), USAD, LM
203-962-2199 (C); 14 Sherman St, Stamford, CT 06902; [email protected]; @SchadracC
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001; Troy Bradford (AAU) 203-887-3228; Needs 60 pts on SAT
Undersized scoring point guard has added some muscle/cut, but frame just not made to support much more.
Has yet to see a level where he can’t score in high volume; makes shots in bunches (albeit low release),
knows how to lean in & use his body off the dribble, & stops on dime for pull-up. Good passer & decision
maker yet still very ball dominant. Needs to prove himself defensively. Plays flat footed with lackadaisical
look on his face – not reflective of surprisingly engaging/well spoken kid off the floor.
Jordan Manse, 6-2, G/F, Brewster Academy (NH), Houston Lynx, LM
314-363-5038 (C); 216 Sunrise Ridge Cove, Austin, TX 78738
Jason Smith (HS) 603-630-2040; Already Qualified, 2.7 GPA
2nd guard/wing with solid wiry/long build. Billed as shot-maker; release isn’t pure but can make 3’s & pullups alike. Good vertical athlete gets above rim with ease. Handle needs work, especially on left side, so not
sure he’s dependable secondary ball-handler at this point, but more reliable finishing with weak hand around
rim. Has physical upside to be higher level guy just didn’t put it all together when he watched. Team’s
crowded backcourt could conceal value & make him nice under-radar guy at LM level.
Davis Carter, 7-1, C, Bridgton Academy (ME), Colorado Chaos, LM720-320-3618 (C); 1652 Omeida St, Denver, CO 80220
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 3.0 GPA, 28 ACT
Rating based on long-term potential & best scenario at this level would likely be red-shirt year with no
expectation of contributions for couple of seasons. Undeniable project still extremely raw on both ends but
gradually filling out, getting stronger, and beginning to assert himself. Offense is almost 100% at the rim
but hands are ok when ready & dominant left hand makes more intriguing. Moves his feet fairly well for
guy his size but has some coordination issues & reactions to ball aren’t ideal. Can certainly clog lane,
contest shots around rim, and rebound his radius.
Rayon Miller, 6-2, SG, Bridgton Academy (ME), Northern Kings, LM207-331-7444 (C); 2 Clay Brick, Brampton, Ontario
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 2.6 GPA, November SAT
Sturdy built guard with cut-up frame & particularly strong upper body. Doesn’t dominate the open gym like
you would expect a D1 guard to & not necessarily a great scorer, but does lot of more subtle things well.
Excellent defender can pressure full court or lock down in quarter court, good rebounding guard (diligent
with his block-outs), sees the floor very well, & type of guy who keeps his mouth closed & plays as hard as
he can every time out. Moderate leaper (best off 2 feet with space) with good speed & quickness; average
perimeter shooter (set shot with arched back) & something not totally fluid with handle.
Travis Tomer, 6-5, F, St. Thomas More (CT), LM304-376-2209 (C); 4006 Shadybrook Circle, Morgantown, WV 26508
Jere Quinn (HS) 860-823-1845; 3.8 GPA, 1280 SAT (3 parts)
Perimeter forward not going to blow you away but solid across the board & very efficient. Plays hard &
plays the right way. Shoots it well from 3 – release looks slow on way up but gets his feet set quickly. Pretty
long build with good cut; little bit of sneaky bounce to him. Not going to create his own shot with any type
of regularity but type of guy who has niche in offensive structure. Can probably defend couple different
positions & plays little bigger than he is on the glass. Potentially solid complimentary piece on LM level.
Tanner Hyland, 6-2, PG, Bridgton Academy (ME), Maine Athletic Club, D2+
207-653-3623; 33 Larchwood Rd, South Portland, ME, 04106; [email protected]
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; Carl Parker (AAU) 207-947-6664; 3.0 GPA, 1350 SAT (3 parts)
Was best player in gym day we were at BA. Game has improved dramatically within last year alongside
maturity, composure & presence. Very good 3pt shooter, off both catch & dribble. Doesn’t possess elite
level burst but capable of creating some separation with his dribble. Throws ahead in transition, more
reliable handling against pressure, & starting to show leadership skills. Unable to assess previous concerns
about ability to play away from ball in open gym setting. Adequate but unspectacular containment defender.
Still skinny physically but frame gradually expanding.
Zach Lydon, 6-9, C/F, Bridgton Academy (ME), No AAU, D2+
845-332-5988 (C); 133 Parker Rd, Elizaville, NY 12523
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 88 average, 1100 SAT (3 parts)
Intriguing upside for big forward with developing inside-out tools. Showed soft touch out to 18 feet &
wouldn’t be surprised to see it stretch to arc; can bounce once or twice without a problem. More
comfortable facing basket from perimeter but has size to be mismatch problem. Not in ideal basketball
shape & needs to get stronger, but moves his feet pretty well & has some agility too. Shot-blocking
instincts are solid when making short rotations from weak-side. Lot of untapped potential here for face-up
big man. Older brother of New Hampton repeat junior & HM prospect, Tyler Lydon.
Joel Berroa, 6-4, SF, Bridgton Academy (ME), New England Storm (2012), D2
978-328-3564 (C); 164 Pine St, Lowell, MA 01851
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707
Still out of action with fractured foot that cost him all of the AAU season but now close to returning. Wing
with naturally thick build to both upper & lower body; plenty of power. Never had great hands &
historically guilty of getting out of control at times but skill set dramatically improved over course of high
school career, good athlete, and strong defender. Might have been under-recruited in high school & has
chance to solidify scholarship level status if able to show same tools at much higher level of competition
this year.
Jules de Courtenay, 6-7, PF, South Kent (CT), D2
No Cell Phone; 40 Bull’s Bridge Rd, South Kent, 06785; Native of Brisbane, Australia
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001; 4.0 GPA, 1800 SAT
Skilled & tough face-up four-man limited only by lack of athleticism & foot speed. Shoots it well from the
3pt line, crafty in screening action both on & off the ball, & can score with baby hook over left shoulder on
the block. Can’t go by anybody with his dribble, lacks any type of lift around the rim, & will struggle to
stay in front of more mobile players defensively. Doesn’t mind contact & plenty willing to rebound but
athleticism can (again) be limitation. Undeniable skill, offensive versatility, & understanding of the game.
Alex Doche, 6-6, F, St. Thomas More (CT), Albany City Rocks, D2
585-760-9432 (C); 16 Towpath Trail, Fairpoint, NY 14450; [email protected]
Jere Quinn (HS) 860-823-1845; Jimmy Hart (AAU) 518-527-4565; 2.1 GPA, 900 SAT
Saw him plenty this summer & still not buying pure shooter advertised. Certainly makes shots & has
undeniably deep range but more of a volume shooter at that & very one dimensional on offensive end. Can
make a one dribble pull-up but gets less productive with each additional bounce. Good size & some length
to frame that could easily support more muscle; nothing explosive about him but doesn’t seem to mind
contact. Projects as face-4 in which case he’ll need to rebound much more consistently.
Thomas Whipple, 6-2, G, St. Thomas More (CT), CT North Stars, D2
860-215-5793 (C); 38 Coachman Pike, Mashantucket, CT 06338
Jere Quinn (HS) 860-823-1845; 2.0 GPA, 1020 SAT
Among most pleasant surprises on team thus far; has had no problems adjusting to suddenly higher level of
competition. Combo-guard probably more 2 than 1 at this point but handles fine, has an instinct for scoring,
& even made a couple of nice passes. Tough kid with pretty strong body & decently long arms; plays hard
on both ends. Shows no fear attacking bucket, has a quick spin & uses both hands to finish. Better shooter
in mid-range area (where he can rise up) than from 3, although not incapable if open & in rhythm.
Albert Christensson, 6-8, PF, South Kent (CT), D2860-318-5852 (C); 40 Bull’s Bridge Rd, South Kent, CT 06785; Native of Lund, Sweden
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001; 3.8, hasn’t taken SAT yet
Coaching staff has high hopes for Swedish native. Not tough enough yet but runs like a deer, covers the
court, and has length to be a factor. Most effective offensively from mid-post where he has footwork & soft
touch; range less consistent at 3pt line but gets enamored with that arc far too often. Lacks a position
defensively at moment – limited lateral quickness on perimeter & reluctance to bang inside. Also needs to
go to glass more diligently and improve his left hand.
Christian Foxen, 6-8, C/F, South Kent (CT), Mass Bulls, D2860-805-4245 (C); 301 Charter Rd, Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Kelvin Jefferson HS) 860-519-9001; 3.3 GPA, 1170 SAT (2 parts)
Long & wiry big man with solid build that should support plenty more muscle mass down road (will be
necessary). Active floor game on both ends, willing to rebound out of his area, & pretty mobile when
forced to extend himself away from basket defensively. Looked limited offensively day we watched but
supposedly some skill with developing handle & face-up touch. Scholarship level tools but will need to
establish offensive value & get stronger to raise level.
Arell Hennings, 5-7, PG, South Kent (CT), D2206-380-9950 (C); 3720 S. Burno St, Seattle, WA 98118
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001; 2.8 GPA, 940 SAT
Little guy but cut-up & solid through his core with strong lower body. Best value may be on defensive end;
plenty quick, pretty aggressive, & able to get under some ball-handlers. Good with the ball, consistently
able to get into the paint but dependant on defense collapsing on his penetration early to allow him to drive
& kick; can’t finish plays inside the lane & passing becomes increasing harder as he gets deeper because of
size. Needs to shoot the ball more consistently from perimeter. Plenty of intangibles.
Simon Pittman, 6-4, SF, Bridgton Academy (ME), D2315-813-3015 (C); 317 Primo Ave, Sherrill, NY 13461
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 3.3 GPA, 1180 SAT (2 parts)
Team’s hardest worker is full of intangibles. Competes to the fullest on both ends, physically tough, and
good communicator. Good mid-range shooter & capable from 3 in rhythm. Won’t handle against pressure
or change direction but goes hard to rim in straight lines, has a jab/rip game immediately off the catch, can
utilize a spin on way to rim, and plays strong off two feet in the lane. No explosion to his game & slightly
rigid body type but plenty strong & tough; good defender from sheer will. Solid across the board; type who
raises the level of practice.
Scott Toresco, 6-7, C/F, St. Thomas More (CT), NJ Playaz Red, D2908-601-9322 (C); 208 Sunset Ave, Westfield, NJ 07090
Jere Quinn (HS) 860-823-1845; 2.1 GPA, November SAT
True low post presence who can score with his back to the basket or step-out to make open shots from the
perimeter. Scores over people he shouldn’t in the lane because of low center of gravity & high release;
terrific hands, feet, & poise in post. Definitely strong but must improve conditioning & get into better
shape. Limited athlete with virtually no lift but feet can be deceptively quick in short bursts. Level could
rise with improved conditioning/body type.
Habi Abuzgaya, 6-5, PF, Brewster Academy (NH), D3+
734-780-6292 (C); 333A Sheppard Avenue, Pickering, Ontario L1V 1E7
Jason Smith (HS) 603-630-2040
Well built forward with broad shoulders, long arms, strong body & athleticism to match. Has a good motor,
active on both sides of the ball & utilizes his physical tools well on offensive glass. Skills & understanding
of game leave lot more to be desired. Arches back & launches flat ball from mid-range area, doesn’t handle
or post, fails to recognize his role & consequently tries to do things he can’t offensively. Some talk of him
playing both forward spots but offensive limitations & physical tools dictate 4. Originally from Libya.
Gavin McTavish, 6-7, PF, Bridgton Academy (ME), D3+
240-578-3446 (C); 1305 Porterstaff Trail, Mt Airy, MD 21771
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707
Left the gym wondering if we’d caught him on a bad day because impact didn’t seem to match his tools.
Four-man with strong body, wide shoulders, and decent length. Powerful enough to be a force inside the
lane and not a bad athlete – should have no problem being a factor on glass, defending post, and finishing
plays around the rim. Skilled enough to step to perimeter and make an open shot out to the arc, but didn’t
see anything off the bounce. Biggest limitation appeared to be his feel/understanding for the game, but
could possibly be higher.
Victor Udoji, 6-3, SF, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), D3+
617-922-2879; 5 Eisenhower Dr, Randolph, MA 02368; [email protected]
John Carroll (HS) 413-214-3428
Missed workout with injury day we were there. Now in 3 rd season at school and never able to realize
potential showed as youngster – not for lack of effort just limited in terms of his perimeter skill set &
understanding of the game. Pretty athletic with a good body but doesn’t know his own limitations
offensively. Not a great shooter & suspect handle. Wish he would embrace role as defensive stopper,
straight line driver, transition athlete, and perimeter rebounder, but has thus far been unwilling to &
consequently bounced around on AAU circuit & never seen serious minutes at NMH.
Andrew Alicea, 6-2, G/F, Bridgton Academy (ME), D3
603-715-4715 (C); 4 Stirrup Iron Rd, Boscawen, NH 03303
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 2.5 GPA, 1100 SAT
Team’s best overall athlete has an ideal combination of speed, powerful, and leaping ability. He can make a
wide open shot from the perimeter but otherwise lacks the skills & general court awareness to best utilize
his physical tools; consequently more of an undersized wing than a guard. More of a track star than a
basketball player but should nonetheless be able to find value defensively and on the break, so long as he
understands his offensive limitations.
Mark Collins, 6-6, C/F, Bridgton Academy (ME), D3
860-459-9220 (C); 49 Woodruff St, Litchfield, CT 06759
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 2.5 GPA
Lefty big man with limited mobility/agility & no lift; lacks coordination & has a level of awkwardness to his
movements but frame isn’t bad, gives a diligent effort, and can impact things around the rim on both ends.
Would have guessed he were an inch or two bigger than his listed height but if that’s not the case he
boarders on D3-. Just developing offensive tools but generally not much of a scoring threat at this point.
Value is in size, effort, and potential that work-ethic could lead to improvement.
Zak Nuttall, 6-2, G, Bridgton Academy (ME), D3
661-877-5616 (C); 25831 Browning Place, Los Angeles, CA 91381
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 3.4 GPA, 1590 SAT (3 parts)
Aggressive combo-guard with scorer’s mindset. Not an explosive athlete but sturdy build with smooth flow
to his game. Solid handle & equally capable of attacking both sides. Finishes exclusively under the rim but
agile eluding defenders inside the lane. Consistent shooting threat from the perimeter, especially when in
rhythm. Can be overly aggressive at times & make consequently poor decisions but well rounded tools if he
learns to play within himself on a full time basis.
Ryan Sweeney, 6-6, F, South Kent (CT), The City, D3
908-656-0045 (C); 317 Summit Ave, Summit, NJ 07901; 3.0 GPA, 1710 SAT
Kelvin Jefferson (HS) 860-519-9001; Arjan “R.J.” Perovic (AAU) 646-232-0177
Post-Grad best known from AAU circuit where he came up ranks with The City. Likely to have similar role
here – complimentary player & perimeter forward who spaces the court & makes open shots when his man
leaves him. Not a pure shooter by any stretch (pushes low release) but makes good percentage of open 3’s.
Good size for wing – equally effective as face-4 at D3 level as well. Definitely not a ball-handler or creator.
Needs to get stronger (175 pounds right now) & learn to be lower/less rigid defensively.
Casey Vickers, 6-1, G, Bridgton Academy (ME), D3
812-230-6798 (C); 97 Heritage Dr, Terre Haute, IN 47803
Whit Lesure (HS) 207-650-5707; 2.7 GPA, 1280 SAT (3 parts)
Couldn’t say with certainty that he was a true point guard but was capable of creating some opportunities off
the dribble; had decent speed, pretty quick first step, and solid handle. Not a great shooter but not incapable
if left open either. Needs to get physically stronger, but solid all-around guard. Was quiet for most of the
workout but came alive in 5-on-5 segment; could end up being slightly higher but unlikely scholarship level
Notable Juniors
Aaron Falzon, 6-8, F, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Expressions Elite, HM
Highly skilled forward looks poised for breakout year & will play some 3. Will play in HM conference but not necessarily highest tier.
Tyler Lydon, 6-9, PF, New Hampton (NH), New England Playaz, HM
Highly skilled perimeter forward improving with each day & still just scratching the surface; could end up in top 50 nationally.
Donovan Mitchell, 6-2, SG, Brewster Academy (NH), The City, HM
Athletic drive 1st scorer. Handles & passes better than he shoots but can make open standstill ones. High character kid & hard-worker.
Josh Sharma, 6-11, C/F, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Mass Rivals, HM
Runs & jumps extremely well for his size & makes some high level plays but consistency still not there. Inconsistent focus/hands.
A.J. Turner, 6-7, G/F, New Hampton (NH), Dorian’s Pride, HM
Skilled & versatile perimeter player with great size; comfortable with the ball & can even plays some point. Long & lean right now.
Jeremy Miller, 6-9, PF, New Hampton (NH), BABC, HM Watch List
Stretch big not known for his toughness; really become very good 3pt shooter & starting to fill his frame out. Under-recruited.
Jarred Reuter, 6-8, C/F, Brewster Academy (NH), New England Playaz, HM Watch List
Conditioning much improved but still limited athlete whose chief attributes are power & exceptional passing ability.
Jackson Donahue, 6-1, G, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Rhode Island Hawks, D1
Reclassified shooter can make in bunches but still taking far too many low percentage 3’s. Likely LM sniper with added efficiency.
Daquon Ervin, 5-11, PG, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), New Heights, D1
Like his speed, on-ball defense, & pull-up game; has to get tighter with the ball & more consistent from 3pt line. Academic prospect.
Collin McManus, 6-10, C, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Rhode Island Hawks, D1
Academic big man is undoubtedly improved in last 8 months but will never be especially mobile/athletic/agile. Likely Ivy/Patriot.
Chris Sullivan, 6-3, G/F, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Full Package Athletics (DNP this summer), D1
Virtual Ivy lock with high AI score. Strong body, great defender, terrific motor, & almost fearless to a fault.
Ajou Deng, 6-9, C/F, St. Thomas More (CT), CT Basketball Club, D1 Watch List
Legit size with some raw inside-out tools, will now need extra year academically & so reclassified back to 2015.
Nick Morris, 6-8, C/F, New Hampton (NH), U Play, D1 Watch List
Powerful big with thick build & legit size but currently out of shape & not especially mobile or athletic.
Notable Sophomores
Donovan Love, 6-1, PG, New Hampton (NH), Expressions, HM
Explosive southpaw lead guard with knack for making plays that can’t be taught. Learning to slow down & pick his spots.
A.J. Brodeur, 6-8, PF, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Rhode Island Hawks, HM Watch List
Basketball I.Q. & feel for game are chief attributes for face-up 4-man. Decent athlete but doesn’t translate to half-court game yet.
Ian Sistare, 6-3, G, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Rhode Island Hawks, HM Watch List
Old for his grade but still mature beyond his years to match basketball I.Q. & instinctive competitiveness.
Notable Freshmen
Jerome Desrosiers, 6-6, F, Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), HM Watch List
Old for grade – already physically developed; long & strong. Smart & skilled with footwork & scrappy style.
Tremont Waters, 5-10, PG, South Kent (CT), HM Watch List
Not sure he’ll grow but might not matter. Incredible presence for age – terrific poise, makes shots, handles on string, passes on $.