Northeast Recruiting Report

Northeast Recruiting Report
Published by New England Basketball Services
Issue 9, Volume 7
Preps I – Brewster, Cheshire, Cushing, MacDuffie,
New Hampton, NMH, Putnam Science, South Kent,
St. Thomas More, Suffield, Wilbraham Monson, Worcester
Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH)
Head Coach: Jason Smith: (school: 603-569-7187; cell: 603-630-2040; e-mail: [email protected])
Workouts: Mon & Tue, 4–6pm; Wed, 1–3pm (call/text to confirm)
Jalen Adams, 6-2, Post-Grad, G (Boston, MA) – COMMITTED TO UCONN
High level playmaker showing passing instinct to match well known scoring prowess. Only missing consistent jumper.
Donovan Mitchell, 6-2, SR, G (Greenwich, CT) – COMMITTED TO LOUISVILLE
Power guard coming off big summer clearly looking to assert himself as “the man” on team full of high-majors.
Justin Simon, 6-5, SR, PG (Temecula, CA) – COMMITTED TO ARIZONA
Big PG with staggering length (makes plays defensively), floor vision, & passing ability; communicates well. Huge upside just not a shooter.
Jarred Reuter, 6-8, Post-Grad, C/F(Mattapoisett, MA) – COMMITTED TO VIRGINIA
Players bounce off this wide-bodied big. Outstanding passer, good rebounder, & improved low post scorer but not an athlete.
David Crisp, 6-1, Post-Grad, G (Lakewood, WA) – COMMITTED TO WASHINGTON
The guy nobody is talking about & that’s a mistake. Scoring southpaw more than just a shooter; probably among their best 5.
Marcus Derrickson, 6-8, SR, PF (Landover, MD) – COMMITTED TO GEORGETOWN
Mismatch 4 with versatile skill-set & wide body was most impressive of the three bigs to start the pre-season.
Alex Illikainen, 6-8, SR, PF (Grand Rapids, MN) – COMMITTED TO WISCONSIN
Has some inside-out tools of his own with good footwork & ability to step out. Rebounds every ball with two hands.
Tyler Colon, 6-6, Post-Grad, F, LM/D2
4039 Montaigne Way, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274; 630-641-9491; [email protected]; 3.2 GPA, 1840 SAT
Coming off broken foot from 5 weeks ago so only did light skill work on side. Allegedly a very good athlete & has broad shoulders with plenty of
room to fill out down road. Released ball on way up but spot-up touch looked fairly soft in drills.
Kamali Chambers, 5-10, Post-Grad, PG, LM-/D3+
8515 Playmouth Ave N, Golden Valley, MN 55427; 612-845-9119; [email protected]; 3.8 GPA, 25 ACT
Siyani’s younger brother is small, but sturdy; defends well, strong with ball, & tight changing direction but can try to do too much at times. Stroke
looked only average when we watched but allegedly shooting it well this fall. Scholarship caliber talent might consider high academic D3.
Devon Williams, 6-1, Post-Grad, G, New England Playaz (AAU), D2
10 Nathaniel Guild Rd, Sharon, MA 02067; 781-258-6008; [email protected]; 1690 SAT
Been a combo historically but playing exclusively off ball here as a shooter. Using screens & making tough 3s. Will be capable of having ball in hands
at times at next level but can be rattled by pressure from more athletic defenders.
Joe Sherburne, 6-6, Post-Grad, F, WI Shooters (AAU), D2
5332 N. Santa Monica Blvd, Whitefish Bay, WI 53217; 414-510-8863; [email protected]; 4.0 GPA, 33 ACT
High AI student with game of NE-10 style 4. Makes open 3’s, real nice touch on short jumpers (curls & pull-ups). Pretty tough kid, handles & passes
ball adequately within flow, & straight line driver. Would be very good at academic D3.
Jamani Spencer, 6-0, Post-Grad, G, D2/D3+
223 Summit St, Norwood, NJ 07648; 646-416-4193; [email protected]; 3.8 GPA, 1620 SAT
Lefty shot 3 well with release from shoulder, cut-up with wide-shoulders, speed with ball but wasn’t half-court playmaker or great vertical athlete.
Joseph Worku, 6-2, Post-Grad, SG, D3
707 Flemish Court, Brentwood, CA 94513; 415-846-8328; [email protected]; 2.9 GPA, 1780 SAT
Solid D3 athlete off two feet; pretty quick, made couple nice drive-kick passes & showed consistent touch in mid-range area.
Michael Karnes, 6-8, JR, F, D2/D3
34 Williamsburg Lane, Houston, TX 77024; 281-814-5197; [email protected]; 3.4 GPA, 25 ACT
Lanky junior didn’t get very much burn day we were there. Likely D3 guy unless notably better than what we saw.
Sam Kiley, 6-3, JR, G, D3
80 Academy Dr, Wolfeboro, NH 03894; 603-998-0223; [email protected]
Local product can make an open shot but lacks athleticism or other tools to otherwise compete at this level.
Cheshire Academy (Cheshire, CT)
Head Coach: Kevin Kehoe (cell: 860-916-3433; email: [email protected])
Workouts: Tuesday & Thursday, 6:15–7:45pm
Tyler Hamilton, 6-4, 206, Post-Grad, G, Q6 All-Stars (AAU), MM2838 Winterhaven Ct, Atlanta, GA 30360; 678-427-8335; 3.9 GPA, 28 ACT
Big/athletic combo pretty quick, sees floor, passes well off dribble & has good hands. Stroke looks sound but can spray little bit – especially
contested ones. Didn’t finish through contact & showed signs of being little soft. Reported MM recruitment in ’14 but now starting from scratch.
Josh Ajayi, 6-6, 257, Post-Grad, C/F, LM+/LM
El Monte, CA; 909-233-9634; 2.4 GPA, 1600 SAT
Powerful physique (broad/strong upper body) but game based more on finesse & skill with low post footwork & agility, some dexterity, & touch to
15-18. Shot-fakes everything beyond that range but 1 bounce to rim if defender bites. Didn’t see lift or rebounds in traffic.
Kairo Whitfield, 6-7, 227, Post-Grad, C/F, LM/D2
Atlanta, GA; 678-492-7891; 3.2 GPA, 1480 SAT
True big looks the part with strong body & good athleticism at his size. Didn’t get a whole lot done but allegedly only been playing for the last year.
Showed passing instinct couple of times & had lift to rebound in traffic but definitely more of a project.
Austin Nehls, 6-3, 191, Post-Grad, G/F, LM-/D2
Tuscan, AZ; 520-904-7388; 4.0 GPA, 1850 SAT
Highly skilled wing/big guard; scholarship level player with academic credentials. 3pt shooter doesn’t need much space & has complimenting stepback game & ability to attack close-outs/moving defenders. Bouncy in warm-ups but didn’t translate to 5on5; finishes were under rim albeit with
length & extension; passes both hands too. Little heavy legged defensively. Could get LM sniffs from programs that value shooting.
Dean Weiner, 6-7, 212, SR, F, NJ Gym Ratz (AAU), D2-/D3+
19 East Hill Ct, Tenafly, NJ 07670; 201-535-9739; 3.4 GPA, 26 ACT
Perimeter forward with good size & length. Frame has expanded to point where he likely defends 4 but handles the ball well enough to get to rim,
good perimeter footwork off catch, pretty agile through lane, & can use both hands. Didn’t show jumper.
Drew Peterson, 6-0, 165, Post-Grad, G, D3+/D3
New Rochelle, NY; 914-261-6458; 3.7 GPA, 1960 SAT
Southpaw PG lacks wheels to break down set defender but sound with ball, shoots 3 well with pretty quick release. Complimentary role guy.
Brody Peters, 6-3, 180, Post-Grad, SG, D3+/D3
Austin, TX; 914-261-6458; 3.1 GPA, 1480 SAT
Slightly undersized wing with pretty strong body. Standstill shooter, court spacer, & ball mover who makes extra pass willingly & quickly. Didn’t see
much off the dribble & little limited laterally but generally plays hard & has definite value in supporting role offensively.
Carlos Torres, 5-8, 166, Post-Grad, PG, D3+/D3
San Juan, Puerto Rico; 787-361-3194
Undersized but strong PG; lacks the physical tools to play at a scholarship level but he seemed sturdy, dependable, & strong with ball – pounding
dribble & snapping passes. Few heady bounce passes & couple pull-up jumpers although didn’t show 3pt.
Ricky Leonard, 6-1, 165, Post-Grad, SG, D3
Windsor, CT; 860-752-8774; 2.4 GPA, 1100 SAT
Defends well, has speed/quickness, & consistent mid-range pull-up game. Pushed stroke little bit & wasn’t looking for 3pt at all.
Ray Jerome, 6-3, 180, JR, G/F, D1 (MM/LM)
38 Dussault Drive, Latham, NY 12110; 518-466-3002; 3.4 GPA, 24 ACT
Much improved – used to be just an athletic but undersized wing; shooting ball much better now (albeit still little streaky) after changing
mechanics. Left hand progressed to let him drive, finish, & pass to both sides. Still very athletic with chiseled frame.
Josh Moncrieffe, 6-3, 170, Frosh, G/F, D1 Watch List
31 Kilborn St, West Haven, CT 06516; 203-901-7674
Youngster with length, quickness, & potential to become playmaker & defender on the wing or in second guard spot.
Cushing Academy (Ashburnham, MA)
Head Coach: Barry Connors (school: 978-827-7016; cell: 978-549-8667; email: [email protected])
Workouts: Tues – Thurs, 6pm (call to confirm)
Francisco Alonso, 6-3, Post-Grad, G, MM+/MM
Spain [email protected]; 978-340-4154; ESL Student but English is “decent”
Skilled combo can really shoot it – great standstill shooter, made couple on move as well; definitely best off ball but quality secondary ball-handler.
Little bit of a passer’s instinct but can try to get too cute too. Solid size & build; not explosive but not un-athletic either. Has moments of scrappy
toughness but needs it more consistently to defend high level 2G.
Nick Cambio, 6-5, 200, Post-Grad, F, New England Storm (AAU), D2
131 Carleton Rd, Tewksbury, MA 01876; 978-404-2047
Central Catholic alum will miss next 6 months (potentially entire season) after elbow surgery & so could end up potential D3 steal.
Rob O’Brien, 6-2, 170, Post-Grad, G, D3+/D3
71 Bancroft Rd, Rindge, NH 03461; 603-831-8935; [email protected]
D3 scoring guard can make tough 3’s & pull-ups without much space, not bad with ball; marginal athlete who needs to get stronger.
Brendan Miller, 6-2, 185, SR, G/F, New England Storm (AAU), D3+/D3
345 Candlestick Rd, North Andover, MA 01845; 978-946-9406
Very good athlete gets above the rim with ease, has ripped physique, plays very hard, & makes straight lines drives but can’t shoot at all.
Michael Stamas, 5-11, 185, JR, PG, Middlesex Magic (AAU), D2/D3
7 Mulligan Way, Northboro, MA 01532; 508-873-3445; [email protected]; Academic Prospect
Undersized lefty point is tough as they come & full of intangibles. Gym rat plays strong with the ball, can make open shots, & makes the extra pass.
Wants Ivy but going to be too physically limited for that level.
Kimani Lawrence, 6-6, 185, Soph, F, Expressions (AAU), HM/HM220 Manton Ave, Providence, RI 02909; 401-572-0272
Talented, naturally strong/athletic, smooth with ball in open space, & runs with long/fluid strides. Finally starting to assert himself more but less
natural in crowded half-court game (decisions/instincts suspect determining when to drive/shoot). Lacks consistent 3pt range too.
Jarrod Simmons, 6-6, 180, Soph, PF, Expressions (AAU), HM/MM+
351 Hart Dr, Crescent, PA 15046; 412-716-4139
Young for grade, very mobile/athletic, & still growing (added 2 inches in last 8 months). Unimpressive in open gym setting as tries to play on
perimeter with poor results but undeniable potential to be big time prospect if he keeps growing & stays inside 12-15 feet.
Makai Ashton-Langford, 6-1, 175, Soph, PG, Mass Rivals (AAU), HM/HM48 Plantation St, Worcester, MA 01604; 508-332-6189
Playmaking lead guard with long arms, good athleticism, & suddenly strong body. Natural instinct for getting to rim (comes easy to him) but jumper
is broken (crooked feet too close together with low/short-armed release). Could play with little more sense of urgency at times too.
Jordan Heywood, 6-1, 175, Soph, G/F, D1 Watch List
23 Sneden Place W, Spring Valley, NY 10977; 845-625-7388
Thick wing, especially big through core, has body type for gridiron but loves hoops first; has skill to handle some & make open shots.
MacDuffie School (Granby, MA)
Head Coach: Jacques Rivera (cell: 917-280-6787; email: [email protected]; [email protected])
Workouts: Friday, 7-9pm; Sat, 9:15-11am
Jaylen Franklin, 6-0, 185, SR, G, LOX (AAU), LM/D2
60 Manor Court, Springfield, MA 01118; 413-209-7391
Local product spent last year in Virginia & now at 4 school in 4 years. Previously committed to Navy but not D1 athlete at first glance. Heady &
tough, plays hard, poised with ball, & knows how to play. Threw nice pocket pass in pick & roll & made open shots (but needs lot of space & time).
Janvier Johnson, 5-11, 185, SR, PG, BABC (AAU), D2-/D3
18 Ludlow Rd, Windsor, CT 06095; 860-573-8830
Lead guard little undersized (body hasn’t gotten much stronger) & way too TO prone swinging for fences as playmaker. Not a bad little player when
he stays under control – can make high level plays with the ball & knock down open shots too.
Omari Spellman, 6-9, 240, JR, C/F, PSA Cardinals (AAU), HM+/HM
8198 Claridge Ct, North Royalton, OH 44133; 216-337-6445
Top 25 national prospect. Wide body, very deceptive athleticism & agility (pro-hops on way to rim & nimble feet in open floor), & shooting touch
that extends out to arc. Legit junior going to improve conditioning here.
Jordy Tshimanga, 6-9, 265, JR, C, Mo Williams Elite (AAU), HM/HM66 School St, Granby, MA 01033; Does Not Own a Cell Phone
True lefty big man has brand new body; shed 40 pounds since spring but ironically still moves like guy who is carrying extra weight. Game & skills
aren’t going to expand to perimeter so needs to add polish to post game & legit go to move.
Unique McLean, 6-1, 170, JR, G, PSA Cardinals (AAU), HM/MM
2304 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226; 347-256-5285
Explosively athletic guard can be dynamic playing above rim like few others but currently ineffective trying to prove ability to play PG & make shots.
Has never given enough effort to maximize tools on defensive end & settling for so many jumpers now he isn’t even looking to get to rim.
Kashaun Hicks, 6-5, 185, JR, SF, New Rens (AAU), D1 (MM)
109 Arlington Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07305; 917-651-8297
Shot-making wing on a MM track. Compact stroke with great rotation – pretty pure. Can’t defend & isn’t much of a threat to make plays off the
dribble but has solid frame, long arms, & some athleticism. Quiet/nice kid; could benefit from being more assertive.
Brad Calipari, 6-0, 180, JR, G, The Travelers (AAU), D1 Watch List
1732 Richmond Rd, Lexington, CT 40502; 859-608-5597
John Calipari’s son recently returned from knee injury & obviously carrying some bad weight. Not an athlete, even when he gets back into shape,
but has understanding of the game you would expect & deep range on his jumper with release from shoulder.
Jair Johnson, 6-6, 190, JR, F, D1 Watch List
29 Cedar St, Springfield, MA 01105; 413-219-4033
Long & strong (cut with developing bulk) athletic lefty. Not very skilled (saw him make a 3 and then air ball next) & doesn’t know how to play yet.
Couple of flashes of potential making plays to rim but generally inefficient when bounces it. Hybrid 4 right now.
New Hampton Prep (New Hampton, NH)
Head Coach: Pete Hutchins (cell: 603-677-2312; email: [email protected])
Workouts: Mon & Thurs, 4pm; Tues, 6pm (will not play on Tues 10/7; will play 10/8 instead time TBA)
Tyler Lydon, 6-9, SR, F (Elizaville, NY) – COMMITTED TO SYRACUSE
Long, skilled, & versatile forward with solid athleticism is far better as a face-4 than he is as a wing.
John Crosby, 6-3, Post-Grad, G (Baltimore, MD) – COMMITTED TO DAYTON
Big combo-guard with strong lower body & athletic two-way game. Playmaker and defender but not a great shooter.
A.J. Turner, 6-7, SR, G/F (New Haven, MI) – COMMITTED TO BOSTON COLLEGE
Big guard with lot of talent & upside. Had some growing pains last year but seemed to be putting it all together this spring before injury.
Jeremy Miller, 6-9, SR, PF, BABC (AAU), MM+
6 Loew Circle, Milton, MA 02186; 617-360-1321; [email protected]
HM caliber talent never realized potential due to inability to add toughness. Shoots 3 well & has length/mobility/athleticism but shies away from
contact, doesn’t want to be in the paint, & been injury prone last 6 months.
Jimbo Lull, 6-11, SR, C, Pump n’Run Elite (AAU), MM/LM
Manhattan Beach, CA; 617-694-6447; [email protected]; Academic Prospect
Big body & true center with academic credentials. Little out of shape with some bad weight & lack of cut to frame. Not moving particularly well &
probably never overly athletic. Good hands, capable post threat, & also a threat to step out & make standstill shot. May consider post-grad year
and move back to ’16 class – that + conditioning program would increase recruitment.
Max Rothschild, 6-8, Post-Grad, PF, Illinois Wolves (AAU), LM+/LM
5031 S. Dorchester Ave, Chicago, IL 60615; 773-266-6498; Academic Prospect
Not flashy or explosive & little rigid when he runs but undeniably efficient & productive 12 ft & in. Poise & footwork on post, drives hard from
elbow, goes to glass, & plays hard. Can’t shoot from outside. Ideally suited as PF for LM team that plays with 2 bigs.
Bradley Jomard, 6-6, Post-Grad, G/F, Metro Boston (AAU), LM-/D3+
Paris, France; 616-844-8518; [email protected]; 2000 SAT (760M, 630R, 610W); 750 Math SAT2, 630 Physics SAT2
Academic post-grad from France on LM/D3 fringe. Very good passer (loves bounce pass off dribble) with high I.Q. & understanding of how to play
in offensive structure. Fancies himself a big PG but too upright with high dribble (gets poked away) to play that role here. Has size, length & cut but
very skinny; makes self narrow defensively (arms at side) & doesn’t shoot it too well (which is considerable problem given his style of game).
Danny Levitt, 6-1, SR, G, LM-/D3+
3011 DeBreslay Rd, Westmount, QC; 315-408-3618
Reported scholarship level prospect but was not in action day we watched.
Nick Morris, 6-8, SR, PF, D2/D3+
2 Jean St, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3A7; 603-387-3957
Broadly built lefty big a naturally strong kid but needs to tone currently sloppy body. Has no lift, struggles to move defensively, & keep up with pace
of game but legit threat on block who will post deep & have poise with ball. True 5 won’t have position at most D2’s.
Eddie Ekiyor, 6-9, JR, PF, CIA Bounce (AAU), HM/HMOttawa, Canada; 603-937-1223; [email protected]; Potential Academic Prospect
Canadian import in first year stateside almost certain HM. Good build with wide shoulders, developing muscle mass, & athleticism. Instincts to
match physical tools; motor looked very good but supposedly wasn’t always the case. Didn’t see skill set away from basket.
Donovan Love, 6-0, JR, PG, Expressions (AAU), D1 (MM/LM)
19 Milton Ave, Cranston, RI 02905; 401-654-9242; [email protected]
Had high hopes for him early because of terrific jets with ball but lack of progression been disappointing. Starting to fill out & so likely done growing
at barely 6 ft. Still has speed & quickness with ball but only drives left, continues to turn it over, & not a good perimeter shooter. Potential to be
solid on-ball defender. Best suited for up-tempo program.
Anthony Gaines, 6-3, Soph, G/F, HM Watch List
84 Clinton Ave, Apt 1, Kingston, NY 12401; 845-520-8538; [email protected]
Continue to question his skill level & overall feel for the game but undeniably explosive athlete with very long arms, lot of intangibles, & high
character. Transition athlete, good rebounding guard (right off rim) & potential defender.
Northfield Mount Hermon (Northfield, MA)
Head Coach: John Carroll (office: 413-498-3295; cell: 413-214-3428; e-mail: [email protected])
Workouts: Mon, Tues, Wed, 5:45 – 7:15pm
Collin McManus, 6-10, 220, SR, C (Bedford, NH) – COMMITTED TO PENN
Much improved true center knows how to operate with his back to the basket & defends post as well.
Chris Sullivan, 6-3, 190, SR, G/F (Wilmette, IL) – COMMITTED TO BROWN
High intensity with great motor & solid skill set. Missed better half of first season at NMH with injury last year.
Jackson Donahue, 6-1, 175, SR, G (Stonington, CT) – COMMITTED TO PENN
Shot-maker with a chip on his shoulder coming off big summer; much improved in the last year.
Josh Sharma, 6-11, 215, SR, C, Mass Rivals (AAU), HM
338 Bridge St, Chatham, MA 02633; 781-698-8280; [email protected]
Can run & jump like few others his size but reality is that he’s still more prospect than producer. Now hitting 3’s from top of key but still not a low
post scoring threat. Looks like he added some muscle in August. Will be runner, finisher, shot-blocker, & hopefully consistent finisher at next level.
Aaron Falzon, 6-8, 210, SR, F, Expressions (AAU), HM152 Lexington St, Aubarndale, MA 02466; 617-401-6863; Academic Prospect
Elite shot-making forward with deep range & unique ability to make tough shots. Not a great athlete & fairly limited laterally so defensive end will
be concern (ideal 3-man for team that plays zone). Not blowing by anyone off the dribble but uses pivots well & makes tough pull-ups/2 ft runners.
Going to need to add a significant amount of muscle & will be interesting to see how body reacts to it.
Daquon Ervin, 5-11, 180, SR, PG, MM/MM628 Sterling Place, Apt 3A, Brooklyn, NY 11238; 347-362-6142; [email protected]; 3.0, 166 AI
Had big junior season but recruitment surprisingly limited after missing summer with injury. Notably below the Ivy floor & so very recruit-able for
other conferences. Scoring guard improved from 3 but far from pure; can occasionally get all the way to rim but best in mid-range area. Ball tends
to stick to him – no quick decisions & never a quick reversal.
Jashanti Allen, 5-9, 180, SR, PG, D3+
480 Kirkby Rd, Elmont, NY 11003; 516-359-0607; [email protected]
Stocky point in best shape of career; noticeably more cut & step quicker. Undersized, strictly under the rim, & not a great 3pt shooter but creates
tempo with hard push, consistent with his pull-up game, & shifty creating space to get to it.
Ian Sistare, 6-3, 185, JR, G, New England Playaz (AAU), HM Watch List (HM-/LM+)
PO Box 213, Dublin, NH 03444; 603-252-6120
HM interest has calmed after disappointing summer. Toughness & I.Q. are top assets; also an outstanding passer – puts simple ones right on
money, can hook over shoulder against momentum, throw off dribble with both hands. Handle is tad loose otherwise he’d have potential to be big
point. Not a great natural athlete & so jumper has always been key to HM upside & shot it very poorly this summer.
A.J. Brodeur, 6-8, 210, JR, PF, Middlesex Magic/New England Playaz (AAU), HM Watch List (HM-/MM+)
17 Emerson Rd, Northboro, MA 01532; 508-494-9816; [email protected]; 3.5 GPA
Frame continues to evolve with more muscle & athleticism. Probably longer than he gets credit for too because of wide shoulders. Outstanding
mid-range shooter, still rarely goes beyond 18 feet. Rim runs hard every time, battles inside, goes to the glass, & has an intellect for game.
Nick Serettea, 6-3, 185, JR, SG, Middlesex Magic (AAU), D1 Watch List (LM/D2)
60 Meadow Wood Dr, Greenfield, MA 01301; 413-773-8780; [email protected]; Academic Prospect
Power perimeter player, very physical going to rim off catch (curls screens) or dribble & loves contact; spins off & seals secondary defender on way
in but not a decision maker or more than 2 bounce player so really more wing than guard. Capable, but inconsistent, 3pt shooter.
Patrick Racy, 6-7, 200, JR, F, D1 Watch List
24 Beechwood Ln, Ridgefield, CT 06877; 203-856-4880; [email protected]; Academic Prospect
Reclassified junior quietly very efficient but might have hard time carving out role in deep frontcourt. Little stuck between positions but good build,
finishes well (lay-up maker), made 15 ft’ers, showed some athleticism with trail block, & was aware defensively (especially on weak-side).
Tomas Murphy, 6-8, 190, Soph, PF, HM
76 Foster Sheldon Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879; 401-450-5677
True soph & likely top long-term prospect on team. Rebounded at high rate day we watched with great nose for ball. Already seeing benefit of daily
reps in progression of natural skill that goes both inside & out. Has dexterity & very high I.Q. for young big guy.
Jerome Desrosiers, 6-6, 205, Soph, F, Brookwood Elite (AAU), HM Watch List (HM/MM)
15755 St-Augustin, St-Hyacinthe QC J2T 3S6, Canada; 450-888-1139; [email protected]
Old for grade but undeniably efficient, smart, & tough. Frame is leaner & cut-up; seems intent to be a wing but still moves & plays like more of a 4.
Solid athlete, makes standstill 3’s, straight line drives, can go through contact or spin off it, & solid on glass (especially from wing).
Chuck Hannah, 6-6, 190, Frosh, F, Mass Rivals (AAU), D1
204 Pearl St, Brockton, MA 02301; 857-222-2965
Long, chiseled, athletic lefty is man among boys in age group but game anchored to interior so upside depends on future growth (might already be
close to maxed out) or development of perimeter skill.
Calvin Whipple, 6-3, 175, Frosh, SG, Mass Rivals (AAU) D1
220 Day St, Leominster, MA 01453; 978-534-6786
2G with good size & potential niche from behind 3pt line; already capable of making tough shots but must be more disciplined holding release.
Solid athlete & not totally one dimensional but left hand needs work.
Akiel Shakoor, 5-9, 150, Frosh, PG, Mass Rivals (AAU), D1 Watch Watch
59 King Phillip Rd, Apt 2, Worcester, MA 01606; Mass Rivals (AAU), 774-242-4476
Undersized & skinny but no fear, has a definite presence/toughness about him, & acts like he belongs at this level. Quick & has his handle on a
string; maneuvers with ball in tight spaces. Shoots it well from 3 too & can knock down deep ones. Growth spurt away from definite D1.
Putnam Science Academy (Putnam, CT)
Head Coach: Tom Espinosa (cell: 860-933-0117; email: [email protected])
Workouts: Mon, 6:15 – 7:30am & 3:30-5pm; Tues, Wed & Thurs, 6:15 – 7:30am & 7-8:30pm; Fri 6:15-7:30am
Andrew Robinson, 6-5, Post-Grad, SF Silver Spring, MD) – COMMITTED TO QUINNIPIAC
Size & strength on the wing with the ability to make shots in bunches with slightest bit of separation.
Aaron Robinson, 6-5, Post-Grad, F (Silver Spring, MD) – COMMITTED TO QUINNIPIAC
Versatile forward with high work-ethic. Consistently made shots & looked step quicker than he was this summer.
Kealen Ives, 5-9, Post-Grad, PG, NYC Jayhawks (AAU), LM+
76 Ralph Street Providence, RI 02906; 401-261-4554; [email protected]; Wasn’t a Qualifier out of HS
Undersized guard best when facilitating as pure PG but has scoring tools as well. Sees court, creates tempo, stops quick for mid-range pull-ups,
makes open 3’s, & plays with chip on shoulder. Has leadership tools but can too much of a showman for his own good at times too.
Vincent Eze, 6-8, Post-Grad, C/F, LVBR (AAU), MMth
744 Elm St, Bethlehem, PA 18018; 484-635-9324; 9 grade in Nigeria then 2.9 GPA at Notre Dame HS (PA).
Great frame – cut-up with broad shoulders & freakishly long arms. Terrific motor (won’t take a play off) & great feet (very agile). Offense is limited
(can’t dribble at all & rarely scores away from basket) but has instinct to be pick & roll big (saw slips, agile enough to avoid secondary defender
when catching on move). Guaranteed to run, rebound, block some shots, & play as hard as he can.
Josh Wallace, 6-3, Post-Grad, G, D2
103-19 32 Avenue, New York, NY 11369; 347-446-3258; “B student”
Strong/thick guard evolved from undersized wing we saw with The City (AAU) two years ago. Not blowing by anyone & all under rim but strong
with ball, little bit of a catch-and-go game vs. close-outs, & several good pick & roll passes. Finishes both hands on move, just not in traffic.
Standstill stroke not as crooked as it used to be. Reportedly getting LM interest but think best at D2 level.
Dondre Rhoden, 6-5, Post-Grad, PF, D2
128-07 Rosedale, Queens, NY 11422; 201-450-4008; “Diagnosed LD but A/B student because of work-ethic, low test score”
Undersized big with powerful build & rugged mentality. Thick/strong upper body; not a quick leaper but can jump off 1 or 2. Struggles to finish here
but can make running baby hook in deep enough. High character & hard-working; will defend & rebound.
Taylor Smith, 6-1, Post-Grad, PG, D3+
Vancouver, British Columbia;”B/C student”
North-South style PG isn’t athletic at first glance but plays so hard that he isn’t exposed. Doesn’t back-down from anyone here, creates tempo,
makes 3 off catch or dribble, moves ball & moves well without it.
Ertugrul Gazil, 5-10, Post-Grad, PG, D3+/D3
Istanbul, Turkey
Both strong & fast with ball. Quick to right side, more deliberate to left. Holds “search dribble” going through lane looking for receivers; stroke
looks OK but was well short even on open rhythm 3’s.
Mamadou Diarra, 6-8, JR, C/F, HM Watch List (HM/MM+)
34-12 113th St #5C, Corona, NY 11368; 646-496-3012
Slightly undersized big (could be 6’7), 4 year junior & chance he comes out after this year. Surprised doesn’t have more HM looks in ’16. Already
strong with frame to add worlds more muscle. Athletic in traffic, changes ends, quick for size, & great motor. Monster on glass; gets it out of area &
soft hands to pull down in traffic. Offense still raw but made an elbow jumper & tried a jump hook that didn’t look bad.
Hamidou Diallo, 6-4, Soph, G, HM Watch List (HM/MM)
98-15 Horace Harding Expwy 4D, Corona, NY 11368; 347-421-5259
Reclassified soph guard with size & length (legs might be longer than arms). Playmaker’s instinct with good athleticism (more explosive off 2 feet
than 1) & creativity. Showed more court vision & willingness to make extra pass in this setting. Improving jumper (release in front of face causes
head to go back but gets good rotation).
South Kent School (South Kent. CT)
Head Coach: Kelvin Jefferson (school: 860-927-3539 x297; cell: 860-519-9001; e-mail: [email protected])
Workouts: Tues & Thurs, 3:45pm; Wed, 1pm
Aaron Carver, 6-7, 205, Post-Grad, F, (Elizabeth City, NC) – COMMITTED TO OLD DOMINION
Athletic wing with strong body is valuable attacker off the dribble, versatile defender, & good rebounder on the wing.
Tyler Jackson, 7-2, 276, SR, C, Illinois Wolves (AAU), LM
23 West 334 Pelham Court, Naperville, IL, 60540; 630-701-4742; [email protected]
Was out with injury day we watched but seen plenty of him. Huge human being but limited mobility; runs as hard as he can but strides aren’t fluid
& almost pigeon-toed. Immovable inside paint & capable of single handily changing game for program willing to play slow enough to utilize him.
Chris Wright, 6-8, 210, Post-Grad, C/F, Jersey Shore Warriors (AAU), D2173 Harrison Ave, Westfield, NJ 07090; 732-485-9623; 3.1 GPA
Gotten stronger & gradually developed some skill (saw first signs of jump hook here) but runs with short strides, has limited feel for game (needs to
simplify offensive game), & doesn’t commit to rebound like he should.
Chao “Bobby” Xu, 6-4, 175, Post-Grad, SF, D2-/D3+
Tai Yuan, China; 626-215-7460; described as good student
Wing with solid size & some deceptive athleticism (dunks with both hands). Twisting mechanics but consistently makes open shots. Not going to
create much for himself but will play hard & compete.
Shunto Murakami, 6-0, 170, Post-Grad, PG, D3+
Yamagata, Japan; no cell phone; [email protected]; D2 academic qualifier
Didn’t see him on best day but said to be most pleasant surprise of fall. Plays very hard & plenty tough. Can make an open shot & make occasional
play with ball but was trying to do way too much & consequently TO prone when we watched.
Lazar Pavicevic, 6-1, 169, Post-Grad, G, D3
Bar, Montenegro; 917-328-4347
Heady guard moves without ball, cuts off post, sound with handle, & can pass off the dribble but limited athletically & not great shooter.
Ryan Sweeney, 6-6, 185, SR, F, D3
317 Summit Ave, Summit, NJ 07901; 908-656-0045
5 year senior out with injury day we watched but traditionally perimeter player with good size, limited athleticism, & capable open shot-making.
K.J. Santos, 6-7, 200, JR, G/F, Illinois Wolves (AAU), HM/HM602 Anderson Blvd., Geneva, IL, 60134; 331-442-5925; [email protected]
Undeniable talent with great size on perimeter & legit guard skills. Been critical of toughness & inefficient approach in past but this was best I’ve
seen him – got everything within the flow, shot 3 well (shoulder dip lessening) including one off pin down, passed off dribble, & fed post but didn’t
get caught up trying to prove he was big PG.
Martynas Pacevivus, 6-9, 228, JR, C, HM Watch List (HM/MM)
Kaunas, Lithuania; no cell phone; [email protected]
High level rebounder with great nose for ball. Long arms & strong frame that should keep filling out. Runs well with long strides & can rise up for
blocks & finishes. Some footwork & touch but can’t put it together yet & raw offensively; plays to strengths & doesn’t try things he can’t do well.
Jovan Grujic, 7-1, 220, JR, C, HM Watch List (HM/MM)
Pancevo, Serbia; 860-248-0301; [email protected]
Not sure he’s all of listed height but true center who has no aspirations of extending to perimeter. Posts big & deep, has some dexterity & soft
touch; release is low but uses body to shield half-hooks. Very little lift & so not great finisher/rebounder. Slim but cut & definitely needs weight
training. Feet are pretty solid for his size but has tendency to shuffle them at times.
Travis Atson, 6-4, 180, JR, G/F, PSA Cardinals (AAU), HM Watch List
122 Beadel St, Brooklyn, NY 11222; 917-294-7295; 3.3 GPA, 930 SAT (2 parts), 1310 SAT (3 parts)
Thought he was over-rated last spring but was most productive guy in gym here. Not nearly the knockdown shooter some think but stroke has
rotation & has become more balanced. Best in mid-range – curls & step-backs with high release; not a blow-by driver or showy athlete but can get
deep enough to spin into short pull-up and has some lift through contact when able to get head of steam in transition. Toughness is calling card.
Aziz Sultan Essa, 6-9, 330, JR, C, TBD
Abu Al Hasany, Kuwait; 646-519-1077
Extremely over-weight, often unable to keep up with play, & can’t move laterally but has soft hands & step-out touch if he were ever to condition.
Tremont Waters, 5’10, 150, Soph, PG, PSA Cardinals (AAU), HM/HM130 Winchester Ave, New Haven, CT 06511; 203-506-3048 (Dad’s cell – Ed); Academic Prospect
Highly talented undersized guard. As skilled, smart, & crafty as can be with innate timing & instincts. Master of making tough shots off the dribble
& finding daylight to finish inside. Often guilty of only passing for assists but was content to distribute freely in this setting.
St. Thomas More (Oakdale, CT)
Head Coach: Jere Quinn (school: 860-823-1845; e-mail: [email protected])
Workouts: Mon – Thurs, 3-5pm
Steve Enoch, 6-10, 240, SR, C/F (Norwalk, CT) – COMMITTED TO UCONN
Late blooming big just starting to tap into talent. Has big frame & foundation of skill both on block & stretching floor to 3pt line.
Sterling Taplin, 6-1, 200, Post-Grad, G (East Amherst, NY) – COMMITTED TO TULSA
Traditionally stocky combo-guard has tightened frame, added step of quickness, & continued to show scoring tools on all 3 levels.
Sean Hoehm, 6-1, 185, Post-Grad, PG, High Rise Team Up (AAU), LM/D2
1 House Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960; 973-525-7333; [email protected]; 3.3 GPA, 1090 SAT (2 part)
Liked him more here than during summer. Hard-worker with intangibles has already established himself as a leader here. Not a great shooter but
can make an open one. Pretty heady & generally plays within himself. Marginal natural athlete at best but maximizing what he has.
Ryan Funk, 6-5, Post-Grad, G/F, LM/D2
9297 Via Cimato Dr; 716-949-2261; 3.0 GPA, 1090 SAT (2 parts)
Under the radar product from upstate NY showed size, shooting range, & athleticism all consistent with that of D1 prospect; reportedly had D2
offers last year as senior. Really stroked it from 3 & threw down some finishes with conviction. Handle didn’t seem to be a weapon but was able to
make hard straight line drives & didn’t try to do anything he wasn’t capable of either.
Ian Gardiner, 6-4, 185, Post-Grad, G/F, High Rise Team Up (AAU), LM/D2
4 West Main, Norwalk, CT 06851; 203-919-0070; [email protected]
Recruitment has leveled off predictably after big summer. Plays hard & has real good body (long/strong), smooth in open floor with long sprinter
type strides with ball. Skills have improved & shooting range extended to arc. Doesn’t know how to play yet but shows flashes of instinct.
Ajou Deng, 6-9, 245, SR, F/C, High Rise Team Up (AAU), LM-/D2
4 Stanger Rd, London, England SE25 5JU; 860-938-3057
Big man never progressed as hoped. Big frame but conditioning was poor this summer (gradually improving); has touch inside & out but no real
offensive niche. Not a great athlete & needs to make rebounding more of an emphasis. Communicates well but allegedly hurt since we watched.
C.J. Byrd, 6-3, 180, Post-Grad, SG, High Rise Team Up (AAU), D2
36A Washington Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830; 347-820-2929; 3.0 GPA, 1550 SAT (3 parts)
Good sized 2G with offensive tools – 3pt & transition are naturally biggest strengths but has added more weapons in between & adjusted to higher
level competition through summer. Still doesn’t finish especially well & goes through spurts where he doesn’t play as hard as he needs to.
Ryan Peterson, 6-6, 190, Post-Grad, F, CT Roughriders (AAU), D2/D3+
41 Amato Circle, Wethersfield, CT 06109; 860-712-9118; [email protected]; 2.7 GPA, 1400 SAT (3 parts)
Perimeter forward adjusting to level with 1 taste of top competition. Best assets are vision/passing but not the big PG he fancies himself or quite
the 3pt shooter we hoped. Frontcourt facilitator, slow a foot defensively.
Arkel Ager-Lamar, 6-4, 180, JR, G/F, Expressions/USAD/Rivals (AAU), HM Watch List (HM/MM)
29 Leonard Dr, Bridgeport, CT 06606; 203-673-9104
Good athlete with great length on wing.. Makes shots in rhythm off catch or dribble but sprays as starts to force contested ones. Has tools to be
very good & will learn to play right way here. Lots of defensive potential too. Loves being recruited & already at 4 school yet.
E.J. Crawford, 6-4, 190, JR, SF, Expressions (AAU), D1 (MM/LM)
3521 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06120; 860-838-1368
Naturally stocky wing has trimmed up frame nicely. Southpaw can score from 3 ranges with space to operate but hasn’t adjusted to crowded lane
at this level. Capable 3 with high release above head & real fluid pull-up game. Not a great natural athlete, limited laterally, & suspect defender.
Christian Vital, 6-2, 175, JR, G, PSA Cardinals (AAU), D1 (MM)
109-32 217th St, Queens Village, NY 11429; 516-749-6900; [email protected]
Competitive guard, plays with chip on shoulder & can really make shots. Going to get the discipline he needs here; must learn to harness
competitive spirit – can be both best & worst part about him. Had been trying to develop PG skills previously but more likely to be straight 2 here.
Suffield Academy (Suffield, CT)
Head Coach: Jeff Depelteau (office - 860-386-4445; cell - 413-575-1040; email: [email protected])
Workouts: Days & Times will Vary (call for times)
Juwan Anderson, 6-0, Post-Grad, G, Las Vegas Knicks (AAU), MM-/LM+
7709 Outlook Ave, Oakland, CA 94605; 510-485-1866; 2.8 GPA, 1350 SAT (3 parts)
Shot-making PG with fluid stroke, deep range, & quick release (but doesn’t always finish it). Good with ball, has vision, & can make high level plays
& passes alike but gets inefficient valuing style over substance at times, minimal defensive effort, & exaggerates his recruitment.
Max Parks, 6-9, C/F, Post-Grad, Chris Ward Basketball (AAU), D2/D3+
Somers, NY; 914-860-5199; 83 average, 27 ACT
Looked like D3 big but will get continued scholly looks due to size. Runs well, has decent hands, some dexterity & fairly soft touch but didn’t see
any real niche & likely to get buried on bench behind Christian Wilkins (HM football player who would be MM basketball recruit) during season.
Jackson “Jack” Kalmbach, 6-2, Post-Grad, G, Lakeshow (AAU), D2Piedmont, CA; 510-590-2053; 3.9 GPA, 1960 SAT
Ideal role player – full of intangibles, high level defender, ball mover (always making quick extra passes), & makes open shots. Rarely looks to make
play with ball but will surprise his defender every once in a while. Reportedly started every game last year for Bishop O’Dawd (CA).
Sam Averbuck, 6-3, Post-Grad, SF, D3+/D3
Santa Rosa, CA; 707-527-2394; 4.0 GPA, 1930 SAT
Son of Cavs’ international scouting director; ugly stroke off his back-foot but allegedly made 45% from 3pt last season. Approaches game as if that
is his niche; makes fair share but sprays misses too. Pretty strong frame & high I.Q. but don’t see much else individual offense. Didn’t play AAU.
Elijah Wilson, 6-4, JR, F, House of Sports (AAU), D1 Watch List
304 West 119 St, New York, NY 10026; 646-784-4184; Academic Prospect
Reclassified junior chiseled & athletic, plays pretty hard, defends multiple positions. Skills historically been limited but made shots here (shoulders
go & ball little flat though); typically only 2 bounce player. Alleged recent HM interest seems fairly unrealistic.
Ellis Christmas, 6-1, JR, PG, House of Sports (AAU), D1 Watch List
177 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown, NY 100591; 914-334-8446
Lefty lead guard handles & creates to dominant side, not nearly as dangerous to right; pushes hard with head up & has become more consistent
3pt threat with compact stroke. Definitely improved since last season.
Garrett Stephenson, 6-6, Soph, F, BABC (AAU), D1 Watch List
95 Turner Rd, Townsend, MA 01469; 978-877-8614; [email protected]
Georges Niang comparisons aren’t fair; has similar body type & some inside-out skill but nowhere near as productive at same stage. Scoring threat
on post, good hands, good footwork, can step out & make a shot but limited defensively away from basket & no lift.
Wilbraham and Monson Academy (Wilbraham, MA)
Head Coach: Mike Mannix (cell: 215-510-9543; e-mail: [email protected])
Workouts: Typically Mon or Tues, 6:15–7:30pm; Fri 6:30–8pm; Sun 9:30–11am (call to confirm)
Curtis Cobb III, 6-4, 180, SR, G/F, Mass Rivals (AAU), HM-/MM+
220 Johnson St #10A, Fall River, MA 02723; 508-493-0441; 1020 SAT, GPA low at Durfee HS (first 2 years) but better here
Looked noticeably more quick/athletic & apparently first time since December that ankle has been healthy. Still not knockdown 3pt shooter some
think but makes open ones & was getting good lift on pull-ups too, incorporating floaters; & passing well. Pretty smooth & versatile, solid but not
outwardly strong, & above average athlete.
Derek Newton, 6-6, 215, Post-Grad, PF, Kenny Smith Aim High (AAU), LM+
North Hollywood, CA; 323-558-8148; 2.5 GPA
Super powerful build but game is based on skill. Good mid-range shooter scores over people with high release & little fade; capable open 3pt too &
has both footwork off catch & some handle (shifty) but gets TO prone when he gets too aggressive off bounce or tries to create something out of
nothing. Little undersized for 4, not a great vertical athlete (needs space to elevate), & doesn’t utilize natural power or rebound like he should.
Joe Schneider, 6-10, 225, SR, C/F, Metro Boston (AAU), LM+
77 Briarcliff Rd, Longmeadow, MA 01106; 413-478-4672; [email protected]; 3.5 GPA, 1720 SAT
Southpaw big has definite upside with good frame, big shoulders, strong lower body, room for more muscle (already cut-up), good hands/feet, &
athleticism for size. Starting to post deep but no post-game to speak of, questionable face-up touch (low release) & doesn’t board like he should.
Ben Vezele, 6-4, 175, Post-Grad, F, New England Playaz (AAU), D2/D2Providence, RI; 401-489-0995; 2.9 GPA, 1480 SAT
Long lefty is rangy, pretty quick off his feet, & sound with his jumper (when feet are set) to 3pt line. Gotten by on physical tools alone to this point
& now getting 1 taste of good competition. Can’t dribble but has potential to be high level defender who can make open shots to arc.
Earl Stephen, 5-7, 150, SR, PG, D3
16 Mora St. Apt 3., Boston MA 02124; 617-331-0190
Undersized but pretty strong & full of leadership tools/intangibles. Can handle/distribute ball & run a team but limited in paint & not great shooter.
Wenyen Gabriel, 6-8, 185, JR, F, Mass Rivals (AAU), HM Watch List (HM/MM)
508 Clay St, Manchester, NH 03103; 603-716-6743; [email protected]; 3.5 GPA
Long & skilled forward has continued to stretch his frame. Long arms/legs, might still be growing, but very lean (especially legs & core). Shoots it
well to arc, can bounce it too, & shows flashes of great reactions & deceptively good hands. Footwork was very good on the move (spin into up and
under going through lane) but less impressive in shot prep. Late blooming guy with lot of upside.
Brenden Vessichio, 6-3, 180, JR, G/F, CT Basketball Club (AAU), D1 Watch List
1567 Orchard Road, Berlin, CT 06037; 860-681-9337; 3.5 GPA
Repeat junior fairly versatile. Some inconsistencies in his release but makes 3’s. Pretty solid athlete around the rim; less explosive with his first step
but plays low to the ground off the catch, goes through contact pretty consistently, & has a pull-up game. Quiet/hard-working type.
Ryan Murphy, 6-2, 195, Soph, G, New England Playaz (AAU), D1 Watch List
29 Sturges Commons, Westport, CT 06880; 203-212-4025
Still intent to transition into PG & being given opportunity here; historic inability to handle & make decisions against pressure not yet tested.
Getting stronger but not sure body is wearing extra bulk well. Un-athletic (can’t dunk on a break-away) with heavy feet but shoots it well (great
rotation but has to make sure he doesn’t become upper body shooter as he gets stronger). Reported HM offer over his head. Old for grade.
Worcester Academy (Worcester, MA)
Head Coach: Jamie Sullivan (cell: 508-868-4855; email: [email protected])
Workouts: Tues & Thurs, 4-6pm; Sunday, 11am-1pm
Pat Benzan, 6-0, 170, Post-Grad, PG (Wellesley, MA) – COMMITTED TO HOLY CROSS
Shifty lead guard has filled out & gotten stronger; makes a living out of his floater game.
Nick Pasquale, 6-11, 242, SR, C, LM+/LM
4 Grove St, Shrewsbury, MA 01545; 508-769-5337; [email protected]; 3.2 GPA, 1530 SAT
Big lefty recently added 2 more inches while out with knee injury. Finally healthy but little out of shape. Undeveloped but has size, decent hands,
willingness to be physical, & adequate feet. Will post deep but lacks scoring move, hard mid-range touch with low release, & not very athletic.
Ben Marello, 6-7, 185, Post-Grad, F, MM/LM
Daytona Beach, FL; 386-872-2874; [email protected]
Post-grad from Florida was impressive when we watched. Handles ball well on perimeter, not blistering quick but great shot-fake, good footwork,
long/efficient with his bounce, uses length to finish & only needs an angle to get to rim. Shot well off dribble but didn’t trust 3 as much – has touch
to become consistent threat there if finishes stroke/holds release. Much more 4 than 3 defensively.
Jeff Spellman, 6-2, 175, Post-Grad, G, Middlesex Magic (AAU), LM-/D2+
21 Varick Rd, Boston, MA 02132; 617-966-2715; [email protected]
Seemed to be showing some signs this summer but was disappointing in open gym setting. Clearly not a PG & athleticism only comes out when has
straight line all way to rim; didn’t shoot 3 well enough to make that his niche & got swallowed up in lane pretty consistently.
James Loring, 6-9, 210, Post-Grad, PF, D2/D3
978-875-1413; [email protected]
Has good size, can run, catch, and dunk in stride; build is fine but arms are on short side (6’5” wingspan). Has some touch & can make occasional
set shot from 18 ft or bounce couple of times; goes right into contact but lacks agility to maneuver defender on move.
Quentin Bullen, 6-2, SR, SG, New England Storm (AAU), D3+/D3
27 Greenleaf Dr, Exeter, NH 03833; 603-339-0906; [email protected]; 3.1 GPA
Skinny but cut, can make standstill shots with stroke from top of head & fair with ball but wants to score & tries to do too much at times.
Saul Phiri, 6-4, 210, JR, G/F, HM Watch List (HM-/MM)
42 Sterling Lane, Bradford, MA 01835; 978-857-8188; [email protected]
Stocky swingman projects more 3 than 2 because of slower feet; undersized for that spot but compensates with deceptive length (6’11” wingspan).
Typically streaky shooter had 3’s falling here, which is when he’s at his best. Not blowing by anyone but fluid/smooth with ball. Starting to expand
offensive game too – passed it notably well here & also took smaller guards down to block, overpowering & shooting over them.
Kevin Marfo, 6-8, 230, JR, C/F, MM+/MM
105 Hillside Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621; 201-294-5102; [email protected]
Strong body & consistent motor with long arms (6’11 wingspan). Footwork was good (up and unders), rebounded with 2 hands in traffic,
consistently ran floor, made lefty lay-ups in congested lane (not dunking in traffic though). Tried couple 12 ft’ers but not his forte with low release.
James Wells, 6-8, 180, JR, F, D1 Watch List
401 High Meadows Rd, Waterville, VT 05492; 802-760-7321; [email protected]; 3.6 GPA, 1900 SAT
Long & skinny perimeter forward with good size. Can look like budding face-4 when making 3’s but doesn’t want to go inside or rebound & has
suspect decision making/feel for game. Was rarely around ball or involved in play on day we watched.
Greg Kuakumensah, 6-6, 190, Soph, F, D1 (MM/LM)
14 Sherbrook Ave, Worcester, MA 01604; 774-633-7718; [email protected]
Reclassed sophomore might be done growing; probably more 4 than 3 right now & defense definitely ahead of offense. Pretty good athlete with
6’10 wingspan; blocks shots, gets deflections, & projects capable defending couple positions. Offense primarily in transition or straight line drives.