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Serving North Highlands, Antelope, Foothill Farms and Sacramento County
Major Damage
to Home Caused
by Arson
Distracted Driving Worse Than Previously Reported
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You’re as Organized
as You Choose to Be
Pam Young’s
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It is well known that cell phones increase the risk for teen drivers. That risk is made worse because young drivers cannot draw upon past
driving experience to manage unsafe conditions.
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most comprehensive research ever
conducted into teen crashes found substantial evidence that distracted driving
is a much more serious problem than
previously known, according to the AAA
Foundation for Traffic Safety. Video
analysis finds that distraction was a
factor in nearly six out of 10 moderateto-severe teen crashes. This is four times
as many crashes as official estimates
based on police records.
Researchers at the University of Iowa
analyzed the six seconds leading up to
a crash in nearly 1,700 videos of teen
drivers taken from in-vehicle recording devices. The results showed that
distraction was a factor in 58% of all
crashes studied including 89% of roaddeparture crashes and 76% of rear-end
crashes. National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) previously
estimated that distraction is a factor in
only 14% of all teen crashes.
Among the key findings in the study
were that drivers manipulating their cell
phone (calling, texting, or other uses)
had their eyes off the road for an average
of 4.1 seconds out of the final six seconds leading up to the crash. Researchers
also measured reaction time in rear-end
crashes and found that teen drivers using
a cell phone failed to react more than half
of the time before impact, meaning they
crashed without braking or steering.
It is well known that passengers
and cell phones increase the risk for
teen drivers. That risk is made worse
because young drivers cannot draw
upon past driving experience to manage unsafe conditions. Utah’s graduated
driver licensing law addresses the most
common causes of teen crashes and
gives teens time to practice in a safe
“Parents can play a vital role in preventing their teens from engaging in
distracted driving and learning to be a
safe driver,” said Cynthia Harris, AAA
Northern California spokesperson.
“Before parents begin practice driving
with their teen, they should create a parent-teen driving agreement that includes
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May 8, 2015
TRUSD Announces
New Associate
MCCLELLAN, CA (MPG) - Twin Rivers
Unified School District (TRUSD)
announced on April 23rd that Sara
Noguchi, Ed.D, has been hired as
the new Associate Superintendent of
Innovation, Research, and Design.
Noguchi is a former interim superintendent of Sacramento Unified School
District and former director of secondary education for the Elk Grove Unified
School District. Her new position will
focus on strengthening new and existing
partnerships to advance the use of innovative technology in teaching, learning,
and student services environments.
“Twin Rivers is a district on the move
and I feel honored to have been selected
to be part of the team,” said Dr. Noguchi.
“I’m looking forward to
supporting the
students, teachers, staff, and
Noguchi has
more than 20
years of experience in public Dr. Sara Noguchi will
on advancing
education. She focus
the use of innovative
holds a doctor- technology in teaching.
ate in education Photo courtesy of Twin Rivers
Unified School District
leadership from
the University of the Pacific and has a
master’s in curriculum and instruction.
She’s a former classroom teacher and
“We are fortunate to have attracted an
education leader of Dr. Noguchi’s stature,” said TRUSD Superintendent Dr.
Steven Martinez. “She brings a wealth of
experience that will serve our students,
staff, and community well. Dr. Noguchi
has worked at all levels of public education, including implementing new
strategies to transform low-performing
schools in high-needs neighborhoods.
We’re excited she’s part of the ‘We are
TR’ team.”
Noguchi was approved by the board
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Hundreds Rally for AB 311, Bill Fails in Assembly
Story and photos by
Christie Spurlock
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- On April 27th, multitudes of
people gathered at the north steps
of the Capitol to rally for the
passage of Assembly Bill 311.
Among the speakers were Senator
Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) and
Assemblyman James Gallagher
(R-Nicolaus), who is the author
of AB 311.
Assemblyman Gallagher spoke
of how important this bill is to
many Californians. He also referenced the legislation that helped
to expedite the building of the
Kings arena. “There’s a lot of talk
about water being the lifeblood
of California,” said Gallagher.
“Let’s prove it by getting this
vital funding allocated to Sites
Reservoir and Temperance Flat
and by passing AB 311 today and
showing all Californians that we
value water just as much as we do
professional sports.”
Assembly Republican Leader
Kristin Olsen (Modesto) said,
“If we want to prevent future
dire situations related to drought
that will inevitably hit California
again, then we have to work
together today to build the storage
capacity that we so desperately
need in order to increase water
supply and provide it to all our
An attendee of the rally, who
wished to remain anonymous,
said his concern about the lack of
water in California is what made
him support the bill. So what does
State Senate Honors
Women’s Club for
Tree Project
North Count y
Community Update
by Susan Peters
he think will help the drought?
“Building more dams, more reservoirs,” he said. A common theme
among attendees was that most
wanted to see action as soon as
However, just hours after the
rally, the bill was rejected by the
Assembly committee. On Twitter,
people voiced their opinions
about the bill. “As conservationist, raft guide & hunter, I support
conservation & river protection,
but #CADems block sensible
#Water infrastructure,” tweeted
Twitter user @tabberg. On the
other end of the spectrum, Twitter
user @krislevtwombly tweeted in
response to Kristin Olsen’s plea
to pass the bill, “Thx4urEfforts
#cawater supply but :( about
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Messenger $1500
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North County
le, for
“Written by the peop
Volume 2 • Issue 05
Has Rejuvenated
the District
and peo(MPG) - Ten-thous
Make It Fun and It
Will Get Done!
Pam Young’s
ill Farms and Sacramento
Color Fun Fest 5K en
Story and photos
by Anne Stokes
Page 2
the people”
ands, Antelope, Footh
Serving North Highl
all over
ple came from
Sacramento and beyond
have a fun and colorful
on the evening of
February 28th at the
Hosted at
Fun Fest fun run.
Cal Expo, the family-frie and
event featured daytime
nighttime 5K fun runs, of
trucks, copious amountssevat
neon-colored powders
and high
eral color stations,
once the
voltage black lights
sun went down.
“Color Fun Fest is
coming out and having
your famamazing time with
ily. We’re a family
peofamily events. We want we
ple to get off the couch, the
want kids
video games, we want
re and have
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Keep Inform
on Local Newesd!
March 13, 2015
Two Dozen
Fake Contractors
Nailed in Sting Op
r sting
- Two separate undercove
in Roseville
operations conducted
the past
and Sacramento during from the
week by investigat
Contractors State License
(CSLB) Statewide
netted 23
Fraud Team (SWIFT)
to call
“It’s always important make
or check CSLB’s
you’re considsure the contractor
ering has a valid
license,” said CSLB
“But durCindi Christens on.
there’s also an
ing good weather
improvem ent
increase in home
of illegal
projects and the number at risk.”
contractors who put
issued nine
CSLB investigators
during a
misdemeanor citations
February 24th
one-day sting on
at a home in North
Attorney’s office and
in the
Highway Patrol assistedSWIFT
operation . A different illegal
team cited 14
18th and
contracting on February Placer
19th at a home
ds with the
County Fairgroun
assistance of the Placer
District Attorney’s
d sit-
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An attendee of the rally said his concern about the lack of water in
California is what made him support the bill.
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May 8, 2015
Summer Camps for Every Interest
Shriners Hospital Volunteer
Recognized for Exceptional Service
By Linda Harper
few more weeks until most area schools are
closed for summer vacation. Kids are happy
to be out of class and free to enjoy summertime fun, while parents anguish over finding
appropriate, fun activities to keep them busy.
For those considering placing their children in
a summer camp program, they’ll find that the
camp experience has been reinvented for the
21st century.
There are camps and workshops available for just about any interest and age group.
Computer camps that teach programming,
game development, web design, and app creation are popular among Junior High and
High School students, while art, music, and
drama often appeal to a younger age group.
The Sacramento area is rich with opportunities for children who want to spend their
summer learning something new or enjoying their favorite activity with friends. The
cost for fun-filled camps is as diverse as the
camps themselves. For comprehensive listings
of summer camps in Sacramento and the surrounding area, check the Internet by searching
“Summer Camps Sacramento CA.”
Dreams Take Flight at Aviation Camp
One of the most innovative and popular summer camps for kids ages 6-17 takes
place at the California Aeronautical Museum,
3200 Freedom Park Drive, McClellan (North
Highlands). A four-day Aviation Camp provides kids ages 13-17 with an unforgettable
experience and the opportunity to let their
imaginations expand. They will learn how
pilots communicate with each other, the parts
Fire Camp provides local children a once-in-alifetime opportunity to experience today’s fire
service first hand. The program is designed to
instill self-confidence, teamwork, and a basic
understanding of the firefighting profession in
a fun and exciting atmosphere. Photo courtesy of
Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
Volunteer Has a Heart Bigger
than His Clown Shoes
SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Shriners Hospital volunteer
Julia Scott, 14, of Carmichael imagines what it would be like to fly above the clouds as she sits in
the cockpit of a vintage fighter at the California Aeronautical Museum. Photo by Linda Harper
of an airplane, how it flies, the importance of
weight and balance, how to read flight data,
why weather affects flying, and flight planning. Students will also learn how to approach
an airfield for landing, and they’ll hear about
the pioneers and heroes of aviation. During the
four-day camp, participants will visit a U.S.
Coast Guard Station and will have an opportunity to take a short flight with a registered
Aviation Camp dates are June 15-18, July
6-9, and July 20-23 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00
p.m. daily. The cost is $225. Space is limited
and there is a discount for registering early and
for museum members.
A four-day Aeronautical Camp is available
to students entering sixth through ninth grade.
It’s scheduled for June 22-25 from 9:00 a.m. to
1:00 p.m. Kids coming to this camp will have
fun learning about flight, planes, computer science, and space. Every day, participants will
be met with a daily challenge, have direct
instruction, a team activity, and a special demonstration. The cost is $175 until June 1st.
After June 18th, the fee will increase to $200.
For more information about California
Aeronautical Museum camps, call Kendra
Brace, director of education, at (916)5643266. You can also visit
where you will find valuable information about
museum membership and special events.
Fire Camp Teaches Kids Teamwork
Fire Camp is a community outreach program
that has been provided by the Sacramento
Metropolitan Fire Department for the past
several years. It’s proven to have a positive
effect on kids, their families, neighborhoods,
schools, and communities. Fire Camp is open
to boys and girls between the ages of 11-13.
During camp, kids are divided into small
groups. A professional firefighter assumes the
role of counselor and bonds with the group.
They stay together for the camp duration and
learn to work together to achieve a common
Groups are called “strike teams.” Each
team works in sync as they learn about the
firefighter job. They experience putting out a
flammable liquid fire with a fire extinguisher,
learn to climb a 105-foot aerial ladder truck,
and have fun while learning to operate a traditional hand pump and participating in a bucket
brigade. Campers will also have the opportunity to embark on an adventure, riding along
with the district’s Water Rescue Team. The
week wraps up with each team competing in
a kid’s Fire Muster. When campers leave Fire
Camp, they take with them a sense of accomplishment, heightened self-esteem, and a
whole team of new friends.
The cost to attend the week-long day camp
is $100 per camper. Register online at www. before June 6th, 2015. In
order for the accepted camper to attend Fire
Camp, a parent or guardian must attend a mandatory orientation meeting on June 8th at 7:00
p.m. For more information, call Sacramento
Metro Fire Community Services at (916) 859H
Join us for our “Farm to Fork” Brunch Menu
Traditional Hot Breakfast Items, Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon/
Trout and Pastries, as well as Omelet Stations with Your Choice of
Assorted Salads with a Variety of Toppings & Dressings.
Beef and Ham Carving Station.
Assorted Hot Items Such as Ravioli, Basmati Rice Pilaf, Grilled
Seasonal Vegetables, Pan Seared Chicken Breast, Roasted Salmon
and More.
Kids Buffet
Scrumptious Desserts Including Cakes, Tarts & Pies.
Complimentary Non- Alcoholic Beverages, as well
as a Glass of Mimosa or Champagne.
Harry Norman was recently awarded the Doug Busath Lifetime
Achievement Award at the Northern California hospital’s volunteer recognition ceremony. The award is named in honor of Doug
Busath, who volunteered in the hospital’s Central Activity Area for
10 years after his grandson was treated at Shriners for severe burn
injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The award is presented
annually to a hospital volunteer to honor dedication, commitment,
and joyful service to patients, families, and the entire hospital
Mr. Norman, winner of the 2015 lifetime achievement award,
is affectionately known throughout the hospital as Hare Bear the
Clown. Every
Thursday rain or
shine, Hare Bear
can be found
greeting families
as they arrive
for their clinic
On his volunteer days, he
gets up at 4:30
a.m. to put on
his clown face
so he can arrive
at the hospital
by 7:45 a.m. He
has volunteered
at the Northern
Hospital since it
opened in April
1997, contributing more than
Norman is affectionately known throughout
5 , 3 0 0 h o u r s Harry
Northern California Shriners Hospital as Hare Bear
to the hospital the Clown. Every Thursday rain or shine, Hare Bear
clinic and thou- can be found greeting families as they arrive for their
appointments. Photo courtesy of Shriners Hospitals for
sands of hours in clinic
Children, Northern California
the community
supporting both
Shriners and Shriners Hospitals for Children.
“When I retired, I knew I wanted an active role in the Shrine, and
the best way of doing that was to be part of the clown brigade,”
said Mr. Norman, who has been a Shriner for over 20 years. “I love
to see the looks on children’s faces when they see Hare Bear the
Clown. If I can be a happy distraction for them, all the better,” he
When Mr. Norman decided to become a Shriner clown, he said
it was easy to come up with a clown name. As a term of endearment, his wife Edna nicknamed him Hare Bear years ago. Now, it
is a name that endears him to many of the children who come to
Shriners Hospitals for Children, Northern California. To those who
know Mr. Norman, aka Hare Bear, his heart is even bigger than his
clown shoes.
Source: Shriners Hospitals for Children, Northern California H
May 8, 2015
North County Messenger • 3
Hundreds Rally for AB 311, Bill Fails in Assembly
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#ab311 rush dam projects. All CA
wild spaces r sacred. Don’t drown
them. Lost4evr.”
The day after the bill’s rejection, Governor Jerry Brown
announced that his administration would authorize
expediting environmental
reviews of certain water projects. Gallagher responded to the
news with a statement: “Unlike
Assembly Democrats who voted
down AB 311 yesterday, the
Governor clearly sees the need
to streamline the environmental review process for vital water
supply projects. I am also encouraged by his statement that he will
‘explore legislative changes that
can speed up delivery of critical
By Terry Studstill, Eskaton
Senator Jim Nielsen was among the speakers at the rally on April 27th.
water supply projects.’ I will be
reaching out to Governor Brown
and stand ready to work on such
legislative changes so we can
get critical projects like Sites
Reservoir and Temperance Flat
off the ground quickly.”
TRUSD Announces New Associate Superintendent
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for her new job on April 14th. She
joins the district in an explorative
Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day
new time in the world of technology and schooling highlighted by
a new partnership with Microsoft
and led by Dr. Martinez.
Source: Twin Rivers Unified
School District
This year for Mother’s Day,
make time for something extra
special. Here are five creative
ideas to help you plan your
mom’s celebration:
1. Enjoy a day at the spa.
Spend time with your mom
getting a massage and facial,
or a mani and pedi. Even a
son can enjoy a pedicure every
once in a while for the sake of
his mom.
2. Pack a picnic, and take
your mom to the park. Or if she
has limited mobility, bring the
picnic to her.
3. Give a tribute to your
mother. Your mom inspired
you in many ways. Tell her
about the little things she did
that you now appreciate.
4. Get her connected; a tablet or iPad is a gift well worth
the investment. Once your
mom gets used to pushing the
This year for Mother’s Day, make time for something extra special.
Photo courtesy of Eskaton
Skype or FaceTime button, she
can have face-to-face conversations with her grandkids on a
regular basis.
5. Enter your favorite recipe
of hers into the Eskaton recipe contest. The winning recipe
will be highlighted on the TV
show Sac and Company. Visit
for more info.
If you don’t have a mom or
grandma to spend time with
this Mother’s Day, look for a
neighbor who can use a visitor.
It will brighten their day. H
Caring About Your Water
Is Our Only Job.
Delivering a reliable water supply to your home at the best
possible price is Hector Torres’ only job. As one of our
Sacramento-area team members, Hector provides the
personalized care you deserve.
California American Water has invested over $100
million in the past decade to renew and improve the
water infrastructure that serves our customers. As the
drought continues and water becomes more precious,
the investments that have been made to replace aging
water mains and install water meters have resulted in
water savings for our customers. We will continue to
make smart investments so our customers can count on
reliable service at a reasonable price.
We’re Here to Help You
For seniors on fixed incomes and families facing financial
difficulties, even a small water bill can be a challenge.
That’s why California American Water has a financial
assistance program, H2O Help to Others™, to help
Sacramento-area families who need help the most.
Visit and click on “Rates
Information” under “Customer Service” to see if you are
eligible to receive a monthly discount on your water charges.
Meter Operator
Sacramento District
Customers can also learn more about saving water and
money by visiting the drought and conservation sections
of our website or by calling (916) 568-4201.
(888) 237-1333 •
Thank you for your positive feedback regarding our customer service. We strive to provide you with reliable water service and are
continually seeking ways to improve.
4 • North County Messenger
May 8, 2015
Pastor Ray’s
Dave Says
Sharing successes
Dear Dave,
My husband and I are 28 years
old. We’re completely debt-free,
and we each have great jobs. We
don’t talk a lot about this kind
of stuff, because we’ve found it
causes other people to treat us
differently. We realize how incredibly blessed we have been, so we
always try to give God the credit,
save, tithe and give regularly, and
not brag about these things. How
would you recommend handling a
situation like ours?
Dear Amanda,
When you start to win with
money, build wealth and achieve
some of your goals, you discover
pretty quickly that there’s a very
small group of people you can celebrate with. It sounds like you’ve
discovered this already.
A lot of times there are friends,
and even family members, you
can’t celebrate with because it
comes off as bragging — even if
you’re just happy you’ve reached
a milestone. So, you learn to keep
lots of stuff private and not even
share the good things. Still, if
you have a nice car or a beautiful home, these things can indicate
that you’re successful. Even if
they’re a small percentage of your
financial world, it will sometimes
generate feelings of jealousy or
envy in other people.
Jealousy is, “I want what you
have.” Envy is, “I don’t think I can
have what you do, so I don’t want
you to have it either.” These are
two really evil spirits, and they’re
loose in our country today like
never before. Part of the price of
making smart decisions, and being
wise with your money, is that some
people don’t understand when you
win and don’t think it’s fair.
But the truth is that you guys
have every right to enjoy the fruits
of your labor. You’ve earned it.
You’re generous, giving people,
and you take care of your family
so the rest of us don’t have to pay
extra taxes to take care of them for
you. That’s the truth about winning with money. You guys are
under no obligation to explain
your income, net worth or the fact
that you’re winning. And you’re
not obligated to be ashamed of it
Pay it, but with caution
Dear Dave,
I got a department store credit
card, using my real age at the time,
when I was 17. I ran up a debt of
$150, and the balance has grown to
over $350. This was 10 or 12 years
ago, but a debt collection agency
started calling again the other day
wanting the money. Hasn’t the
statute of limitations run out by
now? What should I do?
Dear Elizabeth,
There is a statute of limitations, but there are a couple of
other things to consider, too. First,
the debt is not collectible because
a minor alone cannot enter into
a legally binding contract in any
state. The second thing is they can
screw up your credit report for a
very long time, and it sounds like
they’re in the process of doing that
right now.
Here’s my advice. Call them and
explain that they are past the statute of limitations, and that you are
considering suing them. After that,
remind them that you were a minor
when someone approved you for
the card, which means the store
you signed up with can be sued as
However, since you did take
stuff from the store, offer them
the original $150 to settle the deal.
Get it in writing that the account is
settled in full by this amount, and
don’t give them electronic access
to your money. When you get the
settlement offer in writing, keep
a copy of the letter and a copy of
the cashier’s check you’ll use as
Pay it because you owe it,
Elizabeth. It’s a moral issue. And
hopefully as a result you can get
these kinds of people out of your
life for good!
Dave Ramsey is America’s trusted
voice on money and business. He
has authored five New York Times
best-selling books: Financial Peace,
More Than Enough, The Total
Money Makeover, EntreLeadership
and Smart Money Smart Kids. The
Dave Ramsey Show is heard by
more than 8 million listeners each
week on more than 500 radio stations. Follow Dave on Twitter at @
DaveRamsey and on the web at
Encouraging Words
God Is Aware & He Cares
you from the storms of life.
Quite often, He delivers you in
them. There’s a story in the Old
Testament where 3 Hebrew boys
were ordered by a king to worship a false God, and because
they didn’t, the king threw them
into a burning furnace. Notice
what happened, “The king filled
with anger commanded the furnace to be heated up seven times
hotter than usual…they bound
them with ropes and threw them
into the furnace, fully clothed.
But suddenly, as he was watching, King Nebuchadnezzar
jumped up in amazement and
exclaimed to his advisors,
‘Didn’t we throw three men into
the furnace?’ They said, ‘Yes,
we did indeed.’ ‘Well look!’
he shouted, ‘I see four men,
unbound, and walking around
in the fire, and they aren’t even
hurt! And the fourth, he looks
like a god!’” Daniel 3:19-25
(LB) He was God! God doesn’t
always deliver us from our troubles, but that doesn’t mean He’s
not there and He doesn’t care.
You may be going through a
very difficult time right now. If
you are, I’m sorry. I in no way
mean to minimize your situation. You may be facing a
conflict in a relationship right
now. You may be facing a very
serious health issue and you’re
not certain about your future or
By Pastor Ray Dare
God reveals Himself to
us through various names.
Each name is a description
of Hischaracter. For instance,
in one verse God says, “I am
Jehovah Shammah.” Which
means “I am the God who is
always there.” That’s an amazing claim. “I am the God who
is ALWAYS there”. Regardless
of your circumstance or the situation around you He is the God
who is always there. Because
He’s there, He’s aware and He
Our problem is we tend to
think that when things go good
in our life, that means God is
with us. But when things go
wrong, when things go bad,
that means God has left us…
He’s ignoring us. But that’s
not true! He never leaves you.
You are never alone. You never
go through a problem, a trial
or a storm by yourself. God is
always with you.
God doesn’t always deliver
the future of a loved one. You
may be hurting financially and
you don’t have the slightest idea
how you’re going to make it
next month. What do you do?
Realize that God is with you and
He’s going to care for you.
Psalm 112, “Such a man (or
woman) will not be overthrown
by evil circumstances. God’s
constant care of him will make a
deep impression on all who see
it. He does not fear bad news,
nor live in dread of what may
happen. For he is settled in his
mind that God will take care of
him.” I love that! When trouble
comes your way, you remember
God’s constant care. You see,
you can face anything when you
know God is with you! I can go
through anything when I know
He’ll be by my side all the way.
Does God care about you?
This is what He wants to say to
you today, “I will be your God
through all your lifetime, yes,
even when your hair is white
with age. I made you and I will
care for you. I will carry you
along and be your Savior.”
Isaiah 46:4
Pastor Ray
New Beginnings Church
Sunday service at 10 am
“We Do Church Differently”
Seconds Before the Crash
strict ground rules related to distracted driving.”
AAA offers help for parents of young drivers at www.
There, parents can find a comprehensive driver education
program where teens can learn
specifically how using a cell
phone affects driving abilities
and increases crash risk. A full
research report and B-roll video
of teen driver crashes is available on the AAA Foundation’s
website: www.AAAFoundation.
AAA Northern California,
Nevada, and Utah offers a wide
array of automotive, travel,
insurance, DMV, financial services, and consumer discounts to
more than 4.2 million members.
AAA has been a leader for the
safety and security of all travelers since it was founded more
than 115 years ago.
Zion Lutheran Church
A Purpose Driven Church
Pastor: Bill Ellis
8:00am - Traditional Worship
9:30am - Kingdom Quest for Kids
9:30am - Bible Study for Teens & Adults
10:45am - Praise Celebration with Band
12:30pm - Young Adult Bible Study
Current Sermon Series
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“God Will Meet All Your Deepest Needs”
Philippians 4:19
7:00pm - Evening Worship
6:00pm - Celebrate Recovery BBQ
7:00pm - Celebrate Recovery
Go to the website for more events and information.
Zion Lutheran Church
3644 Bolivar Ave.
North Highlands, CA 95660
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May 8, 2015
North County Messenger • 5
New Development for
North Highlands
By County Supervisor
Susan Peters
- Through the generosity of
The North County Messenger,
this column serves to provide an
update about matters affecting
the unincorporated communities
of North Highlands and Foothill
Sheriff Community Meeting
The Sheriff ’s Department
holds regular community meetings to share information about
trends in crime and recent activities. These sessions are open
to the public and residents are
encouraged to attend.
The Old Foothill Farms meeting will be held on Wednesday,
May 13th at 6:00 p.m. at
Pioneer Elementary School,
5816 Pioneer Way.
Becoming involved by participating in Neighborhood Watch,
attending these meetings, and
learning about recent criminal activities makes us all more
cognizant about how to better
secure our property and make
our communities safer.
A new 118,000-square-foot
Walmart Supercenter opened
its doors last month on April
22nd on Watt Avenue in North
Highlands. The site was formerly occupied by the old
Cargo Largo store, which had
been vacant since 2008.
Because the project had
to obtain several land use
approvals, a number of public hearing were held; at each
hearing, many local North
Highlands residents turned out
testifying in favor of the store.
The decision to build the store
represents a major investment
in the North Highlands area
and will provide economic revitalization by way of additional
sales tax revenue for the county
along with increased foot traffic from new shoppers for the
surrounding merchants on Watt
Residents no longer have
to travel a long distance for
groceries. The store employs
approximately 250 workers.
Memorial Day Parade
On Monday, May 25th, the
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post
4647 is proudly sponsoring the
49th annual North Highlands/
Antelope Community Memorial
Day Parade, which is one of the
oldest and largest events in our
The parade begins at 10:00
a.m. It will start at I Street/
Bolivar Avenue and will travel
down Watt Avenue, concluding
at A Street.
The Family Community
Church will offer a Pancake
Breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to
10:00 a.m. Following the
parade, VFW Post 4647 will
have food and refreshments
More information is available
online, including parade entry
forms, at www.sacramentoveterans-of-foreign-wars.
Call 311 to Connect
With the County
There is a simple one-number solution to call to connect
with virtually any Sacramento
County service—on the web,
by mobile app, or by phone.
The number is 311.
Contacting 311 is the easy
way for residents of the unincorporated area to report
concerns, and call center representatives are ready to do the
Issues reported to 311 can
range from potholes to a stray
animal to illegal dumping, even
graffiti on a public building, to
mention a few. And now on the
new smartphone app (available
in the app store for Apple and
Android users), you can take a
picture of the issue and attach it
to your report from your phone.
For more information, please
Susan Peters represents the
Third District on the Sacramento
County Board of Supervisors.
She can be reached at [email protected]
Union Gospel Mission Sacramento
or more than 50 years, Union Gospel Mission
has been serving Sacramento’s homeless with
shelter, meals, clothing, a rehabilitation program
and a life-changing Gospel message. Founded in
1962 by concerned Christians for men in need, the
Mission now serves women and children, too, and
is an amazing testament to the good that comes
with committed volunteers, inspired leadership
and the community’s support.
We accept donations, clothing and goods,
7 days a week …and prayer always!
Matthew 25:40
“Caring for the Least”
(916) 447-3268
400 Bannon Street • Sacramento, CA 95811
Exec. Director, Pastor Tim Lane
P.O. Box 1108, Sacramento, CA 95812
50+ Years
of Service
Tune in our Radio Program:
KFIA 710 AM, Sun & Mon 3 PM
listen online & visit us at:
North Highlands Hosts “Kick Off
to Summer” Celebration
By Linda Harper
North Highlands Recreation
and Parks Department (NHRP)
is hosting its fourth annual
“Kick off to Summer” celebration on Saturday, May 16th
at 11:00 a.m. The festivities
will be held at Freedom Park
on Freedom Park Drive, North
Carnival games and a bounce
house will be available for kids
to have fun, while parents have
an opportunity to meet NHRP
summer staff and learn about
the recreation programs available to kids during the summer.
Food and refreshments will be
for sale.
Summer Kids Camp, a
weekly day camp, will begin
this year on June 15th with fun
and exciting activities planned.
It’s held at the Community
Center, where kids will do arts
and crafts, play games, swim,
and go on field trips to the
Railroad Museum, roller skating, Fairy Tale Town, and the
Aerospace Museum. Every
week has a different theme,
and every Friday experienced
recreation staff will end the
week with a big themed party.
Don’t miss this fun-filled family event.
For more information about
NHRP programs, visit www. or call (916) 3327440.
“Kids Don’t Float” Life Vest Program is Underway
- The Sacramento region has
experienced unseasonable warm
weather over the past few weeks,
sending families and adults flocking to our beloved waterways.
The American River Parkway
Foundation began installing the
Kids Don’t Float boards on March
30th, 2015.
The American River Parkway
Foundation has unveiled its Kid’s
Don’t Float program two months
early. The lifesaving program
allows individuals to borrow a
life jacket while they are enjoying
Sacramento’s waterways.
In 2008, the Sacramento County
Board of Supervisors adopted an
ordinance requiring life preservers for access to the public waters
within the County of Sacramento.
The ordinance reads in part, “It is
Executive Director Dianna
Poggetto said the Foundation will
spend $10,000 to purchase new
life vests. “There are going to be
a lot of people heading to the river
in the coming weeks and, with
the current conditions, practicing
water safety rules and wearing life
vests will be even more critical in
preventing drowning accidents.”
Cyclists, runners, picnic-goers,
and nature lovers are among the
more than eight million people a
year who use the Parkway for various recreational activities. For
more information on ARPF volunteer and donor programs, please
see or call (916)
Source: American River
Parkway Foundation
unlawful for any parent to permit
his or her child under the age of
thirteen (13) in his or her care to
access any public waters unless
such child is wearing a life preserver.” Violation of the ordinance
is punishable by a fine of $500
and/or six months in jail.
From now through Labor
Day, the life vest stations will
be re-supplied and inspected
twice a week by the Drowning
Accident Rescue Team (DART),
Sacramento Metro Fire, and
Sacramento County Park Rangers.
The station locations include
Discovery Park (two sites), Ancil
Hoffman Park, Howe Avenue
river access, Watt Avenue river
access, Paradise Beach, River
Bend Park, and Sunrise river
access. Each station offers 20 life
vests in various kid sizes.
Living Trust Senior Special
with this ad
If you have a house, you need a Trust.
If you have a Trust, it needs to be up-to-date.
(Review of existing trust at no charge)
Asset Protection Program includes the following:
Revocable Living Trust • Powers of Attorney Financial • Powers of Attorney Healthcare
Wills • One Residential Trust Transfer Deed
No Charge for Notary Services • Prop 13 Protection
Long Term Care Government Benefits Planning
Richard H. Will
elder law attorney
Avoid Probate —
Call Today!
(916) 482-8897
Serving Seniors Since 1975
1337 Howe Avenue, Suite 103 • Sacramento •
Delivery Routes Available • Call 773-1111
6 • North County Messenger
May 8, 2015
Business & Service Directory
Superior Landscape Services
Landscaping and Maintenance
22 Years Experience
Testimonials Available
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Single Family Homes
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P aralegal
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Professional Horse Boarding
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Large Covered Pipe Corral Stalls
Individual, Secure Tack Lockers
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Automatic Water Systems
Cement Wash Rack
Riding, Grazing and Turn Out Pastures
Arena • Trailer Storage
Riding Distance to Ancil Hoffman Park
ET Sitting
ITTING Service
Brasiel’s Construction Company
Affordable Burial
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Endowment Care Facility
Beautiful Park like setting
Monuments allowed • Cremation Niches
Commingle Scattering Garden
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Established Reputation
Kennel Free Environment
Lots of TLC
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Residential Remodel and Repair
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Reasonable Rates
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Valid only in areas serviced.
Not good with any other offer.
25 Years in
Citrus Heights
CSTL, Inc.
License #
*Labor costs when
you’re a new
of French
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May 8, 2015
Week of May 8, 2015
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Help Wanted
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Refrigerated Home. 888-891-2195
---------------------------------------------ATTN: CDL Drivers – Avg. $55k/
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Company w/Great Miles. Love
your Job and Your Truck. CDL-A
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---------------------------------------------Obtain Class A CDL in 2 ½
weeks. Company Sponsored
Training. Also Hiring Recent Truck
School Graduates, Experienced
Drivers. Must be 21 or Older. Call:
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Help Wanted
Barber Needed for 6-week period.
Hours 11-4 pm. Call Jake the
Barber 916-967-0763. (MPG 05-31-15)
Home Maintenance
A Quality
By Gutter Dog
(916) 613-8359
Inhome Childcare
Small in-home Childcare MF 7AM-6PM. Infant thru 5
Preschool certified Licensed
& Insured,
(916) 723-3342
[email protected]
Legal Services
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Medical Supplies
Safe Step Walk-In Tub Alert
for Seniors. Bathroom falls can
be fatal. Approved by Arthritis
Foundation. Therapeutic Jets. Less
Than 4 Inch Step-In. Wide Door.
Anti-Slip Floors. American Made.
Installation Included. Call 800799-4811 for $750 Off. (Cal-SCAN)
Moving Services
Music Lessons
Guitar Lessons – Beginner to
Advanced. $10/half hour. $15/hour.
[email protected]
(MPG 12-31-15)
---------------------------------------------Piano lessons for children
and adults by experienced,
creative teacher. Citrus Heights.
For more information, visit, or call
(916) 725-1054
(MPG 05-31-15)
Healthy, active, mature lady
looking for a gentleman
in his 70’s with same zest
for life. Let’s talk and see
what we have in common.
916-967-6289 (MPG 5-30-15)
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South Oregon Bed and Breakfast
Rogue River, Oregon. 8 miles
to Grants Pass. One mile off
I-5 and from the scenic Rogue
River Historic Town. Nightyl/
Weekly Rates. Thrifty. Call Nancy
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Adopt or Foster
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great dogs are dying
for a good home...
Support Veterans While You Play!
Bingo Volunteers needed every
Thursday, Friday, Sunday nights
from 4-10pm at Sacramento Bingo
Center. 916-533-9811. (MPG 03-31-14)
---------------------------------------------Bristol Hospice is looking for
volunteers to provide companionship with our hospice patients and
families. We provide the training
and match you with a family in
your area. Please call volunteer
services for more information at
(916) 782-5511. (MPG 12-31-13)
Want to Buy
Want To Purchase Minerals
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Send Details To: PO Box
13557, Denver CO 80201 (NANI)
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---------------------------------------------WANTED STEREO COMPONENTS
Older models: Pioneer, Sansul,
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North County Messenger • 7
Page 7
National Outside Sales Broker
CNPA Advertising Services is seeking a self-motivated & resourceful individual to join our team as an Independent Sales Broker
for a National Preprint Advertising Program. Our company is
in Sacramento, CA but prospective candidates can live in other
areas. Candidates need background in National Newspaper Sales,
with strength in Preprint Advertising.
o Identify new business opportunities; understand client needs &
present relevant solutions.
o Responsible for entire sales process: identify sales opportunities
& carry through to meet revenue goals.
o Create proposals, present to client & manage overall projects.
Job Qualifications:
o Minimum 3 years print and/or media sales experience. National
sales experience a MUST.
o Successful new business development track record & established portfolio of potential clients.
o Dynamic, flexible, hard-working & highly organized with excellent
communication skills.
o Bachelor’s Degree preferred from an accredited university.
Send resume to Wolf Rosenberg: [email protected]
(MPG 03-31-15)
---------------------------------------------CA$H FOR DIABETIC TEST
STRIPS!! Don’t throw boxes away Help others. Unopened / Unexpired
boxes only. All Brands Considered.
Work Wanted
I do pruning, weeding and planting,
interior painting, garage and house
cleaning. And de-cluttering and organizing. I transport to medical, other appointments, shopping etc. and
errands. No job to small. Health and
Security background. References.
College grad. Tim 916-334-8903,
503-460-7149. (MPG 08-31-15)
Writing and
Editing Services
California law requires that contractors taking
jobs that total $500 or more (labor and/or
materials) be licensed by the Contractors
State License Board. State law also requires
that contractors include their license numbers
on all advertising. Check your contractor’s
status at or 800-321-CSLB
(2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs
that total less than $500 must state in their
advertisements that they are not licensed
by the Contractors State License Board.
Be wary of out of area companies. Check
with the local Better Business Bureau
before you send any money for fees or
services. Read and understand any contracts
before you sign. Shop around for rates.
Property Management
Vista Group Realty & Property
Management is a full service
Real Estate Brokerage , providing
Residential & Commercial leasing & property management. We
specializes in leasing & managing , Single Family Homes, Multi
Family Units, Office Buildings, and
Retail Centers. Are you happy
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company? We are committed to
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Mention this ad and get one
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Call Bonnie Dominick
License # 01405822
[email protected]
Vista Group Realty
7612 Fair Oaks Blvd
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Real Estate
Call Me First!! Mike (916) 203-1585
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Living Elements Landscape
Going to extra yard
Exterior maintenance
Landscape design and care
Excellent pressure wash services
Free estimates will beat others
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Your Fitness Genie
Making Your
Fitness Goals
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14 Years of
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Resistance Training
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We sell homes!
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Vista Group Realty we sell
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Call Bonnie Dominick
License # 01405822
[email protected]
Vista Group Realty
7612 Fair Oaks Blvd
Carmichael, CA 95608
Senior Services
Senior Will Sit Seniors
Offering care in my home 7:00
am to 7:00 pm including transportation if needed. 95842. Not licensed. Bonded and fingerprinted.
(MPG 04-30-15)
Now! Guaranteed Services
find more buyers/renters. NO
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6 8
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1- 800 - CAR - ANGE L
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Specialties Plus
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• Service Contracts
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Printers, Copiers,
Fax & Multifunction
• Lease or Rent
• High Volume Copying
specplusc[email protected]
• Machine Repairs (all makes and models)
• Toner Cartridge Refills (using Cartridge
World? Take 10% off their price & try mine)
(monthly or yearly)
(save wear & tear
on your machine)
• We are Local
(916) 723-8430
Page6 8
Crossword Puzzle
Puzzle on
8 • North County Messenger
May 8, 2015
Major Damage to
Local Crime Beat
Home Caused by Arson Watt Avenue
Homicide Suspect Booked, Prostitution Ring Busted
Homicide Suspect
Booked at County
At 10:00 a.m. on April 28th,
Metro Fire crews were dispatched to a house on the 6800
block of Silverthorne Circle
in North Highlands for multiple reports of fire. When crews
arrived at the home, which
was for sale, the fire was well
underway. Firefighters quickly
initiated fire attack and searched
for occupants while other crews
deployed hoselines to protect the
nearby exposures.
An aggressive fire attack
allowed the single-alarm assignment to contain the fire to the
home of origin, saving adjacent
homes. The two-story house
sustained roughly $300,000 in
damage. Nobody was home at
the time of the fire, and no civilians or firefighter injuries were
Arson Investigators were
called to the scene and determined that the fire was
intentionally set. Witnesses
reported seeing three teenage
males, who do not live at the residence, running away during the
- Twenty-eight-year-old Juan
Avalos was taken into custody
on April 23rd in connection with
a homicide that occurred the
previous night on Watt Avenue
near Larchmont Drive. Avalos is
currently in county jail with no
possibility of bail.
The Sheriff’s Department said
that Avalos’ alleged victim was a
white female liand was declared
deceased in a parking lot where
she had reportedly appeared,
obviously injured before losing
Sheriff Deputies
Bust Prostitution
- On Thursday, April 23rd,
Sacramento County Sheriff’s
North and South Problem
Oriented Policing (POP) teams,
An aggressive fire attack allowed the single-alarm assignment to contain
the fire to the home of origin, saving adjacent homes. Nobody was home
at the time of the fire, and no civilians or firefighter injuries were reported.
Photo courtesy of Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
early stages of the fire. Anyone
with any information regarding
this fire is asked to call Metro
Fire’s anonymous tip line at
(916) 859-3775.
in conjunction with North
Patrol Deputies, conducted an
undercover “John Sting” prostitution operation within the 4600
block of Watt Avenue. Deputies
arrested 22 adults for prostitution related charges. There
were three additional arrests for
a variety of unrelated criminal
charges and outstanding arrest
The Sheriff’s Department said
that POP teams conduct such
operation in response to community complaints and reports
of ongoing neighborhood
Source: Sacramento County
Sheriff’s Department
Homicide detectives said she
died of a laceration to her neck.
She was reportedly driving and
stopped for a man in the roadway who attacked her after she
had exited her vehicle.
Source: Sacramento County
Sheriff’s Department
For more information, check
Metropolitan Fire District H
Wheelchair-bound Residents
Escape Home Fire
Call to place your legal advertising
Shortly before 7 a.m. on April
17th, working smoke alarms
alerted two wheelchair-bound
residents of North Highlands to
a growing fire inside their house.
They called out to their caretakers, who were able to help
them get out of the house without injury.
Arriving less than three minutes after dispatch, Metro Fire
crews reported a working fire on
the 6700 block of Thomas Drive.
They quickly initiated fire attack
and began searching for victims.
Firefighters were able to contain the damage to a portion of
the living quarters and the attic,
saving roughly $75,000 in personal property. Total damage is
estimated to be $100,000. Red
Cross was requested to assist the
displaced residents.
Tragically, the homeowner’s
cat perished in the fire; there
were no other injuries. Arson
investigators on scene have
determined the cause of the fire
to be electrical in nature. Metro
Fire reminds residents to always
use properly rated extension
cords, plug high-energy equipment directly into a wall outlet,
and have working smoke alarms
near every room where sleeping
Metropolitan Fire District H
All Legal Ads Published in the Carmichael Times
CALL 773-1111
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Get a 6 month subscription for only:
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The North
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mail your payment to:
*Some delivery
may apply.
May 8, 2015
North County Messenger • 9
North County
1st Monday, 4:00 p.m.
North Highlands Senior Citizens Club
N.H. Community Center
6040 Watt Avenue
1st Thursday, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Thursday Lunch Bunch
Pancake Palace
6225 Watt Ave., N.H.
1st Thursday, 5:30 p.m.
Foothill Farms/North Highlands
Community Meeting
N. H. Community Center
6040 Watt Avenue
1st Thursday, 6 - 8:30 p.m.
NH Visions Task Force Meeting
N.H. Recreation Center
6040 Watt Avenue N.H.
1st Saturday, 11:30 a.m.
Military Widows.
Sacramento Chapter #5
3300 U Street
Antelope, CA
2nd Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Antelope Quilters Guild
Lutheran Church of Ascension,
7607 Garden Gate Drive, C.H. 488-8858
2nd Tuesday, 10:30 a.m.
Military Retiree/Spouse Meeting
NH Park and Rec Center,
6040 Watt Ave. NH
2nd Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.
American Legion Post 521
6700 8th St.,
Rio Linda-Hall Rental
2nd Tuesday, 11:30 a.m.
lunch, program @Noon
Elkhorn Chapter 1680 NARFE
Golden Corral
4940 Watt Ave, NH
2nd Thursday, 6:30 p.m.
Antelope Community Meeting
North Highlands/Antelope Library
2nd Thursday, 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The Woman’s Thursday Club
of Fair Oaks
Membership Lunch, F.O.
Presbyterian Church
11427 Fair Oaks Blvd.
2nd Thursday, 6:30 p.m.
NH Recreation and
Park District Board
6040 Watt Ave., NH
2nd Thursday, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Mission Oaks Computer Club
4701 Gibbons Drive,
2nd Thursday, 7:00 p.m.
VFW Ladies Aux. Meeting
VFW Post 4647
3300 U Street
3rd Monday *5:30 p.m.
Widowed Persons Association
Newcomer’s Buffet and Social
(*no host buffet)
Plaza Hof Brau Watt
and El Camino
3rd Tuesday, *10 - 11:30 a.m.
Sac Christian Women’s Connection
(*brunch & lecture $20)
Lions Gate 5640 Dudley Blvd. 332-1461
3rd Tuesday, 5:30 p.m.
VFW Men’s Auxiliary. Meeting
VFW Post 4647,
3300 U Street
3rd Wednesday, 1:00 p.m.
Geneological Association of Sacramento
Colonial Heights Library
4799 Stockton Blvd.
3rd Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.
Rio Linda Elverta Recreation and
Park District Board of Directors
Community Center
810 Oak Lane, Rio Linda 991-8110
Sundays • 3-5 p.m.
Widowed Persons Association
2628 El Camino Ave, Ste D-18
Mondays • 12 p.m.
Rotary Club of Foothill-Highlands
Lions Gate Hotel, McClellan Park
Mondays • 12 - 1 p.m.
Country Club Lions Club Lunch
3636 Airway Drive (off Poplar & Watt).
Mondays • 8-9 p.m.
Roundtable Alcoholics Anonymous
(AA) Group
St. Andrews Episcopal Church
7850 Watt Ave, N. Highlands
Showcase Real Estate Group Presents
3rd Thursday, 5:30 p.m.
Rio Linda Community Meeting
Rio Linda Club House
3rd Thursday, 7:00 p.m.
VFW Post Meeting, VFW Post 4647
3300 U Street, NH
3rd Saturday, 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.
Highlands Artists Guild
North Highlands Community Center
6040 Watt Ave. NH
4th Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.
NH Community Planning
Advisory Council (CPAC)
N.H. Community Center,
6040 Watt Ave.
4th Wednesday, 7:30 a.m.
Breakfast w/Supervisor
Pancake Palace, 6225 Watt Avenue,
4th Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.
Embroiderer’s Guild of America (EGA)
SMUD Building, 6301 S St. 961-3558
2nd Wednesday, 6:00-8:30 p.m.
Tapestry Network of Business
Women of Faith
2830 G St
(call for pricing)
1st & 3rd Thursdays, 1 p.m.
Sacramento Christian Writers
Ascension Church, Citrus Heights.
2nd & 4th Thursdays, 6:30 p.m.
North Highlands Optimists’ Club
Pancake Palace, 6225 Watt Ave.
2nd & 4th Fridays, Noon - 2:00 p.m.
Chronic Pain Support Group
Citrus Heights Community Center
6300 Fountain Square Drive C.H. 773-5890
Tuesdays • 9:15 - 11 a.m.
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
Arcade Wesleyan CHurch
3532Whitney Avenue, Rm 9
Tuesdays • 12:30 - 5 p.m.
Pinochle Group
NH Recreation & Park District.
Thursdays • 11 a.m.
Pre-School Story Times (age 3-5 yrs)
Community Room - Highlands/Antelope
4235 Antelope Rd, Antelope
Wednesdays • 12-1 p.m..
Power Talk International Coaching in
Effective Speaking
1600 9th Street, Room 150 B
Thursdays • 11:30 a.m.,
lunch at Noon
Harvesttime for Seniors
NH Community Center, 6040 Watt Ave.
Fridays • 7:30 a.m.
Birdcage Toastmasters
Mom’s Family Restaurant
7040 Sunrise Blvd., Citrus Heights
Saturdays • 7:00 p.m.
Celebrate Recovery
Trinity Life Center
5225 Hillsdale Blvd., Sacramento
“The Real Estate Insider”
with Realtor, Developer
and Radio Host
Ellen Herrle
Listen weekdays 12n-1pm on Money,
The Wall Street Business Network, 105.5 FM
Q&A with Buyers & Sellers
The largest amount of
money you will ever spend is
likely a home or property.
Complex rules, varied
loans and stress about mistakes can make buying or
selling your property a living nightmare. Please take
advantage of our expertise
in making the right decisions
for your home purchase or
sale. It’s easy, just email your
question to us and we share
the answer so everyone can
learn from it. Email: [email protected] or leave
a message at 916-761-2108.
Q: We are just moving to
Sacramento and don’t know
the character of individual
neighborhoods. We want
to buy into an area we can
feel safe, have good school
choices and access to local
freeways. Can a realtor do
more than I can online?
Thanks, the Peppers
A: Absolutely, for one a
realtor lives in the area, knows
what the history of each
community offers and has the
very latest information. While
online services (like Trulia,
Zillow or others) offer a good
starting place the information
can be out of date, inaccurate
or sometimes misleading.
Working with a local realtor
and individual market listings
will yield better data, homes
you can actually walk through
and a ‘real’ experience from
being in the neighborhood.
Realtors are also sensitive to
changing values and can save
buyers, and sellers, from overvaluing or under-bidding the
When selecting a real estate agent, you need
someone who puts your needs and wants above
everything else. You need an agent who:
• Listens and understands your particular needs
• Communicates on a regular basis
• Knows local markets • Handles details
• Gives you the best value - whether you are
buying or selling property!
property you have your heart
set on. Find one or call us.
For those who get in touch
each month you’ll also receive
one of three pamphlets on
buying and selling strategies,
and be entered in a random
drawing for a dinner for two
at one of our great Sacramento
or Placer restaurants!
Don’t spend more than you
have too, or sell for less than
you deserve by asking the
expert first! Visit http://www.
com or call us to help when
you decide to buy or sell at
Next time: More Q&A
from readers like you
buying and selling property!
hether a long term owner or
first time buyer, Ellen can help.
uyers down payment assistance
programs, sellers we show how
to get the most for your home. Starter or
luxury home, Showcase Real Estate Group
puts you first.
CA DRE #00521277
For honest, ethical and reliable
real estate assistance, call Ellen
Feeling like you
paid too much in
taxes this year?
This year, evaluate whether you can benefit from:
1. Tax-advantaged investments. If appropriate, consider
tax-free municipal bonds to provide federally tax-free
2. Tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Consider
contributing to a traditional Individual Retirement
Account (IRA) or 401(k) to help lower your taxable
3. Tax-advantaged college savings accounts. Contribute
or gift to a college savings plan for your children or
*May be subject to state and local taxes and the alternative
minimum tax (AMT).
Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate
planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. You should consult
with a qualified tax specialist or legal advisor for professional
advice on your situation.
Room and Board Needed
Attention! This May Pay For Your Monthly Mortgage!
We are seeking a Room and Board situation for a retired 52 year old former high school
English Teacher, and breast cancer survivor! We would like it to be in Antelope, Hillsdale,
Arden Arcade, or North Highlands area. She is presently living in an assisted living facility
and is disabled with peripheral neuropathy related to Type II diabetes. She also suffers from
short-term memory loss due to a drug-induced coma last year resulting from Septic UTI gone
badly. She is fully ambulatory and capable of doing her own chores related to her room and
board. However, stairs at present would be a problem.
Call or visit today to learn more about these
investing strategies.
She has full use of her long-term memory and fondly recalls her teaching days at
Valley High. She does not drive! Problems would incur if she left the house alone and not
remember where she left from. Hence, she should never be left alone in the house.
Patrick V Magnani
Financial Advisor
Her rent could pay your home mortgage in your smoke, alcohol and drug-free home, since
she is willing to pay upwards of $1000.00 per month for this service. She is fully capable
of managing her own meds and medical schedule, fully depending on patient advocates,
friends and relatives for transportation to and from the doctor’s office. Only occasional
transport to the stores from the landlord would be needed.
4320 Elverta Rd #7
Antelope, CA 95843
Inquiries: please write qualifications to Christina at
7909 Walerga Road, #112-226, Antelope, CA 95843
Call 773-1111
Member SIPC
V i s i t u s a t N o r t h C o u n t y M e s s e n g e r. c o m
10 • North County Messenger
May 8, 2015
Measles Outbreak That
Began in December Now Over
Dr. Karen Smith, director of the
California Department of Public
Health (CDPH) and state health
officer, has announced that the
California measles outbreak that
began in December 2014 is over.
No new outbreak-related measles cases have been reported to
CDPH for two 21-day incubation periods (42 days), allowing
public health officials to declare
the outbreak that infected 131
Californians to be over.
“We are pleased this outbreak is over, but caution that
measles can be reintroduced in
California at any time when an
infected person brings it to the
state,” said Dr. Smith. “The best
defense for protection against
the highly infectious measles is
Since December 2014, 131
measles cases have been reported
to CDPH that are likely linked
to this outbreak. Measles is not
endemic in California but can
circulate when a contagious,
infected person enters the state
and exposes others. Forty-two
cases were directly linked to an
initial exposure in December at
Disneyland or Disney California
Adventure Park in Anaheim, CA.
Additional cases were secondary
to those.
Forty-four other cases have
an unknown exposure source.
It is possible, but unlikely, that
some of the cases with unknown
exposure sources are unrelated
importations of the B3 strain into
the state. Because of their epidemiologic and genotyping links,
CDPH considers them part of the
same outbreak, although the B3
strain is also known to circulate
in a number of other countries
and additional importations during the outbreak were possible.
While this outbreak is over, it
does not mean that there will not
be future measles cases reported
in California.
People can be infectious for
four days prior to developing
the rash associated with measles
and may feel well enough to be
out and about, potentially exposing others. Because measles is a
highly infectious, airborne disease, public health officials are
pleased to have contained the
spread of this outbreak to a relatively few individuals and that no
related deaths occurred.
“Government at all levels—
federal, state, and local—worked
together to educate health care
providers and the public about
potential exposures and the risks
of the disease. Prompt investigation of cases, interviewing
hundreds of contacts of infected
people, vaccinating hundreds of
at-risk people, and increasing
awareness among health care providers about measles helped to
control this outbreak,” said Dr.
The public health investigation
into this measles outbreak was
significant. Thousands of measles
contacts in California were identified. Exposures occurred in public
places including health care settings, schools, malls, and airports.
Babies and pre-school children,
pregnant women, schoolchildren
of all ages, health care workers,
teachers, and other adults were
exposed to measles during this
outbreak. Lab tests in state and
local laboratories were conducted
for over 1,000 patients.
Measles symptoms typically
begin with fever, cough, runny
nose, and red eyes and within a
few days a red rash appears, usually first on the face and then
spreading downward to the rest of
the body.
Two doses of measles-containing vaccine (MMR vaccine) are
more than 97% effective in preventing measles. If you are unsure
of your vaccination status, check
with your doctor to have a test to
check for measles immunity or to
receive vaccination.
The California measles
patients in this outbreak reside
in 14 local health jurisdictions
(Alameda, Los Angeles, Marin,
Merced, Orange, Riverside, San
Bernardino, San Diego, San
Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano,
and Ventura counties and
the cities of Long Beach and
Pasadena). Patients range in age
from six weeks to 70 years old.
Vaccination status is documented
for 81 of the 131 cases. Of these
81 cases, 56 (70%) were unvaccinated, and 25 had received one or
more doses of MMR vaccine. In
addition to the 131 measles cases
in the outbreak, there were an
additional five unrelated measles
cases reported during the same
time period.
More information about measles can be found on the CDPH
Source: California Department
of Public Health
CALL 773-1111
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rest of
your life
the best
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The Secret
to Being Organized
Pam Young’s Corner
You’re as Organized
as You Choose to Be
By Pam Young
Every day I receive emails and
comments from happy, enthusiastic, positive people who earnestly
want to become more organized,
efficient and happy in their homes.
They’re so optimistic about a new
way to be organized because they
get inspired by others who have
experienced success. Thank you to
all of you who send those kinds of
sentiments to me!
My goal in spending most of my
days writing is to encourage positive change in a lighthearted way
and I appreciate all of your kind
words and that you take the time to
write to me.
Occasionally I receive comments
from sad, whiney, unhappy women
who just don’t realize the power
they have to change their circumstances. I answer every email and
when I receive the sad negative
ones, the only thing I can do is turn
it over to God and write with love.
Today I received this note and
I’ve chosen not to use the woman’s name. I love her for reaching
out and I know she wants to have
things change and I know God has
a plan for her, and I may or may
not be a part of that plan.
Hi Pam,
I’m completely overwhelmed
with my situation. My husband
works hard, but he doesn’t help
around the house. The kids
refuse to clean up after themselves and I end up nagging and
then doing everything myself.
I’m miserable! I need all your
books. I’m fat, we’re in debt,
the house is a wreck and I don’t
know where to start.
What this dear woman doesn’t
realize is the power of her word
or she would not have sentenced
herself to a future that is exactly
like her present situation. When
she wrote, “I’m completely overwhelmed with my situation,” that’s
actually her prayer and God says,
“Yes.” Whatever we believe (good
or bad), it is done unto us. Damn,
I hate when that happens when it’s
not good!
Notice in that statement, “I’m
completely overwhelmed with my
situation” there is no room to allow
something different. Her statement
may as well be carved in stone. It’s
truly what she believes is the truth
and she is really a victim of her
Lincoln said, “Most folks are
about as happy as they make up
their minds to be.” I’d like to trump
Lincoln and say, “Most folks are
about as organized as they make up
their minds to be.”
But here’s the rub. When you
try to get organized and you’re
unhappy, you’ll crash and burn,
because you’ll be focusing your
energy in the wrong place. My
sister and I had a program called
Organized from the Inside Out and
the first step of that program was
getting the person to change her
Your natural state is to be happy,
peaceful, joyous, and full of excitement at being alive. In this natural
state you wake up each morning
eager to start the day. You feel
wonderful about yourself and your
relationships with the people in
your life. You enjoy your work and
derive a great sense of satisfaction
from making a contribution that
makes a difference.
The sad woman who wrote that
note has forgotten her natural state
and until she has a plan to change
DonalD KenDricK | music Director
how she thinks about her life, her
days are going to continue to reflect
exactly what she expects.
Your primary goal is to organize
your life in such a way that you
allow yourself to be happy, peaceful and joyous most of the time. If
you’re unhappy or dissatisfied in
any part of your life, something is
not right in your thinking and you
have the power to correct it. The
starting point in having the life you
want is to realize that you already
are wonderful beyond measure. No
matter what kind of a mess you’re
in today, or what you’ve done or
haven’t done in the past, today is a
new day ripe with the opportunity
to change and thrive.
You were born with a great
destiny. You are meant to do something wonderful with your life.
You have a unique combination
of talents, abilities, ideas, insights,
and experiences that make you different from anyone who has ever
lived. You are designed for success
and engineered for greatness.
You just need to get to know
you. If you’ve been too busy trying to get to know everybody else,
maybe it’s time to look closely at
the person you’re going to spend
eternity with, you. Who are you?
What do you love to do? Where do
you like to be? What makes you
feel good? Ask these four questions
and you’ll start your exciting journey to being organized just enough
to please you.
For more from Pam Young,
go to
You’ll find many musings, videos
of Pam in the kitchen preparing
delicious meals, videos on how
to get organized, ways to lose
weight and get your finances
in order, all from a reformed
SLOB’s point of view. H
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May 8, 2015
North County Messenger • 11
Gaylord Perry Honored, 2015 Brings
Big Changes for River Cats
It Was Lights Out At The Old Ballgame
Dr. James L. Snyder
Story and photos
by Ben Barber
Someone yelling, “Let’s
play ball,” officially announces
spring. Springtime and baseball
seem to go together, as if God
created springtime just for the
national pastime.
Something about that first
baseball game seems to shake
away all the gloomy aspects of
the past winter. As soon as Old
Man Winter strikes out for the
last time, good old springtime
steps up to the plate and a new
game is afoot.
Of course, baseball is for the
young. One downside of growing older is the fact that you
grow out of certain things. For
example, as you grow older you
grow out of wearing short pants.
You can tell an old man is trying to act young when he puts
away long pants and dons short
pants. Somebody needs to tell
these men that knobby knees
are not in fashion this year and
the less seen the better, I assure
As you grow older, you also
grow out of a lot of free time.
There is nothing like trying to
make a living to put a crimp in
your lifestyle. Once a man puts
on his hat, grabs a lunchbox and
walks out the door, he is in for
a lifetime of work. Free time as
he once knew it now has a price
One final thought about growing older — as you grow older,
you also grow out of extra cash
jingling in your pocket. No matter how much a person makes,
there seems to be more outgo
than income in the average
home today.
I remember getting a raise
once and when the first paycheck came, my take-home
was less than before the raise.
My raise put me in a higher
tax bracket and hence a lower
income each payday.
Only one thing I know that
can put a temporary pause
in all this nonsense — simply an afternoon at the
ballpark. Nothing like a good
old ballgame to take away all
the anxiety of trying to make
- The Sacramento River Cats
season is officially underway. It is the first year of the
much anticipated association
with Major League Baseball’s
World Champion San Francisco
Giants. The River Cats spent the
majority of the summer making
improvements throughout Raley
Field, helping both players and
Season ticket holders will now
have the luxury of the Legacy
Club, a 5,000 square foot renovation to the suite level on
the third base side. It features a
full bar with a wide variety of
California wines and a microbrew made specifically for the
River Cats by Rubicon Brewing
company called RBI IPA. If the
life size LED screen casting the
game isn’t impressive enough,
then guests can stroll around the
Gaylord Perry talks about his career.
who was being honored with an
induction into the Pacific Coast
League (PCL) Hall of Fame. He
only played four seasons before
moving up to the majors, where
he continued his career for 22
years. While in the minors, he
Jeff Savage presents Gaylord Perry with the PCL Hall of Fame Certificate.
balcony to see a stunning view
overlooking the field and the
Sacramento skyline.
Fans were also treated to an
appearance by Gaylord Perry,
achieved the Pitcher of the Year
title and helped lead the Tacoma
Giants to a PCL championship.
Perry was known for his spitball and lackadaisical attitude
towards having the upper hand
on batters. While in the Majors,
he was caught with an emery
board in his back pocket to scuff
up the ball. In an era before center field cameras and close ups
on pitchers, baseball was a very
different game.
Also as part of the new affiliation are some exciting events
planned for the future, such as
Star Wars Night on July 10th.
The event was started by the
San Francisco Giants, who celebrate the cultural phenomena of
Star Wars that started in the Bay
With ticket sales up 1200%
in comparison to last year,
Sacramento baseball fans may
have a tricky time getting in to
see not only the upgrades, but
the world class baseball that
comes along with being associated with the San Francisco
Giants. Roster names include
multiple world champions that’ll
have the town star struck. H
from Payroll
Specializing in franchises and small businesses,
we offer comprehensive and intuitive payroll
that’s perfect for any size business from 1 employee to 100’s.
a living. When I was younger,
I was out in the field, playing
ball. I have outgrown that part
of my life and find myself sitting in the stands, cheering on
my favorite team.
One of the benefits of becoming a grandfather is attending
your grandchildren’s ballgames.
Now that my knees creak and
my pitching elbow don’t work
like it used to, I am way out of
shape to play even one inning of
a ballgame. Baseball demands
younger knees and elbows that
are more pliable. Fortunately,
for grandfathers, God has
bestowed upon them grandchildren who play baseball.
Several weeks ago, it was my
privilege to watch my granddaughter play her first softball
game. With a good hot cup of
coffee and a seat where I could
survey the whole process, I settled down to watch a relaxed
softball game.
Then, the game took on a
new status. My granddaughter
came up to bat and I was on the
edge of my seat. At that point,
the whole game changed for
me. Sitting next to me, a man
began yelling at the pitcher. “Go
ahead, pitcher,” he screamed,
“burn one across the plate, the
batter’s a bum, she can’t hit
I had been away so long from
a good ballgame I completely
forgot about this element of
the game. I demurely turned to
the gentleman next to me and
opined, “You shouldn’t yell at
the kiddies that way. They’re
just having fun.”
Without even looking at me,
he shot, “Mind your own business, Buster.”
I am not easily roused, but
this man, what should I say, irritated me. Yes, that is the word,
Then, still not looking at me,
he snipped, “The pitcher’s my
With all the dignity, I could
muster under the circumstances
I retorted with, “But the batter is
my granddaughter. And granddaughters out-rank daughters
every time.”
I noticed the information
stunned him a little. Old Bubba
was trying to process this and I
could see he was having a little bit of trouble. I did not mind
because for a moment he could
not think of anything to say,
which is good no matter which
side you are cheering for.
At this point, the situation
turned ugly. When I say ugly, I
mean Mrs. Bubba inserted herself into the tête-à-tête. Let me
say, I was not afraid of good old
Bubba; it was Mrs. Bubba who
put the fear of God into me at
the time.
This only illustrates the vast
difference between men and
women. Men can have a loud,
obnoxious, chest puffing argument, and then when it is all
over, go, buy each other a cup
of coffee and slap each other on
the back celebrating the winning team.
Women are not like that; at
least Mrs. Bubba was not like
that. As best I recollect the situation, Mrs. Bubba, who was
sitting on the other side of
Bubba, leaned forward and simply said, “Oh yeah?”
It was not what she said,
or even how she said it that
bothered me. The last thing I
remember was her left hook
interfacing with my left eye.
Driving home, I mused on
what the Apostle Paul wrote.
“I charge thee before God, and
the Lord Jesus Christ, and the
elect angels, that thou observe
these things without preferring one before another, doing
nothing by partiality. Lay hands
suddenly on no man, neither be
partaker of other men’s sins:
keep thyself pure.” (1 Timothy
5:21-22 KJV.)
Sometimes, one strike and
you are out.
Rev. James L. Snyder is pastor
oc the Family of God Fellowship,
P.O. Box 831313, Ocala, FL
34483. He lives with his wife,
Martha, in Silver Springs
Shores. Call him at 866-5522543 or e-mail [email protected] His website is www. H
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12 • North County Messenger
May 8, 2015
Now serving award winning fresh food daily.