2015 Summer Leadership Institute schedule and information

Leading, Learning, and Innovation
2015 Summer Leadership Institute
School of Professional Studies
July 22
22 -- 24,
24, 2015
At the
the Tate
Tate Center
Take your leadership skills to the next level.
Learn how to become a true leader by (1) mastering those interpersonal communication strategies which produce
rapid team learning, and (2) understanding how to build a culture for innovation. By engaging with other
professionals in this highly interactive and dynamic three-day institute at the College of Charleston’s Tate Center
in Charleston, SC, you will be able to assess your current levels of proficiency and build skills in two areas crucial
for success in contemporary organizations - Organizational Learning and Building Innovation Capacity.
Individual assessment and coaching will be provided to support you to identify and develop those specific
competencies which will bring greatest value to your own organization, and a “tool kit” of activities and practices
will be assembled to address your personal and organizational development goals.
Organizational Learning: The experience begins with the basic elements of expressing yourself in an authentic
and skillful manner which promotes learning and partnership in the workplace. You will then learn a progressive
model for engaging others, both in relationships and within team settings. Exercises will be provided to practice
constructive ways of finding balance and mutual satisfaction in workplace relationships. This set of interpersonal
communication competencies is the foundation for developing an organization that learns as rapidly as that which
is required in an environment driven by cultural, regulatory, or market changes.
Building Innovation Capacity: In order to lead organizations which can innovate in response to environmental
demands, you will have the opportunity to complete a short self-report assessment which measures 14 distinct
elements of entrepreneurial behaviors, some of which are skill-based elements and others more linked to
personality. By comparing your scores to an exclusive database for both entrepreneurs and corporate managers,
you can decide which behaviors are most relevant to your current organizational context and identify ways to
leverage those. A development guide will be provided along with group activities to practice selected skills
during the workshop experience.
Learning Outcomes
• Understand how to match the rate of learning with the rate of change in your organization.
• Improve communication by learning an “Awareness Windows” technique.
• Manage relationships better by applying behavioral scripts to key interpersonal situations.
• Apply a model of collaborative decision making for teams via organizational coaching.
• Interpret and apply feedback on personal capacities for leading innovative thinking.
• Leverage those specific entrepreneurial skills most relevant to your organization.
• Establish targeted goals and supportive activities for continued development.
P: 843.953.6684 • [email protected] • GO.COFC.EDU/SUMMERINSTITUTE
Schedule of Activities |Tate Center (unless otherwise noted)
Learning activities during the institute include mini-lectures, individual coaching, small group interactions,
skills practice, group discussions, and opportunities for social interaction. As a participant you are given a
unique opportunity to engage with renowned teachers and practitioners in an environment of experiential
learning and networking with peers and colleagues.
LEVEL 1 – Differentiated Leadership
9a.m. - 4p.m.
LEVEL 2 – Descriptive, Clear and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
LEVEL 3 – Performance Management
LEVEL 4 – Inquiring and Engaging Leadership
9a.m. - 4p.m. LEVEL 5 – Collaborative Leadership
LEVEL 6 – Coaching
LEVEL 7 – Relational and Developing Leadership
9a.m. - 4p.m.
LEVEL 8 – Team leaders
LEVEL 9 – Leading Constructive Conflict
LEVEL 10 – Leading Transformation
Community debrief & closure
Certificate Ceremony
4p.m. - 6p.m.
Closing Reception
Harbor Walk Balcony, Aquarium Wharf
Sign up before July 10 for
the early bird price of $875!
Regular Cost is $950
Harbor Walk at the SC Aquarium
Series Instructors
Graeme Coetzer, PhD, is a faculty member at the College of Charleston responsible for the design
and delivery of adult education credit and non-credit programs at the new North Campus. Graeme
has worked at universities around the world and has designed and delivered management and
leadership education programs for major organizations like Microsoft, Google, Boeing, Rio Tinto
and the US State Department. He has won numerous teaching and research awards, and worked as
a human resource development executive in Canada. He recently helped design a Graduate
Certificate on Organizational Coaching for the University of British Columbia and won a research
award from the Institute of Applied Behavioral Management for his work on emotional intelligence
in the workplace.
Pam Mayer, PhD, is a consulting psychologist who designs and delivers leadership development
programs for managers and executive teams. She is adjunct psychology faculty at the College of
Charleston and previously was Branch Director and VP at the Center for Creative Leadership, an
international research and training organization in the applied behavioral sciences. Dr. Mayer
worked as Director of Executive Development in two international corporations with sites in Europe,
Asia, and the United States. She has extensive experience in instrumentation, and co-authored the
Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile, a measure of personality and skills associated with entrepreneurial
Who Should Attend?
Senior Managers, Leaders and CEOs with at least 5 years of experience
Contact us for more information or to register!
P: 843.953.6684 • [email protected] • GO.COFC.EDU/SUMMERINSTITUTE