First Thursdays in Olmsted Falls

Application Information for
First Thursdays in Olmsted Falls
An Evening of Food, Music & Art
July 2, Sept 3 & Oct 1, 2015
Event Location: Mill Street in Olmsted Falls &
Near the Harding Covered Bridge
Professional Name_____________________________________Contact Person__________________________
Please print as you wish company name to appear on handouts at this event
Address _____________________________________________________________________________________
Phone (
) _______________________________________________
Area Code
____________ a.m. __________ p.m.
Indicate best time(s) to be reached
E-Mail Address ______________________________________________________________________________
WEB Address _______________________________________________________________________________
Local Restaurants in the 44138 zip code
Food Truck: Please enclose food vendor license & copy of insurance for consideration.
Artists / Photos enclosed with this application (3 of work & 1 of set up)
Yes, I have an EIN number or other business license on file with the State of Ohio : #
Non-Profit Organization License #
Selling (please print)______________________________________________________________________________
Every effort will be made to keep similar/same merchant products separate
By signing this agreement, I agree to all of the terms and conditions stated on both sides of this document.
Mail payments & page 1 & 2 to:
Make Checks and money orders payable to:
Northcoast Promotions, Inc.
P.O. Box 609401
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
Northcoast Promotions, Inc.
P.O. Box 609401 * Cleveland Ohio 44109 * PHONE 216.570.8201 * WEB
1. (____) Thursday, July 2, 2015/6pm – 9pm
No show in August, 2015
2. (____) Thursday, September 3, 2015/6pm – 9pm
3. (____) Thursday, October 1, 2015/ 6pm -9pm
All shows as follows:
$25.00 for Artists per show
$25.00 for Restaurants in the 44138 Zip Codes
per show
$25.00 for Food Trucks/ Food Vendors outside
these zip codes per show
No cost for Non-Profit Organizations
Enclose copy of Health Department Certificate/Food Vendors
Enclosed is a copy of Insurance/ Food Vendors
Enclosed is a copy of our 501-C3 or C-4/ Non-Profit Organizations
Artists need to carry appropriate licenses to sell in Ohio
Make Checks payable to Northcoast Promotions
Once accepted, fees are non-refundable or transferable.
Exhibitors must bring own tents (recommended), tables, chairs & props.
Food Trucks parked on street serving window facing sidewalk.
Food Vendors (not food trucks) set up near the Harding Covered Bridge.
Artists will set up along Mill Street in the street (concrete), or on the sidewalks as
space allows. Or near the Harding Covered Bridge
Everyone Must use a tent, or similar coverings.
Set up will begin for each show at 4pm day of show.
Payment Type:
Money Order
$25.00 per show (see above)
Total Amount Enclosed:
Each show can accommodate up to 40 exhibitors.
We do not have access to electricity! Please plan accordingly.
P.O. Box 609401 * Cleveland Ohio 44109 * PHONE 216.570.8201 * WEB
Return Pages 1-2 with fees as applicable
Retain This Page for Your Records
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Please direct any questions in regards to this show to Northcoast Promotions, 216.570.8201. If
you call the city of Olmsted Falls, they will refer you back to us. Please do not mail agreements
to the City of Olmsted Falls, but instead to the Post Office Box listed on page 1.
2. All exhibitors must provide own tables, chairs & props to display. Tables must be covered &
products displayed in a professional manner. Outdoor spaces will be up to 10’ x 10’. Tents are
encouraged, but not required.
3. Applications received from non food vendors that do not have pictures enclosed, or are on file
from previous events with us, will be returned.
4. Contracts will be accepted until the show is sold out.
5. Exhibitors will receive a confirmation letter & a flier to this event if a self addressed, stamped
envelope is enclosed with two first class stamps. All others will be notified by e-mail addresses
provided. Once spaces are assigned, it is very difficult to change locations. Therefore, please be
sure to indicate any special requests on the contract (see previous page). All efforts will be made
to accommodate your special requests. If you do not receive a confirmation within 2 weeks of
being sent to Northcoast, please contact us to ensure we have received your application(s).
6. Set up for this event must be complete at least fifteen minutes prior to start of event. Set up will
be in the morning the day of the event.
7. This event will be advertised in a variety of media.
8. In case of rain or bad weather, exhibitor may transfer to another date this year. Show will be
called by both the City & Northcoast Promotions, Inc. for any transfers of payment to another
date to be valid. If exhibitor chooses not to show up, then payments are forfeited for that day.
For Food Vendors:
9. The Health Department will be present during the show to ensure proper procedures are
followed. A copy of regulations will be sent with your confirmation letter.
10. This show will feature artists, food vendors, local merchants & non-profit organizations.
11. For each show, please have at least one food type pertaining to the theme of the show. Food
may be anything you want to sell with pre-approval.
12. Only Exhibitors who carry valid licenses & insurance may sell food.
13. Any work displayed that has not received prior approval will be subject to the Show Committee
and Northcoast Promotions discretion. Exhibitors displaying items not approved may be asked
to put them away, or be asked to leave. For Direct Sales Reps, we will only accept one booth per
14. Exhibitor space will be determined according to (1) your craft/company you represent and (2)
the order in which contracts are received. To ensure diversity in this show, please be specific in
the description of your art or craft. Every effort will be made to separate similar products.
The City of Olmsted Falls and Northcoast Promotions, Inc., their staff, agents, volunteers,
and representatives will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property of
exhibitors, their representatives, customers, or any other person and/or damage or injury to any
person participating in this event for any reason.
P.O. Box 609401 * Cleveland Ohio 44109 * PHONE 216.570.8201 * WEB