2015 Madison County Banquet Brochure

The FCA Vision
To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ
through the influence of coaches and athletes.
2015 Northeast Alabama
Tom Landry Associates/Event Sponsors
Mr. Steve Reynolds,
Mr. Chris Tucker, Proprietor
THE FCA Mission
To present to coaches and athletes, and all
whom they influence, the challenge and
adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior
and Lord, serving Him in their relationships
and in the fellowship of the church.
Albertville, AL
Dr. Eric Janssen
Dr. Robert Hash
The Four C’s of the FCA Ministry
Coaches Ministry
Campus Ministry
Camp Ministry
Community Ministry
The FCA Values
For Questions or More Information:
Angie Burnett
256.536.7333 (Office)
[email protected]
Northeast AL FCA
P.O. Box 14185 | Huntsville, AL 35815
Jonathan Broadway,
County Home
Home Team
Celebration and
Fundraising Banquet
Colt McCoy
Quarterback for the Washington Redskins
Hampton Cove, AL
Mr. Travis Alston
Huntsville, AL
Dr. Mike Cantrell Dr. Stanton Davis
Friends of FCA
Ray & Ronda Bellenfant
Bob & Julie Broadway
Dr. Mike & Trisha Carter
Randy & Fran Cash Dr. Jamie & Lori Clark
Dr. Brian & Mary Ivy Cost
Deke & Danielle Damson
Dr. Scott DeGraaff
Fred & Kim Fohrell
Garrett & Julie Martz
Bruce & Susan Park
Dr. Glenn & Karen Tillery
Zack & Chris Penney
Whitesburg Baptist Church
Recreation Outreach
Center (ROC)
Huntsville, AL
Tuesday, April 7
Presented By
Mark & Anna Kent
Friends of FCA
catering by
Tuesday, April 7, 2015 | 6:30PM
Whitesburg Baptist Church Recreation Outreach Center (ROC)
7300 Whitesburg Drive South
Huntsville, AL 35802
Colt McCoy
Quarterback for the Washington Redskins
❏ $1,000
VIP Sponsor
★ Package includes eight tickets to
the banquet, one photo with guest
speaker, one autographed piece of
memorabilia, program recognition,
slide show recognition and priority
✴ Due to time constraints, please
do not bring additional items for
NE AL FCA Impacting Athletes’
Daniel Colt McCoy attended the University of
Texas at Austin where he played for the Texas Longhorns
from 2005 to 2009. Aside from winning or sharing the
team’s MVP all four years, McCoy was a Heisman Trophy
runner-up in 2008, a Heisman finalist in 2009, and runnerup in most games won by a NCAA Division I quarterback.
McCoy was selected by the Cleveland Browns in
the third round of the 2010 NFL draft. After a brief trade to
the San Fransisco 49ers in 2013, McCoy was signed to
the Washington Redskins in 2014. In his first start for the
Redskins, McCoy completed 25 out of 30 passes for 300
yards, clinching an overtime victory for the Redskins.
2014 “All In” Hampton Cove Sports Camp
2014 Madison Iron Bowl Kick-Off Prayer Breakfast
McCoy’s outstanding reputation, on and off the
field, has led to his media moniker, “The Real McCoy.”
McCoy is an active church member, community volunteer,
and co-author of “The Real Win: A Man's Quest for
Authentic Success” and “Growing Up Colt: A Father, a
Son, a Life in Football.” McCoy and his wife, Rachel, a
former middle distance runner for Baylor University, reside
in Austin, Texas.
Business Casual Attire
✴ VIP Sponsor information is due
by March 31st.
Individual Ticket
★ Please contact one of our NE AL
FCA staff members or board
members by March 31st to inquire
about possible reservations.
✴ We hope that our guests will
come open to respond that
evening to financially support
what the Lord continues to do
through the local FCA ministry.
FCA Home Team Member
★ I cannot attend, but please accept
my donation of $ ______________.