Virtual Language Arts Lesson: Week 1

Virtual Language Arts Lesson: Week 1
Standards: 3 RL 2.2: Retell folktales, fables, and tall tales from diverse cultures;
identify the themes in these works.
3 RL 2.3: Describe characters in a story –their traits, motivations, or
feelings—and explain how their actions contribute to the plot.
Throughout the year we have discussed tall tales and fables. Look at the power
point below and review the elements of tall tales and other types of literature.
If a pop up comes up click “Allow.”
Follow the link below to read the story of Paul Bunyan:
Activity 1:
After reviewing the power point above and reading the story of Paul Bunyan, answer
the following question on a piece of paper:
What makes the story of Paul Bunyan a Tall Tale? Use details from the power point
and details from the story to support your answer.
* Begin with a topic sentence.
* Write 3 supporting sentences.
* End with a closing sentence.
This must be turned in on or before April 13th.
Activity 2:
Complete activity 2 on a piece of notebook paper.
Identify a character trait that describes Paul Bunyan. Give one piece of evidence from
the text to support your opinion.
This must be turned in on or before April 13th