StarTrack_Folder - Nordic Connected Health Star Track

A Star Track for the
best connected health
startups in the Nordics
Nordic Connected Health
Star Track accelerates
business development
and international scaling
of Nordic startups.
The Nordic countries have excellent
expertise within Life Sciences and unique
knowledge about Connectivity (from radio
technology to user interface, including
sensors, imaging, cloud computing). With
the help of established industries and
governmental support, new innovative
connected health solutions can grow and
solve problems as well as create jobs. This
is an opportunity we want to seize.
Together, innovation supporters in
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden,
provide various strengths and a relevant
network, to the top 50 startups in
the Nordics within this segment. High
potential startups get direct interaction
with the mobile industry, life science
industries, public as well as private health
care providers and consumers. They get
regulatory expertise within connected
health, rapid prototyping, access to a
variety of Nordic test beds, activities for
successful internationalization and of
course professional business advice.
It is key for Nordic startups to reach
international customers, distributors and
investors, which is why we cooperate
with Nordic Innovation House in Palo
Alto, and Wireless Life Sciences Alliance
(WLSA) in San Diego.
Nordic Connected Health Star Track is
funded by the mobile industry in Mobile
Heights and public agencies: Vinnova and
Nordic Innovation.
Nordic Connected Health Star Track offers
30+ high potential startups with platforms,
• Fast and high quality patient recruitment,
data capturing etc for clinical trials.
sensors and artificial intelligence solutions
• Muscle monitoring – training, rehab.
for both consumers and health care
• Mental health – CBT fighting insomnia,
anxiety and more.
providers in the following categories:
• Mindfulness.
• Connected nurses and physicians –
data collection, data input, monitoring,
prioritization tools.
• Stress sensor.
Some of them are presented on the
• Health management tools – diabetes, parkinson,
IBS, obesity and more.
following pages. For more information
• Smart elderly monitoring.
hesitate to contact us!
• Stroke alarm.
about our Star Track members, don’t
LifePod ® – Remote, automatic follow up and
Point-of-care mobile solution for nurses –
priority selection of patients – Individual and
browsing and filing vitals and other meas-
large populations.
urement results, medication, pain care filings
Monitors remote patient populations by
and also integrations to patient monitoring
recording important healthcare, lifestyle
systems. One entry directly to electronic
behavior, PROM-outcomes (Patient Reported
patient record.
Outcome Measures) and compliance to medical
Reducing errors by 75%, making data
available immediately for all the users.
By applying algorithms the platform
Bringing significant time savings: in average
automatically prioritizes and selects those
80–120 hours per ward, in some wards even
patients with the greatest need for direct
150–180 hours (e.g. in cancer and cardiology
medical attention in real-time.
wards). Available for smartphones, tablets and
Currently in operation, since one year, in
clinical trial at two Cardiovascular clinics at
88% market share in Finland. Team from
Lund University Hospital – SUS
medtech and telecom.
Improving health the fun way…seriously.
Sidekick® by GoodlifeMe, a mobile health
solution for individuals and organizations,
motivating and assisting users to improve
diet, physical activity, and mental health. Team
includes professionals and senior faculty from
Karolinska Institutet, Harvard, MIT, Sahlgrenska
Science Park and Nordic University hospitals.
While many solutions focus on single
aspects of health or require high motivation
(e.g. run tracking, calorie counting), Sidekick is
an easy-to-use, 360° health program, using
novel social and behavioral methods. Results
show strong effect and 70–93% engagement.
Freemium version for individuals distributed
through mobile operators, starting with
Smartfren Telecom, Indonesia. Premium
version for occupational health providers
launching with Avonova AB (reaching 600,000
Swedish employees).
Engaging Care, multiple award winner, engages
Learning2Sleep – evidence based cognitive
people with life style related diseases –
behavior therapy for people with sleeping
diabetes, overweight and obesity – to manage
disorder through mobile applications and web
their health. A gamified web and mobile tool
solutions. Award winning “iSelfhelp Insomnia”
with evidence based content, challenges and
available on App Store/IOS, soon also Android.
social interaction. Utilizing a proven platform
Over 30 000 downloads on the Swedish
for sustainable behavioral change (by 890%
market. Developing products for healthcare
in a different setting). Currently available
providers and companies in cooperation with
on web and mobile (iOS, Android). The team
Pfizer. Team of professional psychologists and
combines strong medical expertise and serial
experienced entrepreneurs.
Wearable & app, for stress monitoring, self-reflection
User Interface to deliver meaningful and actionable
and stress management. Processing multi bio-sensor
insights. Biosync Technology is a Spin-Off Company
data. Focusing employers/employees and chronically
based on 10 years of research by SICS (Swedish
ill (MS Patients). The system offers cost savings by
Institute of Computer Science) and the Mobile Life
primary and secondary prevention of stress related
VINN Excellence Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. Team
diseases. Strong focus on Innovation and R&D to
of scientists at SICS, KTH, serial entrepreneur and
combine accurate measurement with Biosensors,
business developer.
unique Algorithm for data analysis and interactive
Tummy Lab – a smartphone app for IBS
(Irritable bowel syndrome) patients to register
food intake and symptoms, and get personalized diet advice based on machine learning
findings. IBS occurs amongst at least 10% of
the population worldwide. There is no effective
drug treatment. Patients are frequently advised
to keep a foods and symptoms diary to identify
patterns manually, a lifelong struggle. Tummy
Lab greatly simplifies the task, by detecting
which foods are causing problems. The initial
focus is the consumer market. World renowned
IBS researchers and clinicians are involved,
with plans of using Tummy Lab in their practice.
Mindfulness Center – Mindfulness in a few
minutes per day. Evidence based app and web
service. Team of Physicians and Entrepreneurs
with a long history in web based mindfulness
services, aimed at Stress reduction, Chronic
pain and disease, Anxiety and Depression.
10 000 customers such as phycologists,
doctors, nurses and others in health care.
Additional programs being evaluated:
support for breast cancer patients, for
caregivers, for pregnant women and delivery.
Founders are agile and passionate serial
entrepreneurs/developers. They previously
made Forza Football, an app that broke into the
saturated sports segment, attracting millions
of active users, with a consistent retention rate
above 50%.
Stroke Alarm – early phase development and
clinical testing of a wearable device indicating
Founded by professor Johan Wasselius,
interventional radiologist in the stroke-team at
Lund University Hospital, Sweden. Supported
by Telia Healthcare and Svep Design Center.
[email protected]
High accuracy, wireless, real time self-operated
muscle emg-monitoring. For training, trauma
recovery monitoring, diagnosis support.
Initial market focus: Sport&Fitness. Wearable
prototype and app available. Strong team:
physiology experts and ex-Nokians.
[email protected]
Trialbee – a Red Herring Europe Top 100
Winner – is an expert in mobile patient
recruitment, focusing clinical trial planning
and management. Trialbee provides pharmaceutical companies accurate and effective
patient recruitment. The cloud based solution
combines smart technology with a unique
methodology, enabling all stakeholders to
easily communicate and collaborate on a
joint platform and accelerate the clinical trial
process. E-recruitment, study retention and
EDC (Electronic Data Collection/Capture).
EWA Home – Smarter (& Easier) Plug and App,
to alert, turn on/off, monitor your home and
elderly. Chosen for testbed by Telia Healthcare
in Sweden. Currently available for iPhone and
Android smartphones.
Code-Q Ltd is a Finnish software company
focusing on speech recognition technologies
and related consultation services – Turnkey
solutions for automatic speech recognition.
Voice recognition ”small” languages (Finnish,
Swedish, Danish etc.) and system for hands
free operation of mobile devices. Initially
combined for elderly, MS and ALS patients
in Finland. Team of serial entrepreneurs and
developers. Currently available in Finnish and
English (US) on Android platforms.
Nerve Lab produces intelligent self-care tools
for people with a chronic condition. Primary
focus is Parkinson and MS. By combining
mobile technology with wearable sensors
and predictive modeling, users measure
and manage medication, sleep, activity
and vital signs to improve health on a daily
basis. Real-time actionable knowledge and
predictions. Seamless synchronization with
leading wearable sensors. Currently undergoing
clinical evaluation at Karolinska Institutet. iOS/
Android app available Q3, 2015. Founder team
combining internationally recognized advocate
for Parkinson patients, Ms. Sara Riggare, and
serial entrepreneur Mr. Ola Cornelius.
+46 (0)733 424 923
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