1. Which villain did Jim Carrey play in Batman Forever?

1. Which villain did Jim Carrey play in Batman Forever?
14. Captain America was created by Steve Rogers. What was
Rogers studying before he created Captain America?
2. Who is Batman's alter ego?
A. Bruce Banner
B. Clark Kent
C. Peter Parker
D. Bruce Wayne
3. Which actress has starred in two separate comic book
A. Jennifer Garner
B. Halle Berry
C. Anna Paguin
D. Kirsten Dunst
4. Who played Superman in the original 1978 Superman
5. Which superhero was doused with hazardous waste,
causing him to go blind?
6. He plays Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and Magneto in the
X-Men movies. Who is he?
A. Hugh Jackman
B. Ian McKellan
C. Richard Harris
D. Patrick Stewart
7. Which of these actors has not played Batman?
A. Michael Keaton
B. George Clooney
C. Val Kilmer
D. Ashton Kutcher
8. How did Peter Parker (Spiderman) get his powers?
9. Name the Fantastic Four?
10. What is Superman’s Kryptonian name?
A. English Literature
B. Illustration
C. Fine Art
D. Drama
15. In Spider-man what was the name of the scientist that
mutated himself into the Lizard?
A. Dr Curtis Connors
B. Dr Colin Connors
C. Dr Caroline Connors
D. Dr Christopher Connors
16. Stan Lee has created hundreds of characters including
Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor and the X Men. Which of these
characters is not a genuine Lee creation?
A. Wonder Man
B. Purple Man
C. Radioactive Man
D. Captain America
17. Dozens of mutants have been members of the X-Men
over the years. What is the better known alter ego of Remy
Etienne LeBeau?
A. Cyclops
B. Beast
C. Gambit
D. Northstar
18. Wolverine is often known as Logan however, this isn’t his
birth name. What is?
A. Thomas Howlett
B. Frank Howlett
C. James Howlett
D. Dog Howlett
19. What was the secret identity of Batman's original sidekick
11. The Incredible Hulk was initially what colour?
12. In The Incredibles movie, what is Mr Incredibles name?
13. What was the name of the comic series that Thor first
appeared in?
A. Wally West
B. Barry Allen
C. Dick Grayson
D. Harvey Dent
20. What is Wonder Woman's secret identity?
A. Journey into Adventure
B. Journey into Danger
C. Journey into Asgard
D. Journey into Mystery
A. Wendy Wallace
B. Paula Pratt
C. Diana Prince