Curriculum Vitae - Kristen Nolting

Curriculum Vitae
Kristen M. Nolting
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
University of Connecticut
email: [email protected]
2014 – Present
University of Connecticut
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
PhD Student
Research Interests:
- Evolutionary ecology, functional trait ecology and evolution, differential patterns of
distribution in global biodiversity, tropical biology, community assembly
Graduated 2014
Michigan State University
M.S. Plant Biology
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Behavior Program
Thesis Title: The role of evolutionary history and niche differentiation in structuring
species co-occurrence in New Zealand Pittosporum (Pittosporaceae)
Graduated 2010
University of Evansville
B.S. Environmental Science, magna cum laude
Honors & Awards
NSF East Asia and Pacific Islands Summer Institutes Fellowship (2013)
College of Natural Sciences Dissertation Continuation Award (2013)
Organization of Tropical Studies Post-course Award (2013)
Graduate School – Graduate Student Research Enhancement Award (2012)
MSU Council of Graduate Students Travel Award (2012)
Evolution of Life on Pacific Islands and Reefs – Student Travel Award (2011)
Trustee’s Scholar, University of Evansville (2005 – 2010)
Robert Byrd Honors Scholarship (2005 – 2010)
Nolting, Kristen M., Chrissen Gemmill, and Nathan G. Swenson. Evolution of functional traits and
environmental niche in the New Zealand plant genus Pittosporum (Pittosporaceae). (In prep).
Nolting, Kristen M., Chrissen Gemmill, and Nathan G. Swenson. The role of geographic, environmental
niche, and functional trait differentiation in structuring species distributions in the New Zealand plant
genus Pittosporum (Pittosporaceae). (In prep.)
Palow, Danielle T., Kristen Nolting, Karou Kitajima. Functional trait divergence of juveniles and adults of
nine Inga species with contrasting soil preference in a tropical rain forest. 2012. Functional Ecology 26:
Swenson, Nathan G., ...and K.M. Nolting, (29 Authors Total). 2012. The biogeography and filtering of
woody plant functional diversity in North and South America. Global Ecology and Biogeography 21:
Lachowecki, Jordon, Cris G. Hochwender, Kristen Nolting, Abby Aldridge, and Elizabeth Maurer. 2011.
Evaluating the quality of a disturbed wetland in Southwestern Indiana: A survey of native and
exotic flora at Vectren Conservation Park. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Sciences 120:1830.
Posters & Papers Presented
Kristen Nolting and Marielle Smith. Is succession context dependent? Comparing community structure of
successional & primary tropical forests along an environmental gradient in Costa Rica.
• Oral presentation: Graduate Academic Conference. Michigan State University: Feb. 2013
Kristen Nolting and Nathan Swenson. The historical imprint of climatic niche evolution on present day
coexistence in New Zealand Coprosma (Rubiaceae).
• Oral presentation: Southern Connection Congress. Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand: Jan. 2013
Kristen Nolting, Jason Cantley, Sterling Keeley and Nathan Swenson. Evolution of climatic niche in the
Pacific Island genus, Coprosma.
• Poster presentation: Ecological Society of America, Portland, OR: August 2012.
• Poster presentation: Univ. of Mich. Early Career Scientists Symposium. Ann Arbor, MI: Mar. 2012.
• Poster presentation: Evolution of Life on Pacific Islands and Reefs: Past, Present, and Future,
Honolulu, HI: July 2011.
Kristen Nolting and Danielle Palow. 2009. Effect of soil type on leaf functional traits in saplings of the
genus Inga. Organization for Tropical Studies: REU 2009 Coursebook: 116-129.
• Oral presentation: 24th National Conference on Undergraduate Research, University of Montana,
Missoula, MT: April 2010
• Oral presentation and paper submission: Math, Engineering, and Science Conference for
Undergraduate Research, University of Evansville, Evansville, IN: March 2010
o Paper/Presentation awarded 1st place in the biological sciences/biochemistry division
Kristen Nolting, Elizabeth Mauer, Abby Aldridge, and Dr. C.G. Hochwender. 2007. Do species richness
and dominance prevent the establishment of invasives in an herbaceous plant community?
• Oral presentation at the 22nd National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Salisbury University,
Salisbury, MD: April 2008
Teaching Experience
Michigan State University
Teaching Assistant; Tropical Biology
Guest Lecturer; “Plant-Insect Interactions in the Tropics” (Tropical Biology)
Teaching Assistant; Ecology
Teaching Assistant; Plant Form and Function
Teaching Assistant; Introductory Biology: Cells and Molecules
Fall 2013
Fall 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2013
Fall 2012
University of Connecticut
Teaching Assistant; Introductory Biology
2013, 2014
Research & Field Experience
Thesis Research, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
Field Research: Org. of Tropical Studies “Tropical Plant Systematics Course”
Research Assistant, Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot, Puerto Rico
REU in Tropical Biology, La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica
Undergraduate Research, University of Evansville, Evansville, IN
Jun. – Sept. 2013
Jun. – Jul. 2012
Jun – Jul. 2011
Jun. – Aug. 2009
Jun. – Sept. 2007
Previous International Experience
OTS REU – La Selva Biological Station, Sarapiquí, Costa Rica
Field research assistant - Luquillo Forest Dynamic Plot, Puerto Rico
Org. of Tropical Studies - Tropical Plant Systematics, Costa Rica
Jun. – Aug. 2009
Jun. – Aug. 2011
Jun. – Jul. 2012
University and Department Service
Michigan State University
Dept. of Plant Biology Graduate Student Organization president (2012 – 2014)
Co-organizer, MSU and COGs Graduate Academic Conference (GAC) (2011, 2012)
Organizer and Founder of “Topics in the Tropics” (2010 - 2012)
Community Outreach
Michigan State University
Sigma Delta Epsilon - Graduate Women in Science (2010 – 2014)
- Mu Sigma Epsilon Chapter – Undergraduate Mentoring Committee, Community Outreach
- GWIS-CAP liaison (2011 – 2012)
o Developed a collaborative relationship with the NSF-funded College Ambition Program
centered at MSU. CAP and GWIS share many of the same goals, including providing support
& resources to underrepresented students hoping to continue education in the STEM fields.
- Science Olympiad Volunteer: Michigan State University (2011)
College Ambition Program, mentor (2011 – 2012)
- As part of the CAP, I mentored high school students for 2 hrs/week at Eastern HS in Lansing.
Professional Service
Peer Reviewer For: Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics; Journal of Biogeography;
PLoS One; American Journal of Botany; Journal of Ecology