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On May 10 we celebrate Mothers Day. There are many great
women mentioned in the Bible, but it is Proverbs 31 which even
appears to question whether one can find ‘an excellent wife’
right from the onset! In fact, it might be encouraging to know
that the woman described in these well known verses appears
to be rare: ‘An excellent wife, who can find’ (vs 11)?
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On first sight these verses seem to describe the ‘Super woman’
who, expressed in today’s terms, single-handedly runs a five
person household, whilst being employed full time and heading
Sunday School during School Terms. And it would be quite easy
to get stuck on verses which talk about the woman who ‘gets
up while it is still dark and provides food for her family’ (vs 15).
Well, too bad if you’re not a morning person or plan to go for an
early morning walk or run instead!
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However, on second sight, Proverbs 31 really is about is the
woman who manages her time, and this includes time to build
relationships, with her husband, with her children, and it seems
this part which brings full confidence in her. ‘Her children call
her blessed’ ) vs 28_because she loves them and makes time for
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Jeff, Naree and Gemma Keighley as Jeff studies for
ordination at Queensland Theological College
New ministry staff - Renee Hasler and Andrew Bardsley
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a church on Mission with God - outward looking, and be
effective in reaching our community with the Good News
Children’s & Youth ministries: Kids Church, Fuel, Ignition,
PlayTime, Scripture in Schools
Overseas missions: Sharon Wood in Ireland; Rowan Butler
in Nepal; Stephen, Naomi & Jonathon Lilley in Asia; Andrew
and Susan Strong; Ruth, Shane & Kye Sparks in Spain; John,
Karine & Evangeline Woldhuis in Equador
Christian Surfers - reaching out to the surfing community
with the truth of God’s word and the love of Christ
Japan - that the Church would be encouraged and grow to
maturity; that the lost would come know the one true and
living God, and no longer be deceived by the evil one
Ian Holder, Stephen Moore & Liz Moore studying at SMBC
Holly Gillan doing children’s ministry, studying at
Youthworks and going on mission to Fiji.
Liz Moore and Ian Holder on mission team to Equador.
She also manages her resources, clearly showing that it doesn’t
really matter so much how much we have than how well we
manage with that. And then she manages and uses her gifts.
She knows she is actually not super woman at all who can do
everything. Instead, she uses those gifts bestowed on her and
is not afraid to leave some tasks to those who can do them
better! Take a closer look at some of these verses and check
for yourself – this woman of Proverbs 31 is not afraid to use
her gifts outside her home and leaving some housework to the
‘servant girls’ (vs 15)
But then, this woman doesn’t only teach us something about
wise management. There is more! She is ‘a woman who fears
the LORD’ (vs 30). Now this doesn’t mean that we should
be fearful of God. Rather, it simply means that she trusts and
depends on her God, every day and for everything that happens
in her life – good or bad.
We too are in God’s hands. It is God who is our source of
wisdom and strength. Thus, the choices we make every day are
made through God’s eyes, not ours:
Prov 31:30: “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman
who fears the LORD, she shall be praised”
The Pipeline
Antje Moore
Interview with Ben and Amee Morris
Five Minutes wit h Ben
I was bor n… in Bowral, South Wes
Sydney (Southern Highlands) in 15th
January 1982
At (boa rdin g) scho ol I… played
basketball and wanted to be a chef
Wh at are you r mem orie s of
that ?… fun times, hanging out with
friends every day
My mot her alw ays told
me. .. something that would one day gain
her the title for the best mother in law in
the world “you have to learn to cook and
clean because one day you will make a good
Five Minutes wit h Amee
July 1985
I was bor n… in Newcastle, on 31st
At scho ol I… played lots of sport
challenging! Girl ’s friendWh at are you r mem orie s of that ?…
d with these in my earlier years
ships can be a hard slog. I really struggle
me. .. “if you can’t say
My mot her and fath er alw ays told
something nice, don’t say anything at all”
... on a year 6 camp I was in
My mos t hum ilia ting mom ent was
had to cross the river and walk
charge of the lunch to take on the hike. We
all. I then had to change into a set
across a log. I fell into the river, lunch and
a little embarrassing for me, and
of completely random clothing, which was
we had no lunch, which worried everyone
I enjo y… exercise, and watching ‘MA
by Roald Dahl and Jackie
Do you read ?… yes, I like kid’s
At hom e I… I like to be busy
I’m very bad at.. . having time to mys
grow up (and now I’d like to
. to..
Wh en I was a chil d I wan ted
turn the clock back)
... my dressing gown (since
The leas t fash iona ble thin g I love
ed this helpful comment)
Amee was unable to think of one, Ben offer
and empathetic
Frie nds say I am. .. compassionate
My grea test stre ngth is… compass
and … waves!
My grea test fear is... spiders,
children (I am a teacher)
My grea test pas sion is… teaching
with the knowledge I have now
If only I cou ld… go back in time, but
Eve hadn’t sinned
I ofte n won der. .. What if Adam and
The Pipeline
‘My mos t hum ilia ting mom ent
was ... when I was told in a very certa
way to shut my mouth after trying to have
chat with another surfer in the water
I enjo y… exercise, in particular surfi
being out in the water
Do you read ?… not unless I have to
At hom e I… can’t sit still
I’m very bad at.. . sitting still
Wh en I was a chil d I wan ted
s, I
to.. . travel the world, later in my teen
developed my love for surfing
The leas t fash iona ble thin g I
love ... my ‘lungi’ (like a sarong, it’s the
Bangladeshi national dress)
Frie nds say I am. .. selfless
My grea test stre ngth is… persever
My grea test fear is... heights (not
My grea test pas sion is… our God
If only I cou ld… do everything I wan
to do
, if
I ofte n won der. .. along a beach. Also
there will there ever be a boy who can swim
faster than a shark.
We turn to Ben to share with us
his background, and you may need
to settle in with a cuppa because
we’re in for the long haul here
… read on and be amazed of his
journey so far:
Mum and Dad were teachers in Bowral
where I was born, and at that time I had
three brothers.
I was born into a Christian family,
and when I was only little, we moved
overseas to Tonga where Mum and
Dad worked as volunteer teachers with
‘Australian Volunteers Abroad’.
Can you remember much of that
stage in your life?
I remember Tonga as being a great
place for playing outside, with plenty of
beaches. There was a local large church
we attended. One event I recall quite
clearly was that we had to cross from
one island to another, and it was a really
stormy night and the strait between the
two islands is one of the deepest parts of
the oceans. I remember waves breaking
all around us much larger than the boat
itself. Mum was clinging to a pole and
also to two of us and Dad was doing the
same with the other two. They were
certain that we would not survive that
trip. But Mum and Dad came out of this
in amazement of the Lord’s provision
and safety, which is something they often
shared with us.
How long did you stay there?
We stayed there for two years and then
returned to Australia (to Newcastle),
where I started Primary School (Hunter
Christian School). So from my early years
Mum and Dad brought us kids up in the
faith, which included Christian schooling,
Bible stories, praying etc.
Is this where you grew up?
No, after a year or two our next move
was overseas again. We moved to
Bangladesh, where Mum and Dad took
on a project of establishing a handicraft
workshop to train the poor in handicrafts which were then sold through a
local handicraft company, selling locally
and exports. They always wanted to
be missionaries and this was their first
combined mission opportunity, through
what is now known as Global Interaction
(previously ABMS – Australian Baptist
Mission Society). This was in 1989, I was
then seven.
Can you remember much of your
time in Bangladesh?
My first memory, apart from a long plane
trip and our computer being confiscated at customs, was poor begging kids
coming up to us outside the airport.
They were wearing plastic bags and were
begging. I was confused, I didn’t understand why they were begging or why they
didn’t have clothes or why they didn’t
have family.
We moved to Mymensingh, about 2
hours north of the capital Dhaka. There
were no foreigners, no shopping centre,
and we moved into a compound which
contained a few houses, workshops,
workers accommodation etc with
plenty of room to run around and get
up to mischief. There would have been
maybe 50 workers and a few kids. I made
friends with one, Porosh. We learnt the
language very quickly from interacting
with people all the time, and gradually
came to communicate with those around
us. During that time Mum homeschooled us boys, and we had “church”
at home, which we usually held on Friday,
simply because this is the Islamic Holy
Day and no one works. There was a
Christian Church but it was held in the
native tongue Bengali. Bangladesh is not
a closed Islamic nation (as for instance
Indonesia) so Christian congregations are
Can you recall if you understood
God’s saving grace at that point in
When I was ten I knew that I had the
choice to make Jesus my saviour – I had
always been taught Christian values, had
Biblical teaching and told that we have a
choice to make.
I guess Christmas was just really heavy
on my mind, and this is when I decided
that I wanted to follow Jesus, just like my
family, because I wanted to go to heaven.
My whole experience in Bangladesh had
shown me the difference God’s grace
could have on the desperately poor
people. I could see the lost people in the
environments I grew up in and I knew
that I didn’t want to be lost.
How long did you live there?
I lived there all up about 4 years. Mum
and Dad lived there about 9 years. We
had to evacuate from Bangladesh in 1991
because of the Gulf War, and we came
back to Australia for three months.
What was coming home like?
I suffered from complete culture shock!
I remember that I wasn’t accepted, I
was teased and bullied because I was a
‘Bangladeshi’. That was really tough. We
all struggled simply because we stood
out, we spoke and acted differently.
After another brief stay at Bangladesh
we all returned to Australia when I was
almost 11, this time to Bathurst. Mum
and Dad were due for deputation and
my sister was also born that year. Things
were still difficult as we were trying
to fit back into the Australian culture,
and we really suffered reverse culture
shock. At the end of 1993 my parents
and my younger brother and sister
returned to Bangladesh, while myself and
my older brothers stayed at boarding
school. Initially this was a difficult time
due to homesickness, but we adjusted
quickly, then it was fun. We could only
see our parents every 6 months when
either they returned or we visited them
in Bangladesh. During those years we
became close to our Grandparents who
we stayed with in the alternative holidays
and who acted as our guardians.
“I suffered from complete culture shock! I
remember that I wasn’t accepted, I was teased
and bullied because I was a ‘Bangladeshi’.
I remember thinking that I wanted to be
forgiven and to be God’s child, so I made
my choice. I remember the occasion
very clearly. It was Christmas Eve and I
remember lying awake at night trying to
The Pipeline
What about your move after High
When I finished High School I again
moved overseas, this time to Japan to
work and study Japanese (in 2000). I
guess the travelling to and from other
cultures had simply become part of my
life and I couldn’t do without it. After
one year I came back to Newcastle to
study Civil Engineering, but I had fallen in
love with Japan and travelled back there
during my semester breaks.
What about your Christian walk at
that time, Ben?
Although I attended an English speaking
church in Tokyo, travelling about 2.5
hours each way to get there, I can’t say
that I was fully committed. My thinking at
that point in time was worldly: I idolized
success and popularity. I had always felt
more comfortable around other cultures
and therefore I was more confident in
and around other cultures.
I had started to get more into surfing
at uni and was involved in Newcastle
Christian Surfers with some friends
(Ado) and before too long God lead me
in contact with Christian Surfers Japan
It was at that stage that my walk with
God really changed for the first time:
Initially my motives to travel to Japan
had not really stemmed from Christian
conviction, but rather from my love for
the Japanese people, culture and my love
for surfing.
However, as time moved on, I began
to return to Japan not for work but for
involvement with CSJ, but I still caught up
with old friends and colleagues. Through
my involvement with Christian Surfers I
learnt more about being selfless, sharing
my faith, being evangelistic, and I also
learnt to appreciate my ability to surf as a
skill that God had graciously given me.
We move on to check with Amee
to learn some of her background –
which is the complete opposite to
that of Ben’s:
I grew up in a Christian home as well,
one of four children. However, that’s
where the similarities between Ben
and I stop. My upbringing was in a very
stable and protective environment same house, same school, uni was just
down the road from where I grew up,
so really the complete opposite to
Ben’s upbringing. We attended Mayfield
Baptist church, which was a solid part
of our lives for sixteen years, and here I
attended Sunday school. I also attended
Hunter Christian School, but at different
times to Ben’s attendance.
So did you become a Christian at
an early age?
What I can say about myself during those
early years is that I often wondered,
and in fact doubted, whether I was a
Christian! During my teenage years I
faced all sorts of ups and downs and
struggles which kept me from being able
to put all my trust in God. As I headed
into high school, I really headed into
serious doubts. From year 7 onwards I
struggled with peer relationships as the
girls in my year were particularly clicky
and I recall that I was actually questioning
my own Christian faith during those early
high school years. I questioned, feared
and doubted my stand with God at
various moments.
Another memory is my grandmother’s
death during that time. I remember that I
had prayed earnestly that she would not
die. Her death put big doubts into my
think that it was in fact more my mum,
rather than Christ, who was my pole
during those years. In fact, it wasn’t
until I was baptized when I was 21 that
I realized that I really had to change. I
love my mum dearly and she has always
been there for me, but I realized that if I
wanted to lean on Christ as my pole then
I had to give up always leaning on her. It
was over these last few years that I finally
started my walk with God. I think before
that things just happened and were
resolved. I finally reached the point when
I realized that God was challenging me on
lots of issues which were confronting me
all the time – such as my doubts, being
consumed with myself, struggles with
confidence (or lack thereof), and taking
responsibility for my own thoughts and
my own feelings. I think that was the time
when I finally realized that I had to make
the choice myself to follow Christ, and
this was not something that someone
else, such as my mum, could do for me.
“...that was the time when I finally realized
that I had to make the choice myself to follow
mind. I know that I was subconsciously
angry at God and this took away a lot of
my confidence – I guess I thought that
I had asked Him and He did not listen.
I think this sort of thinking worked
against me being able to trust God in
childlike manner and over and over again
I doubted whether I could fully trust in
Ben, over to you: please tell us how
you and Amee met
During her upper High School years
Amee was working in my local Woolies.
I know it sounds clichéd, but I started
noticing Amee at the checkout when I
did my shopping. I noticed her ‘WWJD’
(what would Jesus do) wristband, so I
knew that she was a Christian.
Did you share your doubts with
I often talked to my mum about them.
However there was one occasion during
year 9 when I was attending a night
church with a friend. It came at a low
point when I was quite emotional and my
friend’s mother, who was with us, helped
me – she held my hands and encouraged
me to stop doubting, in a very definitive
way and encouraged me to think of this
moment as the time when I had taken
Christ into my heart forever. This was
to encourage me to rely on God rather
than look at my worries.
In fact, as I went through her checkout,
I just knew that there was something
different about her, and it wasn’t just
her stunning looks that grabbed my
attention. So when I did my shopping, I
always went through her checkout, even
when I had 1 or 2 items.
Did this help you to make the step
to follow Christ?
Not really, in fact I kept on living the
same way as I had always done, and I
The Pipeline
In fact, it didn’t take me long to work
out her roster, and that’s when I did
my shopping. Funnily enough, we also
had started to attend the same church
(Mayfield Baptist Church), but were still
moving in different groups of friends.
We really met each other at a Christian
music festival, Blackstump, and started
dating. Our values and ethics were
similar and we feel this was truly God’s
provision on our relationship.
Ben, two people from very different
backgrounds coming together, what
was that like?
I always knew that Amee had come from
a very sheltered background whereas I
had come from an exposed background,
brought up amidst different cultures and
religions. But I think that’s where God
has used our differences to make us a
combined weapon for Him!
Amee, how did that affect you?
I was overwhelmed by the exposure at uni
(peers, the party scene etc) by what I was
seeing around me that I had a family friend
baptize me in my pool! In looking back,
I asked for this because I wanted to be
more serious about my faith, but it came
also out of a fear of becoming a part of this
world. In a sense, similar to Ben’s experience who had not wanted to be like the
lost people, I also reacted to the exposure
to lost people around me. Even though it
wasn’t a huge part of my decision to be
baptized, this was the beginning for me in
realizing the saving Grace of God.
Meanwhile, Ben had become involved in
Newcastle Christian Surfers (in an active
leadership capacity), then moved around
a lot in connection with his engineering
work (Sydney, Cabarita, Bonville, Tugun,
Wagga) and in all those places was
actively involved in Christian Surfers
(except Wagga). In 2005 we both went on
Christian Surfers short term mission trip
to Japan so that I could support Ben but
also understand the culture of a country
which he loved so much.
What was that like for you, Amee?
I was really scared, as I was going into the
unknown. This was a really huge thing for
me. However, God provided! I was truly
blessed in that I was actually called to
support another girl in the mission team
who appeared to have a lot of needs. This
situation helped me to concentrate on
others rather than just worrying about
myself and my needs. Looking back I can
see that God really provided this situation
to help me cope with this trip.
During those years you were dating
long distance. Amee, with Ben being
the person moving around, and you
the person being ‘at home’, what
was that like?
It was really tough. Our relationship was
based around survival rather than on how
great this love is. There was always a fear
of losing each other, often hurting, and it
was hard to simply think ‘If it’s meant to
be it’s going to happen’. With Ben being
the person to move around a lot was a
real friction point for me, which I could
never really be a part of till now.
the practical stuff, sets up, controls the
boys etc. This works really well and yes,
we both find this ministry really rewarding.
It’s a great ministry to do as a couple.
We hope that we can grow in our role as
leaders over the coming months.
Ben, would you like to offer any
Yes, it was really hard, and we did this
for about four years, trying to meet as
often as we could, maybe once a week
or once a fortnight. But we survived and
only by God’s grace and a lot of support
by some very close friends and family! We
got married in January 2008 and this has
opened up a whole new world for us as a
Christian couple. You feel so supported as
a married couple. You can share the pains
and the struggles, you can pray with your
spouse and this is incredibly encouraging
and supportive.
Thank you for sharing your walk
with the Lord thus far.
God has shown us that He can use Amee
in surf ministry even if she doesn’t surf
(and is afraid of waves!) and through this
we have both grown in our faith because
it’s not what we do but how we use what
God puts before us.
Ben, what brought you to Ballina
My work on the Ballina Bypass brought us
to Ballina. We wanted to be in a spiritual
home together as we have never really
been in one together, so we looked for
a church here. We knew Adrian and
Amanda through Christian Surfers and
they invited us to their growth group.
In fact, we attended the growth group
for quite some time before we started
attending this church. But then when we
did come here we found what we value –
open, honest, and scripture based teaching
and a loving church community. God
has really provided this for us. It really is
awesome to be in a church together.
More recently, Andrew Bardsley encouraged us to go on the Kids church roster.
We prayed about it, and whilst this was
an easy move for Amee, it was just a bit
harder for me, but I decided to give this
ago. I found that it’s really good for me
to be challenged in stepping out and it’s
good for me to serve alongside Amee in
her gifting. It’s such a blessing to serve
Let us close with some facts about
Japan, a country which is so close to
Ben’s heart:*
* Sourced from Operation World - http://
Population: 127 million
Life Expectancy: 80.9 years
Capital: Tokyo
Currency: Yen
National Sport: Baseball, soccer, sumo
(only for the elite), ninja
Christianity: 1.56%.* This includes JW’s,
nominal Christians etc. The actual church
attending fair dinkum Christians is more
like 0.3%.
Predominant Religions: 70% Buddhist/
Shinto (or some whacky combination of
both) – a uniquely Japanese form which
worships idols, ancient spirits and dead
relatives, 24% New Religions.* Some
sources say that 100 new religions are
created in Japan every year….its pretty
obvious there’s a real need there.
Number surfers: Approximately 2 million.
Eric Awakawa, a famous surfer and shaper
from Hawaiian Island Creations says Japan
is their biggest market for surfboards of
any country.
Average income per person $38,160 which
is 121% of the average US citizen.*
Standard Breakfast: Rice, fermented soy
beans, grilled fish, raw egg, green tea
(prefer vegemite, weetbix or a good old
The Japanese are extremely passionate,
proud and devoted people, so with this
comes an immense amount of pressure
to perform in workplaces, please families
etc. As a result, the incredible amount
of suicides and homelessness is due to
people believing they have failed…what an
opportunity to share Gods love, grace and
Ben and Amee Morris with Antje Moore
Amee, over to you, how do you
approach kids church?
I prepare the teaching lesson; Ben does
The Pipeline
Christian Surfers Japan - Outreach Report
The Pipeline
The Pipeline
The Pipeline
The Pipeline
World Day of Prayer
At one of our church services in February
I made an announcement concerning
our withdrawal from participation in the
World Day of Prayer. I indicated that as a
church committed to the gospel of Jesus
Christ we could not in good conscience
join with the Roman Catholic Church
in such an event. This is based on their
official teaching on Salvation and living as a
follower of Jesus.
Please understand that I am not saying
that there are no Christians in the Roman
church, our heavenly Father in his grace
and power can raise up his people from
What we need to remember as a church
family is that there will be many things
calling for our attention. Some of these
things will be things which we obviously
At our last meeting the Leadership
Team discussed this issue further. As the
Leadership Team we have decided that
our church will not be officially involved
with any further World Day of Prayer
events. This does not mean that we are
seeking to prevent anyone from our
church attending in a personal capacity.
shouldn’t get involved with. Other things
events may be good events but still not
things we as a church with our particular
pool of resources and focus should or can
expend energy or head space toward.
The Biblical mandate for our Leadership
Team is to shepherd the flock. There are
many aspects to carrying out this instruction and one of these is to ensure that we
use our energy, time and skills for things
most useful for the promotion of the
Pastoral Care
The Leadership Team (and some
members of our church family) have been
discussing and contemplating the model
of Pastoral Care for our church. The first
step in developing this model is defining
what is meant by Pastoral Care.
Strictly speaking Pastoral Care is a term
best suited to describe the work of the
pastor(s) of a church. A definition of the
term Pastoral Care in this context would
be preaching/teaching with a view to
equipping the people of God for works of
service to the body of Christ Ephesians
4:12; teaching, rebuking, correcting and
training in righteousness so that the
people of God may be equipped for every
good work 2 Timothy 3:16-17. This is not
confined to the pulpit, it extends to
meeting one on one or in small groups
either as a regular arrangement or in
response to certain circumstances - a new
Christian, raising up leaders for the future,
reminding and comforting people with
the certainty of hope in the face of life
threatening illness; strengthening believers
from the Word in times of loss, in the
event of relational break down or other
personal or family crisis or anxiety. It does
also include evangelism, courses and Bible
studies. All these things would come
under the heading Pastoral Care in its
best use.
However, the term these days is used
to extend to what would be better
described as Care for the Saints. This care
may be needed for a short time (illness,
family crisis) or long term (house bound
or nursing home due to age and infirmity).
It may include the provision of meals,
washing of cloths, performing chores,
a visit, hospitality, sitting down with a
listening ear for a chat over a cuppa or
even just a tear, a hug and agreeing that
sometimes life really isn’t fair. All of these
things and more are expected to be a part
of the life and ministry of each member
of the church (see Jesus’ expectations in
Matthew 25:31-46).
Model of ‘Care for the Saints’
(Looking after one another) in the
context of Ballina Presbyterian
How can we best address the issue of care in
our church?
At present our Growth Groups are
the primary arena for developing closer
relationships with a smaller number of
fellow believers. It is hoped that within
this context of meeting together weekly
and sharing our lives together as we study
God’s Word together, pray together and
talk together that issues and needs will be
raised and responded to primarily from
within that group.
Similarly, our church gatherings provide
the opportunity to meet together, sit
under the Word together and catch
up over a coffee and a scone. This, it is
hoped, would lead to an invitation to
join with one another for a meal and
further opportunity to minister to one
another. Fellowship is most important and
was a defining characteristic in the early
church as we read in Acts (2:42-47).
We are also taught in the letters that
hospitality continues to be a defining
mark of the body (eg: Romans 12:13; 1
Peter 4:9). By the way it is most important
The Pipeline
that we make church a priority each
week (Hebrews 10:25). We must make
ourselves available to one another. When
we consider these two weekly events Growth Groups and the Church meeting
we are reminded of our need to a) be
regular and involved, b) actively looking
out for one another and c) being prepared
to be ministered to by others (sometimes
this takes humility).
What about those who are not able to attend
There are instances where due to frailty
or chronic illness people are no longer
able to attend either Church and/or
Growth Groups. How can we as a church
family minister to them effectively? At the
moment we have a number of members
who visit such people on a regular basis
which while a relatively ‘invisible’ ministry
is none the less most important.
The beginnings of a plan.
What the Leadership Team would like to
do is to get two lists of names. One list of
people available to visit others. Another
list of all the people who are a part of
our church family who you know can no
longer get to church for whatever reason.
At present I am collecting some brochures
and other material that might be useful
when visiting people. The plan is that
these will be made available for the church
family to use as we minister to others
when visiting. Once we have these lists
we’ll start making sure that as many
people as possible are being taken care of.
Theological Certificate
1. Introduction to the Bible
Provides an overview of the entire Bible,
plus helpful hints on how to understand
its main themes.
Looking for a basic course in theology
based on solid biblical truth and can’t
really race off to Bible College to study?
The Theological Certificate by correspondence (Moore Theological College,
Sydney) comes highly recommended.
It covers topics such as ‘ Interpreting the
Bible’ and various topics under the overall
heading of ‘God’s purposes’
Sydney, presents...
the Theological Certificate –
a correspondence course
What is the TC?
The Certificate in Theology (TC) is a
basic correspondence course in theology
offered by Moore Theological College,
Sydney. The course was restructured in
2008 and now consists of three parts: the
P.T.C. (Preliminary Certificate), the I.C.
(Intermediary Certificate) and the A.C.
(Advanced Certificate). Each of these
parts can be completed as a standalone
and each covers 6 units. Each of the units
is intended to be studied over a 13 week
term. You can therefore complete the
first part, the P.T.C, over 18 months. But
you don’t have to! You can take one unit,
then have a break for a term, if liked.
Why consider the TC?
The TC is designed to give broad
knowledge of the Old and New
Testaments with a particular emphasis
on a number of books in the Bible, key
doctrinal matters and church history.
It’s simply a great way to work your way
through your Bible.
What do you need?
The basic course material consists of a
study booklet and your Bible is your first
point of reference. If coupled with a good
Bible Dictionary and a Bible Handbook
this is pretty much all you need to start
off with. For each unit there is additional ‘recommended reading’ and this is
typically a Christian book which covers
the topic of that particular unit. I have
worked my way through this course over
the past few years and have found it useful
(and manageable) to pick and read one
book from the recommended reading list
each term
Here is a brief summary of the
subjects of the P.T.C (in order)
2. New Testament 1
Explores God’s purposes in sending
Christ. This subject is essentially an
in-depth journey through the Gospel of
Mark and getting to know Jesus the King,
or as he preferred to call himself, the Son
of Man!
3. Old Testament 1
This is a tour through Genesis (Creation
and Rebellion), the Exodus, it looks
at the Sacrificial System of Leviticus,
Numbers and highlights the major ideas in
Deuteronomy. Essentially it answers the
questions: What do these books teach?
What holds them together?
4. Doctrine 1
We explore the Bible’s teaching about
God - how we get to know Him, what He
is like, what He has done for us. It looks at
God – the Trinity, the God who creates,
the God who saves and more. This part
of the course can get a little difficult –
expect to spend some extra time reading.
5. Ephesians
The big picture with cosmic dimensions
of God and His world. It shows how God
wants us to live.
9. Option Subject
You’ve come to the end of this part
of your journey. You can now choose
one subject from three – Promise to
Fulfilment (basically Biblical Theology),
Prayer Book (for those with an interest in
the Anglican church history) or Christian
Worship (What is the biblical meaning of
From here, if you’re keen, you can
continue on through the Intermediary
and the Advanced Theological Certificate!
These go more deeply into areas like
Christian ethics, doctrinal matters, and
explaining the message of the Gospel to a
non-Christian world.
The Pipeline
Want to know more?
A number of Ballina Presie folk have
undertaken this course in the past and
a couple of us are currently enrolled.
We are happy to chat to you about our
experiences. More detailed Information
brochures and a sample course outline are
also in the breezeway or contact:
Department of External Studies
1 King St
Newtown, NSW 2042
(02) 9577 9999
Antje Moore
What Do I Say When...?
What do I say when someone
suddenly asks me one of those
curly questions?? Here are some
good answers to give back. Source:
evangelismministries (The Anglican
Department of Evangelism)
Isn’t being a Christian all about
being good?
* What is ‘good’ anyway, and how
‘good’ do you have to be
* Some people are better than others
but none of us is good enough.
Suppose we want to go to a concert
and the ticket costs $10, if you have
$8 and I have $1, neither of us can
make it. (Romans 3:23)
* God says there is only one way and
it is not ‘being good’. (John 14:6)
* God is after friends, not rebels. It’s
a matter of whose side you are on,
being for Jesus and not against him.
That’s what being a Christian is all
about (John 3:36)
* ‘Being good’ is simply a response to
our conviction as a Christian, but we
still fail. In fact, our church is a church
full of sinners (and if you’d like to join
us some time, there is always room
for one more)
Photos of people we’ve sent (to Sydney)
Holly Gillan Kids Minis try
The team going
on mis sion to
Yes, this
really is
Ian Holder !
Ian Holder and
Stephe n Moore
at College
Stephe n
Moore Music
Minis try
Stephe n Moore doing a Children’s Tal
Liz and Stephe n
The Pipeline
News from Ian Holder & Stephen Moore at SMBC
involved in a pastoral team somewhere.
- I’ve been running and bike
I’m coming up from
Ordination and senior ministry (or
s a week and this year
for a visit. First time
even being on my own in a country
three other college
it’s NCCC weekend
parish) is not for me at this stage. I’d
the local AFL club Western
good. Won’t have
like to work with youth and young
h is less than a km from
and think that God has gifted
as everyone will be
f. It’s the first time I’ve played adults,
be staying with Crai
me pastorally - ie. listening to people,
so, and my shoulder is OK
weekend (17th-19t
reading Bible and praying with them,
ent, but I’ve been getting
to Warnambool
pointing them to God and what He is/
it by a physio and in my
talks at a youth chur
may be doing in their lives. I love that
’t want a third operation!
Deuteronomy. As
stuff!! Long-term, overseas work could
say, “Don’t play then” I
have little knowledg
be an option.
standing of the OT so I thought it was
a good chance to teach about salvation
Please pray for:
Mission - Went to Blaxland Pressie this
and response from after the exodus as
Wisdom - for decisions for life after
involved in testimonies,
a salvation event
Primary Scripture and preaching. This
death and resurrection as the final
Love - for people here and at church at
I’m going on my first ever
salvation event. War
Randwick. That I would give them time
m missions trip for 16
my former pastor
and a listening ear. That I would give
visit the Woldhuis’ - John and
Blacktown East
time to those outside of these places too
Karine. They are the first misso’s that
- both Christian and non-Christian
k has sent out in 120 years dwic
College - has been
Discipline - to work hard. I’m finally
ch ended up with a Mission’s
John, Local Chu
learning to do it!
Catalyst team to support both them
Mission, and Spiritual Formation for
Discipline - to resist the temptation
local and worldwide mission
Professional Min
to sin. To take the out that God gives
on in general in church 3 years
The latter is basic
before I sin in thought, word and deed.
- you could do the same!
personal walk with
A hard task, that needs much prayer!
I’ll be preaching thru an
that affects us and
Witness - that I would be a great
14 hours after touching
vocational ministry
witness to those at Wests AFL. That I
down... we are mainly an encouragewould live the gospel, and speak it when
ion for those guys - 12 people
Relationships I get the opportunities - because God
ch supporting those we have
a girl for 10 mon
always gives opportunities - we just have
seeing what they are doing
nearly 4 weeks ago.
to take them!
first hand.
but at this stage the time and situation
to you all, Ian Holder
is not right. I’m alright, and God is still
college - at this stage I’m going Regards
in loving control.
to finish in June 2010. I’m looking to be
What’s doing
It was great to catch up with Ballina
Presie at Easter!
Now in my second year of Bible college
@ SMBC, loving it even more. I’m in a
really great place of life, studying God ’s
Word and growing closer to Him. Still
serving at Randwick Presie on Sundays.
Just returned from a college mission
to Hunter Bible Church in Newcastle.
Great week, learnt a lot and was
stretched out of my comfort zone.
Feel like I’m being pushed with business
Theology is such a broad discipline, and
there are always things to read, essays
to write, ministries to serve in, and
sermons to preach. I’m also “Student
Rep” for single residential men. Pray
that I would lead and represent them
Please also pray that I will be disciplined and productive with my time at
college. Also pray that I will not focus
on my marks (and filling my head with
knowledge for knowledge-sake), but that
The Pipeline
I will focus on my Lord and Saviour
(and filling my heart with love for Him,
and for those who don’t know Him).
Plans for 09
Grow in my relationship with God by
hanging out with Him every day! Let
Him speak to me through His Bible,
and chat back to Him through prayer.
Lots of love to your all
Stephen Moore
News from Holly Gillan
for college, including weekly journal
find some time for God, myself
entries. I love the college work. We do
(amongst lesson planning and
7 great subjects at the moment. My
actually giving lessons) so that I
Remember me?! I hope everyone is
favourite one is a subject preparing us
can be continually growing as well.
going really well, I miss everyone a
for our, four week mission trip to Fiji
• Pray for us as we continue to
lot – but lots of exciting things have
in late June. In this subject we learn
prepare for Fiji, please pray for all
been happening for me down here. I
language, culture, dress and other
the organising efforts going into
am studying at Youthworks College in
important factors to consider when
it and please pray for the Fijians
a course called Year 13, which aims at
taking the gospel to an overseas country.
that God would be working in
giving people first year out of school a
Coming up in two weeks I am doing a
their hearts preparing them for us
taster of youth and children’s ministry.
whole week of Fiji preparation which
to come and plant the seeds of the
My course requirements are 2 days on
I’m sure will be very exciting.
Gospel. Also for safety once we
campus, 1 day off, 1 day of private study,
I have slowly settled in to Austinmer
get there.
1 Sunday and 2 full days in ministry.
(just north of Wollongong). The church
have been so welcoming so that helped
Aren’t we blessed to have a God
The ministries I’m involved in spread
a lot. I’m still not 100% sure of my
who hears and answers our prayers
from Year 1 to Year 12. I teach 5
plans for next year but it’s been exciting
according to his will. Thank you for
primary school scripture classes (Yrs
already seeing how God is working in
your prayers. I look forward to seeing
1, 1/2, 4, 4 & 5) in three local primary
my life and I look forward to learning
you all soon – hopefully.
schools. I lead in scripture seminars for
and growing more throughout the year
Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 at one local high
and I am sure he will open a door for me
Love Holly.
school and next term we will teach Year
at the end of my year.
7 & 8 in the classrooms. After school,
P.S If you would like to contact me I
I lead a bible study for girls in Years 10,
If I could ask you to pray for a couple of
ld love to hear from you
11 &12. I lead in a group for girls aged
things that would be fantastic:
7-12 on Tuesday Nights. On Sunday
• Praise God for the opportunities
Postal Address:
mornings during the sermon I am
I’ve had to meet all these kids and
Balfour Road,
starting up a Brekkie Club for girls in
share the gospel with them. Pray
Years 6, 7, 8 & 9. I have also been asked
for the 400 kids I meet with each
NSW, 2515
to help lead the youth group on a Friday
week that their hearts might be
night. I have built some great relationopen to hearing the good news of
Email Address:
ships with the kids I see which adds up
the gospel.
to around 400 kids per week and it’s
• Pray for me as I teach them, pray
encouraging seeing what I say tick over
for the patience to deal with the
Mobile Number:
in their minds both little and bigger.
days which are trickier than others
222 546
It’s really been great seeing God work
and pray that
through me and open up the doors to
meet with all these kids through various
God would continue to work through
ministries during the week.
me to give bible based answers and
be a shining light into the lives of the
On top of my ministries I have
unchurched kids I meet.
assessments, which need to get done
• Pray that I would be able to
Hi Ballina Pressies,
“Need a lifeguard? Mine has been known to
walk on water” (Kerusso)
Christian Surfers Quote
The Pipeline
News from Elizabeth Moore
(and not butcher the language..)
* We decided to organise an Auction
It was lovely to catch up with some of
and Trivia night on the 16th May to
the Ballina folk at Easter, celebrating
help raise support for our trip and
Christ’s death and resurrection!
involve the congregation, so please
pray for smooth preparation for this!
I have been living in Sydney for almost
We really need our church family to
two years, now permanently employed
support us in thought and in prayer
at the Prince Of Wales Hospital, in
– for some of us this is a first time
Haematology. I enjoy the work in this
mission trip
Some of the things we will be doing on
section immensely, with all its ups and
* Lastly, please pray for team bonding
that trip are really big prayer points for
downs, physically and emotionally. It’s
and unity as we come up to our trip!
me and I’d love you to pray for them!
also close to Randwick Presbyterian
We will be spending a lot of time
They include:
Church where I became a member
together so pray that we treat each
* We will be meeting with missionaries
when I first moved here, and where
other with love, just as Jesus would.
to support and encourage them, so if
I found a new church family. And it
you could please pray that this would
was very special when Stephen and Ian
With warm wishes from Sydney – I
go well and we would be successful in
joined this church last year as well!
would love to hear from you some
* Each of us will be giving our testimoSince the beginning of this year I am
nies at some poin
also in my first semester of part time
I will be doing mine on the English
study at SMBC, and am enjo
speaking night (tha
learning about the Old Testament in
[email protected]
Church and I am a bit nervous about
evening lectures.
this - please pray that in all I say I
glorify God. Please pray for that night,
The big news for me this year will
that we might be able to encourage
be my first short term mission trip.
people and hopefully reach any nonRandwick Presbyterian is also the
Christians who might be attending
sending church for the Woldhuis
family who are missionaries in Loja,
* We are all trying to learn the
Ecuador (the Woldhuises are
children’s song “Jesus Loves Me” in
by some Ballina folk as they visited
Spanish! It’s coming on well, but please
Ballina just before they left for
pray that we bring this across clearly
Ecuador). Randwick Presbyterian has
organised a short term mission trip
consisting of 11 people to visit them.
We will be leaving on the 27th June,
and will be in Ecuador for two weeks,
spending the majority of our time
in Loja with John and Karine, their
children Evie and Mattias, and the
congregation there.
“You can’t see the wind, but you can see
how it changes the surf. You can’t see God,
but you can see how He changes people”
Christian Surfers Quote
The Pipeline
PWA News
For your diaries:
BIGGEST MORNING TEA Friday 15th May 2009
The former Ballina Ladies Craft Group used to support the Cancer Council and so we have decided to keep this aspect going:
All are invited to join us for morning teat at 9.30 am in the Ballina Church Hall on Friday 15th May 2009. Donations will be welcome
and will be forwarded to the Cancer Council. For more information please see Audrey Doman or June Smith
ANNUAL COFFEE MORNING Friday 5th June 2009
Ballina PWA will hold their annual Coffee Morning on Friday 5th June in the church hall commencing at 10 am. The Ballina Christian
Choir will present a music programme followed by morning tea. There will also be a trading table.
Entry is $5 and this is our only fundraiser for the year. So please come along for a time of fellowship and bring your friends, family,
neighbours. Men are welcome.
Well if you’d like to use the beautiful P.W.A. cards this Christmas, then you will need to get organised now. Orders close on 10th June,
for delivery in September. See any of our P.W.A. ladies for more details or view some samples
THANKSGIVING DAY Wednesday 17th June 2009
Every year Northern Rivers P.W.A. hold a Thanksgiving Day when each branch presents a donation to support the Camp Drewe
Conference Centre at Lennox Head. This year it will be held at Camp Drewe on Wednesday 17th June.
You will have time to inspect the Centre and fellowship with people from our Northern Rivers Presbytery. Morning tea will be
provided at 10 am by the Lismore PWA, a church service will be held at 11 am and manager Len Newton will speak of his experiences
overseas with Mission Partners after lunch.
All are welcome to come for the day or just part ot the day. Please bring your own lunch.
For more information please see Audrey Doman, Margaret Love, Frances Barron or any members of Ballina P.W.A.
Col and Shirley Manning
on your 50th
Wedding Anniversary!!!
We celebrate with you on this special occasion. Thank you both for the example that
you are to us all, for the hope in Christ that you share, for the love you have for our
Lord, for each other and for your brothers and sisters in Christ and for your example
of faith and godliness as you walk on, following Jesus together.
9th May 2009
The Pipeline