New Orleans Open - The New Orleans Table Tennis Club

New Orleans Open
May 9, 2015
Online Entry:
Entry form and check may be mailed to:
New Orleans Table Tennis Club
521 Saint Mary St
Apt 317
New Orleans, LA 70130
Entry Deadline:
May 7, 2015
($10 discount if entry received before May 1)
Tournament Location:
The Health Club by Hilton
Two Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70130
Martin Del Vecchio, Tournament Director,
[email protected], 504.439.4484
Rich Martin, Certified Regional Referee
$8 for an all day Saturday pass
Validated for 4 free hours on Friday night
Pizza provided for lunch on Saturday
A USATT Sanctioned Two Star Tournament
New Orleans Open Table Tennis Tournament
Schedule: Players should check in 30 minutes prior
to event start time. The gym is open for practice,
Friday 6PM-9PM, 8:30AM on Saturday.
Name ___________________________________
Open Singles – Saturday (5/9) 10:00AM
Double round robin format. Initial round robin
groups of 4 based on ratings and snake system.
Second round robin group based on results from
the first round.
City, State, Zip_____________________________
Open Doubles – Friday (5/8) 6:30PM
Small round robin format. One team from each
group advances to single elimination.
USATT Member # ______________ Exp ________
Open Singles Championships
Doubles Partner ___________________________
Division A
Division B
Division C
Division D
Open Doubles
1st - $400
3rd - $100
1st - $50
1st - TShirt
1st - TShirt
2nd - $200
4th - $50
Address _________________________________
Email ___________________________________
Phone ___________________________________
Club Affiliation ____________________________
USATT Membership Fees
$49 Adult One Year
$130 Adult Three Year
$25 Collegiate One Year
$25 Junior One Year (Under 17)
$10 Onetime Tournament Pass
1st -TShirts
Eligibility: All Open Singles participants must have a
USATT membership or purchase one with entry. A
onetime pass can be purchased in place of a
membership if you have never played in a USATT
tournament before.
Refunds: No refunds after May 7, 2015.
Equipment: 9 DHS tables, white Xushaofa 3-star
poly balls, hard court tennis flooring.
Rules: All USATT laws will be enforced.
A player who defaults their championship (final) match will not be
eligible for prize money. Tournament formats are subject to change. If
any changes to prize money or tournament times are necessary,
players will be notified and offered a full refund.
Entry Fees
$40 Open Singles Championships
($30 if entry received by May 1)
$10 Open Doubles ($20/team)
$7 Rating Fee (if playing singles)
______ Total Fees Enclosed
I will abide by all USATT regulations