NOBOSNY PEREZ ALVAREZ Miami, FL – (786) 216­6709 – [email protected] SUMMARY ­
Bilingual professional with 10+ years of experience in web development, database design and performing software integration. Expert in implementing and customizing sophisticated software solutions using Web technologies, n­tiered architecture and mobile applications. Education: MS Applied Mathematics (In Progress), BS Computer Science VALUE­ADDED SKILLS & EXPERIENCE ● Ability to manage and lead software development teams leveraging agile methodologies. ● Solid foundations in OOP programming and software engineering. ● Experience developing RESTful API services for communication between mobile apps & web frontends. ● Ability to quickly learn and master new technologies and apply them to existing solutions. WORK EXPERIENCE VectorAnalytica Inc.
Senior Software Developer
Miami, FL 1/2012 – 2/2015 ● Designed and developed an integrated system for surveillance in epidemiology using relational database, geographic information services, spatial analysis and statistical tools for web and mobile software. ● Modeled complex systems in public health with specialization in population dynamics, time series, chaos, strange attractors and fractals. ● Translated and implemented algorithms from Matlab & Mathematica into C#/Java/PHP function libraries. ● Developed RESTful API in PHP & JAVA for communication with mobile applications for Android. ● Used Amazon Web Services tools to develop distributed computing systems for processing large amount of data in real time, load balancing and fault tolerance. ● Use of SOAP messages, web services, distribute computing and relational databases for Geographic Information Systems and geospatial analysis. Technologies used: ➔ AWS: EC2, VPN, S3, RDS, IAM, CloudWatch, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Formation ➔ Java, Javascript, Play Framework, PHP, Drupal, Android, RESTful services, Mapinfo, QuantumGIS, R, Matlab, Mathematica. Medical University “Carlos J. Finlay”
Lecturer, Research Professor, Sr. Software Developer
Camagüey, Cuba 12/2008 – 10/2011 ● Taught scientific research methodologies for the application of mathematical theories and models to medical sciences. ● Developed JAVA software for the study of biomedical time series such as heart rate and epidemic behaviour. ● Translated and implemented algorithms from Matlab & Mathematica into C#/Java/PHP function libraries. ● Designed/developed database systems in Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, MySQL & PostgreSQL. ● Used Geographic Information Systems for spatial statistics and analysis, and refactoring code to introduce parallel programming and improve performance. ● Used e­Learning Teaching Platforms and Social Tools for the teaching process. ● Deployed/administered Unix/Windows Servers, Networks and Workstations in a small business and deployed a virtualization VMWare ESXi Server. ● Designed & developed SharePoint site to streamline workflow and processes in research center ● Led a team of five software engineers through product development lifecycle leveraging agile/ Scrum methodology. Technologies used: ➔ Java, Javascript, Play Framework, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, MS SharePoint, Mapinfo, QuantumGIS, R, Matlab, Mathematica, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Microsoft.NET Informatics University
Lecturer, System architecture and security consultant
Havana, Cuba 9/2006 – 8/2008 ● Consulting in architectural design of solutions focused on online/offline scenarios, rapid response and reliability. ● Consulting in system security from enterprise level down to software and process levels. ● Led and tutored a medium team of students in the development of solution based on new technology, encouraging skills of fast response to technical changes and evolving fast to adapt to new challenges. Technologies used: ➔ UML, Andromeda, Case Tools, Rational Rose, Database Design PUBLICATION SLD210 Integrated system for dengue surveillance and vector control​
. ISBN: 978­959­7213­02­4. Editions Thinking The Future. 2013. IX Congress of Health Informatics 2013. Havana, Cuba. EDUCATION Central University of Las Villas
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
Santa Clara, Cuba ​
In Process ● Specialization in bioinformatics and application of advanced mathematical models in epidemiology. ● Thesis theme: “Integrated System for Epidemiologic Surveillance and Forecast” Central University of Las Villas ­ Mathematics, Physics and Computer Faculty
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Santa Clara, Cuba 6/2006 ● Senior thesis: “Biofasis Planner: task planner for biofactories and invitro production” ● Leader of web development and database design since the first year of college in the Center of Computer Studies. ● Develop of visual models for molecular design and interaction in drugs. ● Teaching assistant from 2004 to 2006. LANGUAGES/SKILLS/INTEREST Languages​
: Fluent in Spanish and English Interest​
Cloud computing, mobile development, big data, cooking, interior design, biking Programming​
: C/C++/C#, .NET, PHP, JAVA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Prolog