1. Community: G.I. Jef ( 2. Little House on The Prarie: Sylvia

1. Community: G.I. Jef
a. Full episode streaming on Hulu
b. YouTube preview (the PSA at the end of the episode) or the opening credits
2. Little House on The Prarie: Sylvia
a. I’m having trouble finding anything other than fan music videos (who knew?), so instead
I shall just leave you with these images. I think they’re enough, don’t you?
3. All In The Family: Edith’s 50th Birthday
a. Full episode on YouTube.
4. The Mary Tyler More Show: Some Of My Best Friends Are Rhoda
a. Full episode on Hulu.
5. Bufy The Vampire Slayer (Not sure if the full episode links I found are embeddable, they all
come from http://firststoptv.eu/show/bufy-the-vampire-slayer/. Otherwise, you need Hulu+
(or Netflix or Amazon Instant Video).
a. Earshot
a.i. First Stop TV full episode
a.ii. Can’t find a good clip of the episode, but here’s the promo that originally aired
for it.
b. Hush
b.i. FirstStop TV full episode
b.ii. A bunch of clips from the episode have been edited into this Youtube video
c. The Body
c.i. FirstStop TV full episode
c.ii. Here’s a clip of the breakdown bit I was talking about in the podcast.
d. Once More With Feeling
d.i. FirstStop TV full episode
d.ii. “I’ve Got A Theory” on Vimeo (apologies for the subtitles, but it’s way better
than the someone who just filmed their television videos on Youtube)
6. M*A*S*H (the only place I could find M*A*S*H was ProjectFreeTV.com. Not even the usual
paid places (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes) have it.
a. The Interview
a.i. Full Episode
a.ii. The AV Club did a nice write up of this episode here.
b. Life Time
b.i. Full Episode
c. Dreams
c.i. Full Episode
7. David Letterman, Week in Las Vegas
a. Skylark in Las Vegas
b. A quiz from/about Las Vegas
c. Sadly I couldn’t find a clip of Larry Bud Melman in Las Vegas, so here’s one of him from
the regular show instead.
8. The Facts of Life: Seven Little Indians
a. Full episode on Youtube
9. Too Close For Comfort: For Every Man There’s Two Women
a. The full episode isn’t available anywhere. There are however a couple of clips on
YouTube complete with the Most Disturbing Laugh Track Ever:
a.i. Monroe tells his family what happened
a.ii. The women go after Henry
b. I also found a guy so traumatized by this episode he made a short film about it (some
NSFW language…which is weird to type when discussing a sitcom episode where a dude
gets raped).
c. The AV Club also has a write-up of this episode.
d. James, this is one of the grossest things I have ever researched. Moving on to the
Sesame Street episodes now-Bring on Snuffleupagus and James Mason.
10. Sesame Street
a. Don’t Eat The Pictures
a.i. Full episode is on Youtube, in 8 parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,
Part 7, Part 8.
b. Episode 1839-Mr. Hooper’s Death
b.i. The full episode isn’t online, but here is the scene where everyone explains to
Big Bird what death means, and there’s a nice breakdown of the episode here.
11. NewsRadio: Bill Moves On
a. The full episode is on Amazon and iTunes, but I can’t find it or even a clip of it streaming
anywhere. 
12. The Colbert Report:
a. The full episode isn’t up anymore, but the part you were talking about is in this clip.
For Further Reading:
The AV Club has an entire section devoted to Very Special Episodes (I linked to a few above).
The articles about How I Met Your Mother that I referred to are here and here.
The article about aspect ratios in The Grand Budapest Hotel is here.