Warner Successfully Completes Initial Sea Trials

5 | 26 | 2015
A weekly publication of Newport News Shipbuilding
Warner Successfully
Completes Initial Sea Trials
John Warner (SSN 785) successfully completed its initial sea trials on Saturday, May 23. Sea trials
are aggressive operational tests that demonstrate the submarine’s capabilities at sea. John Warner,
the first Virginia-class submarine to be named for a person.
“Alpha sea trials represent the first underway test of the quality of the craftsmanship that went
into the construction of this great vessel and the skill of the crew that operates her,” said Jim
Hughes, vice president of Submarines and Fleet Support. “Both the ship and the crew performed
incredibly well, resulting in extremely successful trials that enable the ship to advance directly into
its next set of tests. The John Warner is now well on its way to being another successful and early
Virginia-class delivery.”
All systems, components and compartments were tested during the trials. The submarine
submerged for the first time and operated at high speeds on the surface and underwater. John
Warner will undergo several more rounds of sea trials before delivery to the Navy by Newport News
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Patriotic Festival
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Quarterly Safety
Trophies Awarded to
Leaders and Teams.
HRSD Presents
NNS with Two
Environmental Awards.
Attend Engineering
Career Days on
Thursday, May 28.
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5 | 26 | 2015
Production Refueling and
Nuclear Support Division
Presents Safety Trophies
On May 11, the Production Refueling and
Nuclear Support division presented quarterly
safety trophies to division leaders whose crew
went above and beyond to improve safety in
their work area. This is the second year the
division has presented trophies recognizing
safety efforts of “standout” teams and leaders.
The trophies were presented by Mary Cullen,
Production Refueling and Nuclear Support
The “Foreman” trophy was given to April
Barnes and the “Team” trophy was awarded
to Dennis Grady, Paul Winfield, George
Gallman, Eldrin Wallthall and Brandon
Greenhow for cleaning up a warehouse that
had areas that were unsafe due to tripping
and striking hazards. The team worked with
Maintenance Department (O43) to clean
the area, get the lights repaired and the heat
Pictured (L to R): General Foreman Art Fladger, General Foreman George Gallman, Foreman April Barnes, Dennis
Grady, General Foreman Larry Gibson, Brandon Greenhow. Not pictured: General Foreman Bill Fralich, Paul Winfield,
Eldrin Walthall. Photo by Chris Oxley
The “Construction Team” trophy was given to
General Foreman Larry Gibson and General
Foreman Bill Fralich. Gibson and Fralich had
The “General Foreman” trophy went to Art Fladger for his dedication to ensuring the safety of
his areas during the past snow storms. Fladger made sure his paths were clear and the employees
shoveling snow correctly and were taking necessary breaks.
zero accidents last year and worked to ensure that the culture and expectations in their work areas
always have safety as a priority.
EH&S Announces
Earth Day Coloring
Contest Winners
Environmental, Health and
Safety (EH&S) recently
announced the winners of this
year’s Earth Day Children’s
Coloring Contest.
Pictured (L to R): Keith Ogburn (O46), Lennie Routten (O31), Doug Mitchell (O46), Dave Conley, Laboratory Services manager, Tamera
Crouch (O31), Dru Branche, EH&S director, Dwain Jenkins Jr. (O27), Hogie Thorn, Environmental Engineering manager, Buzz Halleen
(O46), Bill Bell, vice president of Human Resources and Administration, Ivy Hopkins (O46).
Visit the EH&S Yardnet website
to view the winners of each
age group.
On April 23, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) held an awards luncheon at the Hampton Roads
Convention Center. During the event, Newport News Shipbuilding received two awards from for its exemplary
environmental compliance record and its commitment to environmental excellence.
Artwork by Michael Dubovsky
(6 year age group); child of
Jessica Dubovsky (E34).
NNS received a Platinum Achievement Award for the North Yard Permit for achieving six consecutive years (20092014) of perfect compliance and a Platinum Award for the Main Yard Permit for achieving five years (2010-2014) of
perfect compliance. This was the first time NNS received platinum awards for both permits.
NNS Receives Two Environmental Awards
5 | 26 | 2015
NNS Night at the Pilots is Back
Newport News Shipbuilding has a limited number
of FREE tickets to the Peninsula Pilots game on
Thursday, June 11. Contact Kimberly Zayakosky
(O29) at 380-4460 or via email if you are interested in
tickets for yourself and your family.
Learn Skills for Long-Term
Weight Loss with “Lose2Win”
Challenge yourself to lose weight with the “Lose2Win”
program June 2 - Aug. 6. Participants will learn about
fitness and nutrition through weekly meetings and will
participate in challenges for a chance to win prizes.
Visit Yardnet for more information or
www.huntingtoningalls.com/lose2win to register.
For questions, contact Emily McCarley at 380-4578
or Gabrielle Willis at 534-4568.
Career Pathways Kicks Off eSHIP
Career Pathways recently partnered with Newport News Public Schools (NNPS) to create
the Engineering Shipbuilding Internship Program (eSHIP). The purpose of the program is
to develop students with engineering career goals, some of which are the first generation in
their family to attend college, while also providing Newport News Shipbuilding a pipeline for
recruiting “home grown” engineering talent.
Twelve students from local high schools were selected by NNS to participate in the semesterlong job shadowing program. Students are eligible for hire with the company, following
the successful completion of a semester-long job shadowing program, a series of summer
internships and graduation from an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
(ABET) accredited two-year or four-year engineering program.
Employeees Participate in “Red
Nose Day”
Training Services (O36) employees wore red noses
on May 21 to raise awareness about children living in
“Children are born innocently into this world and it’s
up to us to take care of them and support them,” said
Margo Scicchitano. “Our department is constantly
looking for ways to support our community and this
was a great opportunity!”
Front row (L to R): Cindy Oxley, Margo Scicchitano,
Lisa Baptiste, Susan Swanson, Carol Gardner. Back
row (L to R): Chris Gelfand, Betty Lewis, Shirley Martin,
John Fleming and John Martin.
The students begin their NNS internships in June, following their high school graduation. They
will continue their internships every summer at NNS until college graduation, where they will
then be eligible for hire as engineers and engineering technicians.
“This program enables our engineering departments to work with students before college, train
them and provide awareness of the shipyard and engineering processes,” said George Holmes,
engineering liason to the program. “The students supplement their education with practical
experience, and hopefully gain a better understanding of their interests through rotations,
which should enable the students to hit the ground running as a new employee.”
The program has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a model of outreach
and as a positive example of development in the area of STEM.
Visit the Career Pathways website or contact Gordon Sproat (K18) at 688-3176 for information.
Seated (L to R): Nelson Alvarado, Ashley Daniels-Kosiek, Olivia Ritz, Mekhi Garner. Standing (L to R): Jon Calma,
Lynne Showalter, Nicholas Albright, Chad Biever, Michael Voelp, George Holmes, Jayson Davidson, Reynard Taylor,
Sherri Thompson, Esmond Calvin, Pat Finneran (NNPS), Kyle Allen, Mike Burkett (NNS), Ann Ifekwunigwe (NNPS).
Photo by Ricky Thompson
Warner Successfully Completes Initial Sea Trials
“The sea trials were a huge success,” said Cmdr. Dan Caldwell, the
submarine’s prospective commanding officer. “The ship is in great material
condition, and I could not be more proud of the way the crew performed.
They have worked tirelessly for the last two years preparing to take this
ship to sea, and it showed during sea trials. We look forward to completing
the ship’s delivery and joining the operational fleet.”
View a highlights video of Warner on Yardnet.
Pictured on front: The Virginia-class submarine John Warner (SSN 785) completed alpha
sea trials on Saturday. All systems, components and compartments were tested. The
submarine also submerged for the first time and operated at high speeds on the surface
and underwater. Photo by Chris Oxley
5 | 26 | 2015
MAY 27
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers will host
a dinner meeting from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at
100 Colubus Way in Newport News. NNS Vice
President of Manufacturing Rob Hogan will
discuss the Commonwealth Center for Advanced
Manufacturing. Cost is $15 for members and
guests and $10 for students and seniors.
Reservations are required by May 25. To RSVP,
send an email to [email protected] or
contact John Edwards (E84) at 876-8386.
MAY 28
The “Spear and Gear” Toastmasters Club will
meet from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Bldg. 812-2
conference room. Guests are always welcome.
Contact Rose Brodie (K75) at 534-3382 or Donna
Graves (E08) at 688-6204 for more information.
Reactor Services will host its annual Spring Golf
Tournament at Sleepy Hole Golf Club from noon
to 6 p.m. The cost is $75 per person and includes
green fees, 18-hole cart fee, prizes, food and
unlimited range balls. Reservations are required
by May 22. To RSVP, contact BJ Maben (X73) at
380-3957 or Kyra Kimmeth (X73) at 688-9408.
Show your family, friends, co-workers and
everyone at Harborfest (June 6-7) that you
are a shipbuilder. Build and captain your own
boat for FREE at the 21st annual “Quick-n-Dirty
Boatbuilding” contest at Harborfest. Contact Mike
D’Amato (AMSEC) at 226-1114 or via email for
additional information.
MAY 28
The Apprentice School Students Association
(ASSA) is holding an interest meeting for the
second season of the ASSA Softball League at
4:30 p.m. in the new Apprentice School gym (Bldg.
812). View the flier for additional information or
contact the ASSA Activities Chair Tierra Jones at
MAY 30
The Progressive Club will hold its second event of
the year at 4:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus
in Newport News. Complete the second outing
form on Yardnet and submit it to their club
representative. All guest or trial membership may
attend at a cost of $15 to be paid in advance
(preferred) or at the event. You must be a salaried
or retired salaried employee to participate in a trial
membership. Contact Kenny McBurney (X88) at
380-3659 or Loria Mooneyham (X42) at 534-4559.
NNS President Matt Mulherin will speak on the
current state of NNS during an after-work event
from 4:30-6 p.m. in the James River Room
(B520-6). Prizes and refreshments will follow the
presentation. The event is open to all employees
and by reservation only. Visit the L.E.A.R.N.
Yardent website to sign up.
Career Pathways invites you to attend
Engineering Career Days as your schedule
allows from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 28
at the Freeman Center at Christopher Newport
University. This year, Newport News Shipbuilding,
the Peninsula Engineering Council (PEC), NASA
and Jefferson Labs will be participating in the
event. For questions, contact Sherri Thompson
(K18) at 534-1990
Give Blood. Save a Life.
The bloodmobile will be at Newport News
Shipbuilding at the following times and locations:
• June 2: Bldg. 902
The International Compliance Office will hold
Annual Export Training-Basic from 9-10 a.m. and
1-2 p.m. in Bldg. 520-6 (James River Room).
Register via the Learning Exchange (LX) or contact
Sarah Williams (O19) at 380-3599.
To schedule an appointment, call 380-4029.
• June 16: Bldg. 802
Support Apprentice Athletics by playing in the
10th Annual F. Farrell Sander’s Memorial Builder
Backer Golf Tournament at Cypress Creek. Tee
off is at 11 a.m. and dinner is at 3:30 p.m. Contact
Sarah Gentry (X72) for information at 329-2449.
E83 is hosting its annual Best Ball Captain’s
Choice golf tournament at Cypress Creek Golf
Course in Smithfield. The tournament will begin
at 8 a.m. and reservations are required. For
additional information or to request a sign-up
form, contact Mike Howell (E83) at 688-7484.
• June 3: 902
To schedule an appointment, call 380-2803
To schedule an appointment, call 688-7196.
• June 18: Bldg. 520
To schedule an appointment, call 688-9191.
View upcoming bloodmobile dates on the K18
Yardnet website.
The International Compliance Office will hold
Annual Export Training-Basic from 9-10 a.m. and
1-2 p.m. in Bldg. 520-6 (James River Room).
Register via the Learning Exchange (LX) or contact
Sarah Williams (O19) at 380-3599.
Job Title
Spvsr Test Inspection 1
Mgr Org Development 1
Attend Engineering Career
Days This Week
Requisition Number
Visit www.buildyourcareer.com for more
information on how you can build your career with
Newport News Shipbuilding.
Newport News
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5 | 26 | 2015
NNS Lays Keel for Indiana (SSN 789)
Newport News Shipbuilding laid the keel for Indiana (SSN 789) on May 16. During the ceremony, Heather Johnson welded Ship’s Sponsor Diane Donald’s
initials into a plate that will be permanetly affixed to the submarine. View a photo slideshow of the event or watch the full ceremony at
Photo by John Whalen
5 | 26 | 2015
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5 | 26 | 2015
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Real Estate cont.
Real Estate cont.
HOME FOR SALE - FOR SALE Hampton,165K,3br/1ba 1061 sqft, new
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(Greenbrier) - 2 MBR/2.5 BA. $1050. W/D.
Deck/fence. Avail 6/15. Central location.
(757) 871-3682
RENT TO OWN!! - 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath
ranch1006 New St., Hampton 23661 5 min
shipyard Nice! $1,100 month $3,800 down,
$119,900 (757) 675-9954
HOUSE FOR SALE - Colony Pines (off
Denbigh Blvd) 3BR/2.5BA. Price Reduced!
Please call after 4pm. (757) 719-0427
FOR RENTHAMPTON - 3 bedrooms, 1.5
bath ranch on quiet street 1006 New Street,
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HOME FOR SALE - 224 Apple Ave.
Lower Price: $105k! 2Bed/1B, gutted and
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LOGISTIKS - Townhouse for rent-3BD/2,5B
A.2stor.1,600sqft,pool. 1092Willow Green
Dr.in N.N.$1,100mo (540) 454-3694
ROOM FOR RENT - Fully Furnished
$450/mo. plus $200 security deposit.
Utilities included 30th St Newport News
(757) 810-7925
Hampton, 1,500 sqft, 3BD, 2.5 BA, huge
kitchen/Master $121K (757) 406-2256
APT FOR RENT - Detached 1bd,1ba
apartment. $600 monthly, $600 deposit.
Walk to NNS. Sm.pets welcome.
Background/credit check. (757) 771-9873
MOBILE HOME - $48,500 3BD 2BA built in
2008, 1200sqft, whirlpool in master bath,
near Ft. Eustis in Americana Park East
(757) 303-8119
BARRIER ISLAND - July 4-11,sleeps 12.
Completely furnished with all amenities.
Private beach access. Rent + security
deposit. (757) 303-5347
HOUSE FOR SALE - Move-in Ready,
3BR/1BA near Langley. Completely
Remodeled, Security System, 15 min from
Shipyard. Only $100K (757) 235-1199
HOUSE FOR RENT - 3 bdrm,1-1/2 bath,on
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Mill, Suffolk, 1,100/mnth + 1,100 dep,refs
required (757) 539-8240
BURKE’S GARDEN - 20.8 acres - beautiful
& unique property in southwest VA
includes a spring fed pond. Google BG.
$110,000 (757) 303-5347
FOR SALE/OWNER - $109,900 3
bedrooms, 1 bath brick ranch with carport
newer kitchen Fenced, shed 17 Tillerson
Dr., NN (757) 675-9954
HOME FOR SALE - 3BR/1BA 1,074 sq.ft.,
detached garage, rear deck, fenced
backyard, all appliances, Hilton School
Dist. $123K (757) 869-2550
HOUSE FOR SALE - 2BD charming
cape cod on .26acre, all new appliances
included, fenced, just reduced $110K
(757) 746-4611
HOME FOR RENT - Skiffes Creek 3BR/2.5Ba townhome, 1,430 SF, quiet
area. No pets. Available 7/1. $1,095 +
Dep. (757) 880-1782
HOME RENTAL - 607 Brenda Rd,NN, 1K
sqft, 3BR/1BA rancher, 2 car barn det. gar.,
lrg bkyd, abt 20 min from shpyd, $1,195/
mon (757) 877-1200
MOBILE HOME - HOME 4 Rent/Own3BR/2BA NN by Int.64/Mall MB w/jacuz
tub & wlk in closet,Lg Deck,Util-wshr/dryer
New Shed $95 (757) 642-7678
THROW BLANKETS - Thin, soft chocolate
brown throw blankets. Good for light
covering. Selling both together. 2 blankets
for $30 (757) 951-3949
CURTAINS - Eclipse Blackout Curtains-(2)
sets. $40/set. Both sets are taupe in color.
(757) 951-3949
SPIN BIKE - Spin bike $235.total gym
supra $150, Hedge trimmers $35, works
plus weedeater $75, Nutra Bullet, new, $85
(757) 589-7248
EXERCISE EQIPMT - Ellipticals $50-$250
& exercise bikes $40- 250. I also have 4
treadmills $150-250 and a small stepper
for $50; (757) 589-7248
DRESS FOR SALE - Red size 16 dress for
sale. Never worn. Dry cleaned once. $40.
Text for a pic of it. (757) 325-0433
LADY A TICKETS! - Lady A, Hunter Hayes,
and Sam Hunt lawn seats in VA Beach on
Aug 9th at 7PM. Two tickets at $30/ticket.
Cheap (757) 705-6803
POOL - POOL - 27x4.5 pool. 2yr old
pump & filter. Chemicals incl. 2 ladders.
Needs new liner. Best reasonable offer
(757) 570-3912
WINE CHARMS - Make great gifts! Choose
from a variety of themes and colors.
Includes gift box. (757) 236-0789
Engagement Ring. Appraised at $2,000.
Make offer. (757) 812-2719
CHICKENS 4 SALE - Various Chickensalmost laying. Roosters and hens available.
Located in Gloucester- Call after 10AM
(804) 824-4432
DOG WALKING - A Barking Good Time!
Dog walking in Downtown Norfolk and
Ghent and pet sitting in the greater
Southside area. (830) 965-5620
KEYS - LOST two small black keys on ring
maybe lost between 50th street and OB1
(757) 850-3568
HORSE MANURE - Freedom Farm has free
horse manure and free loading. Located
just across the JRB in Carrollton. call for
info (757) 846-8183
BRICK WORK - Steps,Mail box,fire
place,patio.does very good work.brick
mason,good rates. (757) 224-1974
ZUMBA TEACHER - Looking for students.
Classes Tues & Wed 5:30 at ArtInspired
Denbigh. First class free. Call/text
Elizabeth. (757) 814-9881
- Nordic trac treadmill
T5zi 275.00 runs great, not used much
downsizing must sell. Pics available
(757) 536-1811
SHOPPING TRIP - Bus Trip to Maryland
Live Entertainment & Shopping Mall. 10
hours in Hanover Maryland 7/11/15 $55
per seat (757) 240-1856
WEEDS - Stihl FS45 curved shaft weed
eater. Excellent condition, like new. $100 or
best offer. (757) 652-8919
MEMORABILIA - Eddie Murphy 1986
program tour book “Pieces of my
Mind” signed by Eddie Murphy $85
(757) 812-9763
PIGGY BANK - Large 1940 Piggy Bank
Carnival Chalk 18”x 8” $40 (757) 812-9763
5 | 26 | 2015
Miscellaneous cont.
Miscellaneous cont.
Miscellaneous cont.
Wanted cont.
BURTON PANTS - Brand new tags, never
worn Burton snowboarding pants, size
Large, crimson & blue, model Southside
Mid-Fit. (757) 650-0919
DAYCARE - caring for children 5-9 yrs
old. $150 wk. Next 6 sign up’s get $50 off
weeks 2 & 3. (925) 303-7264
JANITORIAL - office cleaning, stripping
& waxing floors, carpet cleaning, power
washing (757) 503-0934
DRUMLINE - Apprentices for Apprentice
School Drumline. (757) 933-4829
Ladder w/arms,good condition,looking
to trade for 10’ or 12’ al or fiberglass step
ladder (757) 877-9257
CONCERT TIX! - Lady A, Hunter Hayes,
and Sam Hunt lawn seats in VA Beach on
Aug 9th at 7PM. Two tickets, $30/ticket.
Cheap! (757) 705-6803
LAUNDRY DETERGT - 5 gallon bucket $40.
400+ loads. Lasts 4-6 mo. H.E. Formulated
(757) 589-7248
used, only tried on. Still have the original
box, include both black and yellow lenses
w/ cloth/ba (757) 650-0919
A/C SERVICE - Installations, service and
repairs. Your comfort is my concern.
Licensed and Insured. (757) 771-3441
TREADMILL - Golds Gym Treadmill 1 year
old. Works great. $100 pick up in Hampton
or I deliver for $125. (925) 303-7264
TREADMILL - Sole F-63 gym quality
treadmill, exc condition, $400 OBO. txt for
pics/details (757) 753-2972
BOWFLEX - Works good. Folds up vertical.
As seem on TV. $65. (757) 869-9308
TREE REMOVAL - Licensed and insured.
Free estimate; (757) 592-6497
SNOWBOARD - Burton 156 Snowboard
(2015 Custom Flying V) Been used 6
times, All-mountain board w/ burton Cartel
Bindings (757) 650-0919
MAKE-UP ARTIST - Certified Make-Up
Artist services include Bridal, Prom, Special
Events & More. Will travel (757) 325-5353
BURTON JACKET - Brand new with tags,
never worn Snowboard jacket, size Large,
blue and crimson. Retail $225 contact for
price (757) 650-0919
THE BEARS - Signed NFL Authenticated
Urlacher jersey (w/papers) hung in
NFL Bears monogram frame. $550 obo
(757) 236-0789
HELPING HANDS - General home
cleaning. Free Estimates. One time or
special occasion cleaning welcomed.
Licensed & Insured. (757) 371-3904
BUGS HATE US - Get a jump on all types
of critters this season. Professional pest/
moisture/termite control (757) 873-4999
PM, FT-PT 20+ yrs exp. OY.PT, reasonable
rates. (757) 249-2624
TILE SERVICES - Specializing in custom
masterbaths and other applications, lic.&
ins. call B & G Tile (757) 232-1299
LANDSCAPING - Mowing, Gutters, Fences,
Decks, etc. (757) 535-9279
WIRE SHELVING - New 12’L shelving 12”
& 20” deep. Save $$ & update your home.
12”D-$10/ 20”D-$25 - (757) 535-9279
HOUSE WASHING - House, Roof and
Concrete Cleaning. Most of our methods
are used with less than 500PSI. Licensed
and Insured. (757) 810-5115
YARD SERVICE - Lawn Service. Mow/
Fair prices.
Call for
estimate. Weekly service. (757) 508-5708
pressure washing homes, Roofs, gutters,
Decks and Driveways. Licensed and Ins.
low prices (757) 933-1464
CHILDCARE - $150 weekly.Save $50
signing up before the slots are filled.
Receive addition $25 off when you refer a
friend (925) 303-7264
CHILDCARE - 15+yrs, Fun filled backyard,
fun learning 95 a week, $20 off 1st week,
2 slots to fill, N. Hampton (757) 947-4408
HAIR TOOLS - Full set Gold-n-Hot
hair tools w/electric oven. Used only 2
times on a mannequin. Make an offer.
(757) 371-3904
CLEANING - Spring is here, go outside and
enjoy it! Let me do your cleaning! Prices
start as low as $75 (757) 880-8519
CHILDCARE - M-F, 1st/2nd shift available,
FT/PT, CPR & First Aid Certified, low rates,
smoke free, Foxhill area (757) 869-1876
ROOFING/SIDING - Roof repairs and
exterior renovations (757) 581-0075
HANDYMAN - Call for a free estimate
on fixing all of your home’s problems.
(757) 256-8131
BABY SHOWER - Planning a baby shower
or know someone who are, have a diaper
cake made, various sizes (757) 243-4395
LAWN CARE - Mow/Edge/Landscape/
Fertilize/1X or weekly/Detail Oriented/Call
for estimate (757) 871-4589
HarringtonDelaware10/17/15$30in slot play
freebuffet $25 6/18/15 $25 10/3/15leaving
from Hampton(757)713-3055
LANDSCAPING - Reliable, clean and
quality lawn service. Cleanup, mulch,
trimming. We do it all and care about our
work. (757) 525-0259
CUSTOM TILE - Specializing in custom
kitchens, backsplash, bathrooms/showers
+ flooring. (757) 604-6814
ORGANIC BEEF - Check us out on FB:
“Soul Shine Farm Grass Fed Beef”; Beef organically grown! (540) 255-1292
A/C SERVICE - Get coldest air possible.
Lower your energy costs.Clean &
service.$65 tune up,$45 diagnostic $65 lb
refrigeran (757) 525-0259
BOX TOPS - Looking for Box Tops for
Education! I will come to you to pick them
up! Each Box Top is $0.10 for the school!
(757) 755-5040
VAN RIDERS - Leaves Ahoskie, Winton,
Gates County and Suffolk, 2nd shift (252)
BK2SCHOOL DRIVE - Need school
supplies, bookbags for free community
drive. Pickup of donations is available
(757) 434-6320
SCRAP COMPUTERS - I will take all of
your old broken CPU’s, cell phones and
sim cards, anything with a circuit board!
(757) 813-1797
WASHER & DRYER - Broken washers &
dryers that are in your way. Will pick up for
free. (757) 812-2719
VAN RIDERS - Van comes through King
William, West Point and New Kent Counties
1st shift (540) 907-5811
LAWN MOWERS - Push Mowers BrokenRunning that are in your way. Will pick up
for free. (757) 897-4737
MOVING SALE! - MUST GO! May 30 & 31,
8am-3pm. 106 Steffi Pl, NN. Bdrm sets, wt
sets, clothes, furn & more! (714) 900-5048
ROOMMATE - Residential (Hampton, Fox
Hill), use of kitchen/laundry, wifi, 500/mo.
flat (757) 449-4799
LAWN SERVICE - Top Notch Lawn Service.
Call for estimate.
Weekly services available. (757) 508-5708
LAWN SWEEPER - used rotary brush type
lawn sweeper, for parts, does not need to
work (757) 238-8160
NEED STROLLERS - Looking for a jogging
and/or double stroller in very good
condition. (757) 705-6803
BABY GIRL STUFF - Looking for baby
girl stuff (clothes/toys/etc.) in very good/
excellent condition. Baby girl is due Sept
1st! (757) 705-6803
SEAMSTRESS NEED - Need wedding
guest outfit. I have the idea and need you
to make it a reality. (757) 472-0899
BOX TOPS - Looking for Box Tops for
Education! I will come to you to pick them
up! Each Box Top is $0.10 for the school!
(757) 755-5040
DOUGHNUTS - Doughnut sell. Friday
Please support. (757) 672-0248
- Cleaning service,
commercial, residential and housekeeping.
Always the cheapest quotes in the
business. (757) 535-8293
TRAILER - Older model enclosed
trailer.6X10 but will consider other sizes,
cash paid (757) 620-4472
MOTORCYCLES - British Motorcycles or
parts wanted will pay cash, Also other pre
1980 motorcycles or parts. (757) 620-4472
VAN RIDERS - Van leaving from Belvidere,
Chowan, Gates County (Hwy32) and
Suffolk to NNS 1St shift (252) 619-3117
THANK YOU - I would like to say THANK
YOU for those that stopped to help my
hubby on the on ramp to 664 5/17/2015.
THANKS - BaRay, Thanks for a good job on
the LCDM shipout.
How to Submit a
Classified Ad
Ads can be submitted online at
or a hard copy can be mailed via
Yardmail to ATTN: Classifieds, Dept.
O29, Bldg. 520-1. The deadline to
submit ads is Thursday at 4 p.m. For
questions regarding classified ads,
contact Lauren Ward (O29) at 3804622 or via email.