Shipbuilders Clean Up Christopher Newport Park in Honor of Earth

4 | 27 | 2015
A weekly publication of Newport News Shipbuilding
Shipbuilders Clean Up Christopher
Newport Park in Honor of Earth Day
On April 22, approximately 150 Newport News
Shipbuilding employees and family members
teamed with the City of Newport News to clean
up Christopher Newport Park in honor of Earth
Day. Participants gathered trash and debris
from the park’s shoreline and also spread mulch
in flowerbeds.
shipyard first began celebrating Earth Day, we
handed out seeds for employees to plant,” he
said. “But for the past seven years, we’ve been
teaming with the city to help clean Christopher
Newport Park. Each year, the number of
employees who come out to help has increased
– and this year was no different.”
Environmental Engineering Manager Frank
Thorn said that NNS has participated in Earth
Day events for the past 20 years. “When the
NNS employee Thomas Turner (O46) brought
his son to the family-friendly event. “I think
Earth Day is a great opportunity to come out
and see old co-workers and to bond with family
members while also showing the city that we’re
not just shipbuilders, but neighbors in the
NNS employee Walter Mitchell (039) also
brought his three children to the cleanup event.
“I want my kids to learn the importance of
keeping the Earth clean,” he said. “My hope is
that if they learn these values early, they will
continue the habits throughout their life...
NNS Employees are
Presented with Level
One Ethics Awards.
... READ ON PG 2
Main Entrance
HII Announces Builder
of New Family Health
NNS Hosts Fourth
Annual Egg Drop
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4 | 27 | 2015
Employees Presented
with Level One Awards for
Ethical Behavior
Congratulations to the following employees
who were recently awarded Level One Ethics
awards for leading by example, demonstrating
company values with an extraordinary behavior
and displaying high standards of ethical
Aaron Arnett (X36) and Daryl Mixon (X36)
were in the process of preparing a mobile
crane for an operational checkout when they
noticed that two pieces of the Certified Rigging
Assemblies (CRA) had been disassembled. Both
Arnett and Mixon knew that the disassembly
of the pieces would void the certification of the
CRA. They notified proper supervision so that
the problem could be rectified.
Robert Davis (O15) and Walter Williams
(O15) were traveling on a commercial flight for
company business when a passenger aboard
their plane became unconscious. Having
first responder training, Davis and Williams
responded and provided assistance to the
Donald “Keith” Ogburn (O46) prevented an
unauthorized person from entering a Newport
News Shipbuilding facility.
Pictured on top left (L to R): Rickie Joyner (X36), Aaron Arnett (X36), Daryl Mixon (X36), Ray Bagley, vice president of
Trades Operations, and Sean Gilmartin (X36). Pictured on top right: Ray Bagley, vice president of Trades Operations
presents Kyle Westfall (O43) with Ethics Award. Picture on bottom left (L to R): Jerry Scheuer (O15), Walt Williams
(O15), Bill Bell, vice president of Human Resources and Administration, Robert Davis (O15) and Jeff Bradley (O15).
Pictured on bottom right (L to R): Bill Bell, vice president of Human Resources and Administration, Donald “Keith”
Ogburn (O46), Ray Bagley, vice president of Trades Operations, and Keith Miller (O40). Photos by Ricky Thompson
Kyle Westfall (O43) notified Apprentice School administrators that his grade was incorrectly
Visit the O18 Yardnet website for additional information on Ethics awards at Newport News
Shipbuilding. For questions about Ethics awards, contact Catrina Hagwood (O18) at 688-1907.
HII Named Top Supporter of
Foremen Complete FQS
Proficiency Board
Five foremen completed the Foremen
Qualification Standards (FQS) Proficiency
Board held in March in the Management
Development Center. FQS is a tool used by
general foremen to mentor foremen so they
can attain proficiency in common areas of
leadership and management. An FQS Guide,
which is presented to new foremen when they
attend Enhancing Personal Leadership for New
Supervisors, is used by their general foremen
to track progress and establish a framework for
successful performance.
General foremen recommend their foremen to
appear before the Proficiency Board after they
have attained proficiency on all of the tasks
in the FQS Guide. The board evaluates the
foreman’s knowledge by asking questions about
how they implement the desired behaviors
on the job. The FQS process, including
Huntington Ingalls Industries was recently
named a top supporter of historically black
colleges and universities (HBCUs) by Career
Communications Group.
Pictured (L to R): Michael Simpson (X88), Marcus Lugo
(X82), Lakesha Starks (X70/X42), Brandon Hunt (M40)
and Amos Bordley III (X82). Photo by John Whalen
completing all of the tasks in the FQS Guide
and successfully appearing before the board, is
rigorous, and requires a significant investment
in time from the foreman and general foreman.
All foremen who successfully completed the
board were recognized with a unique FQS Coin
and hard hat sticker. The next FQS Proficiency
Board will be held in May.
To be listed as a top supporter of HBCUs,
companies and government entities are selected
by the deans of engineering programs at the
15 HBCUs accredited by the Accreditation
Board for Engineering and Technology. Deans
consider these organizations’ school support,
including infrastructure modernization and
enhancement, research and mentorship
projects, participation on advisory councils,
faculty development opportunities,
scholarships, student projects, stipends, co-ops
and career opportunities.
Visit for
additional information and to read the entire
news release.
Main Entrance
4 | 27 | 2015
HII Announces Builder of
New Family Health Center
On April 20, Huntington Ingalls Industries
announced that Ritchie-Curbow Construction
Company, Inc. has been awarded the contract
to build the new HII Family Health Center at
Newport News Shipbuilding. The health center,
scheduled to open this fall on Washington
Avenue between 45th and 46th streets in
Newport News, will offer primary care,
radiology, physical therapy, laboratory services
and an on-site pharmacy for eligible NNS
employees and their covered dependents.
Photo illustration of the 21,894-square foot HII Family Health Center that is scheduled to open later this year.
“Newport News Shipbuilding is a driving force
in our local economy, and all of our staff and
vendors know friends and relatives who work
there,” said Joseph C. Ritchie Jr., president of
Ritchie-Curbow Construction. “Ritchie-Curbow
Construction is honored to work with NNS
to provide a quality health care facility at a
convenient location to the shipyard employees,
and we are looking forward to a great team
relationship with NNS.”
future health center. When complete, the 21,894 square foot facility will have 19 exam rooms in
addition to five specialty exam rooms and two pediatric exam rooms. A section of the building
will be dedicated to physical therapy, including five physical therapy exam rooms. Additionally,
the building will have X-ray and chemistry labs and other rooms for education and meetings. The
health center will also have an in-house, full-service pharmacy complete with drive-through service.
The lot on Washington Avenue has been
sectioned off to begin construction of the
Union leadership has expressed interest in making the health center available to the represented
population, and discussions have begun.
Shipbuilders Clean Up
Christopher Newport Park
... and also teach their children.”
Environmental Engineer Dwain Jenkins Jr.
helped to organize this year’s event. “Overall,
I think the event was very successful,” he said.
“It was a perfect day and a lot of employees
came out to help with the cleanup effort. We
were able to collect a lot of debris and spread 70
cubic yards of mulch.”
Jenkins added, “But in order to make a real
difference, it is important that we treat every
day as if it were Earth Day.”
Look for final cleanup numbers in a future
edition of Currents. Earth Day Coloring Contest
winners will be announced in the May 18
edition of Currents.
Pictured on front (L to R): Jami Zarichny (X31), Ann
Pharr (N358), Eric Olsen (057), Charlie Gwaltney and
Mariellen Rosen (057) clean up debris along the shoreline
of Christopher Newport Park in Newport News. Pictured to
the right: Ann Pharr (N358), left, and Daniel Huber (X11)
pull debris from park bushes. Photos by John Whalen
QuadMed, the company that will operate the HII Family Health Center, will be at NNS May 5-6
from 7 to 8 a.m. (3rd shift), noon to 1 p.m. (1st shift) and 2 to 3 p.m. to hold employee information
sessions. Employees must receive pre-approval from their supervisor to flex the last 30 minutes of
the session for day-shift employees. Registration is required via the Learning Exchange.
4 | 27 | 2015
NNS Hosts Fourth Annual
Egg Drop Competition
Newport News Shipbuilding partnered with
Newport News Public Schools, Hampton City
Schools and Williamsburg-James City County
Public Schools on April 23 to host the fourth
annual Egg Drop Engineering Competition for
middle and high school students.
Approximately 70 students representing
winning teams from local schools created
capsules using materials such as paper cups,
cardboard, newspaper and tape to hold
their eggs. The middle school teams’ eggs
were dropped 12 feet onto asphalt; the high
school teams’ eggs were dropped 18 feet onto
asphalt. Points were awarded based on egg
integrity after the drop, cost of materials and
“This is our first time participating in such an
event with NNS and my team was excited from
the time they got in the car to travel to the
event, throughout the event and on the way
home,” said Richard Aadahl, Tech Education
teacher at Lafayette High School. “They won
Dependent Verification
Dependent verification for employees and
dependents on Huntington Ingalls Industries medical
benefits runs through June 19, 2015. Employees
who need to verify dependents should have received
a letter in the mail identifying who needs to be
verified. Failure to verify dependents will result in the
cancellation of their benefits July 1, 2015.
For more information about dependent verification,
visit the Have questions?
Contact the HII Benefits Center (HIBC) at
Annual Enrollment Begins Today
Employees are encouraged to consider their benefit
needs for 2015-2016. Annual Enrollment is currently
underway and will run through May 8.
Visit to elect coverage or
make changes to plans. For questions about benefits
options or how to enroll, contact the Huntington
Ingalls Industries Benefits Center at 1-877-216-3222.
Representatives from NNS’ Career Pathways team dropped each team’s egg onto asphalt. Points were awarded to teams
based on egg integrity after the drop, cost of materials and presentationes. Photo by Chris Oxley
first place and are already plotting for next year,”
Winning teams included: Middle School Division: An Achievable Dream (third palce), Crittenden
(second place) and Booker T. Washington took first place for the third consecutive year. High
School: Menchville (third place), Kecoughtan (second place) and Lafayette took first place. This was
Lafayette’s first year competing in the competition.
Visit the Career Pathways Yardnet website to see how you can get involved. Contact Gordon
Sproat (K18) at 688-3176 for questions.
ISO Audits Planned
Newport News Shipbuilding will undergo a
surveillance audit of its Environmental Management
System (EMS) and its Quality Management System
(QMS) April 27-29.
The American Bureau of Shipbuilding Quality
Evaluations (ABS-QE) will conduct the surveillance
audit. This audit will continue as an “integrated”
approach in evaluating key areas of these two
management systems. This means that personnel
involved with discussions with the auditors will likely
be questioned on both quality and environmental
aspects of their work.
EMS Audit: Selected parts of the ISO standard
14001 will be audited. Employees may be stopped by
auditors and interviewed about general awareness of
the company’s environmental policy or how their job
could affect the environment. Employees can refer
to their green ISO 14001 badge cards or the O27
Environmental, Health and Safety Yardnet website as
a reminder of the shipyard’s environmental policy.
NNS is looking forward to another successful audit to
maintain the shipyard’s ISO 14001 certification. NNS
was originally awarded in 2003 and was renewed
in 2006, 2009 and in 2012. For more information,
contact Dwain Jenkins (O27) at 534-4066.
QMS Audit: The audit team will review work
documents associated with many of the areas of the
shipyard, including records for equipment calibration,
training, production control, product testing, internal
audits, and corrective and preventive actions. Auditors
may also request to randomly interview employees in
both nuclear and non-nuclear work areas about work
procedures to evaluate their work practices, overall
awareness of Newport News’ quality management
policies and the knowledge of the impact their work
has. Employees should answer questions about how
they normally accomplish their work.
During the last audit, several people and departments
were asked about their work processes. Managers,
general foremen and supervisors should emphasize
to employees the importance of having knowledge
of their work procedures and working to authorized
procedures and drawings. A successful audit will
maintain the shipyard’s ISO 9001 certificate for the
Quality Management System. The shipyard was first
certified to ISO 9001 in 1993 and has renewed the
certification every three years since.
For additional information, contact Tony Burger
(O04) at 534-3222.
4 | 27 | 2015
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
– Hampton Roads Section will host a presentation
of the Virginia Tech Ocean Engineering Senior
Projects at a dinner meeting for members, student
members, and guests at Al Fresco Restaurant
in Newport News starting at 6 p.m. View flier for
more information. RSVP to John Edwards (E84) at
[email protected] or call 534-0240.
Alana Jensen, Stoller communications and environmental
education manager, demonstrates how the ground can
filter water to a kindergarten class on April 13. Photo
courtesy of Pat Sutphin
Stoller Employee Visits
Classrooms to Teach
Students About Science
Each year, Communications and Environmental
Education Manager Alana Jensen visits
classrooms around Idaho with the mission of
teaching students about science.
“I think the easiest way to (spread) the science
out at the site is to do it through the kids,”
Jensen said. “I think (then) they grow up
learning that science is cool, it’s fun and it’s
wonderful. Hopefully, we can instill that love
for science early.”
Each year, Jensen visits roughly 12,000
students around the region, leading a series
of traveling classroom presentations, which
are part of the program’s mission to provide
an education resource to schools, and bring
science to the classroom, Jensen said.
Presentations can span a broad range of science
topics. One day, students might be learning
the ins and outs of southeastern Idaho insects.
Another day, students might be waist deep in
an introduction to radioactivity and radiation,
or learning how a Global Position System
Funded by the Department of Energy,
presentations are free-of-charge to schools and
adapted to be grade-level appropriate. Jensen
has been leading them for more than 14 years.
Visit from a home
computer to read the entire article about
Jensen’s efforts.
Sign up for the 8th annual NNS 5K Fun Walk/Run.
Newport News Shipbuilding employees and its
subsidiaries can participate in the family-friendly
event at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 2, at Victory
Landing Park (next to VASCIC). Visit to register or
for additional event information.
The International Compliance Office will hold
Annual Export Training-Basic from 9-10 a.m. and
noon-2 p.m. in the VASCIC auditorium. Register
via the Learning Exchange (LX) or contact Sarah
Williams (O19) at 380-3599.
MAY 13
Information session for George Washington
University Master of Science in Systems
Engineering or Engineering Management will be
held from 12 to 1 p.m. at The Apprentice School
(Bldg. 812) in the Apprentice Alumni room (room
180). To RSVP, email [email protected] by May 11.
For questions, contact Rex Parker (O35) at
688-7224 or Jennifer McClain (O35) 688-8439.
MAY 14
The Hispanic Outreach Leadership Alliance
(HOLA) will host a “Speed Mentoring” event
from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in Bldg. 520-6 (James River
Room). The event will provide a great mentoring
opportunity for all attendees and a chance to
share and receive advice from our company
leadership. Mentoring sessions will occur in 10minute intervals with attendees moving from one
mentor to another. The event is open to all NNS
MAY 30
The Progressive Club will hold its second event of
the year at 4:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus in
Newport News. Employees interested in attending
should complete the second outing form on
Yardnet and submit it to their club representative.
All guest or trial membership may attend at a cost
of $15 to be paid in advance (preferred) or at the
event. You must be a salaried or retired salaried
employee to participate in a trial membership.
For more information, contact Kenny McBurney
(X88) at 380-3659 or Loria Mooneyham (X42) at
Reactor Services will host its annual Spring Golf
Tournament at Sleepy Hole Golf Club from noon
to 6 p.m. The cost is $75 per person and includes
green fees, 18-hole cart fee, prizes, food and
unlimited range balls. Reservations are required
by May 22. To RSVP, contact BJ Maben (X73) at
380-3957 or Kyra Kimmeth (X73) at 688-9408.
The International Compliance Office will hold
Annual Export Training-Basic from 9-10 a.m. and
1-2 p.m. in Bldg. 520-6 (James River Room).
Register via the Learning Exchange (LX) or
contact Sarah Williams (O19) at 380-3599.
Employee Development
Visit the O44 Yardnet website for information
about the courses available. Contact Kimberly
McCrum (O44) at 380-4706 or Tina Howell
(O44) at 380-7898 for more information.
Visit for more
information on how you can build your career with
Newport News Shipbuilding.
Job Title
Requisition Number
Mgr Engineering 2
Ballston Spa, NY
Engineering 2
Ballston Spa, NY
Editor: Lauren Ward
Currents is published every Monday for employees of Newport News
Shipbuilding. Visit the archives.
[email protected]
(757) 380-4622
To submit a story, visit The deadline
for submissions is COB Wednesday for publication the following week.
4 | 27 | 2015
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4 | 27 | 2015
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HOME FOR SALE - Phoebusm, 2bed 1bath
Just remodeled! new windows, doors,
kitchen, refinished hardwood floors. New
Plumbing. 75k (304) 851-1335
HOUSE - 2BD/1BA .26acre, full appl.
included, upgrades, privacy fenced bkyd.
Near Marshall Ave, $115K (757) 746-4611
home in shore park NN! 121 Skipper Court
234K. Lots of upgrades!! (757) 846-0801
LAKE GASTON - .47 acre Waterfront Lot.
Lake Gaston, N.C. Clearwater Subdivision,
Lot # 1 $199K (757) 672-9895
Real Estate cont.
Miscellaneous Items cont.
FOR RENT - Trailer in Smithfield. 2
people maximum. All appliances. Shed.
Criminal background check required. $700
(757) 812-2719
HPT. Many upgrades, brand new roof and
windows, laminate flooring remodeled
baths, Fox Hill (757) 871-0478
LAND FOR SALE - 50 acres White Oak, KY.
7 acres is farm land surrounded by stream.
Rt. 460 to Rt. 1000. $55000 (757) 508-2781
HOUSE FOR RENT - 3 bedroom, 1 bath
brick ranch with carport 17 Tillerson Dr, NN
23602 Newer kitchen Fenced yard $1050
month (757) 675-9954
RENT TO OWN - 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath
ranch 8 minutes from shipyard! 1006 New
St, Hampton 23661 $120k Available May 4
(757) 675-9954
HOME FOR SALE - 224 Apple Hamp 114k.
2B/1B, gutted/remodeled, everything is
new! Granite/Stainless +$2,000 visa card!
(757) 880-2948
LAND FOR SALE - 1.3 Acre in York Co.
quiet neighb. cty water & sewer avail. 5
min. frm I-64, 3 min. frm YKT Bch, 67,000
OVBO (757) 218-7418
HOUSE FOR SALE - Denbigh 2story 4
bed.2.5 bath remodeled kit.& baths new
windows 2 car gar.$ 244,500 great loc.757232-1299 (757) 232-1299
TRAMPOLINE - Chesapeake. Good
condition, rarely used. If you can pick it up
it’s yours. Call or text. (757) 277-4644
HORSE MANURE - Freedom Farm has free
horse manure and free loading. Located in
Carrollton just across the for info.
(757) 846-8183
CONCERT TIX! - 2 Lawn Tickets to Luke
Bryan at Farm Bureau Live VA Beach on
6/25. $28/ticket. (757) 705-6803
RIDING JACKET - Mens X-LG Icon leather
riding jacket, wht/blk, great condition, $200.
Call/text for pic (757) 236-0789
BOWFLEX - - SpiraFlex Full Body Home
Gym. All accessories included. Well kept
and clean. $700 obo (757) 325-8209
GIRLS SCOOTER - brand new pink/black
Hello Kitty Scooter. Hand brake, kick stand,
12”tires 15 MPH. $150. (757) 768-6459
MK370 TILE SAW - $199, Used 3 times All
Accessories, Pump works Original Owner
Over $250 on ebay (NewportNewsArea)
TXT4PIC (313) 820-3684
OBX HOME RENTAL - 5BR, Oceanside,
Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi, Internet, Linens &
Towels, WetBar, GameRm, wkly $995$3295 (757) 826-0740
GIRLS BIKE - Huffy Disney Princess Bike
Brand New $55 (Newport News Area)
$69.99 at Target (website) (313) 820-3684
ROOM FOR RENT - Fully furnished $450/
mo plus $200 security deposit. Utilities
included. 30th St NN (757) 810-7925
Engagement Ring. Appraised at $2,000.
Make offer. (757) 812-2719
RUSSIANTORTOISE - 2 year old Russian
Tortoise needs a good home. Comes with
2 tanks, heating pad, light, food and water
bowls. (757) 403-4209
FOUND RING - Found Ring at 37th and
Huntington Avenue. Please call and
describe. (757) 285-5544
SUNGLASSES - LOST black Oakley
prescription sunglasses in black case in/
near B86 or in/near B4900 (SMOF). Please
call (757) 508-4630
CONCERT TIX! - 2 Lawn Tickets to Tim
McGraw at Farm Bureau Live VA Beach on
7/9. $28/ticket. (757) 705-6803
LAWN EQUIPMENT - John deere STX 38
lawn mower needs work $50 Toro weed
eater needs works pull start issue $50 used
one season (757) 377-2049
JACKETS KIDS - 2 kids Harley Davidson
jackets $125 each or both $200 more info.
call 864-0559 aft. 5pm (757) 864-0559
ELEC WHEELCHAIR - Elec Wheelchair
& lift fits vehicles with hitch Both excellent
condition. $600 (757) 570-3789
CUSTOM TILE - Specializing in custom
kitchens, bathrooms/showers + flooring.
Call Jordan (757) 604-6814
COUNTRY MEGATIX - 2 Lawn Tickets to
all Country MegaTicket concerts at Farm
Bureau Live in VA Beach. $28/each ticket.
(757) 705-6803
EXERCISE EQIPMT - Ellipticals $50-250 &
exercise bikes $40- $250 recumbent Gym
quality stair stepper $299 & small stepper
$50 (757) 589-7248
Repair, Quick and Reasonable Price. Pick
up and Delivery Available. Leave msg.
(757) 869-7040
CLEANING - Spring is here, go outside and
enjoy it! Let me do your cleaning! Prices
start as low as $75 (757) 880-8519
TREE REMOVAL - Free estimate, licensed
and insured. (757) 592-6497
LAWN TRACTOR - 13.5hp Yard Man, 38”
twin blade cut 6 speed on the go. Needs
new cutting deck and battery but runs
good. $50. (757) 851-9477
HANDYMAN - Call for a free estimate
on fixing all of your home’s problems.
757) 256-8131
CONCERT TIX! - 2 Lawn Tickets to Dierks
Bentley at Farm Bureau Live VA Beach on
7/9. $28/ticket. (757) 705-6803
JEWELRY - Personalized mothers day
jewelry made to order. (757) 236-0789
WINE CHARMS - OBX Shell Wine Charm
set 5 piece w/gift box for gifting. Choose
colors. (757) 236-0789
Broncos, 1XL Patriots & 1XL 49NERS.
$150.00 each OBO. All are in excellent
condition. (757) 503-1523
BABY ITEMS - Blue/yellow doorway jumper
$10,Yellow infant tub $5, Blue infant sling for
tub $9 (757) 771-9873
CHILDCARE - 15+yrs, Fun filled backyard,
fun learning 95 a week, $20 off 1st week, 2
slots to fill, N. Hmptn area (757) 947-4408
BOWFLEX - I have an used Bowflex for sale
has all the amminities, I have only used it
once. $125 p/u only. (757) 813-6751
COMFORTER SET - Queen size. Chenille
stripe by Linden St/JC Penney. 2 shams,
comforter, bedskirt. Deep brown,gold & red.
$30. (757) 291-9886
NAILS - Loving care for your hands &
feet. Just give me a call and make an
appointment. (757) 218-1668
Landscape/Mulch/Bush trim/Leaf & Debris
Removal/Weed Ctrl/Fertilize/1X or weekly/
Detail Oriented (757) 871-4589
LAWN MOWER - sears craftsman lawn
tractor 42” cut 17.5 hp used very little (small
yard) $650 (757) 713-6346
TRACTOR WORK - Bushogging,field
mowing,tractor tilling large gardens/
yards,front end loader work, grading
driveways etc. (757) 810-9052
TRAINER - Fully supervised private personal
training fitness programs; all levels.
(757) 930-3372
Miscellaneous Items cont.
Miscellaneous Items cont.
ORGANIC BEEF - Beef - organically grown!!
Check us out on FB: “Soul Shine Farm
Grass Fed Beef” (540) 255-1292
20+ yrs exp. OY.PT, reasonable rates.
(757) 249-2624
SPIN BIKES - SPIN BIKES - Schwinn $250
and CPS Spin bike $235.treadmills $200$250 total gym supra $150 (757) 589-7248
SELFIE STATION - Photobooth - Weddings,
Graduation, Parties, etc. (757) 359-0292
VAN RIDERS - Van comes through
King William, West Point and New Kent
Counties, 1st shift (540) 970-5811
LAUNDRY DETERGT - 5 GAL. bucket of
quality laundry detergent. 400+ loads. Last
4 to 6 months $40 (757) 589-7248
VAN RIDERS - Van coming thru
Franklin, Windsor & Smithfield. 3rd shift
(757) 653-8664
SAY NO TO BUGS! - Get a jump on all types
of critters this season. Professional pest/
moisture/termite control. (757) 873-4999
LAWN MOWER - Push Mowers BrokenRunning that are in your way. Will pick up
for free. (757) 897-0298
HEAT PUMP - Offering FREE tune-up,
inspec + REBATE for Dom. Power cust.
with Heat Pump. (757) 286-2368
VAN RIDERS NEED - Van leaving
from Belvidere Nc.Gates county Down
town Suffolk(Hwy 32)to NNS 1st shift
(252) 619-3117
MAY 2ND YD SALE - Maple, cherry, and
oak antique furniture, shirts, dress jackets,
blouses, tools, etc. 86 Raleigh Rd, NN
ROOMMATE - Residential (Hampton, Fox
Hill), use of kitchen/laundry, wifi, $500/mo.
(757) 449-4799
RUMMAGE SALE - May 1 & 2 - NN @ 206
23rd St - furniture, pictures, shoes & more.
5/1 4pm - 6pm (early bird); 5/2 7am - 11am
CHILDCARE - M-F, 1st/2nd shift available,
FT/PT, CPR & First Aid Certified, low rates,
smoke free, Foxhill area (757) 869-1876
BABY SHOWER - Planning a shower or
know someone who is? Have a diaper cake
made. Various sizes avail. (757) 243-4395
HAIR TOOLS - Full set Gold-n-Hot hair tools
w/electric oven. Used only 2 times on a
mannequin. Make an offer. (757) 371-3904
Estimates. One time or special occasion
cleaning welcomed. Licensed & Insured.
(757) 371-3904
HOUSE WASHING - House, Roof and
Concrete Cleaning. Most of our methods
are used with less than 500PSI. Licensed
and Insured. (757) 810-5115
RESIDENTIAL - Roof repairs and exterior
renovations (757) 581-0075
Wanted cont.
HANDYMAN - Licensed. For all and any
home repair/upgrade. Call/text for free
estimate (757) 560-1571
(757) 525-0259
AC SERVICE - Want the best A/C possible.
Lower your energy costs. Relaible
service. $45 Diagnostic, $65 tune up.
(757) 525-0259
VAN RIDERS - Leaves Ahoskie, goes to
Winton, Gates County and Suffolk, 2nd
shift. (252) 287-7395
RIDERS NEED - HRT van from VaBeach
to NNS.Leaving Diamond Springs Rd
5am to NNS.Leave NNS 3:30pm $30wk
(757) 450-6740
VAN RENTAL - 15 Passenger Van needed
for one day-Sunday May 3. Hours 11-6
Driver needed or I can provide, Driver
Insured. (252) 619-8338
TEAM YARD SALE: May 9 9AM-12PM. 223
Vine Dr, Yorktown. All proceeds benefit the
swim team.
Earth Day volunteers (L to R): Jesse
Johnson, Christian Johnson, Michael
Strickland, Cheyanne Hiager, Diondra
Whindleton, Matt Cuellar, Sharon
Arrington, Lindsay Sessions and Sydney
Sessions spread mulch at Christopher
Newport Park. Photo by John Whalen