Proteus Makes Big Impression at Sea-Air-Space

4 | 20 | 2015
Proteus Makes
Big Impression at
A weekly publication of Newport News Shipbuilding
The annual Navy League Sea-Air-Space
exposition is the largest maritime exposition in
the U.S., drawing thousands of attendees from
the defense industry, private sector and military
leadership. This year’s big hit - according to
Defense News - was a small submersible named
Proteus, which was on display at the Huntington
Ingalls booth.
The dual mode underwater vehicle traveled on a
semi-trailer truck from Florida to Washington
D.C. for the expo, and was displayed near scale
models of Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) and John
Warner (SSN 785). Ross Lindman is senior vice
president at Undersea Solutions Group (USG),
which was recently acquired by Huntington
Ingalls and now reports to NNS’ Submarine and
Fleet Support Division.
“We’re here to bring it out as an asset for the
Navy, under lease as a test platform,” Lindman
told Defense News. “It has a very large payload,
lots of range, and provides near-term capability
to answer urgent needs.”
Proteus on display at the HII Booth at Sea-Air-Space April 13-15. Photo by Chris Oxley
NNS Constructs and Installs New Flood Gates for the Virginia Living Museum
During a brief ceremony on March 13, Newport
News Shipbuilding dedicated three new flood
gates to the Virginia Living Museum (VLM).
VLM Deputy Director Fred Farris said that
the museum approached NNS to design and
fabricate a new system of flood gates that could
be easily closed by one staff person after the
museum was flooded twice during the summer
of 2012.
NNS began work on the project in September
“The old gates were very heavy panels,” said
Farris. “Several staff members had to carry
each gate over to the door and slide them
into a groove in the concrete. The gates were
not designed for daily use but rather to be
positioned in advance of a predicted storm.
We were lucky on the day of the big flood – an
employee woke up, noticed how heavy the rain
was falling, came to the museum and got other
staff to help him position the three flood gates.
The lake rose so high and so fast, with 8” of rain
in three hours that water rose over the gates
and flooded the entire lower level. Had those
gates not been in position we would have had
3-feet of water in the lower level instead of
Farris added, “The new gates are heavy but
mounted on wheels and stay positioned
adjacent to the back exits at all times. To close
them, one staff person can unlatch the gate,
easily roll it into position and crank it down
into a water sealing gasket material.”
The design team was led by Design Engineering
Manager Dave Orie and included E81
Engineering Managers Gene Bowman and
Mary McDermott and E81 Engineers Newton
Claiborne, Shane Gardner, Willie McBee.
To assist with fabrication and installation, X10
Superintendent Jim Cochran and General
Foreman Rusty Johnson were brought onto
the team.
E88 Production Planner Bonnie Babb
was brought onto the team to assist with
procurement of materials and the following
employees assisted with manufacturing...
Waiting Room - Second Floor
Area Students Explore
STEM Careers at NNS
During Spring Break.
QuadMed to Visit
NNS May 5-6 to Hold
Information Sessions.
Professionals Day is
Wednesday, April 22.
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4 | 20 | 2015
Area Students Explore
STEM Careers at NNS
During Spring Break
Career Pathways hosted 22 high school students
from Newport News Public Schools, Hampton
City Schools, Gloucester Public Schools, New
Kent County Public Schools and Southampton
County Public Schools, as part of their Spring
Break “Make It Work” Program April 7-9.
The students spent 15 hours over three days
exploring different STEM (science, technology,
engineering and math) careers at Newport
News Shipbuilding.
Mentors from Engineering and Information
Technology departments escorted the students
through their respective departments and other
areas of the shipyard to give the students a
hands-on experience of what it’s like to work at
to many things I was not aware of at the shipyard,” he said.
Brad Wysong from Hampton City Schools rode
three Hampton Road Transit (HRT) buses each
day to participate.
Ephaulin Leeks (E25) said, “Representing NNS to the youth of our community by showing the
many STEM opportunities here with the collaboration of colleagues that contribute to our mission
was an honor. I think I learned just as much from the students as they did from me.”
“This was a great learning opportunity that I did
not want to pass up and it has opened my eyes
Visit the Career Pathways Yardnet website for additional information on the program or contact
Gordon Sproat (O44) at 688-3176.
Area students came to NNS April 7-9 as part of their Spring Break “Make It Work” Program. Photo by Ricky Thompson
Sen. James M. Inhofe
Vists NNS
Security Message: Mulch Fires
On April 17, Huntington Ingalls Industries
hosted Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.),
for a tour of the company’s Newport News
Shipbuilding division.
The senator, a military veteran, also met over
breakfast with sailors from Oklahoma serving
aboard the aircraft carriers USS Abraham Lincoln
(CVN 72) and Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78). Ford
is under construction at Newport News and
scheduled for delivery to the U.S. Navy in 2016.
Lincoln is undergoing a refueling and complex
overhaul (RCOH) at the shipyard until 2016.
NNS President Matt Mulherin led the tour,
which included a visit to one of the shipyard’s
aircraft carrier construction facilities, a
demonstration of the virtual design tool being
used to design Ford-class aircraft carriers
and a tour of Ford. Inhofe was also updated
on Lincoln’s RCOH progress and the success
of lessons learned on CVN 78 that are being
implemented in the construction of the aircraft
Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) met with sailors from
Oklahoma serving aboard CVN 72 and CVN 78 for
breakfast April 17. Photo by Chris Oxley
carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79).
The senator said he was impressed with the
professionalism, skill level and dedication of the
workforce at the shipyard.
“I came here to see the work on CVN 78, CVN
79 and the Abe Lincoln so as we deal with
shipbuilding issues in the NDAA I am better
informed,” Inhofe said. “I have learned a lot,
and I am most impressed with the cost-saving
innovations that will directly benefit the
taxpayer. Good job, Newport News.”
Mulch is typically used for landscaping around
plants, shrubs and trees. There has been a
significant increase in the number of fires that
occur in landscaping mulch due to cigarettes.
Thousands of mulch fires occur throughout
the year, but primarily in the warm summer
months. Factors such as warmer temperatures,
strong winds and extremely dry conditions due
to below average rainfall allow for easy ignition
of dry landscaping materials and vegetation.
As a result of today’s laws and policies, many
public facilities no longer allow smoking
inside the facility, leading to an increased
number of mulch fires due to the creation of
smoking areas outside. Smokers often discard
smoking material, including matches, into the
landscaped areas as they enter the building.
What starts as a small mulch fire can quickly
spread, and if not extinguished quickly, can
lead to significant property loss and business
interruption. Remember using fireproof
receptacles in smoking areas and the proper use
of these receptacles will help eliminate mulch
fires ignited by smoldering cigarettes or cigars.
4 | 20 | 2015
HOLA Hosts Professional
Development Event
Hispanic Outreach Leadership Alliance (HOLA)
hosted a professional development event on
employee engagement April 9. Bill McHenry,
Organizational Development manager, shared
what he has learned over the past two years
about engagement and its impact on business.
“Engagement starts with constructive team
conversations about what is possible, what’s
going right, and how barriers to success can be
overcome or addressed,” he said. “Ultimately,
resulting in better team performance on every
commitment we make.”
Jon Banks (E73) attended the event. “The
session afforded me the opportunity to
network with a highly-engaged management
team, learn creative ways to enhance my
productivity in everyday assignments, and how
to communicate more effectively with others
both on the deck plate and in the office to reach
common goals,” he said.
Margarita Doreste (051) said, “By breaking
down some of the 12 Gallup questions and
elaborating on how they came about, Bill’s
presentation shed valuable light into their
validity to measure employee engagement
and its relationship to performance. A very
entertaining and engaging presenter, Bill’s
understanding of leadership and engagement
are evident.”
Visit the HOLA Yardnet website to learn more
about HOLA and to find out how you can get
Front row (L to R): Rodney Beltz (X10), Bonnie Babb (E88), Mary McDermott (E81), Newton Claiborne (E81), Shane
Gardner (E81). Second row (L to R): Rusty Johnson (X10), Jim Cochran (X10), Duke Mitchell (X10). Dave Orie (E81),
Willie McBee (E81). Photo by John Whalen
NNS Constructs and Installs New Flood Gates for
the Virginia Living Museum
... of the gates: Thomas Spikes (M32), Mitchell Turner (M32), James Hines (M32), Anthony
West (M33), William Michaelis (M33), Garland Langhorne (M32), Robert Hakes (X10), X10
Foreman Duke Mitchell, Planning Manager Paul Taylor, Rodney Beltz (X10).
“This project certainly was a reminder that designing, engineering and building ships, and
designing, engineering and building flood mitigation systems, are completely different,” said Orie.
“But we had some really good folks working on this project and it was a learning experience for
Visit from a home computer for additional information about the project.
2015 Sea-Air-Space Exposition
USG built the craft in 2012 at its Panama City, Florida facility in partnership
with Battelle and Bluefin Robotics, who developed the craft’s navigational and
software systems. After more than 100 test missions and 400 logged hours
underwater, Lindman said, “It’s ready to go now.”
Lindman also revealed to Defense News that Proteus has been evaluated by a
number of Navy entities, including the Naval Research Laboratory, the Naval
Surface Warfare Center in Panama City, the Naval Special Warfare Command
in Coronado, California, and the Space and Warfare Systems Command. There
is even interest in attracting international customers. “A number of NATO
nations have similar requirements,” Lindman observed. “We hope to sell some.”
Visitors of the HII Booth at Sea-Air-Space view a model of aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford
(CVN 78). The 2015 Sea-Air-Space exposition was held at the Gaylord Hotel at National
Harbor April 13-15. Photo by Chris Oxley
Dependent Verification
Dependent verification for employees and
dependents on Huntington Ingalls Industries medical
benefits runs through June 19, 2015. Employees
who need to verify dependents should have received
a letter in the mail identifying who needs to be
verified. Failure to verify dependents will result in the
cancellation of their benefits July 1, 2015.
For additional information about dependent
verification, visit the HII Benefits website at or contact the HII Benefits
Center (HIBC) at 1-877-216-3222.
April 24 is the Last Day
to Pre-Register for 5K
The last day to pre-register for the 8th Annual NNS
5K Fun Run/Walk is April 24. All Newport News
Shipbuilding employees and its subsidiaries can
participate in the family-friendly event, which will be
held on Saturday, May 2 at 9 a.m. at Victory Landing
Park (next to VASCIC). Cost is $12 for adults and $7
for children (12 and under). To register or for event
information, visit the NNS 5K website at Employees who do
not register by April 24 can register on race day for $15.
4 | 20 | 2015
2015 Performance Management
and Engagement Survey Results
ISO Audits Planned for Next
Week: April 27-29
The Human Resources and Administration
Division would like to thank salaried employees for
participating in the 2015 Performance Management
and Engagement Survey that was conducted
mid-March. The results are used to assess the
effectiveness of our performance management and
engagement processes. Overall, the survey received
a 71.3 percent participation rate, resulting in 7,945
responses. The following is a summary of survey
Newport News Shipbuilding will undergo a
surveillance audit of its Environmental Management
System (EMS) and its Quality Management
System (QMS) April 27-29. The American Bureau
of Shipbuilding Quality Evaluations (ABS-QE)
will conduct the surveillance audit. This audit will
continue as an “integrated” approach in evaluating
key areas of these two management systems. This
means that personnel involved with discussions with
the auditors will likely be questioned on both quality
and environmental aspects of their work.
• 69.2 percent of employees reported the
Performance Agreement and Review Process
helps them in performing their job.
• Employees reporting progress on Engagement
Action Plans improved 2.2 to 67.9 percent.
• 91.6 percent of respondents say their
management team helps them improve safety
• 85.5 percent of respondents would recommend
their boss to a friend as a great person to work for.
Overall, evidence suggests Newport News
Shipbuilding is making progress with safety,
engagement, and performance management.
Waiting Room - Second Floor
HealthWaves is also looking for volunteers to assist
with set-up and clean-up. Employees interested in
participating as a volunteer should contact Brady
Goggin (O28) at 380-7646 or via email.
Nomination Materials for MOE
Are Available
Nomination materials for the 2015 President’s Model
of Excellence (MOE) Awards are now available on
the MOE Yardnet website. All nominations must be
submitted to divisional Red Team Members using
Form NN 9134 (Rev. 10).
Contact Yasmine Robinson (O09) at 380-2428 or
Woody Flythe (O09) at 380-2859 for questions or for
additional information.
Access Center to Close for
Maintenance April 22
The Access Center will be closed from 11:30 a.m.
to 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22 for scheduled
maintenance. Please plan accordingly.
Sign Up for HII Family Health
Center Information Session
QuadMed, the company that will operate the HII
Family Health Center, will be at Newport News
Shipbuilding May 5-6 to hold information sessions
about the new health center. The sessions each day
will be held in Bldg. 520-6 during the following times:
• 7-8 a.m. (3rd shift)
• Noon - 1 p.m. (1st shift)
• 2-3 p.m. (2nd shift)
Employees must receive pre-approval from their
supervisor to flex the last 30 minutes of the session
for day shift employees. Registration is required via
the Learning Exchange (LX). Find the sessions by
searching keywords, “family health center.”
EMS Audit: Selected parts of the
ISO standard 14001 will be audited.
Employees may be stopped by
auditors and interviewed about
general awareness of the company’s
environmental policy or how their job could affect the
environment. Employees can refer to their green ISO
14001 badge cards or the O27 Environmental, Health
and Safety Yardnet website as a reminder of the
shipyard’s environmental policy.
NNS is looking forward to another successful audit to
maintain the shipyard’s ISO 14001 certification. NNS
was originally awarded in 2003 and was renewed
in 2006, 2009 and in 2012. For more information,
contact Dwain Jenkins (O27) at 534-4066.
QMS Audit: The audit team will
review work documents associated
with many of the areas of the
shipyard, including records for
equipment calibration, training, production control,
product testing, internal audits, and corrective and
preventive actions. Auditors may also request to
randomly interview employees in both nuclear and
non-nuclear work areas about work procedures to
evaluate their work practices, overall awareness of
Newport News’ quality management policies and the
knowledge of the impact their work has. Employees
should answer questions about how they normally
accomplish their work.
During the last audit, several people and departments
were asked about their work processes. Managers,
general foremen and supervisors should emphasize
to employees the importance of having knowledge
of their work procedures and working to authorized
procedures and drawings. A successful audit will
maintain the shipyard’s ISO 9001 certificate for the
Quality Management System. The shipyard was first
certified to ISO 9001 in 1993 and has renewed the
certification every three years since. For additional
information, contact Tony Burger (O04) at 534-3222.
4 | 20 | 2015
The “Spear and Gear” Toastmasters Club will
meet from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in Bldg. 812
(The Apprentice School) second floor conference
room. Guests are always welcome. Contact Rose
Brodie (K75) at 534-3382 or Donna Graves (E08)
at 688-6204 for more information.
The William and Mary admissions team will be at
The Apprentice School (Bldg. 812, room 258) at
4:30 p.m. to hold an informational session about
their Flex Master of Business Administration
Program. To RSVP, contact Todd Estes (O20) at
534-4349 or via email.
This year, Newport News Shipbuilding will
celebrate Earth Day by volunteering to cleanup
and spread mulch around the trees and shrubs of
Christopher Newport Park in downtown Newport
News (across from VASCIC). Volunteers will meet
at the park, next to the cul-de-sac on 26th Street
(off West Avenue) at 3:30 p.m. April 22. Visit the
Earth Day website on Yardnet to complete a
volunteer form.
Wednesday, April 22 is Administrative
Professional Day. Pictured above is Gerald R.
Ford’s (CVN 78) Admin team. Front row (L to R):
Donna Jessup (X88/X32), Christina Charnock
(X88), Dawn Eanes (O82), Ramona Johnson
(X88), Tammy Smith (X88). Second row (L to
R): Crystal White (X88), Angie Browne (X88),
Bev Ware (K89), Deborah Adams (X88), Karen
McCormic (X88), Jack Highfill (X88), Wanico
Brown (X36). Photo by John Whalen
Three of the local area high schools, Nasa
Knights, Team 122 (New Horizons Education
Center), Builders Of Tomorrow Team 1610
(Franklin High School) and Triple Helix Team 2363
(Menchville High School) will compete at the
FIRST world championship in St. Louis on April
22-25, 2015. This championship event will bring
600 high school teams from the world together
to complete to crown this year’s Champion of the
game “Recycle Rush.” Visit the FIRST website on
Yardnet for more information or contact
Chris Brown (O35) at 688-7897.
The “Spear and Gear” Toastmasters Club will
meet from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Bldg. 812
(The Apprentice School) second floor conference
room. Guests are always welcome. Contact
Rose Brodie (K75) at 534-3382 or Donna
Graves (E08) at
Apprentice Alumni Association will host the annual
Apprentice Alumni Spring Golf Tournament at
Williamsburg National Golf Club. The cost is $75
per golfer, and the price includes: green fee, 18hole cart fee, tournament prizes, food (Chicken,
BBQ, etc.) and unlimited range balls (1 hour prior
to start). Contact Fred Peedle (E51) at 688-6682
or visit
for more information.
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
– Hampton Roads Section will host presentation
of the Virginia Tech Ocean Engineering Senior
Projects at a dinner meeting for members, student
members, and guests at Al Fresco Restaurant
in Newport News starting at 6 p.m. View flier for
more information. RSVP to John Edwards (E84) at
[email protected] or call 534-0240.
Sign up for the 8th annual NNS 5K Fun Walk/Run.
Newport News Shipbuilding employees and its
subsidiaries can participate in the family-friendly
event at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 2 at Victory
Landing Park (next to VASCIC). Visit to register or
for additional event information
Information session for George Washington
University Master of Science in Systems
Engineering or Engineering Management will be
held from 12 to 1 p.m. at The Apprentice School
(Bldg. 812) in the Apprentice Alumni room (room
180). To RSVP, email [email protected] by May 11.
For questions, contact Rex Parker (O35) at
688-7224 or Jennifer McClain (O35) 688-8439.
MAY 14
MAY 13
The International Compliance Office will hold
Annual Export Training-Basic from 9-10 a.m. and
noon-2 p.m. in the VASCIC auditorium. Register
via the Learning Exchange (LX) or contact Sarah
Williams (O19) at 380-3599.
The Hispanic Outreach Leadership Alliance
(HOLA) will host a “Speed Mentoring” event
from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in Bldg. 520-6 (James River
Room). The event will provide a great mentoring
opportunity for all attendees and a chance to
share and receive advice from our company
leadership. Mentoring sessions will occur in 10
minute intervals with attendees moving from one
mentor to another. The event is open to all NNS
MAY 30
The Progressive Club will hold their second event
of the year at 4:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus
in Newport News. Employees interested in
attending should complete the second outing
form on Yardnet and submit it to their club
representative. All guest or trial membership may
attend at a cost of $15 to be paid in advance
(preferred) or at the event. You must be salaried
or retired salaried employee to participate in a
trial membership. For more information, contact
Kenny McBurney (X88) at 380-3659 or Loria
Mooneyham (X42) at 534-4559.
Reactor Services will host its annual Spring Golf
Tournament at Sleepy Hole Golf Club from noon
to 6 p.m. The cost is $75 per person and includes
green fees, 18-hole cart fee, prizes, food and
unlimited range balls. Reservations are required
by May 22. To RSVP, contact BJ Maben (X73) at
380-3957 or Kyra Kimmeth (X73) at 688-9408.
The International Compliance Office will hold
Annual Export Training-Basic from 9-10 a.m. and
1-2 p.m. in Bldg. 520-6 (James River Room).
Register via the Learning Exchange (LX) or
contact Sarah Williams (O19) at 380-3599.
Editor: Lauren Ward
Currents is published every Monday for employees of Newport News
Shipbuilding. Visit the archives.
[email protected]
(757) 380-4622
To submit a story, visit The deadline for
submissions is COB Wednesday for publication the following week.
4 | 20 | 2015
BB Bold 9930 - Verizon, Clean ESN Touch
screen. Great Condition. (754) 285-1145
WEDDING PHOTOS - Photographer to
capture all your special moments. NNS
discount. (757) 639-9773
DJ - custom playlists for any event, lighting
effects & photography (757) 869-1876
Auto cont.
Boat & Marine Supply cont.
Hobbies cont.
MC TRAVEL TRUNK - Secures to any MC
backrest and/or luggage rack. Comes w/
rain covers. EC, $85 (757) 672-8256
2011 TAHOE Q7SF - Ski/Fish Boat. Under
20 hours. Ex cond. $19,000. (757) 705-7613
MIRROR FOR SALE - Mirror 30”x 36” $15 call
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CHAPARRAL 2830 - 28ft Bowrider w/ enclosed
head. E/C, freshwater only. Tandem Alum trlr.
454 EFI. $24,000 obo (757) 357-5542
FURNITURE - Antique dresser $300,
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Avg. 38 MPG. $15,500 obo (757) 374-2334
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84 HONDA NIGHTHAWK 650 - Needs rear
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JEEP WRANGLER - 2007 Rubicon, 57k
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AWD. Roof Racks. Sunroof, Moon Roof Cold
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Txt for pics. (757) 814-1243
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NISSAN ALTIMA - New Monroe rear shocks
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Storage Bag For 07-15 Wrangler part no.
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GOLF TOURNAMENT - all u can eat bbq and
golf tournament hamptons june 6th. Call for
details. (757) 438-0243
GUITAR CLASSES - 1-on-1 instr.(in Midtown
NN) All styles/levels. 47 yrs exp. Relaxed
setting. Flexible sched. (757) 528-7017
GUITAR PEDAL - Boss Ph-3 Phase Shifter
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GOLF CLUBS - Adams Redlines irons (5-PW)
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YOUTH SAILING - Boys & girls >14 learn
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ARMOIRE - Amer. Signature w/ Drawers &
Slots Some Damage Wood marker can fix
$175 obo pickup on wknd (757) 262-6831
COMPUTER DESK - Blk&Grey Corner Desk
w/2 shelves, Normal Wear & Tear $50 Must
Pickup Wkend Only 757) 262-6831
W & D PEDESTALS - Kenmore washer &
dryer pedestals tanish in color. Like new.
$300. (804) 854-6307
BED - 1890’s Victorian bed, marble top
dresser w/candle stands & mirror, chest of
drawers $4,800 call (757) 898-9095
DISHES - Cavalier Sussex designer dish set
of 4, black/white flowers made in USA $35
PICS Available call (757) 898-9095
WASHER & DRYER - $200 set, Both work
well. Must pick up. (703) 501-4255
PIANO - $350, needs tuning. Call after 5pm.
You must pickup. (757) 813-6236
QUEEN BED - Spindle bed w/ headboard,
footboard & rails by Broyhill GX Collection.
Dark walnut finish. $225 (757) 291-9886
VICTORIAN - 1890’s Victorian bed, marble
top dresser w/candle stands & mirror, chest
of drawers $4,800 call (757) 898-9095
SOFA BED - Mattress in original plastic. Bed
hard to pull out but functional. $100 Must
Pickup Wkend Txt 4 Pics (757) 262-6831
FURNITURE - Solid Oak Armoire/Ent Center
$250 - 22” Dx 40” Wx 73”H - top glass doors
& bottom drawers (757) 876-3327
TOWNHOME - Beautiful 2BR/2.5 BA in PH
area of NN availfor rent. All major appliances
<5 yrs old $1,250/mo. (757) 897-9999
HOME FOR SALE - 2bed 1bath Just
remodeled! new windows, doors, kitchen,
refinished hardwood floors. In Phoebus.
$75,000 (304) 851-1335
HOUSE FOR RENT - 4 bed rm, 2 1/2 bth,
liv rm, din rm, den w/fire pl, 2 car att gar,
Menchville zone, pets w/dep, $1,525/dep
req (757) 508-1856
BEACH HOUSE - in Kitty Hawk NC 3br 11/2
bath sleeps 8. Across street from ocean.
Summer weeks remaining. (757) 826-6888
Int.64/Mall MB w/jacuz tub & wlk in closet,
Lg deck, util-wsh/dryer New shed, Rent/Own
950; (757) 642-7678
HOUSE FOR RENT - Menchville Area - 4
bdrm, 1.5 updated baths, LR, eat in kitchen
w/pantry, laundry room, patio & shed.
$1,200/m (757) 871-4493
LAKE GASTON - .47 acre Waterfront lot
Lake Gaston, N.C. Clearwater Subdivision
Lot# 1 $199K (757) 672-9895
LAND FOR SALE - 50 acres White Oak, KY. 7
acres is farm land surrounded by stream. Rt.
460 to Rt. 1000. $55,000 GREAT FISHING!
(757) 508-2781
HOMR FOR SALE - 3BR/1BA 1,074 sq.ft.,
detached garage, rear deck, fenced
backyard, all appliances, Hilton School Dist.
$123K (757) 869-2550
4 | 20 | 2015
Real Estate cont.
Miscellaneous cont.
Miscellaneous cont.
TOWNHOME - Hidenwood area - 3 bdrm,
2.5 bath, LR, DR, Kitchen, laundry room, and
back patio. $1,300/mo. (757) 871-4493
LEAF BLOWER - Hand held Sthil, low hrs,
just need carb cleaned. $40 (757) 236-2240
ENGAGED? - Peace of Mind Wedding
Coordination. (804) 432-2830
LIFE JACKET/PFD - Body Glove Karma
Ladies Nylon Vest PFD. Blue. Large. Worn
only a few times. $25. (757) 291-9886
CHILDCARE - 15+yrs, Fun filled backyard,
fun learning 95 a week, $20 off 1st week, 2
slots to fill, N. Hmptn area (757) 947-4408
VAN TOP CARRIER - Looking 4 gently used
one with hardware to attach to top of van
(757) 349-3156
WEDDING RINGS - Diamond engagement
ring/Groom’s diamond wedding band incl.
all paperwork $3,000 (757) 390-1814
TRAINER - Fully supervised private training
fitness programs; all levels. (757) 930-3372
CALCULATOR - Looking for working HP41CV calculator (757) 572-5918
ORGANIC BEEF - Beef - organically grown!
Check us out on FB: “Soul Shine Farm
Grass Fed Beef” (540) 255-1292
CO-ED SOFTBALL - Looking for a female
softball player (experience a +) for Friday
night Co-Ed league. (757) 329-5826
GIRLS BIKE - Huffy Disney Princess Bike 12
inch Brand New $55. (313) 820-3684
ROOMMATE - Residential (Hampton, Fox
Hill), use of kitchen/laundry, wifi, $500/mo.
(757) 449-4799
unit,att 1 car garage,all SS appl,8 yrs old,
64&Jefferson near everything,15min to
NNS,$1425/mo (757) 827-1300
FOR RENT - Trailer in Smithfield. 2 people
maximum. All appliances. Shed. Criminal
background check req $700 (757) 812-2719
HOUSE - 2BD/1BA .26acre, full appl.
included, upgrades, privacy fenced bkyd.
Near Marshall Ave, $115K; (757) 746-4611
HOUSE FOR RENT - 3 bdrm,1-1/2 bath,large
pond in back yard, Burnnets Mill, Suffolk,
1,100/mnth+1,100$ deposit References req.
(757) 539-8240
FOR RENT,Two story house, NN Menchville
area, 3 BR,2 1/2 BA, Fenced bkyd,2000sq.
ft,no pets. $1,500 (757) 945-4195
ROOM FOR RENT - Fully furnished $450/mo
plus $200 security deposit, utilities included.
30th St Newport News (757) 810-7925
ROOM FOR RENT - Fully furnished, 450.00
month plus security dep of 200.00. Utilities
are included. 30th St. NN (757) 810-7925
TILE INSTALL - Save money on floors, walls,
backsplashes. (757) 752-7536
BOWFLEX - Bowflex motivator 2. In great
condition. $200. Bought for $500. Text for
pictures. (757) 696-2902
TRACTOR WORK - Bushogging, field
mowing, tractor tilling, front loader
work,grading driveways etc. (757) 810-9052
ICON JACKET - Mens XL, icon leather riding
jacket, wht/blk, $250 obo. Call/txt for pic.
(757) 236-0789
KIDS POWERWHEEL - Lightenin Maqueen
powerwheels, never used just need to get
out of storage $100 (757) 236-2240
A/C SERVICE - A/C not as cold as it used to
be? Could be an easy solution. Call today!
(757) 771-3441
LAND FOR SALE - 1.3 Acre in York Co. quiet
neighb. cty water & sewer avail. 5 min. frm
I64, 3 min. frm YKT. BCH, $67,000 OVBO
(757) 218-7418
CONCERT TIX! - 2 Luke Bryan&Dustin Lynch
Lawn Seats at Farm Bureau Live 6/25. $28/
ticket. Pls text (757) 705-6803
HOUSE FOR RENT - Henry St Hampton near
downtown, 3bd, 2full bath, 1500sf, off street
parking. $900/month. (757) 218-2611
OLYM WEIGHT SET - 4-45S,2-25S,2-10S,25S gripper plates $210 like new, also 45 lb
chrome bar 7FT $70; (757) 589-7248
home in shore park NN! 121 skipper Court
234K. Lots of upgrades!! (757) 846-0801
TREADMILLS - Proform 835 QT $250 &
Proform 425 CT $300 both auto incline/
decline can foldup (757) 589-7248
FOUND KEYS - 41st street motorcycle
parking. 1 ring with 2 keys and a Planet
Fitness tag. (757) 871-3044
15’ TRAMPOLINE - Hampton - Great
condition, Side nets included. If you can
come get it it’s yours! (757) 639-2174
HORSE MANURE - Free Horse Manure and
free loading Freedom Farm Carrollton,Va.
(757) 846-8183
GIRLS SCOOTER - Brand new pink/black
Hello Kitty Scooter. Hand brake, kick stand,
12”tires 15 MPH. $150. (757) 768-6459
LAWN & MORE!! - Need help? We offer every
lawn care service including tree removal.
Free estimates. (757) 254-2773
RACE FANS - NASCAR- Richmond (Toyota)
400 4/25/15. 2-tckts $86/ea (860) 271-3370
(860) 271-3370
WIRE SHELVING - New 12’L shelving 12” &
20” deep. Save $$ putting in shelves. 12”D$10/ 20”D-$25 - (757) 535-9279
DETAILING & MORE - Basic Exter & Inter
packages Full Detailing packages Auto
Shampoo packages (757) 933-1464
JEWELRY - Don’t forget the mother of your
children this Mother’s Day. Make her smile
with a special necklace! (757) 871-7158
WORKOUT BENCH - Heavy duty, converts
into squat rack incline, flat, $140. Also have
bench for $75 (757) 589-7248
SIGNED JERSEY - NFL Authenticated
Urlacher jersey (w/papers) hung in NFL Bears
monogram frame. $600 obo (757) 236-0789
LAWN CARE - Mow/Edge/Landscape/Mulch/
Bush trim/Leaf & Debris Removal/Weed Ctrl/
Fertilize/1X or weekly (757) 871-4589
LANDSCAPING - Mowing, Gutters, Fences,
Decks, etc. call after work hrs.-leave a nonwork # (757) 535-9279
Engagement Ring. Appraised at $2,000.
Make offer. (757) 812-2719
HOME CLEANING - General home cleaning.
Free Estimates. One time or special occasion
cleaning welcomed. (757) 371-3904
WINE CHARMS - Great gifts! Choose from a
variety of themes & colors. (757) 380-7967
SAY NO TO BUGS! - Get a jump on all types
of critters this season. Professional pest/
moisture/termite control. (757) 873-4999
CUSTOM TILE - Specializing kitchens, BA/
showers & flooring (757) 604-6814
SNOWBOARD - Burton Jussi Oksanen &
Burton P1 bindings $300 obo (757) 291-6209
HANDYMAN - Licensed handyman for home
repair/update inside/out (757) 753-5961
SELFIE STATION - Photobooth - Weddings,
Graduation, Parties, etc. (757) 359-0292
WASHER & DRYER - Broken washers &
dryers that are in your way. Will pick up for
free. (757) 812-2719
ROOMMATE - Looking to rent room in
Churchland area. $700/mo all util incl. Use of
common areas as well. (434) 378-6086
WANTED- Come to BreakThrough Worship
Center on RT 134 for so good old fellowship
(575) 846-0062
VAN RIDERS - Van comes through
King William, West Point and New Kent
Counties,1st shift (540) 907-5811
VAN RIDERS - Van thru Franklin, Windsor &
Smithfield. 3rd shift (757) 653-8664
PLAYERS - Pop Warner football & cheer
CHILDCARE - M-F, 1st/2nd shift available,
FT/PT, CPR & First Aid Certified, low rates,
smoke free, Foxhill area (757) 869-1876
SUPPLIES - Sports equip., shoes, clothes,
school and misc. supplies for international
children’s shelter. Will pick up. (757) 7196560
CLEANING - Spring is here, go outside and
enjoy it! Let me do your cleaning! Prices
start as low as $75 (757) 880-8519
VAN RIDERS - Leave Ahoskie 12:55 pm,
pick up in Winton, Gates County and Suffolk.
2nd shift (252) 287-7395
HANDYMAN - Free estimate on fixing all of
your home’s problems. (757) 256-8131
VAN RIDERS NEED - HRT Van from VaBeach
to NNS. Leave Diamond Springs Rd 5am.
Return 3:30pm. $30wk call Mack 450-6740
(757) 450-6740
MAKE-UP ARTIST - Certified Make-Up
Artist services include Bridal, Prom, Special
Events & more. Will travel (757) 325-5353
BABY SHOWER - Have a Diaper Cake made
for the occasion, many sizes (757) 599-0659
PAINTING - Home interior need painting?
11+yrs exp. great in helping with colors.
(757) 298-1733
TREE ROMOVAL - Free estimate, licensed &
ins. #1 in Customer Service (757) 592-6497
cleaning, stripping waxing floors, carpet
cleaning (757) 503-0934
HOUSE WASHING - House, Roof and
Concrete Cleaning. Most of our methods are
used with less than 500PSI. (757) 810-5115
ESSENTIAL OILS - Help w/ allergies! All
natural, high grade! (757) 871-7158
ISO VOLUNTEERS - Helpers for charity
event wanted ages 16+ May 3 VA Beach
12-4. For kids cancer hosted by United In
GRACE. Tex (757) 597-8886
WANTED 3-20 acre’s of land in Isle of Wight
(Carrollton, Smithfield, Chuckatuck) 757238-3272/757-570-4199 (757) 570-4199
LAWN MOWER NEED - Would like a cheap
lawn mower. must run good. self propelled
if possible, but not required. (757) 651-6083