`Mah firm to run its writ in 14 villages bordering Telangana`

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015
‘Mah firm to run its writ in 14
villages bordering Telangana’
Maharashtra would
seek help of Union
Home Minister
Rajnath Singh to
resolve the matter
■ Staff Reporter
■ Legal Correspondent
IN RESPONSE to the writ
petition filed by a Social
activist from Yavatmal Jaysingh Chouwhan and
businessman, Kishore Patil,
against work order of
January 12, 2015, issued by
the Executive Engineer,
PWD, Yavatmal to M/s
Bajoria Construction
Company for conversion of
an open ground, Azad
Maidan into a commercial
hub of estimated value of
Rs 175 lakhs in the garb of
improving the said public
maidan, Justice Bhushan
Dharmadhikari and Justice
S B Shukre, at the High
Court here, have issued
notice to the respondents
to show cause by June 15
next in reply to the petition, subject to the petitioners depositing Rs
50,000 with the HC Registry
here. It has been intimated
to the Court that due to
protests by the public at
large, the Exe. Engineer,
State PWD, through his letter of April 1, 2015,directed
the Contractor to stop the
construction immediately.
Similar instruction was
issued by the Guardian
Minister. but despite these
directives the contractor is
continuing more hastily
with the construction.
According to the petitioners, the impugned
activity of the contractor
on the ‘Maidan’ is against
public interest and is
required to be stopped.
They have prayed for
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Dep from normal
Relative humidity
Sunset on Tuesday
1840 hrs
Sunrise on Wednesday
0540 hrs
MoS Ram Shinde making his point about countering Naxal menace
at the press conference on Monday. He is flanked by Joint
Commissioner of Police Anup Kumar Singh and Special Inspector
General of Police Ravindra Kadam.
(Pic by Satish Raut)
Martyr status
to 90 police
‘Light weight bullet
proof jackets for
all jawans’
■ District Correspondent
SHINDE also disclosed that
Government has decided to
accord status of martyrs to 90
police personnel killed in the
naxal attacks. These cases of
martyrdom date back to pre2005 and due to some technical issues the decisions on
them were delayed.
Joint Commissioner of
Police Anup Kumar Singh, Spl.
Inspector General of Police,
Nagpur Range, Ravindra
Kadam, were also present during the press conference.
has decided to procure light
weight bullet proof jackets
made of polymers and jawans
in Naxal infested Gadchiroli
district would get it soon.
Disclosing this at a news conference in Gadchiroli on
Monday, Minister of State for
Home Ram Shinde said current jackets weigh seven kgs
and on long distance patrol it
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■ By Ramesh Marulkar
RAINS accompanied by strong
winds, lightenings and cloudy
weather marred the waterhole
census on the first day in almost
all the tiger reserves, national
parks and wildlife sanctuaries in
Vidarbha on Monday.
The enthusiastic wildlife lovers
coming from different places in
Maharashtra like Mumbai and
Pune along with forestmen sitting on ‘machaans’ (wooden platforms on trees) and permanent
towers were disappointed due to
inconvenience caused by the
unfavourable climatic conditions
in the park. The two-day exercise
is taken up every year on Buddha
Purnima day in view of full moon
night with clearer visibility to sight
the wild animals for recording.
The census is organised considering scorching heat at this
time and concentration of
wildlife, including tigers, at different waterholes in jungle.
However, the cloudly weather and
vague sighting of the moon
showed no ray of hope that ultimately dampened the spirit of
A view of the wet road from Moharli to Tadoba. (Pic by Satish Raut)
the participants.
As for Tadoba-Andhari Tiger
Reserve (TATR), the climatic conditions were satisfactory till
evening but they suddenly
changed with dull sighting of the
moon. The participants and
forestmen on ‘machaans’ experienced light drizzles, creating
commotion. Many participants
climed down the wooden platforms when drizzles started and
curiously waiting for vehicles of
Forest Department to pick up
them around 8.30 pm, informed
Dr Arun Chaturvedi, Principal
Scientist, National Bureau of Soil
Survey and Land Use Planning
and a wildlife buff, who was present in the park.
When contacted, C S Reddy,
Assistant Conservator of Forest ,
TATR, who is overall In-charge of
the census, informed that drizzles turned into rains at 9.15 pm
that created problems. S V Shinde,
Range Forest Officer, Moharli,
swung into action and prepared
four rescue teams of forestmen
and arranged for vehicles to carry enumerators to safer places
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Cops net Russian girl in sex racket
■ Staff Reporter
CRIME Branch sleuths attached
to Social Security Wing on
Monday busted a sex racket and
rescued two girls, including a
Russian national, who were
allegedly dragged into flesh trade
by pimps. Cops arrested one
Rajesh Ramesh Ikhar (24) for running a brothel at a duplex house
at C/100, Rai Town II in MIDC
The 28-year-old Russian girl,
who claims to be a student of
Hotel Management, was staying
in Mumbai since 2010. Another
25-year-old girl rescued by cops
is a native of Mumbai.
A resident of Shanti Nagar,
accused Rajesh Ikhar was an
autorickshaw driver. He came in
contact with one Rajan Kumar of
Mumbai. Rajan Kumar is considered to be one of the top pimps
in flesh trade. He operates the
racket from Mumbai through
internet and cellphones.
A couple of months ago, Rajesh
Ikhar took the house of one Chafle
at Rai Town II on rent for running
the brothel. He was paying Rs
9000 per month to Chafle.
Cops got information that
Rajesh was running the sex racket at the house. Top businessmen
of the city were visiting the house
since Saturday. After confirming
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Now, ‘Smart Villages’ on the cards Field officers facing problems
Global Biotech
Forum and North
University, Jalgaon,
have planned to
develop five remote
tribal villages as
‘Smart Villages’
■ By Ajay Mardikar
ON THE lines of Smart City plan
of the Government, Global
Biotech Forum and North
Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
have planned to develop five
remote tribal villages as ‘Smart
These villages, under the jurisdiction of the University, will be
developed on scientific basis by
the University and its sub-centre
tribal dominated Amalner and
tribal Study centre at Nandurbar.
Vice-Chancellor of North
Maharashtra University Dr Sudhir
Meshram disclosed this plan to
The Hitavada, during his visit to
the city.
The proposal has been cleared
by the Senate of the University,
although the Sub-centre at
Amalner has already started
research and extension work in
Satish Raut
Plea against hasty
construction in
HC’s notice
THE system of having two village
heads in one place, one of
Maharashtra and other of
Telangana, is unacceptable and
unconstitutional. Stating this
Minister of State for Home (Rural)
Ram Shinde here on Monday said
steps would be taken to ensure
rule of Maharashtra Government
is enforced in 14 villages in
Chandrapur districts bordering
Telangana where such system
exists. Even Supreme Court award
is in favour of Maharashtra and
it’s time to implement it.
Addressing a press conference
here on Monday, the Minister
said he visited some of these villages today and would brief Chief
Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Also
a meeting would be convened at
Mumbai to sort out the matter
A meeting would be held with
Chief Minister of Telangana,
Shedding light on the issue,
Shinde said the matter was raised
Member of Legislative
Chandrapur district, Sanjay
Deotale, and added that if
Government would seek intervention of Union Home Minister
Rajnath Singh in the matter.
Rains mar waterhole census in Vid
Dr Sudhir Meshram
the region. The ambitious project will be managed through various level committees which will
have Sarpanch of the village,
renowned social reformers from
the region, scientists from the
Sub-centre or other places, journalist with missionary zeal, legal
expert etc.
The University (NMU) has procured a big van mounted with all
modern equipment for generating awareness among villagers.
The van is being taken to remote
areas to inform villagers about use
of scientific knowledge for their
development. A piece of land
admeasuring 25 acre has been
donated to for Amalner Centre
called Pratap Philosophy Centre.
The Maharashtra Government
has sanctioned land for Tribal
Research Centre at Nandurbar.
NMU, in its budget has made
provision of Rs 20 lakh for this
Centre, Dr Meshram informed.
Major emphasis has been laid
on extension programmes which
are conducted in villages on a
regular basis. Dr Meshram is also
in touch with the government
agencies for development of
physical infrastructure in these
villages. Various government
schemes will also be used for
development of the villages. The
schemes will reach the remote villages, where the government
machinery has not been able to
take them.
Dr Meshram is of the opinion
that only knowledge and not
wealth will help in making better future society. A large number of first generation learners
from these villages are taking keen
interest in the programmes. The
scientific literature is translated
into Marathi and researchers have
been advised to inform the villagers about scientific developments in their (villagers) language.
Olympic on his mind, he pedals past Asthma
■ By Vikas Vaidya
ment, he overcame the
handicap and completed
his ardous routine of 150
KARAN Atram used to do cycling
kms cycling on highways
for 150 kms daily. It is his passion
criss-crossing valley. Now
which he inherited from his father.
his next mission is to
His practice was suddenly halted
secure berth in Olympics.
one and half years ago after he was
He wants to be a successhit by respiratory problems. He
ful Olympian.
approached Dr Rajesh Swarnakar,
“I became asthma
well-known Chest Physician of
patient one and half years
Nagpur who found that Karan is
ago while my younger
suffering from Asthma. His brothbrother Kanishka is sufer Kanishka, too, is an asthma
fering since birth. But
patient. Impressed by passion for
inspired by our father
cycling, Dr Swarnakar advised
Deepak Atram, we have
Karan not to stop cycling and he
become passionate about
decided to continue with his
cycling. We both start at
regime. But, the asthma started
5.30 in the morning and
taking toll of his health and Karan
(L) Karan and (R) Kanishka Atram.
complete our cycle jourfound it difficult to peddle even
ney of 150 kms by 9.30 am”
for 15 kms. Kanishka used to help
ORLD ASTHMA DAY TODAY said Karan. Both are sufferhim. This routine continued for next
ing from Asthma. But that did
15 days while he was on medicines.
On day 16, he felt energetic and once again with vigour not deter them from undertaking such an energy con(Contd on page 2)
was back into action. With sheer grit and proper treat- suming exercise.
in deforestation of zudpi jungle
■ High-level meeting on
May 12 to discuss the
issue at Van Bhavan
■ By Kartik Lokhande
FOLLOWING the annoucement
of the previous Government that
thousands of hectares of zudpi
jungle land would be freed for
development, people in Vidarbha
region were very happy. They were
left disappointed on learning that
the zudpi jungle to be ‘freed for
development’ was only fragmented stretches not useful for
forest management. Now, there
is one more disappointment for
people of Vidarbha -- Field
Officers are facing problems while
dealing with the problems pertaining to even this zudpi jungle
Field officers of Revenue
Department both are facing problems while deciding the proposals for deforestation of identified
fragmented zudpi jungle land.
“The biggest problem is that the
field-level officers are expected
to prepare GPS maps of the identified sites and then ensure that
they are superimposed on the
topo-sheets, so that the portion
of zudpi jungle under encroachment or farming use could be
identified exactly,” said an
The officials sent to prepare
GPS maps at different sites are
facing another problem. Each of
the GPS devices they handle can
store only up to 10 maps. As a
result, if an official from Nagpur
leaves for a spot to prepare GPS
map for a fragmented piece of
zudpi jungle land, he has to come
back to Nagpur once he has got
10 maps. For remaining work pertaining to the same piece of land,
he has to visit the place again. At
some places, there exists a zudpi jungle stretch of 3 acres
between two farm-lands on prevailing maps. However, presently on ground owners of both the
adjacent farm-lands have covered some part of this zudpi jungle land, leaving less than 3 acres
of zudpi jungle land. “In such a
situation, how could we finalise
the proposals received?” wondered a field-level officer.
Some time ago, with the initiative of Anoop Kumar,
Divisional Commissioner, a workshop was organised for officers
dealing with the subject, to
enlighten them with procedures
for deforestation of fragmented
zudpi jungle land. Later on, fieldlevel officers started the work of
preparing proposals. But, as they
(Contd on page 2)
·¤æÚU¹æÙð ×ð´ ÜêÅUÂæÅU
×æçÜ·¤ âð ¥æÚUæðçÂØæð´ Ùð ·¤è ×æÚUÂèÅ
çÙÁ ÂýçÌçÙçŠæ% Ùæ»ÂéÚUÐ
Âæ´¿ÂæßÜè ÿæð˜æ ×ð´ ·¤ÂǸUæ çâÜæ§üU ·¤æÚU¹æÙð ×ð´ ƒæéâ·¤ÚU ÌèÙ
ÜéÅðUÚUæð´ Ùð ×æçÜ·¤ ·ð¤ âæÍ ×æÚUÂèÅU ·¤ÚU v® ãUÁæÚU L¤Â° ·¤æ
×æÜ ÜêÅU çÜØæ ¥æñÚU ȤÚUæÚU ãUæð »°Ð ƒæÅUÙæ Ìæ´ÇUæÂðÆU ÿæð˜æ
×ð´ ãéU§üUÐ ÂéçÜ⠷𤠥ÙéâæÚU âéÚUæȤ àæ×âégèÙ Üà·¤ÚU ·¤æ
ç߇淤ÚU ·¤æòÜæðÙè Ìæ´ÇUæÂðÆU ×ð´ ƒæÚU ·ð¤ ¥´ÎÚU ãUè ·¤ÂǸUæ çâÜæ§üU
·¤ÚUÙð ·¤æ ·¤æÚU¹æÙæ ãñUÐ x קüU ·¤æð âéÚUæȤ ·¤æÚU¹æÙð ·ð¤ ¥´ÎÚU
ÕñÆðU ÍðÐ §Uâ ÎæñÚUæÙ Èýð¤àæ ç¿·¤Ù âð´ÅUÚU ×ð´ ·¤æ× ·¤ÚUÙð ßæÜð
ÌèÙ Øéß·¤ ·¤æÚU¹æÙð ×ð´ ƒæéâðÐ ÕÌæØæ ÁæÌæ ãñU ç·¤ ÌèÙæð´ Ùð
âéÚUæȤ âð ·é¤ÀU L¤Â° ×æ´»ðÐ §Ù·¤æÚU ·¤ÚUÙð ÂÚU ¥æÚUæðçÂØæð´ Ùð
âéÚUæȤ ·ð¤ âæÍ ×æÚUÂèÅU ·¤èÐ ©Uâ·ð¤ ÕæÎ { ãUÁæÚU L¤Â°
Ù·¤Î, ×æðÕæ§UÜ È¤æðÙ ß Îæð âÜßæÚU âêÅU âçãUÌ ·¤ÚUèÕ
v® ãUÁæÚU L¤Â° ·¤æ ×æÜ ÀUèÙ·¤ÚU ȤÚUæÚU ãUæð »°Ð âéÚUæȤ Ùð
Âæ´¿ÂæßÜè ÍæÙð ×ð´ çàæ·¤æØÌ ÎÁü ·¤ÚUæ§üUÐ ÂéçÜâ ×æ×Üæ ÎÁü
·¤ÚU ȤÚUæÚU ¥æÚUæðçÂØæð´ ·¤è ÌÜæàæ ·¤ÚU ÚUãUè ãñUÐ
âæçãUˆØ ×ð´ ·¤çßÌæ¥ô¢ Ùð
·¤è ÕǸUè ·ý¤æ¢çÌ Ñ ÇUæ. ¹ÚUæÌ
çß¼Öüßæç¼Øô´ Ùð ÁÜæ§ü
¥¹ÕæÚU ·¤è ãUôÜè
Ùæ»ÂéÚUÐ ×ãUæÚUæcÅþU ç¼ßâ ÂÚU çß¼Öüßæç¼Øô´ ¼÷ßæÚUæ ·¤æÜæ ç¼Ù
×ÙæÙð ÂÚU ×é¢Õ§ü ·ð¤ °·¤ ×ÚUæÆUè ¥¹ÕæÚU Ùð ¥æ¢¼ôÜÙ·¤æçÚUØô´
·ð¤ ç¹ÜæȤ ¥ÃØæßãUæçÚU·¤ à掼ô´ ·¤æ §SÌð×æÜ ç·¤ØæÐ çß¼Öü
ÚUæ’Ø ¥æ¢¼ôÜÙ âç×çÌ Ùð §â Üð¹ ·¤æ çÙáðÏ ·¤ÚUÌð ãéU°
¥¹ÕæÚU ·¤è ÂýçÌØæ¢ ÁÜæ§üÐ âô×ßæÚU ·¤è àææ× Üÿ×èÙ»ÚU
¿õ·¤ ÂÚU ¥¹ÕæÚU ·¤è ãUôÜè ·¤è »§üÐ §â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU
çß¼Öü ÚUæ’Ø ¥æ¢¼ôÜÙ âç×çÌ ·ð¤ àØæ× ßæƒæ, ¥L¤‡æ ·ð¤¼æÚU,
ÚUæ× ÙðßÜð, °ÇU. Ù¢¼æÌæ§ü ÂÚUæÌð, ç¼Üè ÙÚUßçÇUØæ, çßc‡æé
¥æcÅUè·¤ÚU, âéÙèÜ ¹¢ÇðUÜßæÜ, ç¼Üè ·¤ôãUÜð, ¥ÚUçߢ¼
Öô´âÜð, ÂýÖæÌ ¥»ýßæÜ, çß¼Öü ·¤Ùð€ÅU ·ð¤ °ÇU. ×é·ð¤àæ
â×Íü, °ÇU. ÙèÚUÁ ¹æ¢¼ðßæÜð, ç¼Ùðàæ ÙæØÇêU, °ÇU. â‹ØæÜ,
⢼ðàæ ç⢻ܷ¤ÚU ¥æç¼ ©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ
Ùæ»ÂéÚU% âæçãUˆØ ×ð´ ·¤çßÌæ¥ô¢ Ùð
ÕǸUè ·ý¤æ¢çÌ ·¤è ãñUÐ ·¤çßÌæ ßæ¿Ù
·ð¤ ©U·ý¤× ×ð´ çßàßçßÎ÷ØæÜØèÙ
ÂæÆ÷UØ·¤× Ùð °·¤ ÕǸUæ ÚUçâ·¤
ß»ü, ßæ¿·¤ ß»ü ÌñØæÚU ·¤ÚU ·¤æÃØ
ÕèÁ ÕôØæ ãñUÐ ØãU ·¤ãUÙæ ãñU ×ÚUæÆUè
âæçãUˆØ ·ð¤ ¥Øæâ·¤ ÇUæ. Âý·¤æàæ
¹ÚUæÌ ·¤æÐ âØ·¤ âæçãUˆØ ×¢¿
·¤è ¥ôÚU âð çßÎÖü çãU‹Îè âæçãUˆØ
â×ðÜÙ ·ð¤ ÙÅUÚUæÁ âÖæ»ëãU ×ð´
¥æ¢ÕðÇU·¤ÚUè ·¤æÃØæçÖßæÎÙ ·¤æØü·ý¤×
·¤æ ¥æØôÁÙ ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
§â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU ÇUæ. ¹ÚUæÌ ÕôÜ
ÚUãðU ÍðÐ ·¤çß Âý·¤æàæ ÎéÜðßæÜð ·ð¤
⢿æÜÙ ×ð´ ãéU° ·¤æØü·ý¤× ×ð´ ·¤çß
â¢ÁØ »ôÇUƒææÅðU, NUÎØ ¿·ý¤ÏÚU,
·¤çß Ö檤 ¢¿Öæ§ü, Âýàææ¢Ì ·ð¤Ü·¤ÚU,
Âý×ôÎ ßæÜ·ð¤, âéÏèÚU Ö»Ì ™ææÙðàßÚU
ßæ¢ÉUÚÔU, ÚUßè´Îý ×ðŸææ×, Öè×ÚUæß
»‡æßèÚU, ÚU×ðàæ ÎðàæÖýÌæÚU, ÂýâðÙÁèÌ
Ìæ·¤âæ¢ÇðU, ÂýâðÙÁèÌ »æØ·¤ßæǸ
¥æçÎ ·¤çßØô´ Ùð ¥ÂÙè ÚU¿Ùæ°¢ âéÙæ
·¤ÚU ŸæôÌæ¥ô¢ ·¤ô ×¢˜æ×é‚Ï ç·¤ØæÐ
·¤æØü·ý¤× ×¢ð Âý·¤æàæ ÕÙâôÇU, Âýæ.
ÚU×ðàæ àæ¢ÖÚU·¤ÚU, çàæß¿ÚU‡æ ÍéÜ,
©UËãUæâ ×ÙôãUÚU âçãUÌ ÕǸUè ⢁Øæ
×ð´ ŸæôÌæ ©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ âȤÜÌæÍü
ÖôÁÚUæÁ ãUæÇU·ð¤, ÌæÚU濢Π¿ÃãUæ‡æ,
Âý·¤æàæ ÚU‡æÏèÚU, Âý·¤æàæ ·¤æ¢ÕÜð,
âéÚÔUàæ ÏæÕÇðüU, Îè·¤ ¢¿Öæ§ü ¥æçÎ
Ùð ÂçÚUŸæ× ç·¤ØæÐ ÂýæSÌæçß·¤ Âýæ.
NUÎØ ¿·ý¤ÏÚU Ùð ç·¤ØæÐ ¥æÖæÚU
ÂýâðÙÁèÌ »æØ·¤ßæǸU Ùð ×æÙæÐ
ÚUæð» çÙÎæÙ ß ÚU€ÌÎæÙ çàæçßÚU ¥æØæðçÁÌ
×æñÜæ° ·¤æØÙæÌ ¥Üè §UŽÙ ¥Õé
ÌæçÜÕ (¥.â.) ·ð¤ Á‹×çÎÙ ÂÚU
ÚUæð» çÙÎæÙ çàæçßÚU ·¤æ ¥æØæðÁÙ
ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ çÁâ·¤æ àæéÖæÚ´UÖ âéÕãU
9 ÕÁð ãéU¥æÐ çàæçßÚU ×𴠥洹æð´ ·¤è
Áæ´¿ ·¤æ ¥Ùð·¤ ×ÚUèÁô´ Ùð ÜæÖ
©UÆUæØæÐ °¥æ§üU°× °Áé·ð¤àæÙ °¢ÇU
×ËÅUèÂÚUÂÁ âæðâæ§ÅUè ·¤æ×ÆUè ·¤è
¥ôÚU âð ¥æØæðçÁÌ ¥æ´¹ Áæ´¿
çàæçßÚU ×ð´ ×ãUæˆ×ð Ùð˜æ ãUæçSÂÅUÜ ·ð¤
ÇUæ€ÅUÚUæð´ Ùð âãØæð» ÂýÎæÙ ç·¤ØæÐ
¥æàææ ãUæçSÂÅUÜ ·ð¤ âãUØæð» âð
ÇUæ. âæñÚUÖ ¥»ýßæÜ mUæÚUæ ÚUæÁèß
»æ´Šæè ÁèßÙÎæØÙè ØæðÁÙæ ·ð¤
¥´Ì»üÌ »´ÖèÚU ×ÚUèÁæð´ ·¤è çÙÑàæéË·¤
çÙÁ â¢ßæ¼¼æÌæ, Ùæ»ÂéÚ.U . âðÅ¢ UþÜ ÚUÜ
ð ßð ×Á¼êÚU ⢃æ
·¤è ¥ôÚU âð ×¢ÇUÜèØ ·¤æØæüÜØ ÂçÚUâÚU çSÍÌ »éÁ
¢ Ù
âÖæ»ëãU ×ð´ ×Á¼êÚU ç¼ßâ ×ÙæØæ »ØæÐ ·¤æØü·¤ý × ·¤æ
©U¼ƒ÷ ææÅUÙ ×¢ÇUÜ ÚÔUÜ ÂýÕÏ¢ ·¤ ¥ô.Âè.çâ¢ãU Ùð ç·¤ØæÐ
â×æÚUôãU ×ð´ ©UÂçSÍÌ ÅþUñ·¤ ×ðÅ´ UÙÚU âæçÍØô´ ·¤æ ×æ»ü¼àæüÙ
àææ¹æ ×¢ÇUÜ ¥ŠØÿæ çßÙô¼ ¿Ìéß¼üð è Ùð ç·¤ØæÐ â¢ÚUÿææ,
âéÚUÿææ ·ð¤ â¢ÕÏ¢ ×ð´ ·¤æØü·¤ý × ·¤æ ¥æØôÁÙ ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
§â×ð´ âÖè ·¤ô â×SØæ¥ô¢ ·¤æ â×æÏæÙ ÕÌæØæ »ØæÐ
§â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU ⢻ÆUÙ ·ð¤ ¥æÚU,°â. ¿æ¢¼Úé U·¤ÚU, ×¢ÇUÜ
¥çÖØ¢Ìæ ÇUè.¥æÚU.ÅðU´Õ‡é æð,ü ⢻ÆUÙ ·ð¤ ÇUè.Âè. ×¢ÇUÜ,
â¢ÁØ »ôÂæÜð, Õ¢ÇêU Ú¢Uϧü ¥æç¼ ©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ
¥ŽÕæâ, ÇUæ. ÁéËÈ𤷤æÚU ¥Üè, ÇUæ.
Øæâ×è٠ȤæÌ×æ, ÇUæ. ¥çÌ·é¤ÚüUãU×æÙ,
ÇUæ. â´ÁØ »ÉðU, ÇUæ. çÚUØæÁ ¥æç×ÚU,
ÇUæ. âñØÎæ àææãUÙêÚU ȤæÌ×æ ¥æçÎ Ùð
çÙÑàæéË·¤ âðßæ°´ ÂýÎæÙ ·¤èÐ àææ× 5
ÕÁð ×æñÜæ ¥Üè »ýé ·¤è ¥æðÚU âð
âÖæÂçÌ ÜÌæ
Øæ¼ß ·¤æ ∷¤æÚU
Ùæ»ÂéÚU% ÖæÁÂæ Âçà¿× Ùæ»ÂéÚU ·ð¤
¼æçÏ·¤æÚUè ×é·ð¤àæ ×æðãUÙ ×ðãUæçÇUØæ ß
⢼è ßæƒæ×æÚÔU Ùð Ï¢ÌæðÜè ÁæðÙ ·¤è
ÙßçÙßæüç¿Ì âÖæÂçÌ ÜÌæ Øæ¼ß ·¤æ
Âéc»é‘ÀU ¼ð·¤ÚU ∷¤æÚU ç·¤Øæ ¥æñÚU ©UÙ·ð¤
â×ÿæ Ï¢ÌæðÜè ÿæð˜æ ·¤è â×SØæ ÚU¹èÐ
âÖæÂçÌ Ùð â×SØæ ÂÚU »æñÚU ·¤ÚUÙð ·¤æ
¥æàßæâÙ ç¼ØæÐ §â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU ÖæÁÂæ
·¤æØü·¤Ìæü Öè ©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ
çÙÏÙ â×æ¿æÚU ·¤æ çÙÑàæéË·¤ Âý·¤æàæÙ Ñ â¢Â·ü¤ Ñ ®|vw-{{yw®®®, ~v30x~wzw®
âéÏæ·¤ÚU ÖæðÌ×梻ð Ñ Ü·¤Ç¸UæÂéÜ
çÙßæâè âéÏæ·¤ÚU
ÖæðÌ×梻ð (z|)
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð
â¢S·¤æÚU »¢»æÕæ§ü
ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ
â¹éÕæ§ü ƒæé×ÇðU Ñ Õ¢»æÜè¢Áæ,
×S·¤æâæÍ çÙßæâè Ÿæè×Ìè â¹éÕæ§ü
ÌéÜâèÚUæ× ƒæé×ÇðU
çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ
×¢»ÜßæÚU ·¤æð
âéÕãU vv ÕÁð
çÙßæâ SÍæÙ
âð çÙ·¤Ü·¤ÚU
»¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU Áæ°»èÐ
Öè×ÚUæß Â·¤æÇðU Ñ ·¤æòÂæðÚðUàæÙ ·¤æòÜæðÙè
çÙßæâè Öè×ÚUæß
çÎÙÕæ ·¤æÇðU
çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ
×¢»ÜßæÚU ·¤æð
âéÕãU }.x® ÕÁð
çÙßæâ SÍæÙ âð
çÙ·¤Ü·¤ÚU ¥¢ÕæÛæÚUè ƒææÅU ÂÚU Áæ°»èÐ
ã¢UâÚUæÁ »ÁçÖØð Ñ ÁêÙè ×¢»ÜßæÚUè
çÙßæâè ã¢UâÚUæÁ
»ÁçÖØð (}z)
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ
¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU
»¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU
ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
·¤×ÜæÎðßè ç¹ØæÙè Ñ ·é¤·¤ÚðUÁæ
âÙÚUæò§üÁ ·¤æò‹Ããð´UÅU
·¤è â¢SÍæç·¤æ
Ÿæè×Ìè ·¤×ÜæÎðßè
×¢àææÚUæ× ç¹ØæÙè
(|~) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ
ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ×
â¢S·¤æÚU ÙæÚUæU ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ ßð
¥ÂÙð ÂèÀUð Â梿 Âé˜æ ¥æñÚU Îæð Âé˜æèØæð´
â×ðÌ ÖÚUæÂêÚUæ ÂçÚUßæÚU ÀUæðǸU »§ü ãUñ´UÐ
ÚUçß ÇUæð´»ÚðU Ñ ÜæǸèU·¤ÚU Üð-¥æ©UÅU
çÙßæâè ÚUçß ç·¤àææðÚU ÇUæð´»ÚðU (yw) ·¤æ
çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU ×¢»ÜßæÚU
·¤æð âéÕãU vv ÕÁð ×æÙðßæǸUæ ƒææÅU ÂÚU
ç·¤Øæ Áæ°»æÐ
âéÖæá §ü¹æÚU Ñ »¢çÁÂðÆU çÙßæâè
âéÖæá ×æÚUæðÌÚUæß §ü¹æÚU (z®) ·¤æ
çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU ×¢»ÜßæÚU
·¤æð ÎæðÂãUÚU w ÕÁð ×æðÿæÏæ× ƒææÅU ÂÚU
ç·¤Øæ Áæ°»æÐ
ÌæÚU濢ΠŸæèÚUæ×ð Ñ ÖæÚUÌ Ù»ÚU çÙßæâè
ÌæÚU濢Πà梷¤ÚU ŸæèÚUæ×ð (zz) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ
ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU ÂæÚUÇUè ƒææÅU ÂÚU
ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
ÚÌÙèÎðßè ·ð¤âæÙ Ñ ßÏü×æÙÙ»ÚU
çÙßæâè Ÿæè×Ìè ÚUÌÙèÎðßè ÙæÚUæ؇æÂýâæÎ
·ð¤âæÙ (}®) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ
¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU »¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ
àææ¢Ìæ ÁæÏß Ñ çàæßæÁèÙ»ÚU çÙßæâè
Ÿæè×Ìè àææ¢Ìæ çßÙæØ·¤ ÁæÏß (}z)
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU
»¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
ç¿¢Ïê »æØ·¤ßæǸU Ñ ¥æòÚðU¢Á Ù»ÚU
çÙßæâè ç¿¢Ïê ÏÙèÚUæ× »æØ·¤ßæǸU
(|z) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ×
â¢S·¤æÚU »¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
Øæð»ðàæ ×æðãUÌéÚðU Ñ Ù¢ÎÙßÙ çÙßæâè
Øæð»ðàæ ŸæèÚUæ× ×æðãUÌéÚðU (yx) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ
ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU »¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU
ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
Öè×ÚUæß Ùæ»Îðßð Ñ SßæÌ¢˜æ Ù»ÚU
çÙßæâè Öè×ÚUæß »‡æÂÌ Ùæ»Îðßð (zz)
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU
»¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
ÚU€ÌÎæÙ çàæçßÚU ·¤æ ¥æØæðÁÙ ç·¤Øæ
»ØæÐ çÁâ×ð´ ¥Ùð·¤ ÙßØéß·¤æð´ Ùð
ÚU€ÌÎæÙ ç·¤ØæÐ ©Uâ·ð¤ Âà¿æÌ ãñUÎÚUè
Áæ×æ ×çSÁÎ âð ÁéÜêâ çÙ·¤æÜæ
»ØæÐ çÁâ×ð´ Šæ×ü»éL¤¥æð´ âçãUÌ
ãUÁæÚUæð´ Üæð» âãUÖæ»è ãé°Ð
×æÌæ çÂÌæ â¢ÌæÙ ·ð¤ çÜ° ãUÚU
ãUæÜ ×ð´ ÕæÁè Ü»æ ÎðÌð ãñ´UÐ
ç»Å÷UÅUè¹¼æÙ ÂçÚUâÚU çÙßæâè
¥æàæèá ©UÚU·é¤Ç¸ðU ·ð¤ ÁèßÙ ×ð´
Öè ØãUè ÿæ‡æ ¥æØæ ãñUÐ ÌèÙ
×ãUèÙð Ì·¤ Ü»æÌæÚU ÌÕèØÌ
¹ÚUæÕ ÚUãUÙð ·ð¤ ·¤æÚU‡æ Á梿
·¤ÚUæ§ü Ìô ÂÌæ ¿Üæ ç·¤ y® ßáèüØ ¥æàæèá ©UÚU·é¤Ç¸ðU ·¤è
ç·¤ÇUÙè ¹ÚUæÕ ãñUÐ ÂýˆØæÚUôçÂÌ ·¤ÚUÙæ ÂǸðU»æÐ çȤÜãUæÜ
ßð ÇUæØÜðçââ ÂÚU ãñ´UÐ àææ¼èàæé¼æ ÕðÅðU ·ð¤ çÂÌæ ¥æàæèá
·ð¤ ×æÌæ-çÂÌæ ·ð¤ çÜ° Øð ¹ÕÚU çãUÜæ ¼ðÙðßæÜè ÍèÐ
©U‹ãUô´Ùð ¹é¼ ·¤ô âãUæÜÌð ãéU° ¥ÂÙè ç·¤ÇUÙè ¼æÙ
·¤ÚUÙð ·¤æ Èñ¤âÜæ ·¤ÚU çÜØæÐ ×æÌæ Øæ çÂÌæ ¼ôÙô´ ×ð´
âð °·¤ ¥ÂÙè ç·¤ÇUÙè ¥æàæèá ·¤ô ¼æÙ ·¤ÚÔ´U»ðÐ z
קü ·¤ô ¥æàæèá ·¤è Á梿 ¿ð‹Ù§ü çSÍÌ °×¥æ§ü¥ôÅUè
§¢ÅUÚUÙðàæÙÜ ãUæòçSÂÅUÜ ×ð´ ·¤è Áæ°»èÐ ßãUæ¢ ÌØ ãUô»æ
ç·¤ ¥æàæèá ·¤ô ×æÌæ-çÂÌæ ×ð´ ç·¤ÇUÙè ·¤õÙ ¼æÙ ·¤ÚÔU»æÐ
¥æàæèá ·ð¤ çÂÌæ âéÚÔUàæ {x âæÜ ·ð¤ ãñ´U ¥õÚU
×æÌæ ¿¢¼ý·¤æ¢Ìæ {® âæÜ ·¤èÐ ¥æàæèá ·¤è ÀUôÅUè âè
SÅðUàæÙÚUè ·¤è ¼é·¤æÙ ãñUÐ ç·¤ÇUÙè ÅþUæ¢SŒÜæ¢ÅU ¥æòÂÚÔUàæÙ ×ð´
Ì·¤ÚUèÕÙ | Üæ¹ ·¤æ ¹¿ü ¥ÂðçÿæÌ ãñUÐ §ÌÙè ÕǸUè
ÚU·¤× SÅðUàæÙÚUè ·¤è ÀUôÅUè ¼é·¤æÙ ¿ÜæÙðßæÜð ¥æàæèá ·ð¤
çÜ° â¢Öß ÙãUè´Ð ©U‹ãUô´Ùð ¼æÙ¼æÌæ¥ô¢ âð ¥æçÍü·¤ ×¼¼
·¤ÚUÙð ·¤è ¥ÂèÜ ·¤è ãñUÐ §â·ð¤ çÜ° ©U‹ãUô´Ùð Øê·¤ô Õñ´·¤
·ð¤ âðç×ÙÚUè çãUËâ àææ¹æ ×ð´ ÂýèçÌ ¥æàæèá ©UÚU·é¤Ç¸ðU Ùæ×
âð Õ¿Ì ¹æÌæ ·ý¤×梷¤ v~w~®vv®®v{x}v ×ð´
âãUæØÌæ ÚUæçàæ Á×æ ·¤ÚUÙð ·¤è ¥ÂèÜ ·¤è ãñUÐ Õñ´·¤ ·¤æ
¥æ§ü°È¤°ââè ·¤ôÇU ØêâèÕè° ®®®v~w~ ãñUÐ
§UÙ çÎÙæð´ ç¿Üç¿ÜæÌè Šæê ¿ÚU×
âè×æ ÂÚU ãñUÐ »×èü ×ð´ »Üæ ÌÚU ·¤ÚUÙð
·ð¤ çÜ° Üæð» Æ´UÇðU àæèÌÂðØ ·¤æ
¥æŠææÚU Üð ÚUãðU ãñ´UÐ àæãUÚU ×ð´ ×éØ
×æ»æðZ âçãUÌ ÚÔUÜßð SÅðUàæÙ, Õâ SÅñ´ÇU
¥æçÎ âæßüÁçÙ·¤ SÍæÙô´ ÂÚU àæèÌÂðØ
·¤æ ÃØßâæØ ÁæðÚUæð´ ÂÚU ãñU, Üðç·¤Ù
·ê¤çÜ´» ·ð¤ Ùæ× ÂÚU Îé·¤æÙÎæÚU âèÜ
Õ´Î àæèÌÂðØ ©UˆÂæÎ °×¥æÚUÂè ÚÔUÅU
âð ¥çŠæ·¤ Îæ× ÂÚU Õð¿Ùð âð »ýæãU·¤æð´ð
·¤è ÜêÅU ׿è ãéU§Uü ãñUÐ §Uâ »æðÚU¹Šæ´Šæð
ÂÚU ç·¤âè ·¤æ çÙØ´˜æ‡æ ÙãUè´ ãUæðÙð âð
Îé·¤æÙÎæÚU ¿æ´Îè ·¤æÅU ÚUãðU ãñ´UÐ
»ýæãU·¤ ·¤æÙêÙ ·ð¤ ¥ÙéâæÚU ÌÍæ
çÁÜæ ¥æÂêçÌü çßÖæ» ·¤è ÕñÆU·¤
·ð¤ ¥ÙéâæÚU ·¤æð§üU Öè Îé·¤æÙÎæÚU
°×¥æÚUÂè âð ’ØæÎæ ·¤è×Ì Üð·¤ÚU
»ýæãU·¤æð´ ·¤æð ©UˆÂæÎ ÙãUè´ Õð¿ â·¤ÌæÐ
ØãU ÕæÌ âßüŸæéÌ ãUæðÌð ãéU° Öè
àæèÌÂðØ ·¤è ÕɸUÌè ×æ´» ·¤æð ŠØæÙ ×ð´
ÚU¹Ìð ãéU° °·¤ âð Îæð L¤Â° ·ê¤çÜ´»
¿æÁü ·ð¤ Ùæ× ÂÚU ¥çÌçÚU€Ì Âñâæ
> çÁ ©UÂæŠØÿæ ÇUæð‡æð·¤ÚU Ùð
×éØ×´˜æè ·¤æð âæñ´Âæ ™ææÂÙ
¿Ü ÚUãðU ‹ØæØ ÂýçßCU ×æ×Üð Áæð çȤÜãUæÜ
àæÚUÎ ÇUæð‡æð·¤ÚU Ùð ÚUæ’Ø ·ð¤ ×éØ×´˜æè Îðß´ðÎý
ÂýÌæ ÁÆUæÚU Ñ Âæ¢ÇðU Üð-¥æ©UÅU çÙßæâè ȤÇU‡æßèâ ·¤æð °·¤ ™ææÂÙ âæñ´Â·¤ÚU ·¤è
ÂýÌæ ÙæÚUæ؇æ ÁÆUæÚU (~v) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãñUÐ ™ææÌ ãUæð ç·¤ §Uâ·ð¤ Âêßü ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ×ð´
ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU ¥¢ÕæÛæÚUè ƒææÅU
‹ØæØæÜØ Ù ãUæðÙð âð ·¤‹ãUæÙ ÂéçÜâ SÅðUàæÙ
ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
¥´Ì»üÌ ·ð¤ âÖè ‹ØæØæÜØèÙ ×æ×Üð ·¤æ×ÆUè
ÜçÜÌæ Öæñç×·¤ Ñ ×æðãUÙÙ»ÚU çÙßæâè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ ¿Üæ° ÁæÌð Íð, Üðç·¤Ù 2007
Ÿæè×Ìè ÜçÜÌæ ¥¢Õè·¤æ¿ÚU‡æ Öæñç×·¤ ×ð´ ÁÕ âð ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ×ð´ ÙØæ ‹ØæØæÜØ àæéM¤
(~®) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ×
ãUæðÙð ·¤æ ÌØ ãéU¥æ ÌÕ âð ·¤‹ãUæÙ ÿæð˜æ ·ð¤
â¢S·¤æÚU ¥¢ÕæÛæÚUè ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
âÎæçàæß ÖæðØÚU Ñ àææ¢çÌÙ»ÚU çÙßæâè
âÎæçàæß »æðÂæÜ ÖæðØÚU ({w) ·¤æ
çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU
àææ¢çÌÙ»ÚUU ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ ßð ¥ÂÙð
ÂèÀðU ÖæÚUæÂéÚUæ ÂçÚUßæÚU ÀUæðǸ »° ãñUÐ
S߇æü·¤æÚU â×æÁ ·¤è ÚUæcÅþUèØ ×çãUÜæ
×ãUæâç¿ß Ÿæè×Ìè à梷é¤ÌÜæ ØðÚUÂéÇðU
·¤æ çÙŠæÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ßð ¥ÂÙð ÂèÀðU
ÖÚUæÂéÚUæ ÂçÚUßæÚU ÀUæðǸ »§ü ãñUÐ
Ùæ»ÂéÚU%×ãUæÚUæcÅþ ÚUæ’Ø ·¤ÜæŠØæ·¤ ⢃æ ×ãUæ×¢ÇUÜ ·¤è ¥ôÚU âð Üè »Øè çÁÜæ
SÌÚUèØ ç¿˜æ·¤Üæ SÂÏæü ×ð´ âè.Õè. ¥æÎàæü çßÎ÷Øæ ×¢çÎÚU ãUæ§üS·ê¤Ü °ß¢ ·¤çÙcÆU
×ãUæçßÎ÷ØæÜØ ¥õÚU Áè.Áè. âæÚUÇUæ ãUæØÚU §¢ç‚Üàæ S·ê¤Ü ·ð¤ çßÎ÷ØæçÍüØô´ Ùð
ÂýÍ×, çÎ÷ßÌèØ ß ÌëÌèØ SÍæÙ ÂýæŒÌ ·¤ÚU çßÎ÷ØæÜØ ·¤æ Ùæ× ÚUôàæÙ ç·¤ØæÐ
çßçÖ‹Ù â×êãUô´ ×ð´ ÂýÍ× SÍæÙ çâßðàæ çÌßæÚUè, çàæßæÙè »éŒÌæ, ×Ùèá âôÙ·é¤âÚÔU,
âæÿæè ·¤Üâð, ÚUèçÌ·¤ ×õ´Îð·¤ÚU, ãUáü ÂæÆUÚUæÕð, ÚUôçãUÌ âæÜçß·¤ÚU, ãUáüÎæ »ô´ÇUæ‡æð,
·ë¤c‡ææ ÜôãUè, ·¤çÚUà×æ ÜôçãUØæ, ×Ùèá ÆUæ·é¤ÚU, ç¿ÚUæ» ÂéçÙØæÙè, §üàææ ÕæßÙð,
çÎ÷ßÌèØ ÂæÚUâ ãUÅUÙæ»ÚU, Îèç·¤æ »éŒÌæ ¥æÚUôãUè çÕâðÙ, SßæçÌ »õÚU, ŸæðØæ
ÕæÍô, ×ôâèÙæ ¹æÙ, âéÁÜ Ï·¤æÌð, çÎÂæ¢àæé ×ãUæÁÙ, çÎàææ ŸæèÕæÎ, Öêç×·¤æ
¥»ýßæÜ, çÙàææ ƒææÅUæ, àæéÖÎæ ÆUæ·¤ÚÔU ÌÍæ ÌëÌèØ SÍæÙ §çàæ·¤æ ¹æÂÚÔU, ¹éàæÕê
ÕôÚUè·¤ÚU, ãUáüÜ ÂÚU×æÚU, ç·ý¤àæ ãUçÚUØæ¢, ãUáü ç¿¿ƒæÚÔU, ·¤ÚU‡æ Áôàæè, àæéÖ× »éŒÌæ,
çâÎ÷Ïðàæ àææãêU, âéÏæ¢àæé ¿æ¢Îð·¤ÚU, ç¿ÚUæ» ÖôÁßæÙè, çß·ý¤× ·¤àØÂ ß çÎÃØæ¢àæé
ÕæÍô´ Ùð SÍæÙ ÂýæŒÌ ç·¤ØæÐ SÂÏæü ·¤æ çßáØ Sß‘ÀU ÖæÚUÌ ¥çÖØæÙ ÍæÐ
âÖè çßÁðÌæ çßÎ÷ØæçÍüØô´ ·¤ô ÂýÌè·¤ ç¿‹ãU, Âý×æ‡æ-Â˜æ °ß¢ Âéc»é‘ÀU ÂýÎæÙ
·¤ÚU â×æçÙÌ ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ âÖè âÈ¤Ü çßÎ÷ØæçÍüØô´ ·¤æ â¢SÍæŠØÿæ ÚUæ×ÚUÌÙ
âæÚUÇUæ, ©UÂæŠØÿæ ç»ÚUÏæÚUèÜæÜ ç⢃æè, âç¿ß ¥àæô·¤·é¤×æÚU ·¤ôÆUæÚUè, Âýæ¿æØü
¥æàæÙæÚUæ؇æ çÌßæÚUè ¥æçÎ Ùð ¥çÖÙ¢ÎÙ ç·¤ØæÐ
çÌǸ·ð¤ ·¤æò‹ßð´ÅU ×¢ð »æØÙ ¥æñÚU ÃØæØæ ·¤æØü·ý¤×
çß×ÜæÌæ§ü çÌǸ·ð¤ ·¤æò‹ßð´ÅU ×ð´ »æØÙ ¥æñÚU ÃØæØæ-w®vz ·¤æØü·ý¤× ãéU¥æÐ
Ù‹ãðU-×é‹Ùð ÀUæ˜ææð´ Ùð çßçÖóæ àææÚUèçÚU·¤, ×æÙçâ·¤, âæ×æçÁ·¤, â¢ßðÎÙæˆ×·¤ °ß¢
ÚU¿Ùæˆ×·¤ ·¤Üæ¥æð´ ·¤æ ÂýSÌéçÌ·¤ÚU‡æ ç·¤ØæÐ §â ÇðU×æð ·¤æ ×éØ ©UÎ÷ÎðàØ ÀUæ˜ææð´
·ð¤ ¥çŠæ»× ·¤æð ¹ðÜ ·ð¤ ×æŠØ× âð ©UÙ×ð´ ¥æˆ×çßàßæâ ß ÚU¿Ùæˆ×·¤ ç·ý¤Øæ
·¤æ çß·¤æâ ·¤ÚUÙæ ÍæÐ §â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU çÂý¢çâÂÜ ÚÔU¹æ ÙæØÚU, ¥æÖÚU ×ðƒæð
çÙÎðàæ·¤ °ß¢ ÂØüßðÿæ·¤ ÂæM¤Ü ÚUæÁÂêÌ ©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ
çâ¢Ïè çãU‹Îè àææÜæ ×ð´ ×ÙæØæ ×ãUæÚUæcÅþ çÎßâ
çâ¢Ïè çãU‹Îè çßÎ÷Øæ âç×çÌ â¢¿æçÜÌ çâ¢Ïè çãU‹Îè ãUæ§üS·ê¤Ü °¢ÇU ÁéçÙØÚU
·¤æòÜðÁ, ¹æ×Üæ ×ð´ ×ãUæÚUæcÅþ çÎßâ ÂÚU ŠßÁæÚUôãU‡æ ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ Âýæ¿æØü
Ÿæè×Ìè »éÚUÕæÙè Ùð ŠßÁ ȤãUÚUæØæÐ ·¤æØü·ý¤× ×ð´ àææÜæ âéÂÚUßæ§üÁÚU Ÿæè×Ìè àæð´ÇðU
Âý×é¹Ìæ âð ©UÂçSÍÌ Íè´Ð ·¤æØü·ý¤× Âà¿æÌ ç×ÆUæ§ü ·¤æ çßÌÚU‡æ ·¤ÚU âÖè Ùð
°·¤-ÎêâÚÔU ·¤ô ×ãUæÚUæcÅþ çÎßâ ·¤è ÕÏæ§ü ÎèÐ
ÚUàæèçÎØæ ©UÎêü àææÜæ ×¢ð ŠßÁæÚUôãU‡æ
»ýæãU·¤æð´ âð ßâêÜæ Áæ ÚUãUæ ãñUÐ ¼â
L¤Â° ·¤è ·¤æðËÇþUè´€â 12 L¤Â° ×ð´,
12 L¤Â° ·¤è ÂæÙè ·¤è ÕæðÌÜ 15
L¤Â° ÌÍæ 1.50 L¤Â° ·¤æ ÂæÙè
Âæ©U¿ 3 L¤Â° ×ð´ °ðâð ·¤§üU Âý·¤æÚU ·ð¤
àæèÌÂðØ ·¤æ °×¥æÚUÂè ÚÔUÅU âð ¥çŠæ·¤
·¤è×Ì ßâêÜè Áæ ÚUãè ãñÐ §Uâ ÕæÌ
·¤æð Üð·¤ÚU ·¤§üU ÕæÚU Îé·¤æÙÎæÚU ¥æñÚU
»ýæãU·¤æð´ ·ð¤ Õè¿ çßßæÎ Öè ãUæðÌæ
ãñUÐ ØãU ÚUæðÁ×ÚUæü ·¤è ÕæÌ ãUæ𠻧üU ãñUÐ
¹æl ¥æÂêçÌü çßÖæ» ·¤ô §Uâ ÕæÌ
·¤æð »´ÖèÚUÌæ âð Üð·¤ÚU àæãUÚU ß »ýæ×è‡æ
ÿæð˜æ ×ð´ ·¤ÆUæðÚU ¥çÖØæÙ ¿ÜæÙð ·¤è
ÁM¤ÚUÌ ãñUÐ Îæðáè Âæ° ÁæÙð ÂÚU çÙØ×æð´
·ð¤ ¥ÙéâæÚU ·¤æÚüUßæ§üU ·¤ÚUÙð ·¤è ×æ´»
»ýæãU·¤æð´ Ùð ·¤è ãñUÐ ©UˆÂæη¤æð´ ·¤è ¥æðÚU
âð çΰ »° °×¥æÚUÂè ·ð¤ ¥ÙéâæÚU
çÕ·ý¤è ·¤ÚUÙð ÂÚU Õð¿Ùð ßæÜð ·¤æð ØçÎ
ƒææÅUæ ãUôÌæ ãñU Ìæð ßð ©Uâð Ù Õð¿ðÐ ØãU
×æ´» Öè Ùæ»çÚU·¤æð´ Ùð ·¤è ãñUÐ
×æ´» ©UÆU ÚUãUè ÍèÐ ÌÕ Öè §Uâ ×æ´» ·¤æð Üð·¤ÚU
̈·¤æÜè٠´â âÖæÂçÌ àæÚUÎ ÇUæð‡æð·¤ÚU Ùð
çßçŠæ ×´˜æè ·¤æð ™ææÂÙ âæñ´Â·¤ÚU §Uâ ×æ´» ·¤æð
âæ×Ùð ÚU¹æ Íæ, Üðç·¤Ù ·¤‹ãUæÙ ÿæð˜æ ·ð¤ âÖè
×æ×Üð ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ àæéM¤ ãUæðÙð ·ð¤
ÕæÎ ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ×ð´ SÍæÙæ´ÌçÚUÌ ·¤ÚU çΰ »°Ð
ÁæÙ·¤æÚUè ·ð¤ ¥ÙéâæÚU ·¤‹ãUæÙ ÂéçÜâ SÅðUàæÙ
·ð¤ ¥´Ì»üÌ ¿Ü ÚUãðU ֻܻ 2800 ×æ×Üð
çȤÜãUæÜ ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ ¿Ü ÚUãðU
ãñ¢Ð çÁâ·¤è ßÁãU âð ·¤‹ãUæÙ ·ð¤ Üæð»æð´ ·¤æð
‹ØæØæÜØèÙ ·¤æ×·¤æÁ ·ð¤ çÜ° ÂæÚUçàæßÙè
ÁæÙæ ÂǸUÌæ ãñUÐ ÇUæð‡æð·¤ÚU Ùð ×´æ» ç·¤ ãñU ç·¤
·¤‹ãUæÙ ÿæð˜æ ·ð¤ ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´
¿ÜÙð ßæÜð âÖè ×æ×Üæð´ ·¤æð ÎôÕæÚUæ ·¤‹ãUæÙ
‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ SÍæÙæ´ÌçÚUÌ ç·¤Øæ Áæ°Ð
Áæç×Øæ ¥ÚUçÕØæ ÚUàæèçÎØæ ⢿æçÜÌ ÚUàæèçÎØæ ©UÎêü ©U“æ ÂýæÍç×·¤ ß
×æŠØç×·¤ àææÜæ ×ð´ ×ãUæÚUæcÅþ çÎßâ ÂÚU ŠßÁæÚUôãU‡æ ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ ŠßÁæÚUôãU‡æ
×éØæŠØæç·¤æ §àæÚUÌ ÁãUæ¢ ·ð¤ ãUSÌð ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ §â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU àææÜæ ·ð¤
×éØæŠØæ·¤ ÚUãU×Ì ¹æÙ Ùð ¥ÂÙð ×Ùô»Ì ÃØ€Ì ç·¤°Ð
çßlæçÍüØæð´ Ùð ç·¤Øæ Ì·¤Ùè·¤è ™ææÙ ÂýÎàæüÙ
°â. Õè. ÁñÙ ¥çÖØæ¢ç˜æ·¤è ×ãUæçßlæÜØ ·ð¤ ·¤ŒØêÅUÚU ß §‹È¤æ×ðüàæÙ
ÅðU€ÙæðÜæòÁè çßÖæ» ·¤è ¥æðÚU âð ¥æØæðÁÌ Âý·¤Ë ÂýÎàæüÙè ×ð´ çßlæçÍüØæð´ Ùð
Ì·¤Ùè·¤è ™ææÙ ·¤æ àææÙÎæÚU ÂýÎàæüÙ ç·¤ØæÐ ÌÚ¢˜æ» ÜéÅðU, ×æòÇðUÜ ÜèÇUÚU, ÂçâüSÅ¢UÅU
çâSÅU× çÜç×ÅðUÇU ·¤è ¥æðÚU âð âÖè ×êËØ×æÂÙ ·¤ÚU çßlæçÍüØæð´ ·¤æ ×æ»üÎàæüÙ
ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ ÂýÎàæüÙè ×ð´ ·¤æçÌü·¤ »¢ÅUè, ÚUæðãUÙ ÙæØÇêU, âˆØ× »é#æ, »æñÚUß ¥SßæÚU,
àæéÖ× Öð´ÇðU Ùð ÂýÍ× SÍæÙ Âýæ# ç·¤ØæÐ ¥æçÎˆØ ×ðÙÙ, çÁ»Aðàæ ¿æÌÕÚU, ¥æàæèá
ÇUæ»æ, ÎèÂðàæ ÂæçÇUØæ, àæé֐ âæ¹ÚÔU Ùð çmUÌèØ SÍæÙ Âýæ# ç·¤ØæÐ ×ãUæçßlæÜØ
·ð¤ ×éØ ·¤æØü·¤æÚUè ¥çŠæ·¤æÚUè â¢ÁØ ¥»ýßæÜ, ÇUæò. ÙÚÔ´U¼ý ÕæßÙð, ÇUæò. â¢ÁØ
ÕÇUÁæÌð, Âýæ. âÜè× ¿ÃãUæ‡æ ¥æçÎ ©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ
ÀUæ˜æô´ Ùð ç·¤Øæ ¥æØéŠæ çÙ×æü‡æè ·¤æ ÎæñÚUæ
°â.Õè.ÁñÙ ¥çÖØæ¢ç˜æ·¤è ×ãUæçßlæÜØ §Üðç€ÅþU·¤Ü çßÖæ» ÀUÆUð â˜æ ·ð¤
çßlæçÍüØæð´ Ùð ¥¢ÕæÛæÚUè çSÍÌ ¥æØéŠæ çÙ×æü‡æè ·¤æ ÎæñÚUæ ç·¤ØæÐ ×æÙß â¢âæŠæÙ
çßÖæ» ·ð¤ ·¤×ü¿æçÚUØæð´ Ùð çßlæçÍüØæð´ ·¤æð ÖæÚUÌ ·¤è ¥æØéŠæ çÙ×æü‡æè Èñ¤€ÅþUè ·ð¤ ÕæÚÔU
×ð´ çßSÌëÌ ×æ»üÎàæüÙ ç·¤ØæÐ §â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU ÀUæ˜æô´ Ùð ÚUæ·ò ¤ð ÅU, çßÙæ·¤æ ·¤æ Üæ¢ç¿¢»
ØêçÙÅU, ØêÁ âð€àæÙ, àæñÜ çÙ×æü‡æ ·¤æ ¥ßÜæð·¤Ù ç·¤ØæÐ §â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU çßÖæ»
é Âýæ. Âè. Õè. ÍæðÅUð, ×éØ ·¤æØü·¤æÚUè ¥çŠæ·¤æÚUè â¢Áèß ¥»ýßæÜ, ÂýŠææÙæ¿æØü
ÇUæ.ò ÙÚÔU´¼ý ÕæßÙð, ©UÂÂýŠææÙæ¿æØü ÇUæ.ò â¢ÁØ ÕÇUÁæÌð ¥æçÎ ©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ
Âñâæ ÌÍæ â×Ø ·¤è ÕÕæüÎè
×æ×Üð ·¤æ×ÆUè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ ãUè ¿ÜæÙð ·¤è
™ææÌ ãUæð ç·¤ ·¤‹ãUæÙ âð ·¤æ×ÆUè ·¤æ ¥´ÌÚU
·ð¤ßÜ ¿æÚU ç·¤×è ãñU, ÁÕç·¤ ·¤‹ãUæÙ âð
ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ÁæÙð ·ð¤ çÜ° 35 ç·¤×è âð ¥çŠæ·¤
¥´ÌÚU ÌØ ·¤ÚUÙæ ÂǸUÌæ ãñUÐ ¥æ× ÌæñÚU ÂÚU
‹ØæØæÜØ ·¤æ ·¤æ×·¤æÁ âéÕãU ¼â ÕÁð àæéM¤
ãUæð ÁæÌæ ãñUÐ â×Ø ÂÚU ‹ØæØæÜØ Ù Âã´éU¿Ùð
ÂÚU ÁÙÌæ ·¤æð ÕæÎ ×ð´ ·¤æÙêÙè Âýç·ý¤Øæ¥æð´ ·¤æ
âæ×Ùæ ·¤ÚUÙæ ÂǸUÌæ ãñUÐ çÁâ·¤è ßÁãU âð
·¤æðÅüU ×ð´ ÌæÚè¹ ÂÚU 10 ÕÁð ·ð¤ Âêßü Âã´éU¿Ùæ
¥æßàØ·¤ ãUæðÌæ ãñUÐ ·¤‹ãUæÙ âð ÂæÚUçàæßÙè
ÁæÙð ·ð¤ çÜ° °·¤ ƒæ´ÅðU âð Öè ¥çŠæ·¤ ·¤æ
â×Ø Ü»Ìæ ãñUÐ çÁââð Üæð»æð´ ·¤æð âéÕãU
9 ÕÁð ƒæÚU âð çÙ·¤ÜÙæ ÂǸUÌæ ãñUÐ ÁÕç·¤
ßæÂâè ·¤æ ·¤æð§üU â×Ø çÙçà¿Ì ÙãUè´ ãUæðÌæÐ
‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ Âé·¤æÚUæ ãUæðÙð ÂÚU ÌÍæ ‹ØæØæÜØ
·ð¤ ·¤æ×·¤æÁ ·ð¤ ÕæÎ ãUè ßæÂâ ¥æÙæ â´Öß
ãUæðÌæ ãñUÐ çÁââð ·¤æðÅüU ·ð¤ ·¤æ×·¤æÁ ×ð´ ÂêÚUð
çÎÙ ·¤æ â×Ø ¥æÙð-ÁæÙð ·¤æ ¹¿ü Üæð»æð´ ·¤æð
ÂãUÜð Öè ©UÆUè Íè ×æ´»
ÁæÙ·¤æÚUè ·ð¤ ¥ÙéâæÚU ·¤æ×ÆUè ÿæð˜æ ·ð¤ ×æ×Üð
·¤æ×ÆUè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ ¿ÜæÙð ·ð¤ çÜ° °·¤ Øæç¿·¤æ
Öè Îæç¹Ü ·¤è »§üU ÍèÐ ©U“æ ‹ØæØæÜØ ·ð¤
âãUæØ·¤ âÚU·¤æÚUè ß·¤èÜ âˆØÂý·¤æàæ ÁñSßæÜ mUæÚUæ
ÎæØÚU ×æÙÂ˜æ °ß´ Øæç¿·¤æ ÂÚU çÁÜæ ‹ØæØæŠæèàæ,
ÚUæ’Ø ·ð¤ çßçŠæ °ß´ ‹ØæØ çßÖæ» ·ð¤ âç¿ß ·¤æð
ÂýçÌßæÎè ÕÙæ·¤ÚU ÙæðçÅUâ ÁæÚUè ç·¤° »° ÍðÐ çÁâ·ð¤
Âà¿æÌ Ùæ»ÂéÚU ©U“æ ‹ØæØæÜØ mUæÚUæ ·¤‹ãUæÙ ÌÍæ
¥æâÂæâ ·ð¤ 30 »æ´ßæð´ ·ð¤ ×æ×Üð ·¤æ×ÆUè ‹ØæØæÜØ
×ð´ ãUè ¿ÜæÙð ·ð¤ ¥æÎðàæ çΰ »° ÍðÐ çÁâ ÂÚU ¥×Ü
ÙãUè´ ãUæð ÂæØæ ÍæÐ çÁ ©UÂæŠØÿæ àæÚUÎ ÇUæð‡æð·¤ÚU Ùð
ÚUæ’Ø ·ð¤ ×éØ×´˜æè ȤÇU‡æßâè ·¤æ ŠØæÙ §Uâ ¥æðÚU
¥æ·¤çáüÌ ·¤ÚU §Uâ ×æ×Üð ·¤æð »´ÖèÚUÌæ âð ÜðÌð ãéU°
§Uâ Âý·¤ÚU‡æ ·¤æð âéÜÛææÙð ·¤è ×æ´» ·¤è ãñUÐ
»ýæ×è‡æô´ âð ãUè âé¢ÎÚU »ýæ× ·¤æ çß·¤æâ Ñ ÇUæ. ×ðŸææ×
Üÿ×è·¤æ¢Ì àæðÙßæ§ü Ñ ÎèÙÎØæÜÙ»ÚU
çÙßæâè Üÿ×è·¤æ¢Ì ŸæèÏÚU àæðÙßæ§ü ·¤æ
çÙŠæÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ
âÚU·¤æÚU ¼÷ßæÚUæ ÁæÚUè âé¢ÎÚU »ýæ× ·¤è ·¤ËÂÙæ ·¤æð
âéÙèÌæ ÚUæÙÇðU Ñ ÂýÌæÂÙ»ÚU çÙßæâè âæ·¤æÚU €Øô´ ÙãUè¢ ç·¤Øæ Áæ â·¤Ìæ? ‚ÜæðÕÜ
Ÿæè×Ìè âéÙèÌæ âéÙèÜ ÚUæÙÇðU (y{) ÕæØæðÅðU·¤ âð´ÅUÚU ¥ÂÙæ ŠØæÙ »ýæ×è‡ææð´ ·¤è âãUæØÌæ
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU ¥æñÚU ©U‹ÙÌ ·ë¤çá ÌÍæ ·ë¤çá â¢Õ¢çŠæÌ ÃØæÂæÚU ·¤æð
âãU·¤æÚUÙ»ÚU ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
ÕɸUæßæ ÎðÙð ·ð¤ çÜ° ·¤ÚU ÚUãUæ ãñÐ »ýæ×è‡ææð´ ·ð¤ çß·¤æâ
çßÁØ çÅU·¤Üð Ñ Õ¢»ÜæÎðàæ çÙßæâè
çßÁØ ÚUæ×Ö檤 çÅU·¤Üð (zy)
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU
àææ¢çÌÙ»ÚUU ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ ßð ¥ÂÙð
ÂèÀðU ÖæÚUæÂéÚUæ ÂçÚUßæÚU ÀUæðǸ »° ãñUÐ
¥æÎàæü çßÎ÷Øæ ×¢çÎÚU ·ð¤ ÀUæ˜æô´ Ùð ×æÚUè ÕæÁè
·¤‹ãUæÙ ÿæð˜æ ·ð¤ ‹ØæØæÜØèÙ ×æ×Üð ·¤æ×ÆUè ·¤æðÅüU ×ð´ ¿ÜæÙð ·¤è ×æ´»
ç·ý¤c‡ææ ·¤æðÌÙæ Ñ ç×Ùè×æÌæ Ù»ÚU ÂæÚUçàæßÙè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ ¿Ü ÚUãðU ãñ´U, ©U‹ãð´U
çÙßæâè ç·ý¤c‡ææ ·¢¤ßÜ ·¤æðÌÙæ (|®)
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU ·¤æ×ÆUè ‹ØæØæÜØ ×ð´ SÍæÙæ´ÌçÚUÌ ·¤ÚUÙð
·¤è ×æ´» Ùæ»ÂéÚU çÁÜæ ÂçÚUáÎ ·ð¤ ©UÂæŠØÿæ
»¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
çÎÙðàæ ·é¤Íð Ñ ç¿¢Ìæׇæè Ù»ÚU çÙßæâè
çÎÙðàæ àØæ× ·é¤Íð (x}) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð
»ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU àææ¢çÌÙ»ÚUU ƒææÅU ÂÚU
ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
S·ê¤Ü/·¤æòÜðÁ ·¤è ¹ÕÚÔ´U...
Ù»ÚU â¢ßæ¼¼æÌæ%Ùæ»ÂéÚU
Æ¢ÇðU ÂæÙè ·ð¤ Ùæ× ÂÚU
ßâêÜ ÚUãðU ¥çŠæ·¤ ·¤è×Ì
àæ¢ÖéÜæÜ ÕðÅUßæÜ Ñ »éÁÚUÙ»ÚU
çÙßæâè àæ¢ÖéÜæÜ ·ð¤àæßÜæÜ ÕðÅUßæÜ
(}w) ·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× ŽØêÚUæð% ·¤‹ãUæÙ/·¤æ×ÆUè. ·¤‹ãUæÙ ÂéçÜâ
SÅðUàæÙ ·ð¤ ¥ŠæèÙ ¥æÙð ßæÜð 30 »æ´ßæð´ ·ð¤
â¢S·¤æÚU »¢»æÕæ§ü ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
âéÎðUàæ ·é¤Ü·¤‡æèü Ñ ¹ÚðUÅUæ©UÙ çÙßæâè
âéÎðàæ ×ÏéâéÎÙ ·é¤Ü·¤‡æèü (z®) ·¤æ
çÙÏÙ ãUæð »ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× â¢S·¤æÚU ¥¢ÕæÛæÚUè
ƒææÅU ÂÚU ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ
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»ÚUèÕ ×ÚUèÁ Ùð ×梻è ç·¤ÇUÙè
ÂýˆØæÚUôÂ‡æ ·ð¤ çÜ° ¥æçÍü·¤ âãUæØÌæ
ŽØêÚUæð% ·¤æ×ÆUè/·¤‹ãUæÙ.
×ÙæØæ ×Á¼êÚU ç¼ßâ
ÖæßÙæ ÎðàæÂæ¢ÇðU Ñ v|, ÂýèçÌ ·¤æð.¥æòÂ. ãUæ©Uç⢻
â æ ð â æ . ,
çÙßæâè Ÿæè×Ìè
ÖæßÙæ ¿¢¼ýàæð¹ÚU
ÎðàæÂæ¢ÇðU (zw)
·¤æ çÙÏÙ ãUæð
»ØæÐ ¥¢çÌ× Øæ˜ææ ×¢»ÜßæÚU ·¤æð âéÕãU
v® ÕÁð çÙßæâ SÍæÙ âð çÙ·¤Ü·¤ÚU
âãU·¤æÚUÙ»ÚU ƒææÅU ÂÚU Áæ°»èÐ
×æÌæ-çÂÌæ ¼ð´»ð
ÕðÅðU ·¤ô ç·¤ÇUÙè
> °×¥æÚUÂè ÚÔUÅU
âð ¥çŠæ·¤ ×ð´ Õð¿
ÚUãðU ©UˆÂæÎ
àæËØç·ý¤Øæ ·ð¤ çÜ° ×ÚUèÁæð´ ·¤æ ¿ØÙ
ç·¤Øæ »ØæÐ ¥‹Ø Õè×æçÚUØæð´ ·¤è
Öè Áæ´¿ ·¤ÚU ×éÌ Îßæ â´SÍæ ·¤è
¥æðÚU âð çßÌçÚUÌ ·¤è »§üUÐ çàæçßÚU ×ð´
âðßæ ÂýÎæÙ ·¤ÚUÙð ßæÜð ÇUæ€ÅUÚUæð´ ×ð´
ÇUæ. °ãUÌðàææ× ·¤æÁ×è, ÇUæ. ÁȤÚU
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5 קü 2015
×ãUæÙ»Ú. çÁÜæU
âð ãUè âé¢ÎÚU »ýæ× ·¤æ çß·¤æâ ãUæð»æÐ ØãU ÕæÌ ©UžæÚU
×ãUæÚUæcÅþU çßlæÂèÆU ÁÜ»æ¢ß ·ð¤ ©U·é¤ÜÂçÌ ÇUæ.
âéŠæèÚU ×ðŸææ× Ùð ·¤ãUèÐ ßð ÚUçßßæÚU ·¤æð ·¤Ü×ðàßÚU
ÌãUâèÜ ·ð¤ ŠææÂðßæÇU¸æ »ýæ× ×ð¢ Òâ¢Âóæ ÂýØæð»àææÜæ
âð ¹ðÌè Ì·¤Ó §â ×æ»üÎàæüÙ çàæçßÚU ×ð¢ ÕæðÜ ÚUãðU ÍðÐ
©U‹ãUæð¢Ùð ÕÌæØæ ç·¤ Áñß Âýæñlæðç»·¤è ·¤æð
ÂýØæð»àææÜæ âð ¹ðÌæð´ Ì·¤ Üð ÁæØæ ÁæÙæ ¿æçãU°Ð
çÁââð ·ë¤çá ·¤æ çß·¤æâ ãUæð â·ð¤Ð Áñçß·¤ ¹æÎ
ß ·¤èÅU·¤Ùæàæ·¤ ·ð¤ ©UÂØæð» ·ð¤ â¢Õ¢Šæè Âýçàæÿæ‡æ
·¤æØü·ý¤× ·ð¤ ÕæÚÔU ×ð¢ Öè ©U‹ãUæð¢Ùð ÁæÙ·¤æÚUè ÎèÐ
ÕæðÜ-ß×ü âð ·¤Âæâ ©UˆÂæη¤æð´ ·¤æð ãUæðÙð ßæÜè
ÂÚÔUàææçÙØæð´ ·ð¤ ÕæÚÔU ×ð¢ Öè ©U‹ãUæð¢Ùð ÁæÙ·¤æÚUè
ÎèÐ §â ¥ßâÚU ÂÚU °Ù°¿Õè ·ð¤ ÇUæØÚÔU€ÅUÚU
ÇUæ. ¥æ٢Π·ð¤ çâ¢ãU, âð´ÅþUÜ §¢SÅUèÅUØéÅU ¥æòȤ
ÚUæ× ß ßçÚUcÆU ßñ™ææçÙ·¤ °Âè ÇUæð´»ÚÔU Âý×é¹Ìæ âð
©UÂçSÍÌ ÍðÐ U·¤æØü·ý¤× ·¤è ⢷¤ËÂÙæ Âýæ. çßÁØ
×æãðUàßÚUè Ùð ÚU¹èР⢿æÜÙ ÇUæ. Âýßè‡æ ÂéÚUæç‡æ·¤
×𢠷ð¤ÎæÚU »éÅU
Ùð ×æÚUè ÕæÁè
â¢ßæÎÎæÌæ% âæßÙðÚU
Ùð ç·¤ØæÐ ¥æÖæÚU ŠææÂðßæÇU¸æ ·ð¤ âÚU¢¿ ÇUæ.×ÙæðãUÚU
·¤æÜð Ùð ×æÙæÐ ·¤æØü·ý¤× ·¤è âȤÜÌæ ·ð¤ çÜ°
ÇUæ. ßèÁè ×ðŸææ×, ÇUæ. ¥æÚUÌè àææÙßæÚÔU, ÇUæ. ·¤èçÌü
ÎéÕð, ÇUæ. ¥¿üÙæ ×êÙ, ¿¢¼ýׇæè âãUæÚÔU, çßÙæðÎ
·ë¤çá ©UˆÂóæ ÕæÁæÚU âç×çÌ ×ð¢ ÚUçßßæÚU
·¤æð âðßæ âãU·¤æÚUè â¢SÍæ, »ýæ×
¢¿æØÌ ß ÃØæÂæÚUè-¥ÇUÌð çÙßæü¿Ù
â¢ƒæ ·ð¤ çÜ° ¿éÙæß ãéU°Ð çÁâ×ð¢
çߊææØ·¤ âéÙèÜ ·ð¤ÎæÚU ·ð¤ âãU·¤æÚU
ÂñÙÜ ·ð¤ ©U×èÎßæÚUæð´ Ùð ÌèâÚUè ÕæÚU
Ü»æÌæÚU ÁèÌ ãUæçâÜ ·¤èÐ §â ¿éÙæß
Ùð ÃØæÂæÚUè ß ¥ÇUÌð ×ÌÎæÚU ⢃æ âð
çßÙæðÎ ÁñÙ ß ÚUæÁê ·¤æðËãðU Ùð, »ýæÂ
×ÌÎæÚU ⢃æ âð ÚUß苼ý 翹Üð, à梷¤ÚU
×æðßæǸðU, â×ýæÅU »ÁçÖØð, Âæ¢ÇéUÚ¢U»
·é¢¤ÖÚÔU ß âðßæ âãU·¤æÚUè ×ÌÎæÚU ⢃æ
âð çßÆUæðÕæ ÂæßÇðU¸, »é‡æß¢Ì ¿æñŠæÚUè,
¿¢¼ýàæð¹ÚU ·é¢¤ÖÜ·¤ÚU, ÚU×ðàæ ·¤æ·¤Çð¸U,
ÚU×ðàæ ŠææßÇð¸U, ¹éàææÜ ¹éÕæÜ·¤ÚU,
Âý·¤æàæ ÂÚUæÌð, âéÚÔUàæ ·ð¤Ùð, àæèÜæ
×æÅðU, âéÚÔUàæ ¥ÉU檤, ÚUæÁèß »æ¢Šæè ÕæØæðÅðU·¤ âð´ÅUÚU çÁ¿·¤æÚU, ×èÙæ ·ð¤âÚÔU, ÙÚÔU‹¼ý
ß Ùæ»ÂéÚU çßlæÂèÆU ·ð¤ ×æØ·ý¤æðÕæØæðÜæðÁè çßÖæ» ÌæØßæǸðU Ùð ÕæÁè ×æÚUèÐ ·ð¤ÎæÚU »éÅU
·ð¤ çàæÿæ·¤æð´ Ùð ·¤æØü·ý¤× ·¤è âȤÜÌæ ·ð¤ çÜ° ·¤è §â àææÙÎæÚU ÁèÌ ÂÚU ·ë¤©UÕæâ
×𢠻éÜæÜ ©UǸ淤ÚU ¹éçàæØæ¢ ×Ùæ§ü »§üÐ
Øæð»ÎæÙ çÎØæÐ