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Mar/ Apr 2015 Edition
NMEA President
Dan Gerth
Become an Elk
President Elect
Larry Curtis
NMEA Vice President
Kandi Barks
NMEA Secretary
Jason Crockett
Dear New Mexico Elks,
Our theme this year is simple – “Become an Elk”. Some of you are probably
thinking that I’ve lost a few marbles, as we’ve obviously been initiated into the
Order. But I believe that is, as our lawyer friends like to say, “necessary but not
sufficient” in order to truly become an Elk. Initiation night is the start of a journey,
requiring dedication, study and hard work.
When we truly become an Elk, we live by the in principles expressed in our
Obligation, and exemplify the precepts in our motto and foundation and
groundwork of our Order. We learn to accept differences of opinion, and work
with each other to advance our Order. Unfortunately, many of our Lodges are
torn apart by internal strife, much of which could be ended by simply sitting
down and talking it out. Disagreement is not bad in itself; it allows us to explore
alternate approaches to problems. It is how we resolve those differences that
indicate our progress as Elks.
Another aspect of a true Elk is knowledge about the Order. Our history is
extraordinary, and demonstrates our commitment to each other and our
country. One of my favorite stories involves Armistice Day, and why the WWI
peace treaty was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
Does that number sound familiar? I’ll leave the rest up to you to find out.
Another excellent resource is our body of Ritual, and by that I mean everything:
opening and closing, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Lodge of Sorrows, Mother’s Day
and all the rest. We have all heard that ENF is the “Great Heart of Elkdom”; and I
believe that our Ritual is its soul. It is what sets us apart from almost all Fraternal
Orders; it defines who we are, and what we believe in. The Initiatory Ritual is
arguably the centerpiece, as it explains what each chair officer represents,
presents the Obligation, and much more. Unfortunately, unless you are an
Officer, most Elks encounter it once, and don’t think of it again.
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NMEA Treasurer
Richard L.
NMEA Chaplain
Terri Rhue
NMEA Sgt at Arms
Leroy Hoisington
NMEA Tiler
Paul Farren
NMEA Trustee (1 yr.)
Barbara Venturi
NMEA Trustee (2 yr.)
Keith Barker
NMEA Trustee (3 yr.)
Richard Honneffer
NMEA Trustee (4 yr.)
Kent Frink
NMEA Trustee (5 yr.)
Robert (Bob) Thurston
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
March transition to new Officers a busy time
Message from the Grand Exalted Ruler, JOHN D. AMEN
April brings w ith it the start of a new Lodge year. I n this month our Trustees or Board of Directors is charged
w ith one of its most important duties: to present to the Lodge a segregated budget for the year. This
important task must be approv ed and accepted by the Lodge at either the meeting in w hich it is presented
or at the next meeting if rev ision to the budget is necessary. This budget w ill be the financial road map for the
Lodge for the ensuing year and must be repeatedly referred to for assessing your progress.
Additionally, the Lodge Officers must “buy in” to the Lodge plan for achieving a plus-one gain in membership
for the year ending March 31, 2016. The earlier you start, the better your results w ill be. Do not rely solely on the
Lodge Secretary to handle all recruitment, reinstatement and delinquency duties. These are not his or her
exclusiv e statutory duties. In recent years many other mandatory requirements hav e been placed under the
Secretary; so, Exalted Ruler, please appoint an activ e membership committee.
I f your Lodge has achiev ed my goal of $4.60 per Member in donations to Elks National Foundation, you are
eligible for a Gratitude Grant, and there is still time to secure the grant. Do not let community members in
need miss out on your important serv ice! Applications are due May 1. Visit for details.
Another duty of the Exalted Ruler and Lodge Officers is to set goals and then periodically measure your
progress to ensure a successful year.
Last, remember that it is imperativ e that you follow the Elks Statutes in your Lodge. I t is of utmost importance in
achiev ing fidelity to your sworn Obligation. I f you are confused with the requirements of the Statutes then first
check w ith your Exalted Ruler who may need to touch base w ith the District Deputy, w ho may need to
consult w ith a District Leader, District Advisor, Special Deputy or the Area Committee on Judiciary Law yer. All
troubles can be av oided by adherence to the Statutes.
Marcia and I hope to see you during our v isits.
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
State Ritual Contest Results
Class A:
NMEA Class A State Champion's: Rio Rancho Lodge #2500
2nd Place: Silv er City Lodge #413
Honorable Mention: Farmington Lodge #1747 & Rosw ell Lodge #969
Class A All State Award Recipients
Exalted Ruler: John Besing, Roswell Lodge #969 - Sponsored by President Dan Gerth & Connie
Leading Knight: Scott Montgomery, Roswell Lodge #969 - Sponsored by PER Rob Christiansen & Wendy
Loyal Knight: Roger Tingley, Farmington Lodge #1747 - Sponsored by PDDGER Kent Frink & Sandy
Lecturing Knight: Tony Gonzales, PER, Rosw ell Lodge #969 - Sponsored by PSP, PDDGER, All-American
Coach Rob Golden & Judy
Esquire: Charlotte Andrade, Roswell Lodge #969 - Sponsored by PER Jeff Gordon & Francie
Chaplain: Debbie Mott, Rio Rancho Lodge #2500 - Sponsored by DDGER Danny Miller & Debbie
Inner Guard: Thomas Durham, Silv er City Lodge #413 - Sponsored by Nolan Autry & Judy
Candidate: Stewart McClintic, Silv er City Lodge #413 - Sponsored by NMEA State Trustee Bill Fraley &
Coach: Jim Lehmann, PER PDDGER, Rio Rancho Lodge #2500 - Sponsored by PDDGER, All-American
Coach Kent Hitchens & Anita
Class AA:
NMEA Class AA State Champion's: Carlsbad Elks Lodge #1558
Class AA All State Award Recipients
Exalted Ruler: Glenn Frintz, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by President Lyle Weeks & Pat
Leading Knight: Tracy Dearing, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by PSP Greeley Myers & Bobby
Loyal Knight: Nolan Autry, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by PSP John Holbrook & Hazel
Lecturing Knight: Jeff Gordon, PER, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by NMEA Secretary Kandi Barks
& Jerry
Esquire: Don Sexton, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by PSP TJ Williams & Donna
Chaplain: Russell Elyasevich, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by NMEA State Ritual Chairman Jason
Crockett & Susan
Inner Guard: Roger Maxwell, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by PDDGER Keith Barker
Candidate: Wes Carter, PER, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by PER Tom Pacholke & Av a
Coach: Kent Hitchens, PDDGER, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by PSP Rohnnie Tupin & Sandy
Coach: Wes Carter, PER, Carlsbad Lodge #1558 - Sponsored by PSP Roger Hamman & Gina
Exalted Ruler Flag Charge: Nick Siebel - Silv er City Lodge #413
PER Eleven O'clock Toast: Nick Siebel - Silv er City Lodge #413
Jolly Cork Toast: AJ Price & Russell Elyasev ich - Carlsbad Lodge #1558
2015 Grand Lodge Session Ritual Contest
Carlsbad Lodge #1558 will represent NMEA at the Grand Lodge Convention in Indianapolis, ID.
Date and Time - TBA
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
From the Classroom to the Court
The Hoop Shoot National Finalists aren’t the only ones on the road to Springfield. Just like Hoop Shoot
contestants, hardw orking and service-minded Elks scholars are looking to connect w ith Elks, local families
and each other through the Hoop Shoot.
During this past season, Elks scholars across the country travelled to their local Lodges to step up to the line
as contest v olunteers.
“I t meant a lot that I could help youth in my area,” says 2014 Legacy Aw ards recipient Casey Boyle. “As a
former Hoop Shoot competitor, it w as meaningful to hav e the opportunity to prov ide those same
memories and life skills to someone else.”
They’re not stopping until they reach Springfield. Elks scholars w ill be joining the Elks at the 2015 National
Finals as v olunteers. The Elks National Foundation is also proud to w elcome 2009 Legacy Aw ards recipient
and Miss Massachusetts Lauren Kuhn as the 2015 Hoop Shoot National Finals Keynote Speaker.
“I t w as great to know that the ENF thought of me as an inv estment,” says Lauren. “I t made me feel like I
w as going places and that there w ere people w ho really believ ed in me.”
Lauren currently attends the Harv ard School of Dental Medicine and looks forward to sharing tips for liv ing
a healthy lifestyle w ith the Finalists.
One for the Books—the Elks National Foundation awards record-breaking number of Impact Grants
Make room, Guinness! The Elks National Foundation know s a thing or tw o about breaking records.
This year, the ENF w ill aw ard I mpact Grants of up to $10,000 to 53 Lodges—the most I mpact Grants ev er
Through Elks-led projects that range from supporting teen girls in the foster care system to prov iding a
therapeutic gardening program for v eterans in recov ery, these committed, serv ice-minded Lodges w ill
create a significant and meaningful difference in 53 Elks communities.
Look at Mid-Westchester, N.Y., Lodge No. 535, w hich w ill continue to use its ENF I mpact Grant to prov ide
social opportunities for local teens w ith disabilities. Tw ice a month, Elks take the teens to sports games,
mov ies theaters, art fairs and more. The teens learn independent liv ing skills and get the chance to spend
time w ith their peers.
“The I mpact Grant allow s us to fulfill the social opportunities that these kids w ould not hav e w ithout the
support of the Elks,” says CI P Project Manager Bob Sollazzo. “This program is so meaningful to these kids. I
hav e had sev eral parents tell me that they look forw ard to the gatherings and it is the highlight of their
w eek.”
Elks across the country are gearing up to use their I mpact Grants to build stronger communities. Elks can’t
get enough I mpact Grant new s. I f you can’t either, listen to the latest episode of Midday with the ENF, the
ENF’s monthly podcast hosted by Director Jim O’Kelley and Assistant Director Debbie Kahler Doles. Visit to stream this episode, w hich features exciting details about many of the
2015 I mpact Grant projects.
I mpact Grants are just one of the grants offered to Lodges through the Community I nv estments Program.
I n 2014-15, the ENF w ill aw ard up to $8.5 million in CI P grants to Lodges. For a complete list of 2015 I mpact
Grant projects, and to learn more about the Community I nv estments Program, v isit
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Honor our fallen heroes with an Elks Medal of Valor
By James L. Nichelson, PGER, ENVSC Vice Chairman
As part of your Lodge Veterans Program, have you looked for a way to appropriately recognize the death of a local service
member who has made the ultimate sacrifice on the field of battle in Iraq or Afghanistan? Please consider the ENVSC Medal
of Valor Program. The Medal of Valor can be presented by your Lodge to the family of a fallen hero. It is intended to honor
the memory of those who lost their lives in the voluntary defense of our country.
The Medal of Valor is available from the Elks National Veterans Service Commission at a modest price of $8, which includes
shipping. It is attractive, nicely made, comes with a presentation case and can be engraved. It bears the legends “Operation
Enduring Freedom” and “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, and the message “Prese nted by the Grand Lodge of the B. P. O. Elks to
the family of (Engraved Name)”.
Iraq and Afghanistan continue to be hotly contested battlefields. We pray no more lives will be lost in those venues.
However, until conflict ends, the Order of Elks will do all it can to honor those men and women who voluntarily defend our
freedom. The Medal of Honor beautifully expresses this to the families of those who will not return.
The Medal of Valor can be easily and quickly ordered from the Elks National Veterans Service Commission at [email protected],
or by calling the Chicago office at (773) 755-4736.
Catastrophic disabilities worsen plight of homeless vets
By James C. Varenhorst, PGER, Committee Member
The population of homeless veterans is made up of veterans who served in several different conflicts, ranging from World
War II to the recent Middle East conflicts. Though research indicates that veterans who serve in the late - and post-Vietnam
era are at the greatest risk of homelessness, veterans returning from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq often have
catastrophic disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which are kno wn
to be correlated with homelessness. And as the military evolves, so too do the challenges. Homeless women veterans, for
instance, are far more common now than in any other time in the past.
Most homeless people slip in and out of housing, sometimes just one missing paycheck or one bit of bad luck away from
sleeping on the street. Just getting out of the military and into a tough job market can be enough to push veterans over the
edge, and that often means their families also.
We owe our deserving veterans so much and we must give them the chance to return to civilian life with dignity. This
certainly includes giving them a safe place to live.
There are several ways that your Lodge can provide assistance to our homeless veterans. Our “Adopt -A-Vet” program would
be a great way to get started and get involved; or contact your local area veterans support groups.
You may also get in touch with the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans (NCHV) at
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
New Resource for Veterans-Make the Connection!
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Make the Connection Campaign
Elks and members of our communities can support Veterans who are experiencing hard times by visiting and sharing, a website that connects Veterans and their families and friends with information, resources, and
solutions for living more fulfilling lives.
This approachable online resource links Veterans and their loved ones to hundreds of testimonials by Veterans from every
military branch, service era, and demographic group as well as their family members—all sharing their stories of overcoming
challenges by seeking support. The site also provides a locator for Veterans’ resources across the country and reliable
information about mental health and resilience, conditions, signs and symptoms, and life events, such as physical injury and
retirement and aging.
Visit to explore the site and download print materials to distribute. You can also visit the Make the
Connection YouTube channel, “like” the Make the Connection Facebook page, and share their content with your friends to
promote the message: Support is available and treatment works.
Tips for Lodge Veterans Services Committee Chairpersons
Section 13.130 of the Grand Lodge Statutes outlines the duties of the Lodge National Veterans Service Committee chairman.
This person should be appointed by the Exalted Ruler. Section 13.130 states:
 Section 13.130. The National Veterans Service Committee shall implement the program of the Elks National Veterans
Service Commission within the Lodge as may be requested by the Commission in the furtherance of service to
veterans, assist when called upon by the Armed Forces of the United States, respond to any call for aid and
cooperation as might be requested by our National Government in any emergency and to be available for cooperation
in the event of disaster in any local area of the United States.
The Lodge level is where everything begins. If the Lodge does not lend its support to a program, all efforts by others are futile.
As a Lodge chairman, it is your responsibility to motivate your members to produce activity. Make sure your Lodge has a copy
of the Elks National Veterans Service Commission video and the companion piece, Concise History of the Elks National Veterans
Service Commission. Use them. These items will help you motivate your Lodge to become active volunteers in our Army of
Hope. Through your district chairman, you should determine the needs of the VA or state facility you are serving and in what
way you can fill them.
Strive to set up your program for the year by planning only the activities you feel the Lodge can handle. Do not burden the
Lodge with programs it may find difficult to undertake. Keep in mind that when you go into a hospital, you are on public
display. Every caution must be taken to see that the image of the Order remains unblemished.
You should attend at least one regular Lodge meeting a month, and report the activities and plans of your committee on the
floor. Remember, you are operating under license of the Lodge, and it is entitled to know what your committee is doing. Also,
by describing what you are trying to accomplish, you will find that the members will be more inclined to your cause and
volunteers will be easier to find.
A good leader encourages those associated with him to express their thoughts, so that he can sift through them and determine
for himself the ideas that are most innovative and practical.
1 Yr. SW District
Jim Brannon
2 Yr. NW District
Phil Emig
2015 - 2016
Tom Pacholke
3 Yr. NE District
Donald Montoya
4 Yr. SE District
Marty Buse
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
The faults of our Members, we write upon the sands,
Their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory.
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Elks care. Elks share. And, so do Elks Hoop Shoot contestants! Armed with a big heart and an accurate free throw shot, Hoop S hoot
contestants find creative ways to make a meaningful difference in their communities.
For most contestants, competing in this year’s Elks Hoop
Shoot National Finals meant a chance to win a permanent
place in the Basketball Hall of Fame and a very large
trophy. For finalist Mitchell Allard, the contest meant
much more—a chance to help a friend with leukemia.
Mi tchell (right) poses with Zach (middle) a nd his brother, Ja xson (l eft).
A Cause is Born
While competing at his State Hoop Shoot, nine- year-old Mitchell, sponsored by Rawlins, Wyo., Lodge No. 609, took notice when a
fellow contestant, Zach, mentioned that he had to go to chemotherapy after the contest.
“I asked what chemo was and Zach told me it treats his leukemia,” says Mitchell. “I asked what leukemia was and he said cance r.
Then, I asked if there was a cure and he said no.”
After winning at State, Mitchell felt compelled to do something to help Zach. Together, the Allard family brainstormed an
extraordinary plan. Mitchell would seek pledges from the community to do what he does best—sink free throws! For every free
throw made during a Hoop Shoot contest, Mitchell would earn money to help Zach’s family pay for his medical expenses.
A Penny Saved
Mitchell’s community rallied to support his cause. His school even hosted a penny -war to entice rival classes to compete against
each other in raising funds. The penny-war resulted in a whopping $980.00 for Zach—that’s a lot of pennies!
Meanwhile, Mitchell collected outside pledges and prepared for his next Hoop Shoot Contest —Regionals.
“He practiced every day,” says Mitchell’s mom, Benita Allard. “We would leave for school early so he could use the gym.”
Mitchell’s dedication paid in more ways than one! He sank 23 of 25 free throws at his Regional Hoop Shoot, winning the contes t
and setting his community’s pledges into motion.
“I couldn’t believe how many people sent me pledges,” says Mitchell. “My principal, teachers, relatives, and people I don’t ev en
know contributed.”
Zach's Angel
Mitchell sank another 20 free throws at the Hoop Shoot National Finals in Springfield, Mass. Si nce then, fulfilled pledges continue
to show up in the Allard mailbox. Today, Mitchell has raised more than $8,500 for Zach and his family, who now refer to Mitch ell
as “Zach’s Angel”.
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
As the Hoop Shoot finalists toe the free throw line,
many thoughts fly through their heads. “Did I practice
enough?” “Will I be on my game?” For 8-year-old
Lauren Thompson, one thought stands out. “This shot
is for my friend.”
Lauren, sponsored by Dothan, Ala., Lodge No. 1887, is
shooting for a cause—to help schoolmate, Trinitie, pay
for cancer treatment.
Taking the Pledge
After Trinitie, a fifth grader at Lauren’s school, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Lauren knew she had to help.
“I just wanted to do something,” says Lauren.
It was then that she and her family came up with the perfect plan—to use Lauren’s free throw sinking skills to raise money for
Trinitie’s medical expenses. Members of their church and community pledged dollars for every basket Lauren could sink during
her next competition. Talk about motivation!
A few weeks later, Lauren headed to her state Hoop Shoot in Birmingham, Ala. This time, she wasn’t just shooting for a win —
she was shooting for Trinitie.
Shooting for a Cause
Lauren sank 23 of 25 free throws at state and advanced to regionals. In doing so, she raised more than $5,000 for Trinitie’s
“It felt good to know that I was doing something good for someone else,” comments Lauren. “I couldn’t believe we raised that
much money!”
Today, Lauren has raised a total of $7,320 through Hoop Shoot pledges, all of which will aid Trinitie’s family in paying for her
Lauren says she’s learned a lot from her Hoop Shoot experience. Although she is excited to ride in a plane to finals, her fav orite
part of this experience has been helping her friend.
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Photo left: Captain Heather Macdonald, left, Commander of the
New Mexico National Guard's 615 HHD Transportation Unit in
Springer, New Mexico, presents a plaque to Los Alamos BPOE
#2083’s Exalted Ruler Alan Woodward in recognition of the Los
Alamos Lodge. Elk members provided nearly 100 Christmas
meals to National Guard men, women, and their families last
December in Springer. Also served, were several members of the
Raton National Guard Unit that were moving vehicles from
Raton to Springer. Macdonald has served in the United States
Army for 21 years.
Photo Below: Officers of the Los Alamos BPOE #2083 were
present when Captain Heather Macdonald, Commander of the
New Mexico National Guard's 615 HHD Transportation Unit in
Springer, New Mexico, presented a plaque in recognition of the
Los Alamos Lodge. Pictured from left to right are Richard Bjarke,
Esquire; Ben Bouman, Loyal Knight; Richard Sisneros, Tiler;
Captain Heather Macdonald; William Gregory, Leading Knight;
Frank Montoya, Lecturing Knight; and Alan Woodward, Exalted
~ 10 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
On April 5, the Las Cruces BPO Elks Lodge 1119 held Easter Games and an Egg
Roll for children.
There were some unusual games available, rubber band shoot and put the
bunny in its house.
All those who attended had fun. Hot Dogs were served. Everyone who
attended had fun.
The Easter Bunny was there also giving out candy.
Patty Sanko and Patricia Lawrence chaired this activity
~ 11 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
By: Dav id Gonzalez, Youth Activ ities & Public Relations Chairman, Tucumcari Elks Lodge #1172.
On April 6, 2015, Tucumcari Elks Lodge #1172 donated $2,004.00 to Quay County Youth Programs.
The follow ing youth groups received funding for their respective projects:
Tucumcari FCCLA - Trav el expenses to attend National competition - Washington, DC - eight students
House High School - Business Professionals of America - trav el expenses to Anaheim, CA., to attend
competition May 6-9, 2015 - $800.00.
Tucumcari Elks Lodge #1172 - Elks "Student of the Month/Year" Program - Annual banquet - Dinner for all
attendees - $204.00.
The Los Alamos Elks Lodge #2083 held its annual Community Easter Egg
Hunt on Easter weekend. Several hundred children showed up to hunt
for eggs and meet the Easter Bunny. Joining the Easter Bunny this year
were Elroy the Elk, Smokey Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog.
Left: The Easter Bunny (PER Sue Cummings) hands out eggs to the
Below left: Elroy the Elks (Lodge member Alex Zubelewicz) was on hand
to great children that attended the event. Pictured with Elroy is Lodge
member Christine Weaver.
Below right: The dash is on.
Denise Bjarke
BPOE #2083 Public Relations
~ 12 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Tucumcari Elks Lodge #1172 proudly announces the duly installed Lodge Officers for the Fraternal year 2015-2016.
On March 14, 2015, in an impressive ceremony, held at the Tucumcari Elks Lodge, PDDGER, PER Joe I. Dominguez, with the
assistance of Past Exalted Rulers, duly installed Lodge Officers for the Fraternal year 2015-2016. Those installed were: Exalted
Ruler Matt Klinger, Leading Knight Ron Wilmot, Loyal Knight Rick Korn, Lecturing Knight Tim Clark, Lodge Secretary William
Griffin (PER, PDDGER), Esquire Paul Gibson, Tiler Phillip Griggs (PER), and Chaplain James Hammer. Inner Guard, Trustee and
Lodge Treasurer will be installed at a later date.
Following the Lodge Officers' Installation a fine dinner was served for all who attended the ceremony. A big thank you to Chris
Sandoval (PER) and his crew for serving an awesome dinner. PDDGER Joe I, Dominguez personally thanked all Past Exalted
Rulers for their fine assistance in installing all of the Officers and also thanked all those persons who attended the
ceremony. Mr. Dominguez, as well, was congratulated for an impressive installation ceremony.
Pictured are Tucumcari Elks Lodge #1172 Chair Officers. L to R front row: Lodge Secretary William Griffin (PER, PDDGER);
Exalted Ruler Matt Klinger; Loyal Knight Rick Korn; L to R back row: Lecturing Knight Tim Clark; Esquire Paul Gibson; Leading
Knight Ron Wilmot; Tiler Phillip Griggs (PER); Chaplain James Hammer. Not pictured, Inner Guard Robert Garcia; Lodge
Treasurer Martin Encinias-Angel and Trustee Wayne Fought.
Congratulations to the Officers of Tucumcari Elks Lodge #1172 for the Fraternal year 2015-2016.
David Gonzalez, Youth Activities & Public Relations Chairman, Tucumcari Elks Lodge #1172.
~ 13 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Farmington Lodge #1747 recently had the pleasure of providing a walker to Nathan Begay.
Nathan has CP and loves to dance. He comes up to the lodge at least once a month to dance to
our live bands. His grandfather is member Brian Moore.
Nathan had fallen back in January because he had out grown his walker. Upon learning of his fall
and his growing legs our officers quickly got together to get the paper work completed to get
Nathan a new walker. With the new walker his mom is having problems keeping up with him.
Nathan has been a great joy and inspiration to our lodge. Featured in the photo are from left to
right PER and current ER Richard Honneffer, PER, PDDGER, current secretary Mary Rogers,
Nathan Begay, and PER Phil Emig.
Jymi Rogers
2-yr Trustee
Lodge PR
~ 14 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
The Lubbock Professional Chapter of the Association of Women in
Communication will be presenting Tracy and Jessie Callaway with the
Gold Medal Award this morning for their work with the Lindsey's Toy
Drive! The Gold Medal Award is presented to those who, over an
extended amount of time, have worked to improve the quality of life
for a broad spectrum of those living in the Lubbock area.
“We couldn't be more proud! What an incredible honor!” said Jessie
Photo above: Tracy Callaway, Jessie Callaway and SDGER Rick Callaway
at Overton Hotel & Conference Center.
~ 15 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
The Deming Lodge recently donated $1000 to
the American Red Cross, El Paso chapter,
which serves Southwestern New
Mexico. Monies were from Gaming Chairty
According to the Red Cross Website, The
American Red Cross exists to provide
compassionate care to those in need. Their
network of generous donors, volunteers and
employees share a mission of preventing and
relieving suffering, here at home and around the
world, through five key service areas: Disaster
Relief, Supporting America’s Military Families,
Lifesaving Blood, Health and Safety Services,
and International Services.
Gaming Manager Fred Kent said "We are
happy to be able to make this donation to this
very worthwhile cause. We thank the Elks
casino players who make donations like this
Photo left: Exalted Ruler Jerry Pingleton, Jason
Brewer with the Red Cross, Gaming Manager
Fred Kent, and Renee Carkins, also with the Red
The Deming Lodge recently donated $1000 to "Kaity's Cause".
Kaitlin Ellis is wheel chair bound, and has been her entire life. Kaity
is totally dependent on her grandmother, Phyllis Conner, who is her
primary caregiver. Kaity was born prematurely, and has Cerebral
Palsy, and is legally blind. Recently the van that they used to
commute back and forth from Deming to Silver City became
inoperable. They now use an older truck, Kaity cannot use her
electric wheel chair, and her grandmother has to push her up the
sidewalks and steep terrain at Western New Mexico University, not
to mention the transfer in and out of the vehicle, and around campus.
Exalted Ruler Jerry Pingleton said "the New Mexico Elks Major
Project is Cerebral Palsy, and it is especially heartwarming for the
Lodge to help Kaity". The donation was made possible through
gaming charity funds.
Kaity is being assisted in fund raising efforts by the WNMU
Foundation and Student Health Services. Anyone interested in
helping can contact Laura Gillispie, Director of WNMU Student
Health Services at 575 538-6014.
Photo right: Exalted Ruler Jerry Pingleton, Kaity, and Est. Lecturing
Knight Yvonne Perales.
~ 16 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Photo: Fred Kent, Gaming Ma nager; Armando Cha vez, Est. Loyal Knight; Joanna Costilla, Celebration of Life;
Jerry Pi ngl eton, Exalted Ruler Ma tt Robinson, Celebration of Life Board Member; Est. Lecturing Knight Yvonne
Pera l es; and Trustee Chairman Ernie Arrey.
Deming Elks Lodge #2750 recently made a $1500 donation to the 10th annual Celebration of Life Cancer Walk to be held on
May 2nd at Voier's Park.
This year the group is honoring John Mooradian, an outstanding cancer warrior and community member. He strongly
supports Celebration of Life and all those who benefit from the generous donations. Because of sponsorship support,
Celebration of Life Chairman of the Board, Ray Trejo, said that the organization now has five vans to transport patients to
Silver City, Las Cruces and El Paso free of charge. Last year alone, Cancer Support made 681 trips totaling over 69,600 miles
traveled, and gave out over $23,000 in vouchers and reimbursements.
Exalted Ruler Jerry Pingleton said "at $1500 this will be one of our larger donations this year. We are happy to support this
worthwhile cause, since so many of our members have been touched in one way or other by cancer".
The funds were made possible through gaming charity monies.
~ 17 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Elks Lodge raises awareness about underage drinking
In an effort to raise awareness when it comes to underage drinking
and driving, the Lordsburg Elks Lodge, in cooperation with the New
Mexico Elks Drug Awareness Program, had this MADD vehicle on
display last Saturday, April 25, 2015, prom day in Hidalgo County. The
vehicle display was part of the day’s events at the Elks Lodge, which
included a presentation by Toni Hernandez of Las Cruces’s Shattered
Lives program. Students in attendance at the one hour presentation
won prizes and were able to take a close look at the MADD vehicle,
which was last driven by three Las Cruces teens who made the bad
decision to drink and drive. Two of the teens died at the scene of the
accident and one survived after spending more than a month in the
Left, Lordsburg Elks Lodge Youth Activities and Drug Awareness
Chairman Maria Sanchez points out details to Angel Alvarado and
Aleah Armendariz before the presentation begins.
Patricia Saucedo, director of the Hidalgo County DWI Program, brought
a group of students to the event held at the Elks Lodge. Following the
presentation, the vehicle was moved downtown to Main Street where
all attending the 2015 prom could see the negative results of bad
decision making.
(Elks Madd Vehicle Officers)
Pictured above are Lordsburg Elks Exalted Ruler Glenda Greene,
Lordsburg Elks Youth Activities and Drug Awareness Chairman Maria
Sanchez, Jamie Lambeth, Southwest District NM Drug Awareness
Chairman Al Lambeth, Shattered Lives representative Toni Hernandez
and NM Drug Awareness Chairman Suehaye Fraley.
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New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Hondo Estrada wins Elks’ Kindle at 2015 Lordsburg High
after Prom event
The Lordsburg Elks Lodge was represented at the 2015 Lordsburg High
School After Prom Event, which offers youth who attended the prom a safe,
drug and alcohol free place to gather after the big dance. The all -night
function features lots of games, entertainment and prizes for the
youngsters who choose to attend.
At left, Lordsburg Elks Lodge’s Drug Awareness and Youth Activities
Chairman Maria Sanchez presents Hondo Estrada with a Kindle he won at
the event. The prize given by the Lordsburg Elks Lodge was made possible
by the New Mexico Elks Association’s Drug Awareness Program. Elks across
the nation dedicate much effort to drug awareness and prevention through
various programs.
Every year, the Raton Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE) #865 awards $6,000 in Scholarships to deserving local
and area students. Nationally the Elks is number two in charitable giving, second only to the U.S. Government. Raton Elks
Lodge #865 prides itself on giving back to the community. Their motto is “Elks Care, Elks Share.” This year the winners
are Cheyann Duran from Raton High School ($2,500), Rebecca Galli from Maxwell High School ($1,000), Heather Segura from
Raton High School ($1,000 Vocational/Technical) and Sarandon Walton currently attending UNM ($1,500 Continuing
Education). The applicants were selected from 25 applicants. They were judged on their current GPAs as well as an essay
describing their character, dependability, ability, initiative, attitude and citizenship.
Photos L-R:
Past Exalted Ruler Terry Baca, Elks #865 with Cheyann Duran
Heather Segura with Past Exalted Ruler Terry Baca, Elks #865
Sarandon Walton with Past Exalted Ruler Terry Baca, Elks #865
Rebecca Galli with Exalted Ruler Janet Simon, Elks #865
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New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
With the knowledge that the Deming Elks Lodge is part
of this community, Deming and Luna County, and not an
isolated organization, a recent donation was made to
the Deming Luna County MainStreet Program for their
upcoming event, the Harlem Ambassadors vs the
Deming Quacks.
The Lodge presented a check for $525 to MainStreet
recently for the event to be held on April 30th at the
Deming Public School's Gymnasium.
Photo: Es t. Loyal Knight Arma ndo Chavez, Gaming Ma nager Fred Kent, Exalted
Rul er Jerry Pi ngleton, La rry Lutonsky wi th Ma inStreet, and Est. Lecturing Knight
Yvonne Perales.
The event will feature Harlem-style comedy basketball
featuring high-flying slam dunks, games with the kids,
and hilarious comedy. Tickets are available at the
Deming Visitors Center, Deming Arts Council, Deming
Learning Center and the Deming/Luna Mimbres
Museum. The Deming Quacks will be made up of
various local community leaders.
According to the MainStreet website, the purpose of the
organization is to "Recapte the heritage and charm of
the 19th to mid-20th centuries while incorporating the
infrastructure of modern technology". One of their
recent projects is giving a face lift to "pocket park", on
Pine between Gold and Spruce.
Exalted Ruler (Local President) Jerry Pingleton said "The
Elks ARE part of this community, and try to show their
participation with donations such as this". The Lodge
also donates annually to the Great American Duck
Race. The money was made possible with gaming
charity funds.
Photos (Deming Devils): Back Row: Exalted Ruler Jerry
Pingleton, Monchie Almanza, Coach Javier Gallosa, and
Est. Lecturing Knight Yvonne Perales with the Deming
Devils team.
In support of youth, the Deming Elks Lodge recently made three donations to various
local sports teams.
The Lodge gave $500 to the Ladycat Softball Program, $225 to sponsor a T-Ball team,
and $200 for the Deming Devils, a traveling ball team.
The Elks have a long tradition of supporting kids and veterans throughout the
area. Exalted Ruler Jerry Pingleton said "this is just one more example of how the
Lodge helps kids". The donations were made possible through Bingo charity money.
Photo right top (T-Ball): Trustee Chairman Ernie Arrey and Rosa Holguin (representing
Photo right bottom (Ladycat Softball): Exalted Ruler Jerry Pingleton, Head Coach Noel
Nunez, and Est. Lecturing Knight Yvonne Perales.
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New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
April 1st each year marks the "changing of the guard" for the Elks Lodge, and new officers to lead the Deming Elks Lodge
were installed Sunday (March 15th).
The new Exalted Ruler, or Local President, is Jerry Pingleton; Leading Knight, or first vice -president, is George Torres; Loyal
Knight, or second vice-president, is Armando Chavez; Lecturing Knight, or third vice-president, is Yvonne Perales; Secretary is
Dave Johnson; Treasurer, Don Milton; and our newly elected Trustee is Jason Jackson. In addition, the Exalted Ruler appoints
officers to serve during this term. They are Esquire, Jim Brannon; Chaplain, Bettie Brannon; Inner Guard, Harriet Kirich and
Tiler Dennis Grier.
In addition to the installation, awards were handed out by outgoing Exalted Ruler George Torres for their efforts during the
2014-15 Lodge year. The Elks of the Year, the highest honor bestowed by a local Lodge, was awarded to Jerry Pingleton, and
the Officer of the Year was Armando Chavez. Distinguished Citizen of the year was given to Mark Schultze with Pepper's
Supermarket for everything he does for the community and the Elks. Schultze was not present at the ceremony.
Photo above: Officers (newly elected and returning): Front Row: Harriet Kirich PER, Inner Guard; Glenda Sanchez, Trustee;
Bettie Brannon PER, Chaplain; Yvonne Perales, Lecturing Knight. Back Row: Jason Jackson, Trustee; Dennis Grier, Tiler; Don
Milton, Treasurer; Dave Johnson PDDGER, Secretary; Jim Brannon PER, Esquire; Jerry Pingleton, Exalted Ruler; Armando
Chavez, Loyal Knight; George Torres, Leading Knight; Ernie Arrey,.Trustee; and Sam Rodriguez, Trustee. Trustee Tammy
Zumwalt is not pictured.
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New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Dear Lodges,
Message from our State President
Continued from front page
All of this of course takes hard work and individual effort.
We are all facing increased job and family demands, and
there’s no sign that it will get better. What I ask is not
physical labor, and will not take any extra time. It is,
however, probably the hardest thing to ask for - a
behavioral change; to “do unto others as we would they
should do unto us”. Sound familiar? You will notice a
change in others’ attitudes towards you, and that will
reflect positively on the Elks.
In closing, I ask that everyone go back, dig out your copy of
the Ritual, and read the Initiatory Ritual. Think about what
it says, and think about what we promised when we
assumed the Obligation. Ask yourself how you measure up,
and make it become a part of our daily lives – our
“constant guide and faithful monitor”. Let’s demonstrate
that the Elks are truly the “Best People on Earth.” Thank
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the NMEA Public
Relations Committee for Fraternal year 2015-2016:
Joe Murphy, PER
NW District
Leroy Hoisington, PER
NE District
Chris Sandoval, PER
SE District
Marty Buse, PER
SW District
Dave Johnson, PDDGER, PER
Your District Chairperson will be contacting your Lodge soon
to tell you about all our exciting new plans for this year.
Dan Gerth
NMEA President
Remember we are here to help you with all your Public
Relations needs. We ask for your support, together we can
make a difference!!!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns
you may have. On behalf of the NMEA Public Relations
Committee, we are excited and are looking forward to a great
and productive year.
Convention signup
Pre-registration for the Grand Lodge Session in
Indianapolis is available to Members through June 24 at
Pre-registration is $50 for Members and free for non-Elks
spouses and guests. A major credit card or PayPal account
will be needed. At the convention center, go to
registration. Make sure you have your e-mail confirmation
and current membership card to receive credentials (or
voting credentials, if qualified) for you and your
Joe Murphy, PER
NMEA Public Relations, Chairman
Contest I results
Carroll L. Schleeter, Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee Memb er
All non-Elks guests, including widows and widowers of
Elks, must register at the Guest Registration Station to
obtain registration badges, which are required to enter the
exhibit hall and/or attend the Grand Lodge Officers
installation on Thursday (or any other functions where
guests are permitted).
Grand Lodge registration and its required fee are not
included in any State Association “package” arrangement.
A registration badge will be required to enter the exhibit
hall and all business sessions.
Let me begin by saying, I am honored to continue on with my
position as Public Relations Committee Chair for the NMEA
State Association for Fraternal Year 2015-1016. I am
certain we will have a great year.
Results have been announced for the 2014-15 Grand Lodge Bulletin
Contest I for the top Elks State Associations publications.
The Five Star winners are: Florida, New Mexico, New Jersey,
Massachusetts, Kansas and Kentucky.
Four Star Award winners are Missouri, Georgia and Louisiana.
Three Star Award winners are Maryland, Delaware, D. C., and
I want to express my appreciation for the thoughtfulness and
capabilities of those who submitted their publications. Each year the
quality of the bulletins sent in improves, impressing me and making
my job of judging so much harder. Thank you!
~ 22 ~
New Mexico Elks Association Newsletter
Elks In Action Video: "Las Conchas Fire - Los Alamos Elks Lodge #2083"
On behalf of the Los Alamos Elk's Lodge BPOE 2083 and its
members, we would like to thank all of those who participated in
serving and protecting this great community during the Las
Conchas Fire. We cannot express our appreciation enough.
Thank You!
Our thoughts and prayers are w ith our neighbors that hav e lost
their homes, possessions, and liv elihood as a result of the fire. We
hope that some semblance of normalcy w ill return to your liv es
soon. As w e did during the Cerro Grande Fire, it w as an honor
and a priv ilege to offer our Lodge as a community center,
offering hot meals, coffee, w ater, snacks, toiletries and hospitality to those w ho w orked so tirelessly to protect
our community during the ev acuation. It is amazing to look back and realize that w e served approximately
14,000 meals ov er the course of the w eek.
There are so many that v olunteered their time, money or goods to ensure that w e could serve the
community. Thank you, Smith's Grocery Store, Los Alamos CO-OP, LANL Foundation, Los Alamos National
Bank, Merrick Company, Santa Fe Food Depot, Premier Distributing Co., De Colores Restaurant, Blue Window
Bistro, Los Alamos VFW, Sysco, O Eating House, Hot Rocks Jav a, Walmart, Thai Café, and numerous others that
supported our efforts. There are too many indiv idual v olunteers to list in this letter, how ever, please know that
your efforts have not been ov erlooked.
I n closing, w e met and came to know many of the emergency w orkers that spent a w eek or more in our
community and w e hope that our efforts w ere reflective of how much w e appreciated your diligence and
perseverance in battling the fire. Thank you, Wildland Firefighters, Helitack crews, National Guard, State
Police, LAFD, LAPD, LAMC staff & LA County employees! I t is a tough job that you hav e, and w e hope you
found a little comfort w ithin our walls, even if it w as for a short period of time. (To see the YouTube v ideo, click
the photo, or Click Here)
Las Vegas
Rio Rancho Santa Fe
Las Cruces
Clovis Portales
Please submit all articles
for the NMEA Newsletter
to [email protected]
by the 15th of each
Please visit the New Mexico
Elks Association online at
We also have a New Mexico Elks Association Drug Awareness
Program Facebook page and a SW District Facebook page.
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