May 2015 - The American Society of Safety Engineers

The American Society of Safety Engineers
May 2015
President’s Message
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Greetings New Mexico
How many of you have
heard of the saying, “April
showers bring May
flowers”? My mom used to
say that expression every
time it rained in April when
I was growing up in
Maryland. Spring is such an
enjoyable time of year for
me. Just watching the trees
sprout new leaves, the
flowers blooming and all of
the song birds return. This
year is going by so fast, but
don’t they all?
Since the weather has
warmed up, we are starting
to enjoy the outdoors and
here are some simple
precautions to help in the
prevention of sun burns
and sun related illnesses.
The need for sun safety has
become clearer over the
past 30 years. Studies show
that exposure to the sun
can cause skin cancer.
Harmful rays from the sun
and from sunlamps and
tanning beds may also
cause eye problems,
weaken your immune
system, and give you skin
spots, wrinkles, or
"leathery" skin. Sun
damage to the body is
caused by invisible
ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
People recognize sunburn
as a type of skin damage
caused by the sun. Tanning
is also a sign of the skin
reacting to potentially
damaging UV radiation by
producing additional
pigmentation that provides
it with some, but often not
enough protection against
Whatever our skin color,
we're all potentially
susceptible to sunburn and
other harmful effects of
exposure to UV radiation.
Although we all need to
take precautions to protect
our skin, people who need
to be especially careful in
the sun are those who have
• Pale skin
• Blond, red, or light
brown hair
• Been treated for skin
• A family member who's
had skin cancer.
Additionally, if you take
medicines, ask your health
care professionals about
sun care precautions; some
medications may increase
sun sensitivity.
Tips for Applying
• Apply the recommended
amount evenly to all
uncovered skin,
especially your lips, nose,
ears, neck, hands, and
• Apply sunscreen 15
minutes before going out
in the sun.
• If you don't have much
hair on your head, apply
sunscreen to the top of
your head, or wear a hat.
• Reapply at least every
two hours.
Apply sunscreen to
children older than 6
months every time they go
For more information
please visit:
I hope all of you have a
great spring season. Enjoy
the outdoors, get outside!!
Until next month, take care
of yourself and each other.
Craig Dickensheets, MS,
CSP, ASSE-NM President
2015-2016 NMASSE Nominations for the Executive Board: You know how I have
been saying to “make a difference” or to “make a change”? Here is your opportunity by
serving on the NMASSE Executive Board. Nominations are being solicited now for the
following positions: President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Contact
Craig at 505-270-1092 or [email protected]
2015 Safety Professional of the Year Award (SPY) Award Nominations: It’s that
time of year again to “nominate” that special safety professional for this prestigious
award. Please forward the names to Craig and he will send the nomination package to
you, then the executive board will make the “tough” decision on who will be honored as
the 2015 Safety Professional of the Year recipient. Take the time to nominate that
special safety professional!!
ASSE New Mexico
May 2015
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May 2015
ASSE New Mexico
NM-ASSE Chapter Technical Meeting May 14, Furr’s
Fresh Buffet
The NM ASSE will have a
monthly meeting on
Thursday, May 14, from
11:30 am-1:00 pm at Furr's
Fresh Buffet, 2004
Wyoming Blvd. NE, ABQ.
ASSE-NM President Craig
Dickensheets will lead a
discussion of the year in
review and we will go over
the financial stuff. We will
also vote in the new board
All interested are invited.
Lunch costs ~$11 for the
Furr’s Buffet. The NM-ASSE
2015 Science Fair Winners
Chapter meets at this
Furr’s location on the
second Thursday of the
month (except December).
For more information,
contact Craig Dickensheets
at 505-270-1092 or
[email protected]
ASSE NM President Elect Chuck
Atwood with speaker Heidi Aragon
(NM811) at the ASSE Technical
Meeting on April 9, 2015
ASSE NM Treasurer Mike Starr
science fair winner Tyler
Shepard at the ASSE Technical
Mike with science fair winner
teacher Anne Stevens at the
ASSE Technical Meeting
Heidi Aragon
Mike with science fair winner
Skyler Hughes at the ASSE
Technical Meeting
May 2015
ASSE New Mexico
Executive Officers
Craig Dickensheets, MS, CSP
[email protected]
Charles Atwood, CSP
[email protected]
President Elect
[email protected]
Vice President
Frank Taylor, CSP
[email protected]
Mike Starr, CSP, OHST, CHMM
[email protected]
Mike Starr, CSP, OHST, CHMM
[email protected]
Send newsletter items to
Janise Baldo, ME, CSP
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
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See us at:
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May 2015
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